Jennifer Lokken & Ayla – Tips on Raising a Large Family

Jennifer Lokken, The Rational Redhead on Twitter, is a married stay at home mom of six kids who are all homeschooled.

Ayla is a former leftist turned conservative, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of six children. She is passionate about European culture and history, and strives to be a traditional lady. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in German with a minor in Anthropology.

Ayla and Jennifer join us to talk about traditional parenting, motherhood, and homemaking. To begin, they each offer some advice for young women interested in starting a family. Both agree that starting young is a good idea, so long as both parents have decent health insurance. This leads to a discussion on the financial side of parenting. Ayla advises against spending money on frivolities and instead investing in the family’s future. Later, we discuss a number of other topics, including homeschooling, cleaning, family health, and much more. Our show concludes with both Ayla and Jennifer reminding prospective mothers that children are a blessing, not a burden.

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  • Thanks so much for the video. I parent my brood of 5 (so far) very similarly to these lovely moms. It’d be great to have a video on ecological breastfeeding and its benefits.

  • I don’t have anything to say…


    Ayla and Jennifer are GEMS/DIAMONDS…….

    I will quiet myself and acknowledge the Superiority of these ROBUST SURVIVAL WARRIORS…….


  • Great ladies.. maternal, not material girls.. thanks… nice talk and good feels.. can relate on the way they describe their priorities.. they’re absolutely right on… and they’ll have well adjusted down to earth kids.

  • What a lovely woman! She got it all: Looks, brain, knowledge, guts and whatnot.

    Never a more appropriate time to quote the excellent Frideric Shiller:
    Glory to women! They weave and entwine heavenly roses into an earthly life.

  • Having white babies is necessary, but that alone won’t save white people. We’re never going to outbreed non-whites. If you’re not in power, for every extra white baby you have the people in power will dump ten Somalis in your lap and tell you to feed them. There is no substitute for winning the propaganda war and taking power. Only after you are in power can you do things like secure the border.

    • While that is certainly true, we should take every opportunity to extoll those who dedicate themselves to raising the White birth rate. This is the greatest contribution a woman can make to our movement and should be encouraged.

      • the greatest contribution a woman can make to your movement is to expose it as more collectivism which is always an epic failure .. you have to promote individualism; not community; you have to realize the opt out is the answer; not the all join in b.s.

    • … the problem is immigration policy — not a lack of white children being born .. Israelis are capable of cloning humans as they didn’t have the ethical issues other westerners had [ read THE SECOND TREE – Elaine Dewar, Canada ] .. ‘community’ mindset is obediance training and submission –often church or rotary type cults– to the collective [its a word like ‘sustainable’ that I just don’t use]… Kids that go to school are in the big mix, socialized with their peers; they manage just fine with society as a whole because they’ve not been sheltered in the home setting [avoiding infant daycare is essential however].. read the epic book by Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich .. be wise to that ‘community propaganda’…

    • White racial consciousness is the key. Another expression for this is explicit white racial solidarity. We cannot take power without it. Just think: if most whites believed that miscegenation was wrong and felt free to speak out against it, then that would stabilize the demographic situation. It would guarantee a reproducing white population well into the future.

      I think that we need to look past the current situation in which only a small percentage of the white population has racial consciousness and feels free to speak out about it. In this environment, it seems like we would have to control territory in order to keep whites from going extinct. The truth is, an attitude change in a significant percentage of whites would have to be a necessary precondition to taking power and controlling physical territory. Let’s not try to put the cart before the horse. We need to control our own mental, social, and spiritual territory (as a group) before we can control physical territory.

      • sounds too social engineer-y for me Ed .. I’ll pass … I have no influence over who others want to mate with … their business .. not mind… I’m an individual, not a group member, I’ll stick with anti-communitarianism if the alt right veers into oppressive thought-control…

        • The oppressive thought-control comes from the anti-white side. They are the ones who try to get people fired for speaking up for white group interests.

          Do you not wish that more whites were opposed to miscegenation and spoke out against miscegenation?

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