Sweden And The Coiled Spring Of Latent, High-Octane Altruism

Millennial Woes
the authorMillennial Woes
A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.

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Simone Wagener

Clearly not cold enough in Scotland as MW ran away in shame making everything he says complete drivel
A hypocrite – undeserving and a disgrace to the white race

Simen Hanssen

I’d like to see advances you’ve contributed to the cause beside pity critique on internet forums. If they are even a TENTH of what MW has done, I’ll throw in a free Hitler salute in your honor.

Ed Edgerton

The (((anti-whites))) know how to encourage certain instincts in a host population and suppress others. Don’t assume that just because certain instincts of the Swedes are being used against them that it has to be this way.

You got some good points there Woes but some things got to be added to the picture. It was the establishment, wich was affected by nonswedes, wich started this journey towards massimmigration and multiculturalism. The normal Swede never wanted this. The establishment took the natural altruism wich the swedish people posses and exploited, twisted and perverted it really really hard. The real altruism towards migrants is not very common wich we can se when we look how many swedes act. They vote for massimmigration and can pay some tax to “help” these migrants but almost none want to live among… Read more »
Lucy Lipinska
Since the Swedish society is ingrained with Zeitgeist of unparalled conformism, most Swedes have just succumbed to hypocrisy. As an (Christian) immigrant from Eastern Europe, I have had many opportunities to get a taste of the double standard à la suedois, e.g. the same persons could willingly express their support for influx of non-Whites at meetings but proved themselves unable to succesfully disguise their problems with accepting me as an equal (my “half-breed for a daughter experienced the same in her early years). That I was married to a Swede, had two children with him – and was thoroughly Swedenized… Read more »
Yes the Swedes will openly hate on White’s of ANY White nation outside of Scandinavia and have a special place in their heart for hatred of Eastern Europeans. This is in my opinion something passed down unconsciously through the generations because Sweden was an Eastern European empire and the Slavs, Balts and Finns were their vassals. I saw it lots in the generation a little older than you. And in the same breath they will accuse a fellow Swede who doesn’t support massive third world immigration of being a “racist”. Incredible hypocrisy. Also the Swedes just really don’t like people.… Read more »
Lucy Lipinska

I wish I could disagree with you, craicher.

It was Jewish moralistic terrorism that murdered the Swedish nation. It might be fair to say that a very common self-image as a “humanitarian nation” among the Swedes was a necessary precondition. And it might also be true that the totalitarian aspect of Swedish (and Norwegian, though to a somewhat lesser extent) social democracy would not have come about without that prehistory of Lutheran pietism. But the terroristic exploitation of that mindset and self-image by a certain Jewish clicque in Stockholm was the major active ingredient in this genocidal witches’ brew. The newspaper mentioned in the long quote below was,… Read more »
Sean Fielding

‘Blacks do need help’ – I know what you mean Woes, that Blacks seem to the Swedes to need help, but that’s not what you said. It is not the role of Swedes, other Whites or anyone else to help Blacks be something they can never be without gene change: humans capable of living like Eurasians.

Muzeli 2

Woes is on a roll.