Adam & Mary – Pro-White Christianity & How Church Has Become Anti-White

Adam and Mary are the hosts of Good Morning White America, a podcast that tackles lifestyle issues and news events from a pro-White, Christian perspective.

After a few introductions, Adam and Mary take turns telling us about their ideological journeys, including how they came to reconcile their pro-White views with Christianity. We then discuss how many contemporary Christians use certain Biblical teachings to justify open borders and mass multiculturalism – policies that would have been unthinkable throughout most of Christian history. Switching gears, we discuss the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, and how many Christians still view Jews as God’s chosen people. Our show also covers parenting, interreligious conflict in the Alt-Right, building community for pro-White Christians, and much more.

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  • Adele Moran

    Yeah, yeah. I didn’t listen. Just read the description. Look, first of all, this country is NOT judeo at all. Yeah, sure, we Christians acknowledge the ten commandments,but, what the hell, most of it also existed in Anglo Saxon development of law. I am so tired of jews being credited with shit they never did.Why aren’t they credited with shit they actually did do? You know, things like communism, hedonism, baal, pedophilia,pornography.

  • craicher

    Christians unless they are clerics should not be studying the Bible. We need the White Christian West (Eastern Europe included) to reclaim its Christian heritage, put the Church in its place as the Spiritual function of society where they take care of death, marriage, grieving, and other things to do with the soul and spirituality. They must be BANNED from ever speaking out on matter of state and nation and politics and government.

    Give unto Caesar what is Caesars.

    Most White Christians (all Whites are Christian by Tradition otherwise they are not White they are Jews and Muslims. Even the Whites who want to be Pagans are Christian by Tradition and the atheist Whites too) are by nature and instinct already pro-White they are just told to suppress their nature by a twisted modern church.

    Whites can go back to being normal people. They can go to church to morn the dead, welcome a newborn, honor their ancestors and so on and take care of their worldly needs through their nation, race and tribe.

    But at least these two are trying.

  • craicher

    It takes all kinds and I commend these two but still the Church should be but one aspect of our lives. Not everything, all the time.

  • I understand why many whites want to turn against Christianity, the churches have been totally compromised by liberalism, but Christianity is really the only realistic way forward religiously. Like another commenter said, all whites are historically Christian.