Nancy Pelosi Condemns The Alt-Right In AIPAC Speech

Highlights include:

1.) Nancy Pelosi’s father was a shabbat goy who spoke Yiddish. Naturally, he ended up in Congress where he was subservient to Jews in the 1940s.

2.) Pelosi is proud to come from a family of politicians. Her brother was also mayor of Baltimore. She can’t boast of having Jewish grandparents, but is proud of her Jewish grandchildren.

3.) The United States is “an idea centuries old.” Apparently, we share that with Israel which has a great tradition of immigration except for accepting Syrian refugees!

4.) The establishment of Israel is “the greatest political achievement of the 20th century.” Can you imagine President Trump talking that way about the Russian Federation?

5.) We haven’t done enough to “rid our country of the poisonous attitudes we are witnessing now.” By that Pelosi means “the Alt-Right feels empowered” by the outcome of the 2016 election.

6.) Pelosi says “anti-Semitism” and other bigotries must be condemned in all forms. Russophobia, however, is perfectly fine. It is being stirred to new heights by Democrats.

7.) It is a shame that there is “a campaign to delegitimize Israel.” Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is at the forefront of the campaign to demonize Russia.

8.) Israel ought to remain “a Jewish state.” It ought to remain Jewish, democratic and secure in the 21st century. What about White Americans who want the United States to remain a White majority country? They’re all a bunch of “racists.”

9.) 189 House Democrats signed a letter to President Trump that says a “one-state solution” would destroy Israel’s “Jewish and Democratic character.” It’s not “racism” when Israel is doing it.

10.) “We have shared values” with Israel. Except for Israel’s Wall. Except for Israel’s desire to remain Jewish. Except for Israeli’s immigration policy. Except for Israel not taking refugees. When President Trump advocates the same “values” for the United States, it is racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc., etc.

11.) We must oppose Iran because it is Israel’s regional enemy and because of “values.” Can you imagine President Trump ever saying we must oppose Russia’s enemies?

12.) “Foreign aid for Israel is sacred – we know that. That is sacred.”

I will just say Pelosi’s obsequious speech on behalf of a foreign power speaks for itself. Clearly, it is Israel which has real power over our government, not Russia.

Hunter Wallace
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  • All of this is just AIPAC money talking. As Buchanan said, the US Congress is Israeli occupied territory.

    The only way to get around this is by raising money and buying politicians to counter the AIPAC bought politicians.

    True, the media, being Jew controlled, is another obstacle, but the “mainstream” media is losing influence everyday.

    Notice that the two biggest “goy” whores for the Israel lobby are Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

  • The cognitive dissonance of Trumpfags who claim to be anti-zionist is simply mind-boggling. The Kushner administration is the most hardcore zionist, most jewy, most ethnically Yiddish executive in American history. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves. Are you guys retarded or something?

    Turbo-cuck Pence gave a speech at AIPAC that makes Pelosi look reasonable and moderate, why not review that? No, skip it, let’s have some more faggy stuff about Evola and strident denunciations of classical liberalism. Let’s have some more creepy fanboy fluff pieces about how great Trump is.

    Paul / Massie 2020, ya’ll are cucks. Anti-libertarianism is a codeword for anti-white.

    • “Anti-Zionist”. That’s an understatement. No two people agree on everything and if you’ve read just a little bit and know what many of the Alt-Right leaders say, you’d know that they don’t back Trump’s policies on Israel. First they want to save the white race. Trump is doing that. Maybe you would have preferred Clinton or Bernie.

      There is no evidence that Ron Paul or Rand Paul would have stopped illegal immigration (saved the white race) and put up with the criticism Trump has. Most Alt-Right people, and others supported Paul’s policies on foreign wars, including Israel. But Trump won and Paul did not. If you support the communists keep up the stupid commentary.

  • Excellent article and all excellent points. Nothing needs to be added and the last sentence sums it up. “I will just say Pelosi’s obsequious speech on behalf of a foreign power
    speaks for itself. Clearly, it is Israel which has real power over our
    government, not Russia.”

    Here is a young, pretty Nancy Pelosi pictured with President John F Kennedy.

    John F Kennedy’s diary is being auctioned off.

    Regarding Adolf Hitler. Writing while in Germany in 1945-

    ‘You can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will
    emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most
    significant figures who ever lived,’

    ‘He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a
    menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the
    way he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow
    after him.’

    ‘He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.’

    I was a child when JFK was shot. Of course the whole country was sad. That is one of my earliest memories. But my father was a supporter of Nixon and I’m certain he didn’t know about JFK’s diary and I don’t think he knew about JFK’s dad Joseph Kennedy, who was ambassador to Great Britain in 1940 and was trying to keep the US out of WW II, as revealed in David Irving’s “Churchill’s War”. After returning to the US, Ambassador Kennedy made the commencement speech at Notre Dame University I believe and he said something like “the Jews in Hollywood had better be more careful in what they say about Hitler. They’re going to regret it”.

    Where is Joseph Kennedy when you need him? Where are Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford? I once defended Nancy Pelosi in a conversation. Now I consider her a traitor, like many in the US government.

  • It’s sickening, isn’t it. But of course one can’t expect to last long in politics without paying homage to the (((real bosses))).

  • Surely a condemnation from an 80 year old San Francisco liberal woman speaking before a bunch of Scheming Jews will spell the end of the Alt Right!

  • Leading Roman Catholic politician Nancy Pelosi, regardless of any fake news you may have read, has never been excommunicated or denied the Roman Catholic sacraments. A Roman Catholic Bishop in of all places Minnesota, has said he would deny her the Roman sacraments if he could. That’s one out of how many thousand Roman Bishops in the USA?

    • As much as the Catholic Church is opposed to abortion, one would think many of these so-called Catholic politicians should be excommunicated, but yet it never happens.

  • Pelosi’s not a jew herself? Huh. She’s totally jewed-out though. Her speech, mannerisms, and appearance… She must be the No. 1 shabbos shiksa of all time.

  • How will we know when we’ve reached “peak grovel” vis-à-vis Israel? When the U.S. capital is relocated to Jerusalem? When the shekel is substituted for the dollar? When circumcision is required for any male officeholder over the rank of animal control officer? I’m just wondering.

  • Seriously, this shows why we can’t let Jews have this kind of power in our country. They view the United States as an overseas colony they can loot for resources at will to keep their bugout country Israel in operation. Ultimately they treat America as a throwaway.

    • Not only can we not let Jews have any power, we should not let Jews live in this country. All Jews should go to Israel. Its where they belong.

      • At the very least they shouldn’t be allowed full citizenship status. They’re essentially foreigners who get to benefit from their access to foreign resources while also enjoying the benefits all other domestic citizens have.

        A country would never allow outsiders to become judges, politicians, etc., but when it comes to jews it’s somehow acceptable.

    • The problem is that it is no longer in OUR power by conventional means! Welcome to that old adage that history repeats itself but this time we are the ones that don’t speak German!

    • That they look out for their own before anything else is something we should strive to emulate, but should never be allowed in our nations. They have Israel, it’s time for them to go there if they can’t stop destroying our nations.

  • Subsitute “Israel” for “Raymond Shaw”, and you kind of get the idea.

    It’s funny to see a bunch of politicians, Democrat and Republican, gathered together at AIPAC, decrying the deep and pervasive influence that Russia has on our government.

    • Yes, these people are little more than clowns at this point. The only problem is they are still in power, and are therefore very dangerous clowns.

  • The God Emperor needs to draft a Declaration of Independence from Israel, and de-Zionize our institutions like the foreign policy establishment, academia and the Federal Reserve.

    • The “God Emperor” Trump is more pro-Israel than he is pro-American. He spent the last decade shilling for Likud – the “birther” nonsense, the “Obama is a secret Muslim that hates Israel” claptrap, leading the Israel Day parade, and doing commercials for Netanyahu.

      Trump’s grandchildren are Israelis, his family is Jewish, and he has openly declared his love for the Jewish people. He has never breathed a word about “white” people – EXCEPT when Trump was attacking whites like Buchanan as “a Nazi” and Duke as a “racist” and having his lawyer send a movie about Black men marrying White women (“Guess Whose Coming To Dinner”) to piss off the “racists” in Florida when he was opening up his club to Jews and Blacks supposedly not invited to join the Bad WASP golf clubs.

      That’s your “God Emperor.”

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