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A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.


  • The Interracial couples increase is indeed the most depressing thing thinking about the future.

  • MW’s, one of the reasons Stockholm has an American feel is that everything is a soulless, faceless corporation. There is very little local owner occupied small business in Sweden in the form of shopkeepers, butchers, bars, restaurants and so on. If there are any they are nearly all foreign owned.

    This of course is done on purpose as a goal of the left was to destroy the bourgeoisie and turn everyone into a trade union member. They were very successful at that goal in Sweden. And then you have the “investor class” who want a piece of everything. If they can’t get a piece they would rather shut it down in favor of competitors who sells shares.

    In the 70’s they nearly leveled Gamla Stan. That is how far their Leftist, Progressive mental illness had taken them. Check out the series, Varldens Modernaste Land (The Worlds Most Modern Country).

  • We White men need to let our children know, boys and girls, in no uncertain terms that race mixing is unacceptable.
    I just don’t get it?!?!?!?!?!?
    It is like pissing on the graves of one’s ancestors.

  • There’s lots that I could comment on in this video, but the most interesting point he makes is about the preponderance of interracial couples. The interracial couples he saw were mostly white female/brown male. That is also true everywhere I have been in the U.S. and Canada. White men tend to think that settling for a brown/black girlfriend lowers their social status. I also think that lots of white men just do not find black women to be attractive. I am always amused by the (majority) of black women who think that they are irresistible to white men. “Da mastahs couldn’t keep dey hands off us when we wuz slaves!” In lots of white female/brown male couples, the woman is fat and unattractive, and feels that she has to settle for a brown male. In those white female/brown male couples in which the woman is attractive (like one of the couples Millennial Woes saw) you would tend to think that the woman is being attracted by the man’s wealth or status. Women are drawn to wealth and power like bees to honey. Think of why the Rolling Stones have each had sex with thousands of women. Think Donald and Melania. But what wealth or power does a brown man in Sweden have? Maybe he’s a professional athlete, or a drug dealer.

    • In anthropology the dominant ethnic group or race in a multi-ethnic or multi-racial society gets sexual/mating access to the conquered groups women. Therein lies your answer. So whenever I go somewhere where I see lots of Black and Brown men with White women I know that these White men have been conquered. But still most White women everywhere I have been mate with and pair with White men.

      One of the anomalies of Sweden is all the adopted Mud children in the country.

      And all the welfare and foreign aid is nothing but tribute. Amazing that they did not even need to conquer us military to accomplish this.

      • When I was in Göthenburg I was surprised how loud and dominating in attitude the brown hordes were. In Copenhagen they keep much more low. I think it is clear that they take the swedish mens demeanor as weakness, and their selfassertedness then attracts the swedish women. In Denmark the muslims are aggressive and violent too of course, but the main strategy seems to be whining and playing the victim, probably because our media has a lot more critical content, and the debate is ongoing on wether immigration and muslims are good for Denmark. But Swedens lack of public debate makes muslims feel as if they have already won, and swedish women sense their musk and attitude. I hope that the saying that the swede clenches his fist in his pocket is true, that theres enough anger and energy building up for a coming revolution. As foreigners total 37 percent of the population between 0 – 44, its probably the only way to have a Sweden in the future, but as a dane I can only say that I will come to your aid, just like both swedes and danes came to the aide of finns seventysome years ago. And even if things are shitty in Stockholm, one has just to look at what Berlin was like in the twenties before it was cleaned up; absolute filth! Theres a good documentary about in on youtube. But it was cleaned up, and field mattrasses were shamed publicly.

        • On a positive note most Swedish women are repulsed by Mudmen. Most Swedish families that I have ever known are against the MultiCult. So, not all is lost. Nature may yet take back what is her’s.

    • Last time I was in London, I noticed a lot of brown/blonde couples, as well.

      I think EuroFeminism (the malignant Swedish version, especially) was a gigantic shit test, which their men, by doing what the women SAID they wanted (turning themselves into EuroFags) enraged the women, as failing a shit test always does.

      Swedish feminists, and European feminists in general, still have the female imperative to deal with – except there is now a severe shortage of white masculine men. They’ve turned the place into a gigantic high school, wherein young and impressionable females orient towards the thugs, who at least have retained the ability to act masculine.

  • My experience with Stockholm is just this. It is lost. Not forever. But it is lost now. Ideas for future must acknowledge this. Mr Nick Griffin and his ideas of a new european reconquista has been shown to coincide with reality. The idea of a new european reconquista might sound like a black pill or to give up, but it really is not. Look it up and ponder.

  • Thanks for telling us. I do agree with what you tell. I grew up in Stockholm, now 64 years old, I remember another Stockholm when we in the early seventies went to Djurgården appr. 1/2 a mile from Royal Castle, warm summer nights and slept safely under the stars in sleepingbags. No one dares to do that today. Sweden is lost, the point of no return was around 2005.

    • Thomas, I assume you want to take Sweden back. Please support, and of course this site as well, one of whose principals is a principled Swede.

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