Former Black OU Football Player Pimps His Former White OU Cheerleader Girlfriend For $200

This is the former OU cheerleader Micah Madison Parker:

This is the former OU football player Lawrence ‘LJ’ Moore:

This is how the couple got busted in a recent prostitution sting:

“A former University of Oklahoma football player has been arrested for allegedly ‘pimping out’ his girlfriend, a former college cheerleader.

Lawrence ‘LJ’ Moore, a 22-year-old former defensive back who played two games with the Sooners in 2013, was arrested after Micah Madison Parker was caught offering sex in exchange for $200 to an undercover cop in a hotel room.

The former cheerleader was arrested after a vice officer responded to an advertisement she had placed on the website,

The 23-year-old and the officer met at the Sonesta Suites hotel in Oklahoma CIty on March 30, where she made the sexual offer, KOKH reports. …”

What do you think?

I look at this and what I feel is a sense of disgust. It is a reminder of the extent to which our culture has been degraded under the weight of the “mainstream.” There was no such thing as the “mainstream” in America until the 1950s. We didn’t conform to the values of the “mainstream” either. The “mainstream” is a cartel of liberal mass media outlets which didn’t exist until the mid-20th century and until that time lacked the power to impose its values on America’s organic cultures.

This is the sort of “progress” that the “mainstream” represents. I don’t think I want to be “mainstream.” Perhaps it is better to be some other kind of “stream” that flows somewhere else!

Note: Oklahoma used to be a Jim Crow state with segregation and anti-miscegenation laws. The purpose of such laws was to deter incidents like this from happening in Oklahoma.

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  • Nice job white woman.. you had it all within reach and you blew it, with looks like yours the World was your oyster. And now..

    • For what, hanging yourself? It really doesn’t do much good to hide your comment history when you have a goofy name like Bantz Henriksen. Google finds you everywhere 😉

  • Just another example of what happens to a girl that could have had it all except her father is a self hating and/or scared of his shadow little bitch. I have an infant daughter and if this shit ever happens you can rest assured i am laying dead in my grave somewhere. Somehow our women have been brainwashed to believe their male ancestors were evil. Meanwhile they can’t hardly travel to any non white majority country without being turned out as a sex slave or worse. Just shows how gullible they are.

    I will teach my children to take pride in their ancestors whether we are discussing the crusades, confederacy, cowboys shooting Indians, or anything else.

    • “Russell Kirk, who may have been the only conservative in the post-war American conservative movement, forbade the importation of television sets into his ancestral manse, Piety Hill. One day, in his absence, his wife and daughters smuggled one in. Dr. Kirk discovered it, and they in turn soon discovered him, high in the tower with television in hand, pitching it off the roof.”

  • I’m not sure whether to be angry or just bemused at how lacking in sexual morals the gridiron player is. He was literally cucking himself for money.

  • 200 dollars? Not just a whore, but a cheap whore. Top kek. Really, tho, I should be shocked? No surprises anymore about anything in a culture where sitcoms put little white boys in dresses wearing bondage gags.

    Here’s praying for the coming of the Kalki avatara. #nothinglefttoconserve

  • Ideology is the key to survival of any race. Ideology is prevalent, permeates and survives in nationalities (nations) not races or states. First, there should be a birth of a nation: White Americans. Then, there should be a deep-rooted ideology of what this nationality is and what values associated to this group of people.

    The late Soviet Union had ideology – socialism. It failed to survive. But nationalism, as ideology of the 15 republics, survived and thrived. We must turned ourselves into a nation: White Americans. That’s is the first and only step to survive. There is no such thing as Americans anymore, but we should bring ourselves in one group of people, one nation: White Americans.

  • Judging from her eyes in the mug shot photo, he may be pimping her body, but he killed her soul a long time ago.

  • This is so sad and infuriating!!!!!!
    What makes a man such an incredible CUCK that he would allow his daughter to sell her soul thus?
    No it is even worse. This girl was not even selling her soul; she just threw it in the garbage.
    I bet her father is one of those GOOD WHITES so afraid of being seen as racist that if he came home to find a Black raping his wife, he would let the man finish so as not to seem, you know….racist.
    So what do you think the chances were that this father would have ever even considered suggesting to his daughter that she should stay away from Blacks?

      • So you don’t think that parents have any power while raising their kids to mold their character?

    • The System puts a lot of scare and pressure on parents to raise their kids in the way they should. God forbids a White father uses racial education towards his daughters. It will be turned against that father in court.

      Kids are in school and with their mother all the time. The White father comes home after two jobs all tired when kids are asleep. He goes to work before kids wake up. What about the mother? Unfortunately, White women have been subject to brainwashing more than any other parts of the society.

    • Since when are feminist only against White men? I didn’t know they had a racial preference. I thought it was a gender thing.

      • Maybe they aren’t only against white men.. but since white, heterosexual males are part of 3 explicitly negative categories they are seen as the most evil and in 2017 this is quite apparent. Don’t you agree?

        You don’t really hear feminists complaining about misogyny in rap music as much as you would expect them to if they were even a little bit consistent in their views.

  • I hope the Alt-Right doesn’t ban me…….

    But, Black Males are Geniuses……

    ….when it comes to……

    ….taking advantage of Low Self-Esteem…….

    …..Weak Minded…..


    …….Attention Hungry……..

    …….and Horny…….

    ……..White Females………

    I apologize to the Alt-Right…….

    But, I’m not into Dating or Impregnating White Females like this…….

    I’ve lived in Urban Areas my entire Life…….

    No one respects these Women……NO ONE…….

    The Non-Whites Respect me…….

    Because they know…………I’ll KILL THEM……


  • I don’t feel any Sympathy……..

    AT ALL……..

    These White Women know what they’re doing……..

    They’re Living the Fast Life…..

    The High Life……

    They’re Down…….

    They know all the Lingo…….

    They’re in the Clubs…….

    They’re Resonating with the Pop Culture………

    White Males are Boring and Passe…….

    This is the New Aristocracy in America…….

    I’ve seen it a Million Times PLUS……

    Let them be Destroyed…….

    I was there……

    ……but, I’m a Heterosexual Male…….

    Black Males didn’t want to F me……

    They wanted to sell me Crack….

    ……or Rob me……

    And then the Red Pill came…..


  • Almost all crack whores were cute once upon a time.

    This is why miscegenation is soft-eugenics. How many QUALITY White women do we lose to the muds? Very, very few and it’s usually to the “talented 10th” of the muds.

    Honestly, more worthwhile young White women are lost to car accidents than to negroes.

    • Some may find it radical, but I would ban miscegenation between whites and negroes, with sterilization as the penalty.

      • I can chime in on that as I live part of the year (for work) in East Asia. I often look at the women and think to myself, “I can have one of them if I want to” and I literally could just point and have one because they worship White men as gods here but I don’t. Why? Seeing a relationship as a means to reproduce and not just recreational sex I think it would be a crime to impregnate them. The offspring would not fit in here nor with my people. This is a highly homogeneous nation and what right would I have to change that?

        The same would be true for Americans or Europeans who cross breed with Asians, Blacks or whatever while in Europe or America. It is a crime. If you do it then you are spitting in the face of Mother Nature or God or however you want to see it.

        If you are just having recreational sex say with a prostitute then it is another thing. Personally, I’m not into that either.

        The only exception to that are where there are an existing population of half castes such as the Uigers mentioned in the article you linked.

        There is nothing radical about what you propose. In fact it is radical that it is allowed.

  • Well this is another example of when a woman burns the coal, she pays the toll. She’s let down her race, but her society has let her down as well. If we were in charge these things wouldn’t happen but we’re not. At least not yet. We have to be because most people need to be led and want to be led. Right now, they’re being led astray.

  • Micah Parker is a pretty woman who could have attracted any number of decent men. Perhaps she is drug addicted.

    • $200 seems awful cheap for sex with a 23 y/o former college cheerleader. Must be dope involved, plus the fact that she copulated with a negro. She looks mighty rough in that mug shot as compared to the other photo.

      • The mugshot photo looks like the intermediate picture in one of those “faces of meth” series, before the one with the sunken cheeks and the face covered in sores.

    • Her cached twitter says everything. Shes your typical white girl slumming it for whatever reasons acting in the typical cringe wigger fashion. Most of these girls do it in college because the guys are athletes and on the off chance the guy shes with will be the next NFL star (gold diggers). It may sound shitty to say but they deserve to be used. They’re doing the exact same thing and they know it but will never admit it.

      A cheerleader doesn’t need to pimp herself out for drugs.

  • I am not even white and this pisses me off.

    Her parents most likely tolerated her filthy miscegenation to virtue signal to the world how tolerant they are.

  • “a former college cheerleader.”

    In other words, her first pimps were her parents. She should have been married off the day after her high school graduation. Instead, her parents pimped her out as a “cheerleader” – so what do you expect?

    Sorry you can’t expect 18 year old girls to make good decisions when their parents are incapable themselves.

  • We don’t need Jim Crow laws in order to keep this sort of thing from happening, although they would certainly help. What we need first and foremost is to regain the ability to speak freely about race and to express disapproval of race mixing.

    • I speak freely about race and the evils of miscegenation and I always will. We need more to start speaking out or if their jobs, etc. might be in danger to do it anonymously but often in their local areas.

      • It would be good if someone would start an organization devoted to precisely this purpose. The idea is that we have to break through the wall of threats. Maybe we could have a “Speak Up for Our Race Day.” White people could wear white buttons with the words “I speak up for my race.” There could be a website giving background details. If enough people wore those buttons, then it could make a difference.

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