Homeless Crackhead Sets Fire Which Collapses I-85 In Atlanta

This story is highly symbolic of what we have become as a nation:

“A homeless man who is accused of causing an overpass to collapse on Interstate 85 in Atlanta because of a fire he set, was allegedly high on crack cocaine at the time.

Basil Eleby was one of three people arrested in connection with the massive blaze that broke out under an interstate in Atlanta on Thursday.

The 39-year-old with a rap sheet of 19 arrests, most of which are drug-related offenses, had been smoking crack before he ‘maliciously set’ the fire, according to a police report.

He was arrested along with Sophia Bruner and Barry Thomas on Friday. Bruner and Thomas were charged with criminal trespass.

Eleby was handed an extra charge of first-degree arson on top of an earlier charge of first-degree criminal damage to property, by a Fulton County judge on Saturday. …

‘This is about as serious a transportation crisis as we can imagine,’ Mayor Kasim Reed said.

The Georgia Department of Transportation said inspectors are looking over the collapse, but there is no timeline on a fix …”

This is going to be a disaster for Atlanta.

I can’t imagine what the traffic is like there now. It was already maddening and now this happened and a huge section of I-85 has been closed in both directions in the heart of the city. Wow.

Do you want me to be brutally honest? As I wrote here last night, the ancestors of these people were brought to Georgia to work as slaves on rice and cotton plantations. The abolition of slavery was based on the assumption that a free market economy is vastly superior and that slavery was holding back our economic development. If you believe all human beings are equal interchangeable units and there are no heritable racial differences, it makes sense. But what if that isn’t true?

What if all people are not created equal? What if our ancestors were right and there really are major racial differences in intelligence and behavior? Many generations ago, Georgia’s plantation economy was violently destroyed and the ancestors of these people who were antebellum field hands were set free and were told to make their way in a modern free market economy.

Over the next 150 years, Georgia’s agricultural economy became less labor intensive to the point where only a tiny percentage of the population still works in agriculture. Manufacturing has also become less labor intensive. Fewer people work in factories. Imagine what it must be like for the bottom third of the black population which is marooned in an economy that is utterly unsuited to their abilities. Their services are no longer required for much of anything outside of sports and narcotics distribution.

The people who rule this country have no idea of what to do about this problem. They can’t even acknowledge the nature of the problem without collapsing their ideology. If it weren’t for systemic racism, this homeless bum could simply retrain and become an astrophysicist like Neil deGrasse Tyson. That’s what we are required to believe. It’s something to think about while you are stuck in Atlanta’s traffic.

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  • We need to enact segregation as soon possible, since I do not believe we will ever see a repatriation of non-whites in our life time. For now, my focus is making sure enacting economic segregation, aka making enough you can live away from vibrancy, as that is the only way I am aware of too keep this crap away from my family.

  • “‘This is about as serious a transportation crisis as we can imagine,’ Mayor Kasim Reed said.”

    I’d say a bigger crisis for Atlanta is that it has a mayor named “Kasim”.

  • The solution is to pay derelicts of society to get vasectomies. This person was probably sired by another derelict who sired a dozen derelicts with a dozen women who themselves were probably the dregs of society. Biology already limits the number of sh1theads a woman can produce, but the sky’s the limit for men, look at Chulalangkorn and Mongkut.

    What would it cost to entice sh1theads of any race not to breed? Automatic college admission and free tuition? $5,000 lump sum? I’d pay it. It’s humane and and the long term gains more than offset the short term costs. It doesn’t need to be directed at particular races, high time preference people would naturally flock to such a program at higher rates than low time preference, thus avoiding the label of eugenics and racism. Just offer it to every male and let it work its magic naturally.

  • Is the timeworn Bell Curve debate worth entertaining among the alt-Right today? The most significant thing about Richard Herrnstein’s research is Political Correctness forbade it even back in 1994. Thus he and Murray were limited to a meta-analysis of IQ proxies spread over time from WWI forward, not the ideal data base from which to draw detail conclusions, and funded by an American Enterprise Institute which no longer issues grants for this kind of work.

    But the real problem is how, given that mass deportation to Africa or assignment to internal homelands is unlikely in the USA, do we manage a population heavily dependent on government subsidy and presence of low-skill jobs? Some blacks are smart enough to advance but a larger number will not be. Erection of gated communities and private schools on a large scale, the solution I favor, will likely be met by the multiculturalists going to court to force “desegregation” of these spaces, meaning a quota of “diversity” slots offered below market. Then we’ll have to clean up after the fires on the savanna.

  • If the white man is so smart, how come he believes a single black man can destroy the interstate highway system in Atlanta with some PVC and a crack pipe …

  • If it weren’t for systemic racism, this homeless bum could simply retrain and become an astrophysicist like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    Or else he could become Literally Hitler, because according to the egalitarian ideology, anyone can become anything.

  • I would think that white people in Atlanta would understand this. Too bad it didn’t occur in Seattle or San Fran.

  • Dr. Livingston said, “…..they will forever be the White man’s burden…..”. Truth is never welcome at a liars convention. Realism, not racism. Right now America is being set up for race war by the Jews who control the Jewnited States. When the collapse of the dollar hits and there are no more free meals, then the slaughter will begin. The MEAN EVIL WHITE MAN will be blamed.

  • The story I heard, was that for some unknown reason, a lot of plastic conduit was stored under the bridge. The African rocket scientists, started a fire, and caught the plastic conduit on fire, burning down the bridge.

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