The Left Continues To Cannibalize Its Own, Young Turks Spill Their Spaghetti Over Muh Russia

It is interesting to occasionally see a leftist start to suffer from the cognitive dissonance associated with the current liberal position on Trump and Russia.

This liberal, Michael Tracey, tried to inject some RealTalk into the The Young Turks discussion about Trump’s Russia connection.

Cenk, the sweaty, beady-eyed overweight buffoon leading the discussion, interrupts Tracey every time he attempts to question the “Trump is in bed with the Russians” narrative. The screeching harpy pounces on Tracey as well, while the nu-male in the corner makes occasional jabs at humor and “can’t we all just get along” grand gestures. Watch:

The whole Russia narrative is a gift that keeps on giving. Nothing makes the left look quite so deranged as their obsession with Vladimir Putin “hacking the election.”

Unfortunately for them, the narrative is unravelling. Even Former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell, who endorsed Hillary Clinton, called Donald Trump a dupe of Russia, and named the supposed Russian hacking of the election a “political 9/11”, is starting to have doubts.  “On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians here, there is smoke, but there is no fire, at all . . . There’s no little campfire; there’s no little candle; there’s no spark. And there’s a lot of people looking for it,” he said recently.

This is the guy who according to NBC was in line to become CIA director if Clinton won. Even he said he had seen no evidence that Trump associates coordinated with the Russians. Morell also cast doubt on the dossier written by a former British intelligence officer, which alleged a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Baying for blood against Russia used to be part and parcel of the standard playbook of the GOP. But now, the Democratic establishment and grassroots activists are pushing the anti-Russia narrative as well. Even if the supposed Trump connection to Russia is proven false, it seems unlikely that the Democrats will make a 180 on Russia. Their fear and anger seems real and not contrived. Many leftists now unironically want a facedown with Russia over Ukraine or Syria or over some Maidan scenario in the country proper.

Most of the groundwork has already been laid by the Neocons. They continue to portray Russia as a fascist country with a fascist dictator. “Russia is too white, too patriarchal, too christian!” is what they’ll say.

Anti-war liberals and old school leftists will be left out in the dark by their supposed comrades. Like poor Michael Tracey here:

Poor guy. Being a liberal with enough grounding left in reality is increasingly difficult nowadays

Time to wake up and smell the roses, Tracey.  We live in Post-Liberal times.

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  • Too bad Tracey is a prisoner of liberalism. Hopefully he’ll escape soon.

    The way that female talks to Tracey is incredible.

  • I’ve been amusing myself in recent weeks by trolling some Russia conspiracy theorists on Medium.

    I like Michael Tracey, though. He’s a thoughtful guy. He even dared to post an article saying that Jews were whining too much about so-called anti-Semitism, though naturally he couched it in terms ”cause “Islamophobia is worse!’. I think that he may be a potential convert in years to come.

  • The country along with the rest of the world is in a Leftist controlled echo chamber. The more they are challenged, the louder they turn up the volume of rhetoric. And then, of course, blame their own actions on their opponents dissonance with their cockamamie conclusions. The idea of giant corporate online cooperatives making money on both side of the issue has to be addressed because the Internet is not simply the gated community and playground of the baby billionaires who have sold their souls to Globalist Utopias!

    • Some on the left will see their various sub-ideologies partially contradict each other when, for example, a refugee (sexually) assaults someone of the native population to then frame the potential for conflict among their greater ideological allies as the result of their opposition pitting them against each other.

      The lowest common ideological denominator they then resort to has to water down their preferred world view, making it common, less edgy and interesting for its believers, who then will probably start the purity spiral behind closed doors in order not to make their in-fighting apparent to people on the outside.

      They are, put differently, eating each other.

  • This shows the problem when older people run things and they still think about the world the way learned about it in their youth. Baby Boomers remember Russia as the key piece in the former Soviet Union that had become America’s mortal enemy from the 1950’s through the 1980’s, and they can’t get it into their heads that Russia has evolved into a substantially different country since then.

    By contrast, Americans born since the 1980’s have no memory of the Cold War, so they just don’t see why their elders have such irrational fears about Russia, especially because the Orthodox Christian religion has revived there so that Russia looks more like a normal country now.

    The Jews have the same problem with their Hitler invocations, when the people who remember Hitler’s regime have all nearly died by now. Hitler has just become another historical figure to today’s youngsters, and the kids might even look into Hitler’s story with fewer of the fears and biases programmed into their parents and grandparents by the Jewish propaganda machine.

    • I’m a cold warrior from back in the 70s and 80s, but the Russians are different enough now they don’t scare me. For [deity of your choice] sake, they only turned the lights on in what, 89? Takes a while for the eyes to adjust. They had 7 decades of horror programming them in the communist ideology and bankrupting their economy. It takes some real outside the box thinking for them to build something rational from the rubble, exemplified by organized crime, which frees itself from the laws their fearful society clings to.

    • “Baby Boomers remember Russia as the key piece in the former Soviet Union that had become America’s mortal enemy from the 1950’s through the 1980’s, and they can’t get it into their heads that Russia has evolved into a substantially different country since then.”

      A lot of boomers had no problem with Russia when it was the Soviet Union. Certainly, a lot of Democrats didn’t in the 70s and 80s. Ted Kennedy conspired with the Politburo in 1984 to secure their help in defeating Ronald Reagan in the election that year.

  • Leftism attracts society’s losers, kooks, scolds, degenerates, utopians, etc., who have conflicting grievances. When they realize they have to compete with each other for a finite supply of attention, and they don’t have enough material wealth they’ve looted to give everyone the size of share he wants, their egalitarian beliefs force them to turn on each other.

    Conservatives and traditionalists have our problems, of course; but at least we understand the concepts of scarcity, hierarchy, discipline and the need to say “NO!” to people who make unreasonable demands.

  • The left is incapable of introspection. Like spoiled children it can only ever be someone else’s fault for their own shortcomings.

    This is the same group who have been given participation trophies their whole lives and who have been told they’re special little snowflakes. They’ve probably never experienced a loss like this before, and this time they lost huge. The public temper tantrum they’re throwing is actually pretty hilarious.

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