Paris Builds A Wall Around The Eiffel Tower

Normally, I would applaud the building of walls; however, recent news from Paris only confirms the dystopian world that we’re all living in.

From Politico:

The Council of Paris unanimously agreed Monday to a proposal to erect a bulletproof wall around the Eiffel Tower in response to the terror threat in France, Le Monde reported.

Parisian authorities will put up bulletproof glass on two sides of the tower area, while the two other sides, which serve as entrance and exit points, will be enclosed by metal grids “reproducing the profile of the Eiffel Tower.”

Can you imagine?

Instead of confronting the rising crime in our once great cities, Paris has decided to double down on a bulletproof wall, which in practice will only act as another source of anarcho-tyranny to natives. This is part of a greater trend throughout the West which aims to provide preventative actions (think the TSA) and “enhanced” security instead of attacking problems at their root. This is because to ask the question of why the Eiffel tower needs a bullet proof wall is to reveal the contradictions at the heart of the decaying hegemony of liberal discourse in our societies.

Instead, we are told that terror attacks are just part of living in a major city, our “way of life” so to speak.

We bind ourselves up in a hell and call it heaven because we refuse to imagine any other way of living. Even when it was not so long ago that the idea of a 20 million Euro “bulletproof” wall around the Eiffel tower would be absurd. There is another way.

We on the Alt-Right imagine a different world from that of the deputy mayor of Paris. We imagine a world where you can roam in our once great cities, stroll along its boulevards, and sit in its cafes without worry — a world where France is France, and there will always be an England.

In sum, we imagine a world where we have homes.

With this latest move, the city of light is embracing the cloud of darkness that threatens to engulf all of our countries. As Donald Trump said, “Paris isn’t Paris anymore.” With this latest news, the truth of this statement couldn’t be any clearer.



  • You let a bunch of subhuman scum into your continent, you must build internal walls instead of external walls to protect yourself.

  • People in America seemed to have accepted the security-state without much reservation. Look at how often pundits, politicians, etc. talk about “keeping America safe”, not “keeping America free”, or “keeping America american”, or “keeping America white”. But – safe. It’s a message designed to appeal to women, and a pussified country.

  • France should have build a wall around their borders, decades ago, rather than around the Eiffel Tower.

    • I agree, but you have to consider french capability to build walls or borders, remeber ligne Maginot?! 🙂 🙂

  • As absurd as moves like this are, they do play a useful role in showing people the price of ‘diversity’.

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