Simon Roche – Suidlanders: Preparing For Disaster In South Africa

Simon Roche is Head of the Office of the HQ of the world’s largest non-state civil defence organization, Suidlanders of South Africa. Once an ANC activist, he now works tirelessly to prepare for impending catastrophe in the Rainbow Nation. Simon lives in Johannesburg and is the proud father of many children.

We begin by discussing Simon’s current speaking tour. We learn that he’s traveling throughout America in order to raise awareness about the sore state of affairs in South Africa. Next, Simon tells us about life in post-apartheid South Africa. He explains that, in the 22 years since South Africa become Democratic, there has been a massive explosion in crime – in particular, violence against White farmers. Later, we discuss the nature of White genocide in South Africa, what Suidlanders is doing to prepare for the worst, and why many White South Africans remain oblivious to their plight.

In the members’ hour, we continue our discussion on South Africa and consider what this impending catastrophe would look like. Simon explains that the worst case scenario is the one he most expects, for he believes the government will be involved in the unrest, siding against the Afrikaners. Switching gears, we discuss the economic situation in South Africa. We learn about the various government programs that give preference to blacks, which has many Afrikaners forced to live in squatter camps. Simon then outlines the strategies employed by elites to usher in Communism in formerly healthy societies. The members’ hour concludes with a discussion on the failure of multiculturalism in the Rainbow Nation.

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  • The “Orania” movement is interesting, and they are branching out and establishing new towns for White Afrikaners only.

    • Back in the 80s White South Africans should have kept Western Cape Province for themselves and ceded the rest of South Africa to the kaffirs.

      • I was under the impression, that part of the deal with the ANC was that the South African Army was to stay majority White. That obviously didn’t happen.

        • De Klerk got a raw deal. Basically he only received power sharing for something like 5 years. South Africa was full of intrigue at that time, with Eugene Terre’blanche playing off black ethnic divisions in an attempt to invade the bantustan of Bophuthatswana. General Constand Viljoen was controlled opposition for the globalist agenda, threatening to lead a mutiny of the South African Defence Force only to conveniently stand down at the last second when further armed White opposition to black rule would have been impossible to organize.

          But the moral of the story in South Africa is that no white leader had any vision of what would come after Apartheid. Whites worldwide need to learn the lessons of South Africa. PW Botha refused to negotiate with the ANC in the 1980s and the situation for the white government became untenable with the loss of Western allies following the fall of the Berlin Wall. De Klerk was not in any position of strength and essentially gave away the store to the ANC.

          A leader with vision would have granted the blacks most of South Africa and called for an Afrikaner ruled Western Cape.

    • More and more Suidlanders are waking up to the fact that Simon Roche is an imposter. He is ex-ANC for a start, that alone, as admitted by the article above, is a huge red flag, not matter how much he claims to have changed “on the road to Damascus” in some mid life crisis.

      Then of course his name is not only not Afrikaans (Dutch south African), but it is more likely to be Jewish than anything else. More and more is being discovered about this character, bit one thing he is not is a loyal Boer/Afrikaner fighting for his people’s right, he is only pretending to be one of them.

      From someone in the know in South Africa.

  • Whites from South Africa need to come to The US, while Trump is president, then after the Chinese are done with the Africans, they can go back (if they wish) and live under Chinese Communist rule, The Chinese do prefer Whites to Blacks, so it would be better than it is now. Make no mistake, China is going to take over in Africa, and come down hard on the Black population.

    • White South Africans should go to Australia before jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire by coming to America.

      • I have A friend here from Australia, he moved here. Both are in trouble, but we have Trump, and smaller spiders, bet either is preferable to South Africa. Cheers Mate.

        • You’re in South Africa?

          OZ is preferable due to the simple fact that it’s surrounded by ocean and is still largely White.

          • From outside the Kingdom (The US), it might be easy to conflate Blacks in the rest of the world with “African Americans”, there is a conflict within the US “Black Community” and Black Africans, especially those from Nigeria, they are not unified at all, African Americans are being systematically removed from their neighborhoods by US immigration policy, being replaced by Hispanic and Muslim immigrants, Hispanic and African Americans fight each other, African Americans are loosing, due to numbers, and the fact that they are being eradicated by each other through gang rivalries.

    • I’m hoping the Chinese effectively colonize Africa the way the Europeans did in the 19th century and then eventually end up with the muds crawling all over China.
      I know that seems absurd, but do you think around 1900 anyone would have thought that London would be less than 50% White in the very early 21st century?

  • I lived in South Africa in the late 90s expecting to target black terrorists and ANC operatives. Sadly, and typically for me, I was way ahead of the curve.

    I wonder if SA Whites will be forming volunteer units for white foreigners?

    • White South Africans need to get the fuck out of that shithole. They signed away their birthright 25 years ago.

  • A very interesting interview. Simon Roche sounds very intelligent. I think the prophesy the South African made about 100 years ago is very interesting too.

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