Woman Who Issued White Baby Challenge Responds To Media Attacks

Ayla, known as Wife with a Purpose on twitter, responds to recent attacks by the media for her views on how to solve low birth rates among Whites.

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  • Hey, mods, why do you keep letting anti-White scum post here? They have nothing to add. Look at some of the posts of these anti-White scum below.

  • Miscegenation by Whites kills Whites. Don’t do it, Whitey. Keep your White line as pure as possible.

  • I’m glad to see that Ayla is doing the rounds on the Alt-Right circuit and NOT talking to any msm rag. There’s really no point in talking to immoral liars who are the ruling establishments mouthpieces.

      • I don’t know for sure if she’s fucking that monkoid, but the photo is serious circumstantial evidence against her. And yes, it is entirely possible that she’s going to take the place of Coulter in the future.

        I like Coulter in a number of ways, but her coal burning is highly problematic.

          • If that’s you in your profile picture, then you are a monkoid. Should I explain further? I know the average IQ of you race is like 60, so if you need further explanation do not hesitate in ask for it.

            Also, you are in the wrong place, for the website of BLM please type “we wuz kangz, astronotz and shit” in Google, and then enter in the first result.

            Bon voyage!

          • and by the way, you ASSUME i look at blm sites, when I dont but of course your IQ, not your race, your personal IQ seem too low to even talk to

    • Lauren has a lot of fans… I’d imagine a lot of them want to have their photo taken with her, this picture doesn’t say much to me … she’s young, single, beautiful, and enjoying her popularity… I never had the desire to date outside my race .. but I can’t speak for all women, that’s not my jam… you love who you love and you all know very well that people are attracted to beauty… and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. [Lauren – a traditionalist – might enjoy the company of black men]

      • I’m a purist in my positions, and this is one: zoophilia is not allowed. Period. End of story. And if she enjoy the company of monkoids, why is she being promoted in Alt Right circles? why is she even living in a majority white city? If she likes monkoids so much, she can move to the ‘exciting’ South Afrika and enjoy the ‘company’ of thousands of them.

        • Move to S. Africa. Umm, she prolly doesn’t like’em that much. Nobody really does. They’re just totems for moral signaling anyway.

      • i find it interesting how ppl say “i dont date o/s my race.” to have that philosophy, you HAVE to be racist. if you find someone beautiful and attractive and CHOOSE not to date them SOLELY b/c they are of a different race, then you are racist right? it’s not like only dating “Christians” or “Jews” b/c whites and blacks can be of those religions.

        • The inexplicable facts of the internet: how a monkoid whose usual sites are World Star Hip Hop and Hip Hop Early ends in ??

          • because a black man can be interested in more than just Hip Hop Early and World Star just in case your dumbass is too ignorant to understand that human beings are bigger than the box you make for them

        • its what nature does .. muhammed ali spoke about it .. you can find the video .. blue birds with blue birds .. i didn’t think that was being racist .. but if a white guy said it society loses their mind ..

          • not every “blue bird” have the same exact blue hue. Cats have various color fur even in the same “breed.” in fact, they cloned a cat and the clone had yellow, white, and grey fur when the OG had just white and grey but they had the SAME EXACT DNA. the genetic variance between ppl are minuscule. in fact, fruit flies have 1000 times more the genetic variance between each other than humans do. this whole “race” difference means nothing on a genetic level so blacks and whites can’t be classified as different “breeds” of humans. so blue birds with blue birds is like humans with humans. there is only one race

  • Whites who awaken to the reality that we may go extinct within 300 years and who are trying to reverse the trend by having more White babies may increase with the help of people such as Ayla who are great for getting the message out.

    Unfortunately, the main stream Mormon church really has fallen far away from its founding principles and has become just another church of what’s happening now and one that is encouraging miscegenation. Various fundamental Mormon churches (much smaller than the main stream one) still hold to the basic founding principles, but the MSM Mormon church tries to smear and destroy them.

    • I was reading one time about the Mormon’s explanation for black people being spirit children who were neutral in the war between Jesus & Lucifer, whereas the Pro-Jesus lot became White people. I had a good laugh at that.

  • Thank you Ayla. You are a wonderful woman. I Love my people and my two daughters are very special. I wish I had more children. They are the light of my life.
    It’s perfectly normal to want to save our people and culture. Wish I had a wife like you. God Bless You!

  • Thanks for supporting one another thru the trials and tribulations of speaking out now when it matters .. raising this topic will get you hammered… I remember being a local pub and starting a conversation with the culture arts writer for the local university and the pub owners [new from Toronto] .. they were practically yelling about me being a racist and foaming at the mouth for mentioning white genocide in S. Africa and the anti-white propaganda at the univesity .. they do not like to be pushed .. I later found out the connection with the pub owner and her Mum at the university so it made a lot of sense.. they’re dangerous people because they’re arrogant and wrong and unwilling to discuss anything reasonably.. the pub is permanently boycotted for their anti-white stance [that evening was a real wake up call for me .. I rarely go to pubs anyway.. preferring home life, cooking and wine to associating with these zombies]

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