Virtue Of The West: Ricky Vaughn And The Internet War

Tara McCarthy and Brittany Pettibone interview notorious meme warrior Ricky Vaughn.

Tara McCarthy
the authorTara McCarthy
Tara McCarthy is the host of Reality Calls, a podcast dedicated to making Western Civilization great again. Tara is also the co-host of the show, Virtue of the West.

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Is VOTW downloadable anywhere?

Gubbler Chechenova
Especially the image of the Zionist and Arab Muslim arm-in-arm kills me. So, what do Jews and Palestinians have in common? Nothing… except for wanting to have free access to Anglocratic nations, especially the US. Surely, Palestinians hate the US for enabling the creation of Israel possible and funneling billions to Israel every year. But Palestinians are organisms, and organisms seek comfort and well-being, and what better place than America or some other Anglocratic state? They love entry into the US more than recovery of Palestine itself. So, that is the only intersectionality that REALLY matters between Jews/Zionists and Arabs/Palestinians…… Read more »