I will say this about diversity.

It’s not boring. It was Muslims rioting who had Paris in flames in February. It is the Chinese in March. I’m not even joking when I say they were rioting in front of a McDonald’s last night. Who do you think will start a riot in Paris in April?

Note: This is the kind of scene that Jeffrey Tucker and FEE.org wants to bring to Iceland.

  • From Ohio

    Gotta love those tepid, low-crime Chinese, eh goys?

  • The future of AmRen?

  • Repeat after me:

    Diversity is our strength! is our strength! strength…

    I once thought that Asians could be tolerated in very small numbers in white countries, surely better than Africans, Arabs or Pakistani, but now I detract even that.

  • marijan

    Proof that Asians are better than blacks and browns but still not us. This will hurt some of you waifu loving dorks

    • CharismatiCurmudgeon

      Right. I know a lot of whites who basically view Asians as slanty-eyed Whites with moderately higher IQ’s. Don’t even kid yourself.

  • Ike35

    We have to start pitting these groups against each other.

    • Seriously there are so many opportunities for such a strategy.

      • Kate Hikes

        I completely agree with this. There are countless opportunities to turn groups who waste no love on each other into enemies: Chinese, etc. against Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs against Muslims, Caribbean Blacks against African Blacks, Blacks in general against Hispanics (in an American context) or against all manner of recent immigrants.

        It’s unfortunate that the situation has deteriorated to the extent that such measures are necessary, but we must play the hand we’ve been dealt.

        • Spinteresting

          The spastic unicorns are doing a pretty good job devouring each other already and are becoming increasingly ridiculous each time some form of enrichment has a “sexual emergency” which ends up in the orifice of a native.

          Even meat-head Joe Rogan noticed:

  • SLCain

    Paris should get some Koreans. Those dudes know how to riot. Rioting is their national sport.

    • Para State

      some roof koreans?

      • SLCain

        Better than ADT.

    • Spinteresting

      It’s Tae-Kwon-Do, actually. And Starcraft 2 for the less physical ones.

  • Para State

    I bet this is a sign not for the French Authorities, or whats left of them, but for the dark skinned communities to show them “Hey we burn shit too, better don’t come around our house”.

  • Cobbett

    I’d still prefer to live among Orientals than blacks or Arabs…at least they’re sticking up for one of their own.

  • Kate Hikes

    Hopefully the FN can turn this kind of chaos to its advantage. These events are scarcely being reported in the English speaking media, but they are, for obvious reasons, getting plenty of coverage in the French media, albeit with the usual excuses and rationalizations.

  • S. Bee

    Riots and Paris go together like croissant and demi-tasse cafe! The problem being that since the Bourbons were deposed by the banking families of Frankfurt it has become a center for Left wing movements that now seem to think that they can set up urban areas as death camps for white French citizens while they life the high life of Provence!

  • Mailinated

    Interestingly, the protest seems to have been organized by the Chink consulate. Curious huh? Even when born abroad, they act as muscle for their home government…

  • Vlad le Putin

    Every single one of those rioters needs to be deported from France by the military and returned to their country of origin. Their not French. They will never be French.