Fiddling While Europe Burns; EU And UK Clash Over Gibraltar Rock

Ah, there is something to be said about petty nationalism. It moves the spirit so. Zerohedge fills us in on the latest inter-European quarrel over clay.

A European Council document on Friday suggested that Spain will be given an effective veto on whether the Brexit deal applies to Gibraltar. Downing Street said May had called Fabian Picardo, the chief minister of Gibraltar, on Sunday morning to say the UK remained “steadfastly committed to our support for Gibraltar, its people and its economy”.

Taking British officials by surprise, the draft guidelines drawn up by EU leaders state that the Brexit deal will not apply to Gibraltar without an “agreement between the kingdom of Spain and the UK”.  One official told The Telegraph it is “absolutely unacceptable” and gives Spain too much power over the future of Gibraltar.

In response, on Sunday the Prime Minister told Gibraltar’s chief minister that Britain will never allow Spain to take over the peninsula against its will. Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary,  has also pledged to “protect” Gibraltar “all the way”. Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Fallon said: “The people of Gibraltar have made it clear that they don’t want to live under the sovereignty of Spain. Gibraltar is going to be protected all the way.”

Here is the video that set off all these speculations:

Seeing things from the Alt-Right perspective can make events like this seem absurd. The UK and Spain are squabbling over a rock while they both are headed towards Caliphate status within the next generation? How surreal.

But the truth of the matter is that the Alt-Right is still ahead of its time by about half a generation. We are trailblazers that see where the future is heading. Others do not. It is the reason that we dismiss the neoconservative’s warmongering against Russia. The geopolitical reality that Europe and the European diaspora faces in the next 10 to 15 years is the realignment from the East versus West paradigm to the Global North versus the Global South paradigm. This is crystal clear to us because we understand that demographics are destiny. But the rest of the White world seems loath to wake up to the reality. Europe in particular still has some old scores to settle.

In the meantime, the political question of the Fourth Reich will have to be settled. The question regarding the European Union as a viable project going forward will be the interim political struggle that defines the next two decades.

Secessionism lies in the near future. It will used as both an anti-EU move and also as a stop-gap anti-immigration measure by break-away republics. They will also be encouraged by the Anglosphere, which has traditionally sought to keep Continental Europe divided and warring among itself. Trump wants to pursue bilateral trade deals with individual EU countries because that gives the U.S. more bargaining power. If faced with a united bloc led by Germany, American goods can be blocked from the European market.

That was one of the main reasons for the creation of the early EU project — to create a common European market. The United Kingdom was used by the United States as leverage to ensure that the EU stayed relatively anti-protectionist. The U.K. was the biggest lobbier for expanding EU membership because they wanted to undermine the EU. In fact the U.K. was constantly promoting Turkey’s addition to the Union. However, the Germans slowly and surely squeezed out the Brits. Britain began to play second fiddle to the German dominated European bureaucracy in Brussels. Unsurprisingly, many British conservatives felt it was time for a divorce. But scattered secession efforts may not be confined to Europe.

Last week, the Express ran with a story about Jean-Claude Juncker’s bizarre threat to the United States:

“European Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker this afternoon issued a jaw-dropping threat to the United States, saying he could campaign to break up the country in revenge for Donald Trump’s supportive comments about Brexit. In an extraordinary speech the EU Commission president said he would push for Ohio and Texas to split from the rest of America if the Republican president does not change his tune and become more supportive of the EU.  The remarks are diplomatic dynamite at a time when relations between Washington and Brussels are already strained over Europe’s meagre contributions to NATO and the US leader’s open preference for dealing with national governments.

Did you catch it? Why draw such strange parallels between the United States and Europe? It only makes sense if you take into account the Junker vision of Europe — a sort of copy of the United States — the United States of Europe. Many European patriots do not like this vision and are categorically opposed to the EU. They identify most strongly with their regional identity — as say Jutlanders rather than as Europeans. The Gibralters themselves lead credence to the same:

Meanwhile, the reaction in Gibraltar to the latest territorial posturing was quick. According to the UK’s, the newspaper spoke to a host of Gibraltarians who are all adamant about one thing: there is nothing anyone could do to undermine their sovereignty as a proud nation: “one thing is very clear – people in Gibraltar are happy for Britain’s support, but said they can handle this on their own.”

However, that is changing because the youth of Europe seem to have developed a European supraidentity. Junker and the Germans certainly seem to feel this way. In his mind, the U.K. (supported by the U.S., as usual) is a thorn in the side of a greater European project. And Spain? Ah yes, I had almost forgot about Spain. Spain is broke and inept, tottering on the brink of complete financial collapse. This is really a story about the EU (led by Germany) facing off against the Anglosphere yet again. The Alt-Right should stay well clear of this pointless squabble.

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  • The UK is not ‘headed toward Caliphate status within a generation’. I think Vincent Law has mistaken ‘the United Kingdom’ for ‘Germany’.

    Also, it is interesting to me how after clamouring for Brexit, daring the UK to actually go for Brexit, suddenly Brexit is no longer good enough for the Alt-Right now that it has actually happened. The Alt-Right delegitimisation narratives aimed at the UK government simply continue as though nothing happened. Who can even guess why that might be?

    In reality, Brexit is a precondition to the United Kingdom being able to regain control of its borders — a vital necessity if the United Kingdom was to avoid sharing Germany’s fate. This is because most of the ‘migrants’, if given EU residency while the UK were to be a member of the EU, would have immediately used their residency status as way to mass migrate themselves into the United Kingdom, and that would have been the end of the United Kingdom permanently.

    Thankfully, Brexit enabled the United Kingdom to dodge that fatal bullet. That is the first-order effect and the most important one.

    The second-order effect of dodging the bullet is that we all get to see arguments over Gibraltar and other historical intra-European rivalries are re-litigated in public view again. I think that most British people — of any ethnicity — would prefer to have to go through these intra-European rivalries, rather than being literally raped and murdered by Arab and African ‘migrants’. Hence why most of the country voted for Brexit when given the chance.

    Most British citizens are actually okay with what is presently happening with Brexit. To deal with the EU negotiations, the ability to play tough is useful.

    Brexit is not ‘petty nationalism’. Brexit is actual national control of UK borders by the UK government. Getting control of the borders — including Gibraltar — is of vital importance, and it probably only looks ‘petty’ to Vincent Law because he happens to be writing from as far away as St. Petersburg, Russia, a country which is a geostrategic and geoeconomic enemy of the United Kingdom to begin with.

    • The mayor of London is a Muslim. The Lord Mayor of Oxford is Mohammed Altaf-Khan. The situation in the UK is far worse than Germany. It is precisely because Muslims are not integrated that Germany has a shot. The UK is already Sharia-compliant. The Brits (and Dutch) will go Sharia if it’s financially viable. That’s all that matters to those two nations.

      • Britain does not have integration, Britain instead has a 7% Muslim population which mostly is confined to specific districts in the country, and whose ethnic origin is mostly from South Asia. That demography’s birthrate has also peaked, meaning that a generation from now, assuming nothing changes, Britain will be only 7% Muslim and it will still be mostly people from South Asia.

        Regarding fundamentalism, Britain has 3000 persons of interest who are thought to be involved in Islamic terroristic scenes.

        Germany, by contrast will be 40% Muslim in about 25 years, and has 1.5 million persons of interest who are thought to be involved in Islamic terroristic scenes.

        Compared to the literal baboons from Arabia that Germany has imported, Britain has no problems by comparison.

        I know that the existential meaning of both the eternal Kraut and the eternal Rus is to basically just spend a whole life counter-signalling against literally everything that the British do (hence why Vincent Law’s article even exists), but if you all could breathe slowly for a second and calm down, you would realise that Brexit was in fact the correct choice, and the Britain is in the best position out of any of the nations in Western Europe right now.

        • “assuming nothing changes” – you mean like that odd half million ‘legal’ immigrants coming to England annualy?
          Also-calling Kashmiri rape monkeys, who are enslaving English girls on an industrial scale, “people” might be really stretching the definition way too far.
          3k vs. 1,5 mil potential radicals or fundamentalists numbers sound like a complete and utter bollocks, if you pardon my French.
          And on a completey unrelated, is hatred of Whites really the existential meaning of Asians, as many suggest these days?

          • Four questions and four responses:

            “assuming nothing changes” – you mean like that odd half million ‘legal’ immigrants coming to England annualy?

            I should’ve been more specific. By ‘assuming nothing changes’, the ‘thing’ I was referring to is Britain’s post-Brexit trajectory which I assume ‘will not change’. That would mean reduced levels of migration as Britain transitions toward a low-migration, low-birthrate, high-skilled economy.

            Also-calling Kashmiri rape monkeys, who are enslaving English girls on an industrial scale, “people” might be really stretching the definition way too far.


            3k vs. 1,5 mil potential radicals or fundamentalists numbers sound like a complete and utter bollocks, if you pardon my French.

            Yet that is the figure. The reason it sounds like nonsense to you, is because what Merkel has done to Germany is indeed mindboggling.

            And on a completey unrelated, is hatred of Whites really the existential meaning of Asians, as many suggest these days?

            No, but hatred of Whites does seem to be the existential meaning of the European Central Bank’s policies insofar as they continue to bolster Germany’s high-migration, high-birthrate, crypto-protectionist economy at the expense of all other regions of Europe, and most recently even at the long-term expense of the German people themselves with respect to their own physical existence. Pretty ironic, given that ‘European’ is in the name of that institution.

            More ironic yet, is the fact that the International Monetary Fund warned that this could happen, and the Germans refused to listen.

            There has been this weird tendency among certain people on the Alt-Right (eg, you, right now) to try to redirect the blame for all Europe’s problems toward some narrative which claims that East Asia is somehow the culprit for everything. That is a really bizarre claim, given that East Asian businesspersons have no jurisdiction in Europe to begin with, and given that Europeans are the Asian factory’s most reliable customer. Or, at least Europeans would be the most reliable customer if they could stop trying to passive-aggressively commit murder-suicide on the entire Northern hemisphere.

            I guess what I’m saying is that maybe the Germans and the French should stop trying to build a competitive factory base made out of Arabs and North Africans to compete against the Asian regional factory base. Aside from the fact that the Germans and French by themselves can never achieve that level of competitiveness anyway, there are two other points that must be considered:
            Firstly, that kind of competition is just lose-lose for everyone because it results in senseless and needless product duplication, and
            Secondly, building anything on a foundation of Arabs and North Africans and expecting it to be ‘competitive’ against Asia is just a completely stupid idea to start with.

            I mean, I guess if you try to use Arabs and North Africans as your rival base then you conveniently have both your oil and your labour neatly contained in the same geographic zone right adjacent to you and within your territory, and this would hypothetically enable Europeans to be able to threaten to cut off energy supplies to Asian states and have that threat seem more credible than it would be otherwise. But that is not really sensible, given that in plainspeak that means Europeans demographically saddling yourselves with literal Arab and North African rapists so that Europe could have the upper-hand in a hypothetical oil-shipping conflict that none of the Asian powers are even interested in initiating.

            So, you have spoken of hate. But if Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande are willing to try to deliberately invite millions of rabid Islamists into their own countries against the will of their own people, in a quixotic and absurd bid to shore up a rival manufacturing base in Europe just so as to spite Shinzo Abe, Hwang Kyo-ahn, Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping, then who really is trafficking in hatred here? It really requires a lot of hate to be able to punch your own people in the face so as to spite an outside group of people.

            And is it even worth it? Metaphorically speaking, if the only way for Volkswagon and Citroen to ‘defeat’ Toyota and Hyundai is for the Europeans to demographically kill themselves and have total chaos as their governments encounter a crisis of legitimacy, then maybe the Europeans should just not do any of that nonsense, and instead should try just buying a fucking Toyota and driving it in peace.

            Theresa May and a significant section of the British establishment thankfully seem to understand this, but then, the British would always understand it, because they’re British.

          • When one posits ridiculously-looking figure (like 500 times /sic!/ more “potentially dangerous islamists” in Germany than UK), one is generally expected to substantiate said claim – somehow. Credible source would be nice.

            As for the AQ (asian question), your agenda seems clear enough to me, even if your post (I had trouble/did not bother too hard following your economic reasoning) might not (then again, there might be various reasons for that). I chuckled at your assertion that good folks over at (((IMF))) tried to warn those wayward Europeans, but evil Central European Bank (which probably echoes as hard as any similar institution) just had to have its way.
            You won’t find any defense for the likes of Merkel, Hollande et al. whatsoever anywhere on the altright and it’s outright lie to suggest otherwise.

            “…some narrative which claims that East Asia is somehow the culprit for everything.” Not even the most hardcore Asian-haters on the White Right claim anything closely resembling that. Nice strawman you got there. Still doesn’t really disprove hatred of Whites as the existential meaning of Asian, tho.

            Most English nationalists (i. e. actual ethnic English people) I’ve read/heard adressing Theresa May and British establishment had very little positive to say about her and I tend to defet to their judgement ini this matter.

          • Most of the British public, never mind nationalists, are sceptical , if not cynical, where the political establishment is concerned and with good reason. However, looked at objectively, May and her cabinet are performing surprisingly well. It’s a case of ‘so far, so good’. Brexit will change the political landscape to one more favourable towards ethno-Nationalism going forward.

          • Yeah, that would be logical, but according to Ingoldo, objective reality has a nefarious ‘agenda’ and thus has to be disregarded. He thinks you should instead defer to the subjective judgement of the supposedly-existent anti-Brexit English nationalists (LOL) who Ingoldo claims to have spoken to, but who are obviously figments of his own imagination.

          • Those would be the ones too busy making America great again and posting frog memes to pay attention then.

          • Pretty much. If such ‘English nationalists’ did exist, they would basically be traitors whose preoccupation with the interests of the United States or, alternately, the Russian Federation, but certainly not the United Kingdom.

          • This has to be the most important part of your pick-n-mix response:

            You won’t find any defense for the likes of Merkel, Hollande et al. whatsoever anywhere on the altright and it’s outright lie to suggest otherwise.

            Hahahah. An ‘outright lie’, is it? It’s happening right now.

            When you choose to engage in messaging on a nationalist website, which is aimed at telling the core constituents of Brexit that they should stop supporting Britain’s side of the negotiations through demonstrations in the urban domain and that they should stop supporting Britain’s side of the negotiations through campaigns in the cyber domain, then guess what that is in effect accomplishing?

            Whether you intend it or not, the narrative which you are bringing to this comments section, and the narrative which Vincent Law is propagating in the article itself, are effectively rendering assistance to the position which is occupied by Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. Because that would be the net effect if people were to become compliant with the stance taken by Altright dot com.

            It is incumbent on you and Vincent Law and whoever else out there is taking up a similar position, to explain or justify why it is that you think that it is a good idea to suddenly start rendering effective assistance to the European Union after all that its main institutions have done since 2013. Why are you trying to dissuade people from attacking the EU? Why are you effectively trying to build up a defence for the EU?

          • I’m not nearly interested enough in the Brexit/Gibraltar debate (which I’ve – as you may have noted – never really engaged in, even if that admittedly was the topic of the article we’re debating below) to put up with your convoluted and frankly way too long-winded sophistry, false dichotomies etc. Still waitin’ for some pointers on that “500 times more islamist in Germany than in the UK” busssines btw…

          • You’ll be waiting forever then, since I’m not here to fetch and carry statistics for you. If you want to defend Merkel’s insane record, then go ahead, it only makes you look worse than you already look.

            Also, feigning disinterest for the debate and randomly calling the other person a ‘sophist’ after you’ve been trapped, is so 1995.

          • Why exactly are you here anyway? Also, “sophistry” was mostly an eufemism for “mendacious,” which seemed bit too harsh, but after reading couple of your other comments, not only putting words in my mouth, but also thought in my head (some sort of Asia-ception maybe – well, the pun was crappy, but the point stands), it’s well-deserved.

        • I agree entirely that the Alt Right is ridiculously German-centric, und so weiter. It has been a big turnoff for me as I believe Germany should never have been unified under Bismark, hardly a popular position in these circles. British political culture is far more sophisticated and its institutions stronger, I know that. But I still think that the Muslims are structurally embedded in Britain and France in a manner they are not in Germany or Austria. (I’m part Italian-Austrian and visited Vienna recently). Merkel’s (Obama’s/UN/NATO) policies are very recent whereas the UK has been importing these people from the Empire since before the 1970s. Anyway, nothing to debate really. The problem is getting worse for everyone.

          • I wouldn`t go as far as to deny german unification, but boy does unquestioning hitlerworship smell of daddy issues. He was a man, he made mistakes, and he most certainly cared for the interests of german nation first and muh white race propaganda piece second.

    • Yes, Russia the only European country that actually stands up to the globalist forces and wins! Now go cry me a river.

    • Interesting analysis, as someone who is of both German and British stock, I’m curious on why you feel the UK is in a better position then most of Western Europe, the reasoning for my asking is it seems that the majority of the black pills I see regarding Europe on Twitter are from the UK first, then Germany, then Sweeden, then France, in that order.

  • I will put my cards on the table and say I`m part of the 48% that voted “Remain” and I would ignore the referendum result. I would like to remind people that both Mrs Thatcher and John Major were both brought down by issues regarding the EU. The UK sufferers from a multiple personality disorder. It has old loyalties to the Commonwealth, a love affair with the USA and desperately wants Parisian salon society.

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