Black Lives Matter Philly Endorses Segregation

Black Lives Matter Philly’s upcoming April meeting will be a Black Only space:

Reminder: Black Lives Matter has been officially endorsed by the Democratic Party.

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  • Excellent, we should absolutely encourage this. “African Diaspora” LMAO oh gawd I wonder where they got that from?

  • I can support this. Listening to Malcolm X describe the race problem in America can help both blacks and whites in protecting and advocating for their people. Malcolm was completely right. Separation is better.

    He talks about how some blacks are brainwashed to hate themselves and their heritage, to not even identify as black. Whites can see this same brainwashing.

  • Black Nationalism is not necessarily an enemy. they get it; we’re different. Of course races are different. that’s ok. We don’t need to be thrown together in a desperate attempt to make multiculturalism work (it doesn’t work).

  • AWESOME, now these low IQ niggers will have no excuse (but God knows they’ll still blame whitey) for their insane and habitual criminality as this could lead to segregated white Communities also. The rights of association are the bedrock of all rights so this is a massive step in the right direction.

  • It’s not true Segregation. It’s a space for blacks only. However, blacks are able to invade White spaces and that too is enforced by a government backed army. Whites should be setting fire to Philly.

  • i’m not an ethno-nationalist, but shouldn’t you guys support this – once it’s an established precedent that you can “create a space for one ethnicity”, you are basically half way there – am i right?

    • Wrong. This is blacks received a White-funded space of their own. Meanwhile, Whites are also forced to pay for blacks invading our neighborhoods, schools, churches, and cultures.

    • In a sense yes. Black Nationalism and White Nationalism are not necessarily enemies. BLM, to be fair, is not necessarily Black Nationalist, but rather left-wing, hate-Whitey, police-keep-shootin’-niggas, etc… But you raise an interesting point; if BLM sets the precedent, then it *might* be possible for White Nationalists to argue the same and violently defend our right not to be preyed upon. Ultimately both White Nationalists and Black Nationalists understand that race mixing simply does not work, even when it’s well-intended.

  • Yes, please shame obnoxious white people with savior complexes into staying home. They only swell BLM protest crowds making it harder for the police to control the crowds.

    • A step in the right direction for sure. Finally people other than us are openly rejecting multiculturalism.

      • I especially like her line that white people should stop trying to join black organizations but should instead organize white groups. I’m fine with “Malcolm X style black groups.” Good for them.

        I’ve been telling the so-called “pro-white conservative Jews” the same thing. You really want to help? Go to your own Jew community and try to convince them to stop being so anti-white.

  • Can we extend this to Banning White Women from dating and getting impregnated by Black Men?

    • Ok, it’s time to stop obsessing about this. White women prefer White men. Period. I’m not saying that there aren’t some very attractive White women who are with Black men, but the vast majority of girls find White guys to be the most attractive, and end up marrying White men.

    • That’s a big problem in your family, huh?

      White women prefer white men. This is a statistical fact.

      Asian women with white men is a much greater problem as it’s tolerated even on the Alt Right. Spencer himself used to date Asian women.

  • Diaspora…gibsmedat jew diaspora sign… Malcom woulda wanted a jew tolead them to the promised land

  • This is nothing but good as far as I am concerned. It was only a matter of time before this happened. Whites need to face the choice of siding on their own team, or face abject rejection and stigmatization to the wilderness.

  • I have an even better idea Mr. Nog, how about white people organize specifically against you? Light Bulb!

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