Lefties Raise The Stakes! Beaten Back At Trump Rally, Arm Up And March On Arizona Capitol

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the last couple of years, it seems that the United States is marching straight towards its second Civil War. But the battle lines are not quite the same this time around. On one side you have the BadWhites-patriots and the salt of the earth white folk. And on the other you have urban and suburban-dwelling GoodWhites and their diversity coalition allies.

In recent days we have seen several flare-ups and outright confrontations between the two groups. On Saturday, Antifa decided to pick a fight with Trump supporters during a march in Huntington Beach.

On one side, you had the TrumpenTroopers:

They faced down the Coalition of the Aggrieved on the Antifa side.

“Then one day, that Lion gets up…”
“…and tears the shit into everybody.”
I wonder if this is really Antifa. Too many non-whites.

The verdict? Overwhelming show of force from Trump’s Shitlord Militia.

This is a scene I could get used to seeing for the next 8 years

Over at the Chateau, Heartiste had a fantastic write-up:

“Swole White shitlord men — the loyal core of Trump’s Army — chased mystery meat antifa loser phagggots down like the street curs they are, and administered beautiful beatings. What we are seeing are the first musclefrog salvos of White men taking back their nation.

This is what real hope and change looks like; not that raggedy weak-sauce hope and change the gay mulatto tepidly ejaculated whenever he wanted to snark in tacitly ominous platitudes about his beloved brown hordes repealing and replacing Heritage White America.

The times, they’re changing. And it’s antifa and the rest of the anti-White loser misfits who are on the wrong side of history.”

From the original LA Times article, California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher sums up the feeling many of us now have:

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) attended the march and spoke at the rally before people started marching.

“This is a turning point. I was about ready to give up,” Rohrabacher said. “But you know what, you’re here and Donald Trump is in the White House.”

Indeed. These are revolutionary times.


An organization calling itself the John Brown Gun Club held a rally in front of the Arizona Capitol Building. The reference to crazed abolitionist John Brown who tried to start a Slave Rebellion at Harper’s Ferry in the lead up to the American Civil War shouldn’t be overlooked.

Armed Cultural Marxists- notice how the idea of “the Proletariat” has been replaced with the idea of “the Oppressed” and the GoodWhites flock to defend the defense of those that hate them, Dances With Wolves style.

After all, its a dead give-away about what the group’s true intentions and plans are in the near future.

The John Brown Gun Club founding charter.

They were confronted by a journalist who didn’t back down. They quickly packed up and ran away.

But perhaps we on the Alt-Right need to give the Black Bloc a fair hearing. Here, have a listen to some of their ideas:

It is true that there were many Libertarians and former Anarcho-Capitalists on the Fringe Right. The concerns of the white working class were never taken seriously in these circles. And the premise of the video is correct in some respect, the White working class has gotten shafted time and time again by neoliberal policies. Even the discussion about Trump’s appointment of former Goldman Sachs employees is troubling and on point. But where it goes off the rails is when it talks about how its the system of “White Supremacy” that keeps all workers, both white and non-white, poor.

That’s complete nonsense.

The Alt-Right believes that the current status quo is virulently anti-white. And many in the Alt-Right are anti-capitalist as much as they are anti-communist. The Alt-Right wants to care for its own, and fight against the global anti-white paradigm, which puts us directly in confrontation with people like this:

Antifa on the far left of the picture; the two groups work together

Regardless, it is clear that current cultural cold war isn’t over economic models or about corporate tax rates and healthcare reform. All of it is static noise to disguise what is really happening. We are witnessing a Civil War among white people over race yet again.

Between the self-abolitionists and the shitlords, I know which side of history I want to be on this time.


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  • You have to admit that the replacement of religious belief with psychology has been pretty effective along with out and out selling out of public officials to bribes. Maybe that’s why in the past ancient cultures carefully annihilated their rivals to the boy and man? Certainly 109 countries have missed the ball in the interim since the Roman empire went to shit with their monetary system in collapse presumably for the very same reasons?

  • This was an extremely important event. As I said in a recent entry on my blog, AntiFa is currently enjoying its 15 minutes of fame. But everything that rises must come down. They’ve been the darlings of the Left since they started successfully disrupting events and punching “Nazis” — but will that support continue when they start losing fights? Many of the kids sporting AntiFa patches today would happily wear White Pride T-shirts if they were fashionable, and when Intersectional Liberalism is the flavor of the hour the Alternative Right becomes a genuine counter-cultural alternative.

    Beatdowns like this make AntiFa look less intimidating and more laughable. They also show that AntiFa attacks fare poorly when police aren’t standing by ready to arrest anybody who fights back, (Anarcho-communists working for the state — who woulda thunk it?!?) Americans love the winner, and especially the underdog who wins: they have no time for losers. A few more victories like this and we might just be able to put the “fash” in fashionable.

  • Notice the phrase “all working people” on the sign. I presume they are using the Newspeak definition of “working people” to signify “people who have never worked a day in their lives but are glad you do so they can take what you have”

  • Ready to join the Patriotic smack down of the lawless AzzWiping-AntiFa losers with proud American traditional crushing of these Commies. The sooner the better.

  • The “redneck revolt” people are so obviously fake – the hipster lumberjack beards and flannel shirts, not to mention the liberal arts college cultural Marxist talking points – are a dead giveaway. They are not “rednecks” – they are typical (maybe southern) progressives, the annoying and snotty sons of the South that are embarrassed by their own families and backgrounds and desperately want to be accepted by the New York City Jew/”liberal” crowd. If you’ve ever spent any time in a southern college town you would have met these people.

    There was a “dry run” of these types with a “viral youtube video” of some fat guy calling himself a “redneck” wearing a camo hat talking about how his “fellow rednecks” need to denounce their “white privilege” and get with the Democrats and black people.

    The reality? He was a gay actor from Arizona wearing a costume. He was basically auditioning for a role in the George Soros organizations.

    What is amazing is the utter contempt these people have for the actual white working class and especially white Southerners. I mean, they are fooling literally no one. They stick out like a sore thumb.

    The South does have indigenous liberals – think of the singer for REM, Michael Stipe. But the real liberal Southerners do not tend to spout anti-white Marxist talking points because they are actual Southerners. Which means they are “race realists” because they actually live near black people and are well aware that actual black people are nothing like the progressive fantasy. They also do not tend to hate the South at all but are often comically southern themselves.

    The difference between an actual Southern liberal – and these “progressive” actors wearing costumes and spouting agitprop they picked up while getting their BA at Oberlin – is obvious to anyone with an iota of emotional intelligence and an eye for authenticity.

  • The only reason the Mud-People coalition want Whites around is to make more White women for the Jews and the Muds to lust after.

  • Telling white people that they benefit from “white superiority” and “white privilege” is going to backfire. The vast majority of white people have no connections, no advantages. In the last 20 years, thousands of white Americans have been downsized out of manufacturing jobs, and left to scrape together a living as best they can. When I see middle aged white men working at Wal-Mart, I feel real compassion for them. I don’t know how they make ends meet, and I realize that they will have nothing for retirement. Furthermore, with a little bad luck, I could end up just like them, despite my masters degree.

    • some r living off their parents will. working just 2 stretch it as far as they can. some probably get welfare too

  • “Self-abolitionists” – nice. You may not be the first to use this phrase, but damn close. #SelfAbolitionists deserves to trend.

  • Phoenix John Brown Gun Club are not White, they are (crypto) jews and other mongrels. Same for Redneck Revolt. Same for antifa leaders.

  • Trump supporters are cuck retards. They’re too dumb to know who the cuckoo is, so they lash out at hapless proxies. Even lefty Bernie bros are braver. Look at the Trump rally at the AIPAC convention: cucks and traitors all.

    The altright is just a re-branding of neoconnery with a crispy faux-nationalist shell and a rancid zionist center. Hail Kushner, hail defeat, hail Yidden!

    Paul / Massie 2020, ya’ll are cucks.

  • To be fair those Redneck Revolt people seem like some of the more reasonable people on the left I’ve seen in a minute. That being said I don’t trust them and I doubt their going to be able to get the white working class back on their side anytime soon. Under Obama the modern left showed its fangs and working whites have no future with that coalition. If anything whites on the left will continue to be pushed closer to our side.

    • They are fake, it’s an astroturf group. I’d bet money they literally went to Walmart to buy t-shirts and ball caps before they made their videos. The guy who runs it is almost certainly from a rather “privileged” background himself and he is slumming it on camera thinking he’s fooling the “rednecks” he hates so much.

      They are literally actors wearing costumes.

      There is a tradition of this. Woody Guthrie and his protoge Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan) were middle class New Yorkers who put on costumes and pretended to be “workers” from rural America. Actors.

      In fact, not a few of the famous photographs of the Great Depression era were not of actual “Okies” but of FDR employees dressing the part and posing for pictures for a propaganda/marketing campaign.

  • So Cult-Marxists and their white Janissaries are armed and making public displays of force. We can assume based on this that they are at least somewhat “organized”. What we don’t know is how well trained they are. And the “state” is not suppressing their activity, in much the same way they are not suppressing the anti-free speech antifa rioters.

    What other implications does this development have? What is your appropriate course of conduct in light of this information, dear reader?

  • I honestly do no understand why any self-respecting white male would not want to be on the side of the shitlords

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