Now We Know How Cernovich ‘Broke’ The Susan Rice Story

Zero Hedge has a great piece on how Mike Cernovich “broke” the Susan Rice story. Apparently, media moles handed him the story, suggesting his contacts weren’t in the Trump administration.

But, as it turns out, Cernovich didn’t need a ‘deep throat’ within the NSA or CIA for his blockbuster scoop, all he needed was some well-placed sources inside of a couple of America’s corrupt mainstream media outlets.  As Cernovich explains below, his sources for the Susan Rice story were actually folks working at Bloomberg and the New York Times who revealed that both Eli Lake (Bloomberg) and Maggie Haberman (NYT) were sitting on the Susan Rice story in order to protect the Obama administration.

You can read the rest over at Zero Hedge.

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  • PC or Political Correctness needs to be classified & treated as a Disease

    PC should really be treated as a disease.

    What is a disease? It is something that makes an organism sick, defenseless, and weak.

    There is organic disease caused by bacterial or viral infections. And there is disease resulting from physical injuries like falling down or being thrown off a horse(even leading to paralysis).

    But, as Richard Dawkins theorized, ideas also work like viruses or bacteria. Ideas have a kind of iDNA.

    Some have a way of colonizing, infecting, subverting, and reprogramming minds and senses.

    Some ideas and images are beneficial to the organism and promote healthy outlook, constructive habits, and well-being. Their impact is like nutrition, exercise, beneficial micro-organisms(like lactobacilli), vitamins, and oxygen-rich red blood cells.

    Some ideas and images are harmful and lead to dissipation, confusion, agitation, deterioration. Their effects are not unlike rabies from a bite of diseased animal or diabetes from excessive intake of sugary calories.

    Ideas can infect minds like viruses and bacteria infect cells. Ideas can lead to Idea-disease or Ideasease. Punk Rock culture had a toxic and degenerative effect on the British Working Class.

    PC is a kind of idea-disease. To understand the danger of PC, we need to consider the immune system, be it biological or socio-political.

    A healthy organism relies on a strong immune system. Every individual body is organo-nativist-and-defensivist. It is under constant bombardment from countless germs in air, moisture, and objects. The body’s immune system must constantly maintain itself against invasive-foreign elements. It tries to filter in only the things that are essential to the body. A healthy body accepts food to be digested and absorbed by the body. It also benefits from some beneficial ‘germs’, like lactobacillus. But it must constantly be on guard to keep out useless and especially hazardous materials. Harmful germs and parasitic agents are useful only to the extent that they strengthen organismic immune system against them. People in germ-free environments will end up up immune systems grown lax and weak. So, the body’s constant struggle against germs has a way of invigorating and recharging the immune system, thus keeping the body vigilant and hardy.

    But when there is TOO MUCH invasion of germs and hazardous elements, the exhausted and/or overwhelmed immune system can’t sustain itself and collapses.

    More dangerous yet, a virus may sneak in and play fifth-column from within the cells, insidiously subverting the immune system from the inside. That’s how HIV works. It enters cells and wreaks havoc on their internal mechanism, thus rendering their immune capacity moot.

    PC is like HIV. It messes up the white race’s immune system from the inside.

    PC makes white folks suffer from RIDS, or Racial Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

    PC memes infect white folks’ neurons with paralysis of ‘white guilt’ and images of ‘white evil’. Thus ‘converted’ or ‘re-programmed’, even when white folks sense danger(and the need to respond accordingly), their corrupted internal mechanism tells them NO. PC-infected whites feel they have no right to defend their own kind.

    Young PC types in colleges are not rational beings, and they didn’t arrive at their worldview rationally. Rather, right from the cradle, their minds were inculcated with PC. Thus infected, they feel that their race has no right to defend itself or preserve itself. They see the white race as a rapacious parasite that deserves to be leeched on by other races who’d been historically sucked dry by the white race.

    So, as a race or ethnic community, white folks infected with PC have been rendered defenseless. PC-programming allows white virulence & aggression only in attacks on its own kind.

    Even so, despite their antipathy to their own kind, every single organism seeks out safety and comfort. So, even as white PC brats are committed to their racial demise, they nevertheless strive for success as individuals. Devious PC offers this opportunity to white collaborators as a hook. The pledge to abandon group-survival and collective-power buys them certain privileges as atomized individuals.

    Invasive systems often play this game on their prey. Since wholesale conquest may be too daunting a task, the invasive force seeks out collaborator-agents(with the uncanny ability to loosen themselves from the whole) to turn against their own kind for rewards of individual gain. Certain germs have the same effect on the body. They make some parts of the body cooperate against the rest of the body. This is also true of how human organs work. The tongue can become a fatal collaborator against the body. Its sweet-tooth addiction can make the tongue take leave of its senses and ‘collaborate’ with the Junk Food Industry that encourages it to consume more junk that tastes wonderful to the tongue but does the rest of the body wrong. SJW-s who spout PC to gain individual success are slurping-in-tongues. They do will say and do anything to gain sweet things for themselves at the expense of their own race. Of course, they can rationalize their betrayal on universal grounds — they live for all of humanity than for the tribalism of race — , but such mindless utopianism isn’t grounded in the limitations of reality. It is as stupid as parents who neglect their own children to pursue the impossible dream of caring for all children. Of course, utopian-universalism is, more often than not, just a crutch for doing nothing at all. When one’s task is conceived in such grandiose and herculean manner, one never knows where to start, so he doesn’t. Instead, one can just pursue individual interests while pontificating about how he hasn’t the time for his kind since he is concerned with the entirety of the ‘human race’. It’s like a general who refuses to fight a single battle since he’s too occupied with the entirety of the war.

    We mustn’t treat PC-infected youth as rational agents. They are mentally infected and diseased. All healthy organisms seek to survive and be strong. As humans are social organisms, it makes no sense for a group of humans to invite harm & danger to its own kind. Swedes are not acting rational or natural by inviting more Invasion of Diversity. Nature is about organisms using sense and reason to save themselves, grow strong, and survive. It is not about organisms inviting self-destruction. Organisms act to harm themselves ONLY IF they are diseased.

    Health = More Strength and Better Survival.

    Disease = More Weakness and More Harm.

    PC whites are idea-diseased or ideaseased. They are like Red Guards in China whose minds were infected with Maoism. When dealing with the diseased, we need to focus on the disease, not on the patient. It is the disease that renders the patient weak. Weakened state lowers the immune system, and then more foreign elements attack and infect the body. Thus, HIV had a domino effect on the body. Initially, the body falls prey to HIV and is made weaker. And then, more infections by other viruses and bacteria make the body increasingly weaker until the body cannot even defend itself from the weakest pathogens.

    The pathogenic effect of mass immigration-migration-invasion into the West works in a similar manner. PC has been the ideological-HIV that weakened the Western immune system’s effectiveness against invasion. PC weakened white-pride and white-defensive-resolve by associating such ideas & passions with negative emotions tainted with ‘racism’. Thus, the West was helpless to stem the initial waves of invasion. But with each successive wave of invasion, the Western body is made weaker as its resources & energies must be allocated toward taking care of these invasive foreign bodies. Each successive stage of weakening means another round of invasion, even by ragtag mobs. Just like the weakest & smallest creatures can gorge on a beached whale or fallen elephant, the most hapless bunch of nobodies can invade a civilization whose defensive systems have corroded and decayed to the point of no return.

    Naturally, there have been signs of healthy reaction from certain elements of the West. There are righteously enraged patriots in Sweden and other nations. They are like white blood cells activated to destroy germs and foreign elements. However, the West is under treatment by the globo-Jewish quack-doctor who keeps injecting the White Body with sedatives & chemicals to weaken its defenses. Thus, white blood cells must contend with both the infection(by foreign bodies) and the injection(by Jewish versions of Dr. Mengele).

    Organisms have control over certain foreign bodies but may come under control of others. When we eat, the food-as-foreign-body is controlled by our bodies. Our bodies process the food, take what we need, and excrete the rest. We use and ‘control’ the food, not the other way around.

    But when germs-as-foreign-bodies infect us, they control us. They mess with us and try to take over us.

    Anyway, any organism that acts against its own interest must be diagnosed as sick and diseased. A deer that runs into a pack of wolves is surely not well in the head.

    To the extent that PC is making Swedes invite self-harm and self-ruin, Swedes are idea-diseased. Their minds are filled with ideas and images that lead them over the cliff.

    Furthermore, a diseased-mind can become schizophrenic and be given to hallucinations. Sweden is under such a delusion. Its hallucinations of delusions-of-grandeur as a ‘moral superpower’ has rendered it blind to obvious facts of what’s really happening in Sweden and around the world. It has turned batshit crazy, indeed into the Crazy Cat Lady of the World. But then, in the Current West under the chemi-control of the globo-Jewish doctor — Jew-run academia serves as mental institutions and the Jew-run news/entertainment media serve as dope-pushers — , so many gentiles now hallucinate that homos = rainbow, man’s anus = sex organ, and sexuality = 50 genders.

    When we respond to SJW’s as if they themselves are the problem, we are giving them too much credit. It’d be like blaming Red Guards or Hitler Youth for their own virulence(as if they’d rationally and individually arrived at their ‘convictions’) when, in fact, their minds were infected with radical idea-germs inculcated into them by the all-powerful-system. Though the US is not a totalitarian power, most of its institutions and industries have fallen into the hands of Jewish globalists whose agenda is drive by a ‘radical will’. If anything, the conceit of the US being a ‘liberal democracy’ makes PC delusions all the more insidious because the PC-infected can believe themselves to have come to their conclusions by way of free will and individual choice when, more often than not, the decisions/delusions were made for them by the controllers of the academia and media. At least in Stalin’s USSR and Hitler’s Nazi Germany, everyone knew there was no such thing as ‘free speech’. In contrast, the globo-Jewish West trick the PC-infected with the notion of ‘free speech but no hate speech’. The PC West tricks people into believing they have the freedom they really don’t.

    Anyway, it’d make no sense to treat a sick patient as if he is rationally willing the disease to be there when, in fact, he’s been taken over by the disease. Once infected, he has no control over the disease that has a logic of its own. It’s like someone with malaria is sick regardless of what he thinks or feels. It’d make no sense to treat a diseased person as if his condition is a matter of creed or conviction. (Likewise, when dealing with problems of addiction, it’s important to understand that the addiction has control over the person, not the other way around. An addict is what he is not because he has wrong ideas but because the totality of his mind and body, his soul, has become slave to the addiction. Even though rational understanding of the problem is helpful to the addict, it isn’t enough for him to break free. It’s like someone suffering from flu or malaria cannot overcome the illness with medical knowledge about it. Whether sick or addicted, the starting point of the treatment must be the realization or admittance that the mind-and-body has been taken over by a force that is beyond the power of reason and morality.) If someone has rabies, it doesn’t matter what he thinks or feels as an individual. The fact is the rabies virus has control over him, and it is the virus that must be the focus of medical attention. As with any disease, some people can be saved, some cannot. Also, we need to give it time and expect no quick fixes. Just as a disease goes through phases and cycles, PC has its own symptoms and processes: its infection state, incubation state, fever stage, delirium stage, etc. Some eventually emerge from it and regain mental health. Others become chronic cases and become college professors or journalists… or slacker antifa types or crazy cat ladies.

    A PC-deranged person has to be treated as a patient with an infection that may be cured(for good) or controlled(like Herpes that never goes away) than as a rational thinker with free will or individuality. Though there’s no quick fix, helpful advice may allow more mental oxygen and iron into his intellectual bloodstream and hasten the healing process. (In some cases, PC passes away naturally. It’s like growing up. Some people seem difficult in teen yrs and destined for trouble but land on their feet as soon as they mature.) A sick patient with a flu or malaria can’t do anything about it — he can only wait for the disease to play itself out and exit the body — , but there are still precautions and procedures he can undertake to make the sickness subside faster. For example, he should be resting and eating healthy than partying and drinking. Likewise, we can goad the PC-infected to take certain steps to bolster their white blood cells and reactivate their immune system that will help them realize how demented & deranged PC really is. Still, it will take time. (To be sure, there may be instant cures, like dropping them into Haiti for a week, but I don’t think too many PC types will go there.)

    SJW’s, who all sound and talk alike, are zombies infected with same virus. If indeed they are free-thinking agents, why do they drone the same mantras like mental clones? They all exhibit the same ‘symptoms’. It’s like people with rabies or leprosy all end up the same way. SJW’s all have the same psycho-symptoms or psymptoms.

    When the priests treat Regan in THE EXORCIST, they focus on the Demon inside her, not on the girl. Once the evil spirit has taken possession of her, she no longer has agency. (AMERICAN PASTORAL is even more frightening on the matter of ‘possession’.) Regan is really helpless even when she acts wild and crazy. It is the spirit-possessing-her that is really driving her.

    Certain ideas and images have this power to take over someone’s soul. Same is true of certain foods. Most foods are not addictive. Whoever heard of broccoli or spinach addiction? But sugar can be additive. And certain drugs, like nicotine or cocaine, can be very addictive. It gains control over the person…. like opium in China and meth among certain white demographics. People with strong moral fiber and critical mindset are less prone to fall under the influence, but some people are either weak of mind/spirit or have personalities prone to virulence & extremism. As for children, they can easily fall for anything… which is why PC keeps targeting kids at younger ages. “Is you baby racist? You must make him worship at the altar of the Mountain-sized Negro who loves a little white mouse or the Tranny Drag-queen from the earliest age possible.” (If no amount of social engineering can turn a homo into non-homo or tranny into non-tranny, why does PC believe that normal-sexual people can be pried out of their ‘hetero-normativity’?)

    If some people become diseased with ideas, others become diseased with images and sounds. Intellectual types often fall for radical ideas that may turn out to be harmful.

    The hoi polloi often fall for addictive images and sounds of pop culture. These are without ideas — though increasingly fused with PC into ‘cool’ memes — , but they can be just as powerful, indeed even more powerful. Bad ideas can close the mind, but they must nevertheless must be activated by the mind, requiring some effort and modicum of critical activity. In contrast, hedonistic images and sounds of Pop Culture can turn young ones into cultural meth-heads. In the Age of Paglia, we’ve seen how Slut-feminists can be just as crazy, even crazier, than the earlier Stalinist ones.

  • He claims he has IT guys in every newsroom. If that were true is he really dumb enough to just blurt that out? As the commenters on that article point out, if he really did have those kinds of contacts he’d be scooping the MSM all the time.

    • Either Cernovich is once again full of shit or he’s doing something illegal. The NY Times can’t steal the emails of the LA Times to get a scoop.

    • Right, these accusations about Susan Rice were floating around for days, weeks. The only difference, two big (((megaphones))) ran the stories.

  • Cernovich has some janitor at the NYT building feeding him info, like Gordon Gekko using Bud Fox to get insider trading tips in Wall Street.

    Cernovich boasted about “IT Guys” at media companies seeing emails and feeding him intel. Isn’t that illegal? I can’t just look at some company’s private emails. A lot of people are comparing Cernovich to Drudge breaking Monicagate. I doubt Drudge ever relied on IT nerds stealing email data and forwarding it to him. Drudge always seemed to have legit sources and info.

    I also question whether Lake “sat” on the story. Cernovich NEVER claimed that Lake did yesterday, on Sunday April 2. He only claimed the Jewess Haberman was sitting on the story. Perhaps Lake simply had all the sources and intel and was waiting to confirm them before breaking the Rice story. Because Lake would be ruined as a journo if he spread false shit in the manner that Cernovich has. For Cernovich, it doesn’t matter, he just needs page hits and views.

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