Hillary Clinton Emerges From The Woods To Bash Trump

Hillary Clinton came out of hiding in her posh home in Chappaqua, N.Y., to bash President Trump and his administration in a speech in San Francisco, according to the Associated Press.

Clinton drew attention to what she believes is a low representation of women in top administration positions calling it “the lowest in a generation.” Unfortunately, she failed to provide any context to previous administrations’ employment of women.

Turning personal, Clinton even claimed that the administration had used her sex against her. “I mean, it’s not like I didn’t know all the nasty things they were saying about me. I thought some of them were kind of creative,” she said. “But you just have to keep going.”

However, New York University produced a restaging of the presidential debates with a female actor delivering Trump’s lines and a male actor delivering Clinton’s. The resulting comments showed that audience members connected more to the female actor delivering Trump’s lines, apparently throwing cold water on claims that Clinton’s sex played against her.

Clinton’s speech comes as she tries to carve out a new place in the American political realm after her surprising defeat in November.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Nasty woman.

  • CharismatiCurmudgeon

    Good God, could this woman be considering running again in 2020? What other motivation would she have to humiliate herself in this way?

  • Alfa158

    I love the first photo with the gigolo and the two war criminals sitting behind her in rapt attention.
    I had been telling people since she lost the nomination to Obama in 2008 that she would never be President, but everyone thought she was the inevitable successor.
    I was wrong about one detail though; I thought that the Democratic Party was too smart to nominate her in 2016, but I underestimated the Party’s corruption. In my defense, underestimating their corruption is as easy as falling off a log.

    • CharismatiCurmudgeon

      Ugh! That entire photo is creepy as hell! A perfect encapsulation.

      • katebushfan66

        Low energy.

  • Adolphin ++

    I notice she ditched the Kim Jong-un style. Is this new hipster getup supposed to appeal to feminists?

    • katebushfan66

      Clinton appeals to zombies…

  • Newfoundlander

    Hopefully Trump will sicc a federal prosecutor on her now.

  • WR_the_realist

    Hillary Clinton and John McCain are like creatures in a horror movie. They keep popping up again every 4 to 6 years and never die.

  • Chris Shiherlis

    With all this hyperbolic rhetoric coming from the left, they are making the ascendancy of identity politics inevitable and less uncomfortable for white conservatives who are the fence about the alt-right…

    • Alex Harris

      Whites must become “racialized”. There is no other choice. However, we should proceed with caution. I think the globalists planned for this, or they certainly could have predicted it. They are running the same program they did with Wiemar Germany, and they are probably expecting the same result. They are expecting a Pavlovian “response” to the “stimulus” they are applying. Rather than going “Nazi”, we should be looking further into our past for a more stable and sustainable model. National Socialist Germany may have been “overkill”; too rigid and therefore brittle.

  • tic

    If layabout Chelsea is being groomed for a political career as many media report, then Hillary needs to go back into hiding. Not being a black muslim disabled M2F2M2F transsexual is already a handicap for poor Chels if she wants a career in the DNC these days; mommy out there giving speeches is not helping.

  • Nothing_Much


  • Diversity Heretic

    Her place in American politics should be as a defendant in corruption investigations and trials, and eventually as an inmate in a federal prison. Seeing Colin Powell with her is a reminder that even mulattos foolishly rewarded with high status in a Republican Administration will eventually side with the “gibsmedat” party.

  • harman1

    They all look like walking corpses?It is a curious though not unexpected gathering.The warmongers and the murderers dressed up as progressives.Yuck!

  • katebushfan66

    Old rotten irrelevant witch.

  • craicher

    Disgusting old witch but I think the jewess Albright has her beat in witch looks category.

  • katebushfan66

    Joan Veon called Bill Clinton “slick Willy” .. a slimey slippery pair of sidewinders that have conned a lot of people…

  • gokart-mozart

    “Hillary Clinton Emerges From The Woods”….Hansel and Gretel are still missing.

  • Dale Rhoades

    Apparently Betty Ford didn’t work for this lying bitch.

  • Vlad le Putin

    She must be getting desperate now that all the “donations” have dried up to her foundation