Mayor Rahm Emanuel: The True Definition Of America

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is speaking out “against the hatred and ugliness swirling around us”:

“One-hundred years ago, my grandfather immigrated to the City of Chicago. He was just 13 years old. He had no money. He spoke no English. He knew no one, except for a third-cousin he had never met. He came to Chicago to escape anti-Semitism and the pogroms of Eastern Europe. He found a city where, if you work hard and play by the rules, you can succeed — regardless of your faith or national origin. He found work as a truck driver and meat cutter, and his children would go on to find success as a police officer and a nurse. …

My grandfather came to a city of opportunity, not a country that breaks up families at the border. He came to a land of liberty, not a place where federal agents stop people on the street to ask for their papers. He came to a country that has prospered with each new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and dreamers of every faith and nationality who have sought the promise of a better life in America. …”

Here’s a history lesson for Rahm Emanuel:

1.) If Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather arrived in America a century ago, the White House was occupied by President Woodrow Wilson who resegregated federal government. He arrived in a country where D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation was the most popular film in America.

2.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather arrived in a country where Congress was passing the Immigration Act of 1917. In addition to banning immigration from all of South Asia, it banned “alcoholics, anarchists, contract laborers, criminals and convicts, epileptics, feebleminded persons, idiots, illiterates, imbeciles, insane persons, paupers, persons afflicted with contagious disease, persons being mentally or physically defective, persons with constitutional psychopathic inferiority, political radicals, polygamists, prostitutes and vagrants.” Homosexuals were also effectively banned.

3.) Congress passed the Alien Anarchists Exclusion Act of 1918 which reaffirmed the Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1903. Emma Goldman and hundreds of other anarchists were arrested and deported to Russia.

4.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather would have lived through the Immigration Act of 1924 which established the National Origins System. It severely restricted immigration from Eastern Europe making it impossible for more people like Rahm’s grandfather to come here during the 1930s.

5.) Rahm’s grandfather would have lived through the Hoover administration which launched a mass deportation of illegal aliens from Mexico during the Great Depression.

6.) In 1928, Oscar De Priest was elected to Congress from Chicago. He was the sole African-American member of Congress during his three terms in office. When George Henry White gave his farewell address to Congress in 1901, he was the last African-American elected to Congress from the South until the 1970s after the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

7.) Rahm Emanuel is right that the S.S. St. Louis was turned away from American shores. We didn’t have a refugee program until the Carter administration.

8.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather lived in a Chicago that was covered by restrictive covenants that segregated housing. When Martin Luther King, Jr. attempted to integrate Chicago in 1966, he said “I’ve been in many demonstrations all across the south, but I can say that I have never seen – even in Mississippi and Alabama – mobs as hostile and as hate-filled as I’ve seen here in Chicago.”

9.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather came to a country where whiteness was necessary to become a naturalized American citizen. It remained that way until the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952. The vast majority of the world’s population was still excluded from immigrating here until the Immigration Act of 1965 opened our borders to Third World immigration.

10.) As for being a “land a liberty,” it is a myth that anyone who desired to do so could come here. The immigrants who came through Ellis Island were screened in ways that Rahm Emanuel would consider outrageous. Millions were turned away or returned to Europe. The total collapse of immigration enforcement on the Mexican border is also recent phenomenon.

11.) We did not accept “dreamers of every faith and nationality.” On the contrary, we excluded the vast majority of the world’s population. We even capped immigration from Eastern Europe.

12.) The term “racism” was only popularized in the 1940s during the Second World War. Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather lived in the America of Al Jolson and Amo ‘n’ Andy. The majority of White Americans believed in the racial inferiority of blacks until the early 1940s.

13.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather lived through an America in the 1920s where the Second Klan and Marcus Garvey’s UNITA were flourishing.

14.) “The true definition of America” in the lifetime of Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather was one that excluded more people like Rahm Emanuel and Sadiq Khan from immigrating here.

15.) Needless to say, “anti-discrimination” only became an American value after the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement. American immigration policy was discriminatory from 1790 until 1965. It is still discriminatory in the sense that desirable immigrants are penalized while undesirable ones are encouraged to settle here thanks to the family reunification provisions that have swollen our underclass.

Final thought: it is impossible to study the history of 20th century America without noticing the enormous cultural impact of Rahm Emanuel’s people. As they rose into the American elite, they changed America in all kinds of ways. We don’t have the same values that our ancestors did a century ago.

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  • Is he implying that his grandfather was an illegal immigrant, or was he legal? My parents were legal immigrants. They even had to have a sponsor to support them in order to enter this country. They had to go through all the procedures and declarations to become naturalized citizens. Our family of ten made it successfully on our own. We never asked for a penny from local, state or federal government. That’s what the American Dream was supposed to be. I welcome and support legal immigrants to this country.

  • Rahm Emmanuel’s father was a fucking terrorist.

    His father Benjamin Emmanuel specialized in bombing buses full of British soldiers in British controlled Palestine.

    His family ought to have never been let into the country.

  • All I can see are Rahm’s pointy little shoes, smoke curling above…what’s left of the poor fellow after running into the Hunter Wallace Blowtorch.

  • Another really good article, Hunter. It’s vital that we fight these nonsense ‘everyone could come’ and ‘nation of immigrants’ narratives.

  • Europe was at war in 1917 and Jews were overthrowing the Russian Empire so they could install a Jew lead government. Claims of any pogroms would have to be substantiated (which they never are), as they have been widely blown out of proportion, like the so called holocaust. There was a pogrom in Russia in 1917 when Jews murdered the Czar, his wife and their beautiful children. The Jews would murder tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians over the next few decades.

  • Steve Sailer has said that it’s time to stop being concerned about the conditions under which ancestors immigrated into the United States, and to start being concerned about what conditions will be for our descendants. There is, moreover, an unstated assumption here that the situation that now exists is the highest and best result of all possible results. The immigration policies that the U.S. started adopting in about the 1830s, and which were strenuously opposed by the Know Nothing Party, may have led to good results for the immigrants themselves. But I don’t think that the results are all that good from the perspective of the descendants of the people who were in the United States at the time that the immigration started.

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    • As I keep saying, Jews treat the United States as an overseas colony they can extract resources from at will to support Israel as their bugout country. Jews ultimately consider America a throwaway because their hearts live elsewhere.

      • Like I was telling my Dad if America no longer served Jew interests but China did, all of a sudden all the Jews would be immigrating to China, and be pro China and love China and America would be the great evil in the world. And by the by, there are Jews and from what i am told and older than you might imagine, there is a Jewish presence here in China, where I live, and particularly in financial centers like Shanghai but even in old financial centers, in the provinces like Luoyang.

        So yea, you are right. America can easily be thrown away in exchange for something better, for them anyway.

  • That piece of crap Emanuel whines that his grandfather came to the U.S. to escape anti-Semitism.

    As most readers here probably know, Jews have been booted out of most countries where they have lived. Are all those countries wrong or are the Jews, themselves, the real problem? You know the answer.

    • People compare Jews to Parsis in India as “middleman minorities.” But from what I’ve gathered, no one hates the Parsis, and they have a better reputation than Jews because they don’t abuse their host countries’ hospitality.

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