El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure Arrested For Murdering Social Justice Activist Corrina Mehiel

We have an explosive development in the murder of social justice activist Corrina Mehiel. is reporting that El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure has been arrested and charged with first degree murder. What’s more, there is a strong possibility that he is either a homeless African refugee, immigrant or illegal alien who has been sheltered by the District of Columbia:

“This is a breaking story. More details will be added shortly.

El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, 28, has been charged with first-degree murder for tying up Corrina Mehiel and stabbing her to death.

Toure was arrested on Monday, in a different jurisdiction, and held on an outstanding Tennessee warrant. Tips from the public helped to track him down. This morning he was transferred to the custody of the Washington DC police and charged with murder. Mehiel’s stolen car had already been recovered by DC police. …”

Read the whole thing.

This is stunning. DC’s Police Chief Peter Newsham and Mayor Muriel Bowser were asked point blank about his immigration status. They refused to answer and reiterated DC’s longstanding policy of refusing to cooperate with federal government in enforcing immigration laws.


  • From Ohio

    This is what’s happening to the West on a smaller scale. Inviting nogs, peasants, and Muslims into our countries only for them to turn around and screw us.

    • Alex Harris

      What happens microcosmically also happens macrocosmically. Self-similarity across scales.

  • At least she died doing something she loved.

  • Help a third-worlder, die from him, this people barely qualify as human why so many whites, not minding brainwash, do get maniacal about helping the “more beautiful humans” is beyond me.

  • marijan

    Nothing of value was lost. No innocents were hurt.

    • Alex Harris

      A White woman of child-bearing age was lost. Adjust your attitude. We are in a deadly serious numbers game here (with a time-limit as well). The proper punishment for race-traitor females, if they are reproductively viable, is for them to be forced to bear White children. Reeducation/rehabilitation would be on a case by case basis.

      Every time something like this happens, White men should be looking at themselves, and taking the responsibility for this FAILURE upon their own shoulders. It is OUR responsibility to control our women.

      • Spinteresting

        The idea of forced reproduction is communicated thoroughly in The War Room podcast, where, how they put it, “THOTs” have to be “raped” “to put an alpha baby” in them. In one of the more recent episodes, they mentioned that it’s basically a means to normalise patriarchy. It’s also complimentary to the normalisation of anti-Semitism in The Daily Shoah podcast, as the hosts of both shows pointed out, if I remember correctly.

        The whole “alpha” affair doesn’t seem to be that immune from criticism, as I picked up somewhere that the scientist who coind the term and who studied the social order of wolves stated in hindsight that the hierarchy is by no means fixed and changes constantly, that he was wrong at first.
        Try telling that to bro-science-level lifter types and see what happens…

      • StartTheFire

        Sounds like the only one that was pure enough for your dad to breed with was his sister.

        • Alex Harris

          Very intelligent comment. I’ve had every ad hominem in the book thrown at me, so don’t expect to get a rise. Apparently you’ve stumbled into the wrong section of the internet. Run along now, back to your “safe space”.

          • StartTheFire

            My safe space? You mean a place where everyone agrees with my opinions and tries to force out everyone who doesn’t?

            The irony is strong here.

            If you failed to pick up on the social commentary in my jab, I’ll spell it out for you: Genetic diversity is a good thing. When you look at dogs, “mongrels” are typically healthier dogs because breeding for certain characteristics (i.e. white Aryan features) also inadvertently breeds in medical issues, including mental retardation.

            But no, go ahead and inbreed the white race until your family tree looks like a pretzel, accomplishing race purity at the cost of pretty much everything else.

          • Alex Harris

            You have a point there. Before the 1965 Hart-Celler immigration act, which changed the inflow of immigrants from exclusively White, to almost exclusively non-White, America was a cesspool of drooling, inbred retards. About 180 million of them, to be precise. I mean, how can you avoid inbreeding with a population of only 180 million? And the fact that such an inbred nation managed to harness electricity, invent the light bulb, the television, the airplane, the skyscraper, and be the first to the moon is one of the great mysteries of world history. Right up there with “is the chupacabra real?”

            And I’m not at all attempting to force you out because you “didn’t agree with my opinion”. You didn’t even express an argument. You simply dove right into the puerile insults. People who share my views are typically happy to debate these issues, because we have all the truth, facts, science, common sense, and the weight of all of human history on our side.

            So, while I genuinely appreciate your *totally sincere* concern for the health of my gene pool, I’ll take the risk of mating with my 20th cousin twice-removed. Did you have a more persuasive argument as to why my race should miscegenate itself out of existence, or are you just here to waste my time?

          • StartTheFire

            Do we count the Irish as being white? Because that wasn’t always the case. Which would make the first guy to walk on the moon a filthy mongrel too. There is a significant enough amount of genetic diversity among white people for now, although you’re likely to find that their bloodlines aren’t exactly homogeneous. Is Poland white? Is Russia? How far east do you have to go for it to not count anymore?

            What’s the end goal anyway? Is it strictly the colour of the skin or is it something deeper than that? If you take the whitest white people that ever lived and stick them in Africa for [insert relevant scope] generations until their bodies adjust the way their skin responds to sunshine, are they still white if they haven’t mingled with the natives? Are they then STILL white when they go back to Europe and look 5 shades darker than their ancestors?

            And as for drooling retards, Muslims have actually been pretty good at staying within their races for the majority of their history. Korea too. What a productive and totally not inbred way of life they have. We should take lessons.

          • Alex Harris

            Ah, the old non-White Irish canard. “At one time Irish were considered non-White, therefore if you now accept Irish as White, Africans, Asians, and Arabs should be just as acceptable.” It’s a bit like saying, “since you enjoy a shot of whiskey from time to time, you should have no problem drinking this glass of anti-freeze”.

            Anyway, can you point me to a historical document that classified the Irish as non-White? I’d be curious to see that. Though the Irish are indigenous Europeans, I can see how an Englishman, Frenchman, or German might have at one time considered them “outsiders”. The Irish have their own unique folk culture, but to my knowledge, they haven’t achieved the level of high culture that the major European powers did.

            Race is way more than just “skin color”. Differing physical characteristics, physiological, behavioral, even spiritual, if you believe in that sort of thing. If you think race is just the “triviality” of skin color, and there is no other difference between races, then I shouldn’t be able to identify an albino African in a crowd of Europeans, right? I shouldn’t be able to differentiate between an audio recording of an African American and a European American, right?

            I wonder how many generations Whites would have to live in Africa, or Australia, or Florida, or South America for sun exposure to turn them “5 shades darker”. We’ve been in some of those locations for 400 years (roughly 20 generations) with no signs of any permanent darkening. Sure, individuals tan, but their offspring come out White as the driven snow. Do we need 10,000 years of tropical living for the change to occur? Maybe. Even if some hypothetical darkening from sun exposure occurred over millennia, I’m sure things like bone structure, language/culture, etc. would be still markedly European.

            What’s the end goal of your race-denialism?

          • StartTheFire

            Language and culture would be the first to go. If you compare anywhere in Europe to somewhere like Texas, the difference in both those things is pretty noticeable. Spirituality is part of culture as far as I’m concerned.

            Physical characteristics over millennia of isolated breeding are also going to make people look different. The French for example often have very large noses. Some (Nordic?) people are much taller than others. Even among white people there are some mutations that might cause a group that has split off to look significantly different from their ancestors despite coming from the same blood.

            There is evidence that the roofs of people’s mouths actually changes to be flatter or more concave depending on the language they speak.

            I don’t deny that different races developed different traits over the millenia, and I wouldn’t force anyone to couple with anyone that they’re not attracted to, but if you have to examine a person under a microscope to even be able to tell that they’re not pure, that’s absurd. Asians, by the way, have a higher IQ than whites, so I’m also confused about the purpose of race purity if it doesn’t mean that the white race is superior.

            It’s far more important to me to have people share similar ideas and maintain a stable family environment that enables their children to become productive members of society than making sure that nobody’s great great great grandfather didn’t have any relations with someone who had a different bone structure and voice. Race doesn’t build spaceships. A society that got away from their oppressive monarchy (which is a disaster, by the way, because it’s based on blood lines instead of merit) and created an environment of innovation and freedom where anyone can rise to the top if they have the wits and the drive. If somebody’s black grandma made them a little faster, or someone’s Indian parent made them a little smarter, I would much rather my children had the opportunities that those genes unlock than making sure that their cheekbones turn out just right.

          • Alex Harris

            “Physical characteristics over millennia of isolated breeding are also
            going to make people look different. The French for example often have
            very large noses. Some (Nordic?) people are much taller than others.
            Even among white people there are some mutations that might cause a
            group that has split off to look significantly different from their
            ancestors despite coming from the same blood.”

            So not only are distinct races a biological reality, but distinct ethnicities are as well.

            “I don’t deny that different races developed different traits over the

            Glad to hear we’re in agreement. The different races clearly exist, and are not a “social construct”, but a biological reality that took millennia to develop. Now one of the laws of nature in this universe is that it takes a lot of time and energy to create anything of value. However, destruction can happen in the blink of an eye, with a lot less energy required. We should be wary of that principle, and defend ourselves accordingly.

            “…and I wouldn’t force anyone to couple with anyone that they’re
            not attracted to,”

            No, you would just *suggest* that there is something wrong/evil about only being attracted to people of your own race (if that race is White). And once it’s the social norm for it to be “immoral” for Whites to only date within their race (Which it pretty much already is. If a White person openly declares that they prefer their own kind, they are at the very least looked down upon, at the worst harassed, ostracized, fired from their job…) the next step will be FORBIDDING Whites from marrying within their own race. Do you think that is some fantastical notion that can never happen? Why not? We already have legislation and a social climate that forbids Whites from exclusively doing business with other Whites, or creating exclusively White communities. If it is perfectly fine to deny Whites freedom of association in what amounts to most other areas of their lives, explain to me how you morally defend Whites’ right to marry who they please. Can you not see the trajectory we are on? Can you not sense the intent of all this “anti-racism” (ONLY IN WHITE COUNTRIES)?

            “if you have to examine a person under a microscope to even be able to tell that they’re not pure, that’s absurd.”

            I don’t. For 99.9% of people with a White phenotype, I can tell just by looking at them. I can probably discern by eye something like 100% of people who are half White, 75% of people who have 1/4 non-White admixture, and maybe 50% of people who have 1/8 non-White admixture. If we factor in other things like speech, behavior, name, etc., those percentages will likely go up. In some cases, I can even visually determine a specific White ethnicity, although that is harder in parts of the world where various European ethnicities have interbred heavily.

            “Asians, by the way, have a higher IQ than whites, so I’m also confused
            about the purpose of race purity if it doesn’t mean that the white race
            is superior.”

            That is the rumor. And yet, the results of history don’t really bear that out, or they strongly suggest that other factors are more important than raw IQ numbers.

            “It’s far more important to me to have people share similar ideas”

            “Ideas” come from biological beings within the context of a language, culture, religion, etc. A being that wakes up every morning and sees “Brad Pitt” when it looks at itself in the mirror will not have the same psychological feedback-loop (and thereby the same ideas) as a being that wakes up every morning and sees “Snoop Doggy Dog”.

            “become productive members of society”

            There is more to that than simply being an economic producer/consumer unit. People who don’t uphold the values of the society, OR EVEN ATTEMPT TO PRESERVE ITS PHYSICAL EXISTENCE, are DESTRUCTIVE members of society.

            “Race doesn’t build spaceships.”

            Yeah, that African space program will be touching down on Mars any day now. The facts of history don’t jibe with your assertion.

            “If somebody’s black grandma made them a little faster, or someone’s
            Indian parent made them a little smarter, I would much rather my
            children had the opportunities that those genes unlock than making sure
            that their cheekbones turn out just right.”

            Here’s a little analogy for you. When making a soufflé, what will happen if one decides to add a little cayenne pepper for kick? Then they decide to add some chocolate syrup? Ketchup is good on fries, why not add that? Throw in some olive oil, some liver, a bit of curry for “ethnic” flair… Pretty soon you basically have a bowl of sh*t that nobody wants to eat.

          • Alex Harris

            I’m sorry, I wrote a long thoughtful reply, but Disqus ate it. I get the curious feeling that might be a feature of Disqus, not a bug. Controversial opinions seem to have a way of “disappearing” from the internet these days.

          • StartTheFire

            I don’t know where your last comment went, maybe you deleted it, but it’s in my email, so I’m going to respond to it. While you’re right that evolution is an arduous process, I think you’re attributing too much value to some things that happened incidentally. Let me explain.

            If you have two pale naked apes and you move one to cold foggy Europe, and the other to hot dry Africa, they’re going to start evolving traits that are most important to their environment. Where the sun is a constant issue, the evolutionary priorities of the African ape would be to change the pigment of the skin to prevent burning and blistering. Over in Europe, the hairless ape is getting cold, so evolution would focus all that energy on, for example, growing some back hair. The apes didn’t evolve each other’s traits because they weren’t necessary for their environment, and focusing on those would leave them vulnerable to more immediate concerns. If those two apes got together and produced a pair of offspring that were both dark and hairy, and each picked a parent to return home with, the detriment to each of them would be either negligible, or non-existent. There is no significant upkeep cost for producing melanin in the body, so that ape pretty much just got sunblock for free instead of having to sacrifice something of higher priority. Same goes for the African ape. They got a freebie layer of insulation. I would argue that this kind of cross-breeding is actually a huge load off evolution’s shoulders. Yes, there’s going to be cases where the offspring is going to be neither black nor hairy, and will die in either of those environments. So in a situation where the ape knows it will never leave its frozen wasteland it would be irresponsible for it to take those kinds of risks with its offspring. If that was the era we lived in, I would probably agree with you. However, that’s not the case. Not only do we live in a world of airplanes and air conditioning, we’ve spread out all over the globe into climates that are significantly different than those of our ancestors. If you’re living in Nevada or Texas, it no longer holds true that your white-ape purity has any evolutionary worth to you. So I wouldn’t call it “destruction” of your race as much as I’d call them “free enhancements”

            While I think it’s awfully kind of you to fill in what I would “*suggest*” about what you’re attracted to, I’m going to answer for myself. There is nothing racist in being attracted to people that share your genetic makeup. There’s nothing whatever-phobic/shaming/ist about not being attracted to foreign, fat, disabled, old, whatever people. I think your idea of same-race couples being banned is absurd, and I’ll explain why.

            You’ve got two heads that control your actions. The one below your belt is largely involuntary. Even if you really really REALLY wanted to be attracted to something you’re not, you can’t compel Little Alex to share your views. Nobody has the right to make Little Alex bow down when he wants to stand. That’s a very personal and intimate biological aspect that nobody has the right to control, unless of course Little Alex has notions of doing tangible harm to another (i.e. children.) While sexuality is a biological involuntary function, business is not. Drawing parallels between sex and business does not make sense, because your sexual decisions are driven by biology, but your business decisions (if you’re advocating for race exclusivity) are driven by your ideology. The latter is not involuntary and is in essence a “social construct.” This is not the slippery slope you are drawing it out to be (at least in a free Western society). And if we’re looking at the spirit of the law, it would prohibit blacks from excluding whites in the same manner as whites are prohibited to excluding blacks. There is precedent for white people winning court cases where they’ve been discriminated against by black people based on race. There should be equal opportunity (not outcomes) and equal risk no matter what your DNA cocktail looks like.

            The fact that you can’t tell where some white people are from because they’ve interbred, and it doesn’t seem to bother you, should be a great argument for why mixing races doesn’t matter. Italians and Spaniards are a little darker, but they’re still European. Will a little splash of that be any more meaningful to the contamination of your race than the blood of the Irish or Dutch? I’ve heard of white people that believe in the purity of their own bloodline discovering that they’ve got a little black secret hanging out in their DNA. Suddenly they’re ejected from their white supremacy club, even though nobody around them had any idea for years beforehand.

            You don’t get to discard research as “rumor” when it doesn’t suit your agenda. If you’re willing to accept that blacks are less intelligent, then you have to accept that Asians are more intelligent than whites. I don’t know if we’re looking at the same history, but Japan is a world leader in technological advancements, and many East Asian countries have the best education systems in the world, while the US universities full of white people are fighting for their rights to study feminist basket-weaving in place of math. The Huns and Mongols were some of the greatest conquerors of all time. And while I agree with you that IQ is not a complete measure, it would be wrong to dismiss it. There is evidence for it being a predictor of school performance and job success, salary etc.

            Ideas come to people in the context of their environment. If I had to guess, I’d say when Morgan Freeman looks in the mirror, he’s going to have ideas that are more similar to Brad Pitt’s than Snoop Doggy Dog’s which might be more in line with Seth Rogan’s or Eminem’s (depending on the day.) The ideas that people experience are environmental more than they are biological. If you take two people in front of their mirrors (assume equal controlled environment) and wipe their memories, the black guy isn’t going to think “hey, I should go steal some shit” and the white guy isn’t going to think “I’m going to go invent something.” They’re probably both going to want food, sex, and safety. We are more similar than we are different.

            Last but not least, aside from the fact that people and food are not ideal comparisons, you’ve chosen a terrible example. People create unique and delicious food combinations all the time using ingredients that you wouldn’t think go together. Sweet and sour sauce, pineapple on pizza, Chicago mix popcorn. Here’s a recipe for a spicy souffle.

            1 lb. Cheddar cheese, grated
            4 egg yolks
            1 tbsp. flour
            1 lb. Monterey Jack cheese, grated
            4 egg whites
            1 sm. can evaporated milk
            1/2 tsp. salt
            1/2 tsp. pepper
            Combine cheeses and peppers, on high speed beat egg whites (mixer) until stiff (peaks). In small bowl combine egg yolk, flour, milk, salt and pepper. Fold beaten egg whites into yolk mixture. Pour egg mixture over cheese mixture in casserole. Use fork to ooze through cheese. Bake 1 hour at 325 degrees. Knife should come out clean.

  • katebushfan66

    social justice activist murdered by an awful man who saw her as prey .. because she was… the weak minded people following the social justice drumbeat will not learn from her death .. they’re that stupid.

  • Jimmy Flounderello

    Do SJW’s see a big black light when they die?

  • SLCain

    This would be a good story for Tucker Carlson’s show. He’s been hitting the illegal alien crime-wave pretty hard of late. It appears that this poor murdered girl might also have been a victim of it.

  • us56512789

    There is no good way to go but this murder seems especially cruel. I mean the way she tried to help people, and being bound up and then forced to realize the harsh realities of her situation before being used as a pin cushion. Life is cheap to those without morals, and the victim blinded by pc values was an easy mark.

  • Joe Redtree

    she died doing what she loved

  • ThomasER916

    Sue the city into bankrupcy as actively contributing to the murder of Corrina Mehiel.

  • Vlad le Putin

    Play silly games…….