Cascadia – AltRight Territory In The Pacific Northwest

Cascadia is an Alt-Right organization that promotes White ethnic consciousness in the Pacific Northwest.

Cascadia members Cato IX, Jeffrey Fairwater, Herrenvolk, and Paige join us for an informative talk on their efforts to build an Alt-Right community in the Pacific Northwest. After going over Cascadia’s mission statement, we learn about the organization’s vetting process, which is designed to weed out undesirable applicants. Next, we discuss how Cascadia’s leadership came to be red-pilled. Jeffrey Fairwater then tells us about Cascadia’s demographics, which, outside of the major cities, are almost entirely White. The show also covers much more, including antifa’s presence in the Northwest, traditionalism, and Cascadia’s efforts to welcome Alt-Right women.

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I’m curious about how we’re going to unify the Pacific NW, I tend to lean towards the NorthWest Front which seems to be the most viable for a temporary means of increasing white birthrates.

Joseph Curwen

One question, why is this people not joining the Northwest Front?

Hipster Racist

Probably because Harold Covington is a nutjob and no sane person wants to be associated with him. These folks seem reasonable, good for them.

Marquis the Renegade

Um Hello?>

Joseph Curwen

According to you, why is Covington a nutjob?

Garon J Archer

Nice. Similar things going on in Appalachia,