Amsterdam: An Outspoken Cook

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Muzeli 2
You can’t predict who is a leftist. And because leftist ‘care’ about ideas and aren’t national and therefore aren’t interested in people, then they are able to batter you with a clear conscious. They don’ see you as a person but as an idea. A leftist Chinese woman I briefly knew, was angry and determined she wasn’t going to let the Americans do to China what they did to Russia. That is it got broken up and fragmented. She was clearer than most Brits on how destructive American foreign policy is/was. Interesting that your red light district video, discuss cities… Read more »

Sein Feining Nationalism should all be hung. The men who fought for Ireland would be ashamed of them. Same with the SNP. Memo to those retards, you are not a nationalist if you don’t believe in the people who make up your nation. The people are the nation you perverted f..ks.


90% of lefties dont really care about politics. They are just brainwashed by the mainstream and scared of self thinking and looking at right wing ideas objektive. They know that right wing policies have reason and logic on their side.

That is the main reason they will never admire woes on a personal level. Their world vew is to cheap builded.


Irish nationalists are in the main leftists.

One Man's Chorus

Woes for the win.


Great video.