AltRight Politics 2 April 2017

The AR Politics crew covers 1) White House Intrigue. Nunes upends the leftist conspiracy to undermine Trump. The media predictably shriek “procedural error!” 2)Nuke the Filibuster [27:33]. Will Republicans have to invoke “the nuclear option” to get Neil Gorsuch into the Supreme Court? 3) Minsk to Moscow [55.06]. Vince calls in from Russia to update us on Navalny and Russia’s much-ballyhooed liberals. With minor protests recently in Belorus and Moscow, does Eastern Europe have a use for Western-style social reform?

  • Yehudah Finkelstein


    Fix the Audio Goyim, Greg Ritter sounds like he’s talking into a veritable White Supremacist Echo Chamber.

    • We’re still working on getting the alt-right recording studio put together here at the Hate House. Thank you for your patience.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Is the Alt Right Hate House the weird house belonging to Richard Spencer that Mike Cernovich talked about?

  • Tim Steve

    Needs a download button, lads.

    • Gregory Ritter

      thanks. fixed

  • practicallyperfect

    Coming from the medical field I can tell you the problem is the current reward for being in medicine is monetary. The medical field is the fastest growing part of the economic sector next to housing. Think back to how physicians used to be seen, smart, of good judgement and de facto leaders of their communities. Now the accountants and new bureaucrats run hospitals, medical research and lobby the government with creative ways to raise cost.

  • adolf binladin

    please syndicate greg hood

  • adolf binladin

    is there any way we can get FTN back?

    • Pioneer American

      They were in sensitive positions and were scared off by the doxxing going around.

      • adolf binladin

        well the threat seems to have gone away….