Tara McCarthy & Melissa – Finding Redpilled Love & Friendships

Melissa is a wife, mother, and full-time technical writer. She has a keen interest in politics, culture, and philosophy. Melissa created her blog, The New Femininity, to connect with men and women who have chosen to reject the sham that is post-modern society.

Tara, also known as Reality Calls, is a British YouTuber. Although she originally created her channel to discuss veganism, she has since transitioned to covering politics and unpopular truths.

Melissa and Tara return to Radio 3Fourteen to offer an Alt-Right perspective on friendship, dating, and marriage. We begin by discussing courtship in the modern world. Tara and Melissa both offer advice to Alt-Right women looking for a man. Later, they offer advice to men looking for wholesome women. Our show also covers many other topics, including hookup culture, degeneracy, traditional marriage, and the prevalence of divorce in our troubled world.

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  • Ok Lana, no all the men are not just whoring around because most simply cannot. A few men get all the women. And sorry but the red pill says that women by their very nature desire these whorish men. Are you sure you did not take the blue pill by mistake?

  • The British girl said 25 is a good age to start having children. Yet a woman’s peak fertility, on average and adjusted for race, is 16 to 26. In Japan a single woman over 25 is considered ruined and damaged beyond repair. There are reasons these beliefs have come about, wisdom. The very last thing a man needs, unless he likes being miserable, is a woman who has “found herself” and brings independence to the marriage. Men are biologically bound to desire a submissive, giving woman.

  • I like the fact that these women are out there. I thought of my older sister. She is an old fashioned Southern woman. She doesn’t need to rationalise and think about all these things. She would find this show silly and immature. And she would spot some kind of rebellion in these women that would turn her off. A type of male mimicing rationalism. There is I think a huge chasm between those of us who grew up in Traditional households in places like the South, and those from liberal families and cultures. For us it is not about rebellion.

  • I liked this video a lot and largely agree with most of it. The only parts I don’t agree with are: 1) Lana mentioned “finding yourself.” The idea of finding yourself is completely made up. Maybe you could “grow into” yourself but the idea of “soul searching” or whatever is BS imo; 2) Twenty-three is too old to start looking for a husband. If you’re a woman, start looking when you graduate from high school. Believe it or not, you can be married and go to college! *gasp*!

    • Agree on finding yourself. Having a purpose is something else and a woman’s purpose as dictated by nature is to have children and a family. While men are of course involved in that, they do have a greater purpose in the public world. Home for the woman, the world for men.

      I don’t agree with everything but at least they try and are out there doing something.

  • Two things lacking between men and women these days are common courtesy and simple affection.

    First and foremost, I think magazines like Cosmopolitan have fooled women into thinking that sex is the way to get a man. The problem is, with all women thinking like that, sex is a commodity that is so cheap that a man can get it anywhere. Furthermore, you have this Mattress Girl Paradox where that crazy college girl was auditioning for Super Freak and then got bent out of shape because it was clear that her love object was never going to take her home to meet his mother.

    But if you find out what his interests are and appeal to them and if you do little things that express your appreciation of and affection for him, he’s bound to reciprocate. Sex is dessert, it’s not the whole meal.

    Another thing that has ruined women (and probably contributed to the divorce rate) has been soap operas. This stuff originated on day time, but it spread to night time dramas and that’s where she gets divorced and starts having all these great affairs with eerily complacent little tykes who don’t seem to miss Daddy whatsoever. Oh, and then she remarries and he’s more like Uncle Daddy rather than the Stepfather from Hell. Turn off the boob tube, ladies, and get real. No guy is going to love your children more than their father.

    I wanted to add that every time these women talked about so-called beta males, I winced. I think this is a (((Madison Avenue))) concept. Men have this amazing dichotomy where they can be husbands, fathers, farmers, workers and then there is a threat to the land and they all turn into warriors. They beat the shit out of each other and then the winner buys the loser a beer. Sorry, but once women get pissed off they stay pissed off. I remember when a plane crashed into the Potomac in the dead of winter. There was this guy who dove in and saved one woman who was flailing and failing in the water. He wasn’t a man you’d ordinarily look twice at, yet he morphed into a super hero. Men are weird but wonderful.

    If I was offering dating advice to men, I’d say that it never hurts to have a bunch of women in your life. The big problem is that young men these days seem to fixate on one woman at a time and that’s where they get “thirsty” and exhibit “beta male” behavior. It’s really that your social skills are rusty. You need to keep them honed. But if you put yourself in situations where you are never lacking for female company, even if it is platonic company, women lose any mystery for you. With platonic girlfriends, you have access to their girlfriends.

    And frankly, gentlemen, a lot of women suffer from an Electra Complex. They don’t look twice at a guy unless he’s with another woman. Horse Thief Syndrome, I guess. In any case, if you have a lot of women on your string, even women you’re not that crazy about, to keep your social skills honed, you develop more of that “take me or leave as I am; I won’t be pining, I assure you” persona that a lot of women who like more challenging men find infinitely appealing.

    I’d also like to make a push for more men to learn how to dance. It’s a great way to establish physical contact without having to make up a bunch of stupid lines. From a female POV, dancing in close quarters with a nice, tall, buff man wearing great cologne. Yummy.

    • Yeah, that was just more mockery of our traditional culture and values. “Look how stupid and backwards Whites used to be! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

  • Although she originally created her channel to discuss veganism

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we had Alt-Right bloggers who started their channels to discuss eating steak and eggs and Paleo.

  • These women get it and its so refreshing to hear and so attractive. We need these women to help open the eyes of the younger white women. Our younger generation is lost,addicted and disgusting. Thank you ladies for representing.

  • There’s never been a worse time to date. Here’s your mission:
    Sift through the vapid, hollow whores.
    Dodge the coal burners and Marxists.
    Power through the forest of Asians and the random grab-bag of genetic party flavors.

    And if you’re determined, strong and fearless, you might just find a worthy woman.
    You have to try.
    Try or die.

  • To disagree with Andrew Anglin and his latest Diatribe…..

    I would elect….Lana Lokteff….

    ….as the Leader of the Alt-Right…

    There is something special about Lana…….


  • Lana Lokteff…..

    … the Queen of the Alt-Right…..

    Tara and Melissa are Great…..

    But, when Lana speaks…..

    ….the Soul of the Alt-Right moves….


  • The Best of the West…….


    Thank you, my Beautiful Sisters…….

    How there aren’t more comments is KEY…….

    Without the Alt-Right Women….our Movement is NIL…..

    The Male Anger from the Dailystormer is Interesting and Resonant…..

    But, watching this Video gives me GREAT HOPE…….

    Our Women are Beautiful, Intelligent, and Strong…….

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