Fake News Is Real

Richard Spencer discusses what’s really going on with the “Fake News” meme: the disruption of television and the gate-keeper media and the fragmentation of American identity, resulting in extreme political polarization.

He also discusses Mike Cernovich’s recent appearance on *60 Minutes* and why the real Alt-Right should never be a movement defined by people like him.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Good think piece.

    Yeah, -ovich in general is a Serbian name ending, meaning “son of”. Cernovich claims he’s Jewish, maybe he is, maybe he isn’t? Jews take Slavish names just like they take German names. But, that’s not proof either way.

    You are right, in saying, don’t get involved in the cause of the day. That’s good advice. My old question still stands, ask any politician, of any type, what are they going to do for White people?

    • here’s a tip .. avoid politicians and ensure you employ, ardently, the workaround … that means actively creating an alternative to their narrative … never engage .. if you do engage keep it light .. trust me … as I told others .. running for public office involves submitting to workshopping and propaganda.. there is no way to remain focussed on the public once they have their claws in you … the work around is the opt out or rather the thrust of what Bucky Fuller talked about … creating a new reality .. I think Jack Donovan was touching on this in his NPI talk a few years ago .. alternative forms of networking outside politics ..

      • Big mistake. At every opportunity, directly or indirectly you should ask a politician, great or small, in public or in private, what are they doing for White people. In my case, I ask them what are you doing for White Protestants, the people who founded this country.

        • Folks should do both, really!
          Advocate for our people to politicians & do all we can to make them hear us; but also, form alternative networks of people—e.g. the “tribes” or “gangs” Donovan has talked about—who will support & look out for one another if or when politicians/police/etc don’t.

  • Why is Richard defending a disgusting predatory company like Uber? A little too SWPLy Richard.

    • Cos he uses Uber… I think Uber is preferable to these freakshow carshare schemes the commies are promoting in the nannystate..

      • Here’s my problem with Uber, it is a straight up pirate operation meant to skirt civil and state laws. Uber is also run by Jews like Travis Kalanick. The point of Uber is to enrich the executives at the top. How many taxi companies had shiny headquarters before Uber?!?!

        Look at what Uber used to undermine code enforcement in Portland, OR. They made a fake app to fool Oregon government officials! Typical Semitic tricks…

        Taxi drivers absolutely should be regulated and licensed by the government just like many skilled job sectors like Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, etc.

        Uber won’t exist for much longer anyways because self driving cars will be the demesne of much larger companies like GM and Google.

        • Taxis have been taken over by the communists and are now only driven by third-world immigrants. By destroying the taxi industry, Uber takes away the economic need for these immigrants. They can’t drive for Uber because the strict ratings system weeds them out. Eventually Uber will replace the remaining drivers with self-driving cars.

          • I’m betting Uber will go under or will get bought out soon by a car or tech giant. Word is that Uber’s venture capital funding is drying up. Self driving cars will be made by legacy tech and auto behemoths, Uber doesn’t have the war chest to win the self driving car battle.

            Uber also hires third world immigrants. Witness this:

    • I don’t think he’s actually “defending” it; it’s just a good example of how technological innovations have in some cases made obsolescent the things/concepts/etc that once were hegemonic & seemed likely to always be thus.

  • Frankly, the Democrats were right about “fake news.” Look at the numbers – if you want to get hits on Facebook, your best bet is spreading ridiculous “anti-liberal” outrage to low-information middle age conservative Republicans. There are some guys in Eastern Europe who have set up numerous “fake news” blogs that troll stupid conservatives for ad money – and Trump fans are often the dimmest.

    Just two I’ve seen on my Faceberg recently from conservatives who believed all of it without question:

    1. Trump ordered the arrest of most Hollywood celebrities after he had the FBI raid Oscar after-parties and found every drug known to mankind. It quoted “a propagandist for the Trump administration” saying that Trump had been to these parties in previous years and was scandalized by the drugs and anti-American sentiment so resolved to “clean up Hollywood.”

    2. The Obama daughters are neither Obama’s nor Michelle’s; they were kidnapped, brainwashed, and given fake birth certificates to make the Obamas seem like a “normal family.”

    Face it, conservatives are stupid and do not think rationally, they are extremely emotional and it’s all about “the feels.” If they disagree with someone’s politics, it is because those people are morally bad. If they like a politician – like Trump – he must be a paragon of virtue. They will believe absolutely anything, no matter how dumb, if it fits into their “good conservatives vs. evil liberals” narrative. Apparently, they have no mental capacity to judge “news” by its content and they are extremely susceptible to flattery. The GOP knows this which is how they have suckered these voters for many decades.

    The “Alt Right” would frankly be better served by appealing to White liberals. After all, the Republicans have one thing completely correct: liberals ARE the real racists.

    • Did you watch 60 Minutes? College educated liberals are the biggest consumers of “fake news”. The overtime segment admits as much.

          • No, why would it? College educated liberals tend to believe some ridiculous ideas like “if we pay Nice White Ladies enough money to teach Black ghetto children lots of them might become doctors.”

            That is a ridiculous idea, but it’s in a different class than “Barack Hussein Obama kidnapped two African girls and brainwashed them into thinking he is their father” or “most famous Hollywood celebrities are now in jail because Trump’s FBI arrested them for drug possession.”

          • This kind of dialogue is counterproductive at present. If we’re a movement based on identity, we’ve trancended the false Left-Right paradigm. What’s the purpose of bashing Conservatives?

          • The Alt Right bashes conservatives constantly, which is a good thing. My suggestion is that the Alt Right needs to stop calling anti-whites “liberals” – which they are generally not – and instead bring white liberals into the fold. Liberals are the Real Racists – that is one thing the conservative have correct.

          • You’re conflating two different things. I would attack the Conservative Movement all day long. I think it’s a mistake to make blanket statements about people with conservative sensibilities. Don’t we need them?

          • In every Western country other than the USA, “liberal” means “center right.” Yet too many on the Alt Right continue to use the word “liberal” to mean “anti-white” or to call the average Black Democrat a “liberal” (which most Black Democrats are not really, they tend to be socially conservative.)

            Rush Limbaugh calls his listeners “conservative” but I hardly see what is right wing about being duped into supporting a war against Persia because the Jew lobby tells you that Barack Hussein Obama is a Secret Muslim giving Mullahs the Bomb.


            Stupid white people are still “our people” but we should be leading them and educating them, not allowing them to be duped by “fake news” or flattering their egos by pretending their naivete is some sort of moral virtue.

          • Whites who support the policies of open borders and minority glorification are generally, although not exclusively, Democrats(self described Liberals, Progressives, and Socialists). They are certainly part of the problem. In fact, they created the problem in the first place. We have to use some terminology to describe the Left, beyond being merely anti-White. Basically, you just want to play semantic games.

          • The most fanatical open borders people are White libertarians and “economic conservatives” like the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

            “We have to use some terminology to describe the Left, beyond being merely anti-White.”


            “Basically, you just want to play semantic games.”

            Isn’t that exactly what you are doing?

          • Liberalism was virtually synonymous with “racist” until the 1960s – and it will be again. Thankfully, most conservative Republicans are helping us rectify the names by constantly reminding us that, yes, “Liberals are the Real Racists.”

          • I don’t know of any self-described Liberals who would support a White ethnostate, immigration restriction, or repatriation. When that changes, I’ll call myself a Liberal, or anything other term you want to use. Honestly, Identitarian is probably the most accurate.

          • If you describe yourself as a Liberal, you’ve adopted the fundamental principles of the Enlightenment and egalitarianism. This is were our problems largely began. You can’t build a solid house on that failed foundation. What’s the point of trying to define ourselves by these terms anyway? It just seems like a waste if time.

          • You aren’t going to change American political terminology. Liberal means left wing in America, unlike in Europe where self avowed liberal parties like the German Free Democrats are parties for Professional centre right yuppies like Architects and Doctors.

          • “You aren’t going to change American political terminology.”

            “Trump will never win.”

            “The Alt Right will never catch on.”

            Oh ye of little faith.

          • Who cares about imprecise political terminology that the left is known as? Liberal is largely viewed as negative in America, its why leftists refer to themselves as Progressives.

          • The term remains the same but what the left represents has changed. The left used to be quite pro-white, and favored labor unions (white), ‘New Deal’ type programs (which dis-proportionally benefit whites), and protectionist trade policies. Now they are explicitly anti-white and have abandoned their old populist ideas, yet we still call them liberals.

          • We call them leftists, marxists, commies and faggots.

            We call the conservatives…

            Cuckservatives, cucks, faggots and losers.

            When they DR3 we call them liberals or classical liberal useful idiots.

          • You aren’t going to change American terminology? You sure about that?

            Calling myself a Nationalist a decade ago would have been tantamount to calling myself a Nazi or at the very least would have suggested that my views were entirely “extremist” in nature. Both the Left and Right “elites” were so enthralled with Globalism and pushing it down our throats, in their own ways and for their own personal agendas, that they forgot about the entire middle class. Accepting Third-World immigration, outsourcing and cultural suicide became part and parcel of being an obedient servant to the Democrat and Republican party. If you were a Nationalist, then you were definitely a pariah on the political landscape.

            That just isn’t the case today. Aside from the sporadic cackling of Cucks, the entire right side of the political spectrum has embraced the label and basic concepts of Nationalism. So much so, in fact, that we now have various groups and people on the Right debating on whose Nationalism is the more viable option. The proponents of Civic Nationalism are constantly trying to denounce Racialists and use the notion of battling “racism” as a selling point, because they know what they’re really pushing for is just a light version of Multiculturalism/Multiracialism with a Nationalism label. But the fact that they are now desperately trying to label themselves with a label many of us have used for decades is a stunning political chess move for pro-Whites of all stripes. It’s not mate yet, but it’s certainly a check.

            Even sects of the traditional Left don’t see “Nationalists/Nationalism” as much of a threat as they did the rigid doctrines and dogmas of the Religious Right years ago. Nationalist has become a much more fluid label. It can go where Conservative never allowed you to go. With that fluidity we’ve not only built a bridge, but we’ve managed to create a usable contrast where it’s a little easier to see those who are with you(or could be persuaded to work with you at some point) and those who are absolutely against you and more than likely will always be against a racialist nation. The Right-Left schism was really just a trap to keep you playing along and believing you could change something that neither the Right or Left string-pullers wanted to change. We just stepped right over the trap.

            Believe me when I tell you that we’ll push for the semantical transmutation of Racialist(Race-ist) just like we did for the label of Nationalist.

          • The only reason nationalist has been rehabilitated as a term is due to Trump, at least in America.

            The toxicity of the term liberal is the left’s problem. Why would we want to rehabilitate a term that hurts our enemies?

            But yes, we should try to convert liberals. I suspect many on the Alt Right are like myself, former liberals who were briefly Libertarians around 2008 or so.

          • Why do you think Trump was able to easily stand out among the crowded field of Republicans? Trump was simply Supplying the Demand for Nationalist rhetoric. Without using Nationalist talking points that the pro-White world has used for decades, Trump probably wouldn’t have made it past the “laughing stock” stage as a candidate.

            I’m not sure what part of the planet you live, but many Republicans and Conservatives have been just as much my enemy and an enemy to the pro-White world as any Liberal…… or liberal.

          • If liberals are your enemies just like conservatives, then why the hell would you want to rehabilitate the term liberal? We don’t Identify ourselves as conservative, and we shouldn’t engage in some attempt to reclaim liberalism.

          • Great post, it’s very exciting to see things re-aligning around nationalist / globalist instead of the old left / right paradigm. The left / right paradigm is very useful in splitting the white vote along class lines, but now we see a broad range of economic beliefs uniting under nationalism.

          • Spot on – a great way to redpill a liberal is to explain how non-white immigration makes their social welfare programs impossible and guaranteed to fail. I had a super liberal coworker say to me “we could have a great society if it wasn’t for the bottom tier messing it up” at lunch the other day… now I just need to prod him into seeing who that tier is.

    • This is why ‘democracy’ must end. It only leads to an infinite escalation of ways to manipulate normies. The end result is dystopia.

    • Actually. In the mind of the retarded cuckservative…

      Their is no higher virtue than to take up arms against…

      The Fascist Right!!! Ah!!!!!!!

    • Wow, nothing scares me more than Nazis having sophisticated discussions or making arguments I actually agree with. The average Trumpster is easier to deal with.

    • If we can red-pill your avg liberal with as zealous as they get about things…….that’s how we win

  • The Alt-lite are the Mensheviks and useful idiots of the Right. As such, we should ruthlessly exploit them, and discard them later.

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