Seattle Sues For Right To Defy Immigration Law

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray came out swinging in a press conference Wednesday afternoon saying that his city would not be bullied into complying with federal immigration law, according to National Public Radio Seattle station KUOW.

Following up his words with actions, Murray announced that his city would be suing President Trump’s executive order on immigration in a lawsuit naming Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, according to NPR.

The lawsuit follows comments made by Sessions on Monday regarding states who shirk immigration enforcement. At the daily presidential press briefing, the Attorney General warned that jurisdictions who fail to comply with immigration law would be subject to losing federal funding saying, “disregard for the law must end.”

The lawsuit claims that the use of federal funds to influence local and state governments is unconstitutional and that Seattle’s policy doesn’t inhibit federal agents from performing their duty, according to KUOW.

“We are not breaking any laws, and we are prioritizing safety,” Murray said. “Bullying and misstating the facts will not stand in the way of how the real laws of this country are enforced.”

Murray’s lawsuit comes after multiple mayors of America’s largest cities vowed to fight Trump’s efforts to enforce immigration law.


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  • I was browsing Ann Coulter’s Twitter, and I came across this link:

    That’s the globalist rag, Foreign Affairs (published by the CFR) running an article criticizing not only illegal immigration, but LEGAL immigration as well.


    Tired of winning yet? Trump is the avatar, but this was cooking behind the scenes before he came to the fore. I was told some time around 2010 by a millionaire businessman that they were going to cut off immigration.

  • So Federal to State and City “gimmedats” become “civil rights”?

    Only Citizens have “rights”…governments have Powers.

  • The Trump administration needs to start ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING and NOW!
    •Trump needs to simply defy the illegitimate orders of these courts and judges and fire everyone in any federal agency who will not carry out his orders about the travel bans.
    •Jeff Sessions needs to PROSECUTE any college president, mayor, or governor who openly defies federal law and harbors illegal aliens.
    These lefty/cult marxist/race traitors are nothing but a bunch of pussies. They will all run away like frightened rats as soon as the first one is taken away in handcuffs. And more importantly, Trump supporters will go into an immeasurably ecstatic euphoria. They would be willing to make Trump president for life.

    Mark my words. If Trump does not start behaving as I’ve outlines he will get nothing accomplished. He cannot wait for the SCOTUS to reverse these lower court rulings. It will take up to 1 year for each of these cases to reach the Supreme Court. Even if Trump wins every case, it will be a defeat. The Left will bring EVERY SINGLE ISSUE to court. Even if Trump wins every time, he fill finish his first term and have only succeeded in implementing 5-6 agendas. His supporters will be so demoralized that they simply won’t even vote in 2020 and he will end up a one-term president.

    • I can’t really improve upon your observations. Waiting for the courts to act will take too long and I think that there is a serious risk of defeat at the Supreme Court. Trump needs to defy the courts and, at a minimum, prosecute the “Sanctuary City” perpetrators. Otherwise, as you do, I see a one-term presidency followed by a nation-destroying administration headed by someone like Kamala Harris.

    • Trump needs to get legal advice that the actions of these lawless judges are ultra vires, outside their competency, as a legal basis for disregarding them.

    • Indeed – the Jackson solution: “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.”

      Moreover: U.S. Marshalls are nominally part of the judicial branch, but I believe their administration and management is performed by the executive branch. The deputies who work at these traitorous courts in Seattle and Hawaii should be sent to a nice resort for an extended period, for “training” – a nice long vacation at tax payer’s expense. Meanwhile, the judges will have nobody in their court-rooms to guard prisoners, man the metal-detectors, park their car, fetch them coffee, and whatever else they do. Let these judges function without the screen of armed officials who separate them from the people to whom they dictate their edicts.

    • Exactly. More importantly, the reverse will be true. If Trump follows through with his executive orders and cuts funding the Shitlib coffers will dry up as THEY’RE waiting for the slow process of the courts. Cities can go bankrupt without a few months of funding, let alone a year.

      • You may be right. If funding IS ACTUALLY CUT to cities, universities etc, it will hurt them profoundly. However this is a big IF. If Trump has not defied the court rulings on the travel bans, why should we think he will defy courts on the injunctions they are certain to impose on any fund withdrawals?
        This is why I think the best tactic is criminal prosecutions of university presidents, mayors etc.

        • The travel bans could be played out in court to serve as a distraction to defunding the enemies. It’s important to understand that we can’t afford to have a single issue. America is coming apart at the seams. We need to attack everything from all sides.

    • I’ve thought about Trump simply ignoring the judges and telling USCBP to enforce the Jan. 27 executive order. But will Acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan go along? And will McAleenan’s underlings and USCBP officers, many of whom are other-race, or worse, Muslim, follow suit? Just because the president speaks doesn’t mean people will do what he wants; they might refuse to obey, which would effectively end Trump’s authority as a president. That’s why I suppose Trump hasn’t uncaged this bird.

      • I disagree.
        People need their paychecks. If the choices are to do your job as the boss (President) orders or be fired, they will do their jobs. They will try to bring this to court also but in the meantime they will be unemployed. In the end money talks. This tactic would work; Trump just needs to just ACTUALLY DO IT!!!!!

        • Yeah. But Trump doesn’t sign those paychecks. His direct hiring and firing authority extends only to his political appointees, many of whom get those jobs as payback for supporting Trump’s campaign. I don’t like the idea of a Hawaii federal judge divining evil “intent” into Trump’s border control directive and then trying to assert a nationwide jurisdiction which I think is illegal. (Normally, rulings in district court are law only in that district.)

          But I don’t know what Trump will do about it. Presidents need support from the civil service and, often, Congress, before they can act with effectiveness. They are far from omnipotent. The arrival of Trump offended a lot of Washington establishment types who are invested in the way the country’s been running the last 50 years.

          • I think you are wrong about whom the president can fire.
            For instance; Trump could direct the State Dept to stop issuing visas in the countries for which he issued the travel ban. If the order was not being followed, it would work its way all the way back to the Secretary of State who would then be told by Trump to insure that the order was being followed and to start terminating those below him who will not comply. Now of course Trump might also have to ask for the Secretary of State to hand in his resignation if he refuses to follow orders but that would likely be unnecessary.
            This can be done. Trump just needs to have the balls.

          • I dunno. He could certainly try the classic pressure down the chain of command. I’d admire him more if he did. Yet we’ll be facing the same existential problem long after Trump’s gone. Handing the keys to our nation’s academy over to the counterculture after the 1960s was a dangerous historical development I’m not sure we can reverse anymore, having let matters slide 50 years. Taking our country back now likely requires the use of unethical means or violence, with chances for success only if significant elements of the intelligence organs, military, and police convert to the cause.

            The Left will not yield its hammerlock on the nation’s soul. Even if Trump manages to shut mass migration down for time being, his successor may just resume it again. Open borders was a key tenet for Marx, which the postmodern leftists inherited through anti-colonialism and the ideology of white guilt.

            In other words, the white nationalist goal is out of reach unless we can pay for it in blood, a prospect I see little enthusiasm for. It’s almost like being white is an Internet hobby; and here I am playing at that hobby, too, at age 67. The founders couldn’t divorce the British crown without war, unless they preferred to wait another century and become a Commonwealth state alongside Canada and Australia. We’re asking for changes more radical than they were.

  • This is the same seditious shit South Carolina pulled during the Nullification Crisis. Like Jackson, Trump needs to make these Democrat politicians looking for Wetback votes stand down.

  • Man if lefties sue so much, extend the interpretation of the law so much, then dayum, what’ll stop us from creating a white ethno-neighborhood and state?

  • This is the perfect opportunity for Republicans to troll (but of course they won’t), they should just stop enforcing homosexual “marriage”, forced integration (still going on in parts of the south), and anti-discrimination ordinances.

  • I concur with him that the federal government should not be stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from Americans and using the money to bribe and blackmail municipalities into submission over any number of things. But enforcing immigration law seems like one of the most fundamental duties of the federal government. Withholding federal funds seems like a slap on the wrist to me. Federal agents and troops if necessary should be brought in to arrest derelict officials and charge them, ideally with treason.

  • Sessions words were about withholding something like, “Department of Justice grants” which didn’t seem like half enough to me. I’d like to see withholding funds to public schools and hospitals which are the biggest chunks I can think of but I saw some news story about the feds avoiding schools and hospitals because they were so sensitive ie could be used for tear-jerking stories by the legacy media. I wonder about prosecuting the mayor as an accessory to some heinous crime an illegal commits. I like the sound of that.

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