Virginia Cuckservative Protested For White Supremacy At Townhall

This is what it is like these days to be a self-effacing Virginia cuckservative:

“Students and residents in Charlottesville, Virginia, protested Republican Rep. Tom Garrett’s first town hall Friday with a massive sign stating “no dialogue with white supremacy” and chants including “say it loud, say it clear: immigrants are welcome here.” …

“[W]e refuse to give him a platform to spout his politics of racial terror and white supremacy,” the Charlottesville chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice said in a Facebook post. “Engaging in polite conversation with Garrett normalizes his extreme views and allows them to spread. Instead, we need to disrupt this language and these policies in order to make space to create a world in which we can all be liberated from the damning violence of white supremacy that has built and structured this nation since its inception through settler colonialism and racial chattel slavery.” …

Garrett’s protesters had several chants, including “Tom Garrett, go away; no racist USA,” “If we don’t get it, shut it down,” and “no ban, no registry; fuck white supremacy.” …”

While all this was going on, Rep. Tom Garrett talked about how President Trump’s refugee ban is “stupid and un-American,” how we don’t need a wall on the Mexican border and how “there’s no place for white supremacy in the forum of Thomas Jefferson’s university.”

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  • The entire “protest” seemed to be maybe 4-6 people. They showed up, held up a sign about “white supremacy,” did some chanting, and were escorted peacefully out of the room. Their “message,” such as it was, was likely incomprehensible to the majority of whatever audience was there and whoever stumbles across a video online. A group of 4-6 college students – all white – hold up a sign about “white supremacy” – what does that even mean? What is the message supposed to be?

    I don’t think these protests are at all effective. The much celebrated “pussy hat” protests accomplished nothing but inspire sniggering and off-color jokes. Only FOX News style “conservatives” took it seriously, as they breathlessly reported that one of the speakers was an Actual Muslim Terrorist. All anyone else remembers are the cute pink hats.

    The only people who take “liberals” seriously are “conservatives.” Without “conservatives” being outraged at these antics, most normal people might assume it was some sort of “performance art” of perhaps an April Fools joke. White people against “white supremacy” … “protesting” … an “anti-racist” politician?

    Let’s think tactically. Instead of being “against” whatever these people are doing, just tell people that it’s a publicity stunt for the new season of Portlandia.

  • Weakness invites attacks. Sort of like the way Sanders’s rally was taken over by rather well-fed BLM women.

  • What a brilliant example of the deranged left’s utter disconnection from reality. By embracing an ideology that requires them to deny factual data and, frankly, the evidence in front of their noses, not just once but repeatedly throughout the day, they have made themselves utterly incapable of engaging with reality. Thus they can chant their nonsense and scream in rage to shut down a politician who is agreeing with them on every point, without realizing the total futility of their actions.

    These incidents are heartening. In this state of complete delusion, lacking both awareness of self and knowledge of the enemy, they are fantastically vulnerable.

    • Exactly, which is why we need to push them more and more. The more we push, the harder it becomes for the Jewish media to edit out the truth.

  • There is nothing more ridiculous than cuckservatives like Garrett. He doesn’t even know what side he is on, and yet I’m pretty certain he isn’t on mine.

  • It’s already hard out there for a cuck. It’s only going to get harder. This is how it must be.

    A cuck can never earn the approval of his bull; he can never stoop low enough, he can never be pathetic enough – his bull will always see red and demand more humiliation.

    Both the left and the Alt-Right need to continue to torment cucks.

    The difference is that the Alt-Right only uses this tactic after sufficient reason and evidence have failed to persuade the cucked into uncucking themselves. The Alt-Right will ultimately grant the formerly cucked forgiveness and a cause to proudly fight for, once the they have been uncucked.

    The left demands the surrender of pride, resources, and genetic legacy in exchange for increasingly briefer respites from being called a racist.

    • You know it’s hard out here for a cuck (you ain’t knowin)

      When he tryin to get this money for his seat (you ain’t knowin)

      For the private school fees for his kids (you ain’t knowin)

      [1] Because a whole lot of SJWs talkin sh*t (you ain’t knowin)

      [2] Will have a whole lot of sh*tlords talkin sh*t (you ain’t knowin)

    • “The left demands the surrender of pride, resources, and genetic legacy in exchange for increasingly briefer respites from being called a racist.”

      Succinctly and well said, Sir.

    • I disagree with you about offering forgiveness.
      I personally find the cucks more reprehensible than all our other enemies combined.
      If we ever were able to create a White ethno-state, the cucks would of course want to stay behind in the anti-America in their multi-cultural paradise. It would not take long for them to see what a mistake that was and then they would come knocking on the door asking for sanctuary from the third-world hordes. That would be when we need to stick-it to them. They should suffer and rot in the mess that they have created. And if any of us real Whites would start to have soft hearts for these race-traitors, we would need to be reminded of all the Whites who have suffered over the years at the hands of these uncivilized mud-savages that were unleashed upon us by those very cucks.

      • The cucks would be the very first to hightail it to a white ethno-state. They would probably be there before you showed up. They already live in 98% white communities, where there are often gates to keep other races out. Their children go to 98% white schools. They would never dream of sending their kids to schools like those in L.A., for instance, where whites are not allowed to exceed 30% of the student body at any given school. Cucks believe that multicultural “enrichment” and the “gifts” of diversity are for the little people, the lower orders.

      • Well, I am thinking more of people who are presently cucked, but still able to be red-pilled. If Tom Garrett all of a sudden went 1488, then I would I say that bygones should be bygones. However, once we secure our ethnostate, there will be no admittance for the cuckies come lately. It’s sort of like Noah’s Ark, repentance only counted if it was made before it began to rain.

      • Agreed. Mudsharks and cucks must be forced to live in their multicultural utopia. And when they want out, we must not give them an avenue of escape.

  • The usual socialist-communist noise. One thing about the Trotskyites, they are organized in almost all college towns.

    • Look, the 88 part is unnecessary fetishism. One can be aware of the jewish problem, and aware that we have been told major lies about history, without worshiping a historical figure who ultimately did not succeed during his lifetime. The problems between Whites and jews go back way further than Hitler, and many great White historical figures have spoken out against them or took action against them. We can look for inspiration elsewhere.

          • Good argument. Let’s see how far you get with your “88”. About as far as the last guy, I imagine.

            They are living in your head, and you are dancing to their tune. You are being everything they want you to be.

          • Just imagine all the people whom you are bringing over to your view of things, sieg-heiling in the mirror. You keep that up, clown.

            What’s it like being an involuntary stooge?

          • Jesus Christ you’re a fucking loser!

            The anti-Whites openly call for rape, murder, genocide, and you’re worried about what they think?


          • No, I don’t care what they think. I care about what other whites who could be red-pilled think. They think you and your ilk are losers. Because you are.

          • Whites like you cuck and counter-signal at the slightest infraction of the Jewish Narrative, just like you’re doing right now. You autistic, pearl-clutching losers are precisely the reason Whites ended up in this dire situation. You fucking faggots run in terror and grovel at the word “fascist” or “racist.” They’re both functionally the same and have the same effect.

            We don’t need you around. You’ve done enough damage already.

          • And you’ve been so successful at furthering the cause, I’m sure How many people have you influenced?


          • You’ve influenced lots of Whites with your endless counter-signalling and groveling.

          • I haven’t groveled or counter-signalled, and I probably have influenced more whites than you have.

          • Gentlemen, I sincerely apologize for proving the seed of this ridiculous and counter-productive dispute. That was not my intention.

          • How stupid are you? It’s other Whites that are also anti-White!

            Once they get frantic they get explicit.

        • Actually the 88 means you’re a LARPer AND letting Jews set the narrative.

          Fun fact: the “88” has nothing to do with “Hi Hitler” – the $PLC just made that up, and the idiots and JIDF ran with it. The “88” has to do with David Lane (you know, the guy who coined the “14 words”) and his “88 precepts.” The “88 precepts” are the LARPiest of LARPs, an unintentionally comical utopian scheme only a half-mad former Mormon could have thought up. Remember, Lane wanted himself and his elite “WN Warriors” to have multiple wives and was going to go all “Rape of the Sabine Women” to get them.

          Of course, Lane was a nutjob that blew his load about five decades too soon and spent the rest of his life writing lesbian spanking porn in Supermax Federal prison.

          Forget “88” – hell, forget “14” – just be pro-white and let’s leave it at that.

        • Yes, I’ve read it. I’ve read all kinds of things, “left” and “right”.

          The parallels between then and now are shocking, because they’re trying to run the same playbook on America now that they did on Germany. It was obviously highly effective for them.

  • I for one have no problem seeing these traitorous cucks being put thru the degenerate wringer. They deserve it.

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