A Nazi In The White House? #GorkaMustGo, Why The Media Hates Gorka

Henrik breaks down what’s behind the vilification of Sebastian Gorka, the Deputy Assistant to President Trump.

The hashtag #GorkaMustGo was trending just a few days ago and was pushed by the media in an effort to try to oust a man who is cutthroat when dealing with the media. Gorka, in fact when appearing on BBC called them fake news. The liberal and the media don’t like Gorka and they want him out. Now they are trying to prove that a medal from the Order of Vitéz, is proof that Gorka is a Nazi. This is nonsense.

This is an excerpt from episode 31 of Weekend Warrior, a live show exclusively for Red Ice Members.

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  • The J-Media has an Agenda and thus “Fake News”. They do not like Alt Right and Trump. They lost Zion Clinton and Trump is our Brexit. This is war.

  • I like Gorka. Hopefully we’ll be seeing chants of “We like Gorka” at future pro-Trump rallies.

  • The vitez order was established because there was no king in Hungary after 1918. Therefore no one had the right to give title to nobility. At that time Hungary was run by a low level nobility (Horthy) who was a war hero. He didn’t let the former king to return (even though it was a kingdom). So established the vitez order that he could organise. And yes, at that time Hungary was totally fascist (communists came after ww2) and this order was part of it.
    It was reestablished by some idiots crying for the good old times when they could have freely killed jews and communists or anybody who opposed their view.

    • That’s not true. Just as the Jewish communists created and controlled the USSR, the Jews tried to take control of Hungary. Their leader was Bela Kun. In Germany Jews were the leaders of the communists too and they probably caused Germany to lose WW I, with riots and protests being organized by people like Rosa Luxemburg during the war. All over Europe Jews (communists) were causing chaos and in Hungary the Jew Bela Kun created the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919 until the Hungarians kicked him out.

      Not forever though. The Hungarian Jewish communists went to the USSR before WW II broke out. The USSR was completely dominated by murderous Jews that carried out the Holodomor and other atrocities across the USSR. But after the war the Jewish murderers returned to Hungary and were put in charge of the country. The same thing happened across eastern Europe. Jewish communist thugs held top positions in most of the Warsaw Pact Countries. In 1956 the Hungarian people revolted against their Jewish torturers until the USSR sent in tanks. The 1956 Hungarian revolution began as a revolt against the brutal Jews that ran the country.

      The Hungarian Revolution- David Irving

      Russian President Putin – Jews founded and dominated the communist USSR

      Ukrainian Government says Jewish Communists murdered millions of Ukrainians in the 1930’s

      • Before we continue, until 1918 there was no such thing as democracy in Hungary. King and nobilities (only males) had all the power and the rest were living like slaves. Even rich factory, bank owners were not allowed as long as they didn’t buy their nobility. So 5% of society in power 95% slaves (women 50% included).
        After the lost war the Hungarians were aware that the country faces severe circumstances for starting the big war. No one wanted to take the responsibility what may come. On 20.03.1919 the French gave their demand (Vix note) to take 2/3rd of the country away and Romanian and other winner states will take over those territories, together with paying such a ransom that will take the future away for the upcoming 40 years. You can imagine how everybody was paralysed. And as Ms. May in Brexit, Bela Kun took his chance.
        Bela Kun took power from 21.03.1919 to 01.08.1919 – 4 and a bit month. Although he was jew, he was more a communist. And introduced a communist system with good and bad depending on which side you were. If you had been a nobility you were doomed. If you had been a factory worker and female you got voting rights, 8 hours working real wage, land, etc. Fortunately/unfortunately my family was on the wrong side.
        They started actively fighting against the conditions set out in Vix note with quite some success. But finally in June they accepted the French proposal and that was the trigger to fail. The fighting soldiers felt betrayed and simply fled, and the Antant asked Hungary to elect a real government if not there would be no food and water supply to the ruined country. This was too much to take even for the communists and on the 1st of August (after 4 month) they resigned.
        This is the real story. I don’t know how you can get from here to the US communists….
        And talking about jews, during this period nobody cared about jews or else. In the Austrian-Hungarian Empire the jews, just as well as all other nationality, has been forged into one nation. Everybody became so similar that the German and later Hungarian nazis needed to make laws against them and put the yellow star even in newborns (otherwise you cannot tell).
        I don’t know if you know but this assimilation has started in the mid 1700’s. Before jews were not allowed to live in cities and couldn’t work as craftsman. If they too German names they were allowed to settle in big cities. This is why Rotschild is German living in a city. This is the reason that they overrepresented as bankers, doctors, etc. real work that I want my sons to do as well (for some reason frying fries in McDonald’s is not our dream job). And more interestingly, there were 2 times when Auschwitz went on full power, first when the Germans blew away the Polish and German jews and secondly when the Hungarians sent their own 780 000 jews to the underworld. This is what Dieter Wisliceny [SS-Hauptsturmführer, a close associate of Eichmann] told about it:
        In some cases, even my people were shocked by the Hungarian police inhumanity.

        • The Jews never really integrated anywhere in their entire history and they still don’t That is how they became 80 to 85% of the Soviet regime and how they dominated the Hungarian government after WW II. Same in Germany where they were a powerful force and had a negative affect on Germany’s war effort. Jews also played a key role in getting the US to declare war on Germany in 1917, a country that had done nothing to the US. Twenty three years later it attacked Germany again, attacking German submarines and shipping and sending arms to its enemies, forcing Germany to declare war on them. Zionism was started in Austria and Zionists promised they could pull the US into WW I on Britain’s side if Britain would make efforts to create a Jewish state and in 1917, in the middle of WW I Great Britain announced the Balfour Declaration to the world, in favor of a Jewish state in Palestine. The Jews aspire to positions of power, they work together to push each other forward and they work to advance themselves, often to the great disadvantage of others.

          You sound like a Jew yourself when you say Hungary started WW I and you have a negative opinion of Hungary’s history in general. You don’t sound Hungarian at all. A Serbian terrorist murdered the heir to the Austrian King’s throne and his wife and that was the spark that started WW I.

          Germany, Austria and Hungary are all great countries and peoples. If you are a Hungarian, you should be more proud of your people and not put down their history, and notably coming to the defense of Jews. I’m proud of mine.

          • I am Hungarian and I am not jew (although I know one in my family tree that I can go back to 1415. I know every single one of my ancestors – up to that particular person. How do you know how many jews infected your family? How could you be 100% sure that you are not holding 1 single gene in your genome? According to the German exlaw if up to 4 generations you had jews in your family anywhere you were jew and as such disposable. Do you know the parents of your great-great grandparents?
            I tell you a story about hatred. I had a nice Serbian customer, father and son. Nice people, very proud to fight against (I mean actually fighting with weapons and battlefield, etc. that you and I will never know – hopefully) the Croats and killed many of them. And I asked about the family when we were trashed one day, and they told me that the wife and mother of the son is from Croatia. She is Croat. And they visit every year the relatives in Croatia although they truly hate the Croats but the Croat relatives are really nice people. What?????? And the war was just recently, in 1995.
            Again, just a minor mistake, the killed guy was the son of the Austrian-Hungarian Emperor (because Hungary was Kingdom and Austria was Empire – Austrian King doesn’t work). It was the casus belli. But the war started because Austria-Hungary declared and started a physical war against Serbia. Serbia had the agreement with France and UK (antant) and as soon as it was attacked France and UK declared war against Austria, then came the Germans ( at that time the given word and written contract meant something). And the funny thing is that everybody was so happy about the war that there were demonstrations for the war. And 20 million died.
            Italy could hardly made up its mind but when the French promised Milano and the northern territory to the Italians (Südtirol) they immediately started the fight.
            I had a relative who died 12 years ago at the age of 106. He fought the I as a captain and started the II as a retired general. My grandfather also fought against the Russians and his brother died in 1943. I hate Russians just as much as you do Jews.

          • No one was disposable.

            WW I started because a terrorist murdered the next king of Austria and his wife. It could have been limited to Austria and Serbia, but Russia declared war on Austria. Germany was Austria’s ally and they sided with Austria. It certainly wasn’t the business of France or England, or the USA from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. France wanted Alsace-Lorraine back and England was jealous of Germany’s great advances so they both declared war on Germany..

            I didn’t say I hate Jews. I cited facts and backed them up. You hate Russians although it was the Jews who had the power in the USSR and the Jews were the torturerers of Hungarians after 1945.

            Today when Israel launches an attack and murders 2,000 Palestinians no one bats an eye. The whole world doesn’t get involved and England and France entered the war for reasons that had nothing to do with Serbia. Did Germany (or anyone else) launch an attack on England when they killed a few hundred Indians in their colony or France had a war in Algeria?

  • Personally, I consider anyone being accused of being a Nazi, an accolade they should relish. By the way, I think any attempts on President Trump’s life should be countered.An eye for an eye. Just quoting the Torah. You know….

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