FEE: Why Iceland Doesn’t Have An Alt-Right Problem

Courtesy of, this will probably be the dumbest article you will read today:

“With the recent rise to prominence of right-wing populist parties across Europe, it’s refreshing that Iceland has remained largely immune to such nationalistic rhetoric. On the continent, figures like Marine Le Pen in France and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands are capitalizing on what political scientists are calling a third wave of European populism that began after the international financial crisis of 2008. These parties are characterized by their anti-immigrant, and specifically, anti-Muslim sentiments. They fashion themselves the “protectors” of their homelands’ traditional culture against cosmopolitan globalism.

Yet, tiny Iceland has resisted this dirty brand of politics because of the rise of social movements that challenged the power structure of the Icelandic political establishment after the financial crisis of 2008. Unlike in other European countries, these social movements transformed themselves into a political movements, filling the vacuum of traditional center-right and center-left political parties, while also preventing far-right political projects from succeeding. …

Rather than blaming immigrants for their problems, Icelanders confronted the political class and created new parties that didn’t resemble the wave of far-right populism. Now even the government realizes that Iceland needs immigrants, skilled and unskilled, to fulfill the demand in different aspects of the Icelandic economy. Contrary to other countries in Europe, and despite its size, Iceland had been willing to receive refugees, and the number of immigrants in Iceland keeps growing year by year. In times of demagoguery, Iceland remains friendly to foreigners. One can only hope that the world learn from this small country that foreigners bring prosperity.”

Why would Iceland have an Alt-Right problem?

Iceland is 94% Icelandic. It is known to geneticists as being one of the most homogenous nations on earth because it has historically received so little immigration. It is overwhelmingly Christian, atheist or agnostic, or pagan. Islam has a negligible presence in Iceland.

Although Iceland has received some immigration in recent years, it has effectively been an ethnostate for a thousand years. In terms of an identity that can be based on ethnic and cultural solidarity, Iceland is still at the top of the world’s nations while the United States would rank at the bottom. There are few places in Europe more unlike Los Angeles, CA or Houston, TX than Iceland.

Iceland doesn’t have an “Alt-Right problem” because hitherto it has been such a close approximation of the Alt-Right’s ideal state. Liberalism is a centrifugal force that unravels cohesive organic societies like Iceland. It cultivates a sense of radical individualism that poisons the minds of the people and destroys their racial, religious, cultural and ethnic solidarity. In contrast, the Alt-Right can be seen as a centripetal force that values a common identity. It pushes toward greater solidarity.

If Iceland develops the demographics of Sweden, it will soon have “an Alt-Right problem.” The loss of a common identity and ethnic and cultural solidarity will be resented. The sense of anomie and demographic decline which is also created by liberalism will be resented as well. Iceland would be wise not to take its homogeneity for granted and repeat the mistakes of the United States.

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  • Iceland is an island made up of drunken sailors lost at sea whose compasses stopped working. (kidding) They sport a population less that of Wyoming who’s the least populous state in the United States with a whopping 540,000 residents. Icelands gross domestic product was around $16 billion; that’s a lot of fur trading! I suppose if there’s a Starbucks on that island we ought to have an Alt-right movement there as well.

  • I hope that Iceland doesn’t commit Suicide……

    I’ve always thought about it as an Idyllic Country………

    A Semi-Utopia…….

    Let’s hope they don’t develop an Alt-Right Problem anytime in the Future…..


  • Icelandic NRM member here. I just have to say that i vastly disagree with the assumption that iceland is any closer towards any sort of ideal then other majoriy white communities. Our politicians are just as corrupt, our media just as dishonest, degeneracy, feminism and faggotry just as rampant and number of nonewhites keeps increasing, just like any where else in the West.

  • The last I heard Iceland was bringing in small numbers of refugees. One is too many. And with a small nation like that Iceland could turn muddy very fast. Remember that Sweden used to be all White too. It did not take long to change that. For sure Iceland is in our enemies cross hairs. If a White nation is not racially aware and supported by their establishment politics, media, government and academia eventually the White genocide will happen. Anti-miscegenation must be the law of the land. Citizenship must be based on race. Hopefully things will change elsewhere in the world and spread to Iceland.

    • Actually when I visited Iceland at Christmas 2016, there were menorahs in many, many windows.
      Although Christmas lisghts are still most prominent, when I asked a local why are there so many menorahs, his answer was some gushing bullshit about how jews had “helped” Icelanders with something or other and how jews are very appreciated in Iceland.
      Chilly and ominous remark in that soon-to-be destroyed enclave.
      Also, the women are man haters, man eaters, according to my 20 something son.

  • “It is known to geneticists as being one of the most homogenous nations on earth”
    Thats a nice way to say incest.

    • Iceland has a population of 330,000 and almost all are descended from a few thousand settlers over 1000 years ago.
      This was the demographics of most human populations until the end of the stone-age. At some point your tribe/city/nation became an extended family. Yes, I suppose that in that situation even marrying someone who is not a recognized relative is kind of like marrying a distant cousin. However the proof is in the pudding. Iceland is a real nice place. Safe, civilized, cultured.

      • So this basically means that an inbred homogenous white society is still superior to a multicultural one?

        • As I said, the proof is in the pudding. An honest person can readily distinguish a superior from an inferior society.
          We can argue about WHY a particular society is or is not good/bad superior/inferior etc, but within reason there is no disputing which of a pair countries might be superior. For example, Japan is superior to Iraq, Denmark is superior to Colombia etc.
          That being said, I would prefer to live in an inferior country populated by my own kind than a superior country populated by others. Does that make me a bad person? Have I answered your question?

          • I don’t care if this makes you a bad person, or myself because I feel the same way.

            The only thing that matters is survival.

          • It wasn’t really a question, more of an assessment (from my point of view), I don’t know why I formulated it as a question. However I completly agree, I want to live among my own kind and I want my own kind to be safe and that’s only possible in a white society.

        • Well, we’re not stupid enough to think that a white person marrying another white person from a completely different family is “incest”.

          • Youre at least stupid enough to think that on an icy island in the middle of nowhere there is something like completely different families. Red hair is a product of inbreeding.

          • ,,Red hair is a product of inbreeding.”

            Red hair is not just caused by inbreeding.

    • With 303 votes last year they don’t look ready to take the country by storm quite yet, but I know very little of Icelandic politics.

  • I don’t believe there is a country in the world that has ever needed unskilled labor and when a country has unskilled labor the goal should be to educate them so they have skills.

  • They are still not racially aware. I’m certain their people would welcome enrichment if asked. You know it’s pretty boring with so much white faces

  • It is not idyllic, but it is beautiful. An example of the peace that occurs in a thousand years of White ethnopurity, unthreatened by the expanding conquests of Islam. Isolationism left it unchained. Iceland does not feed the world, nor does it unheave their governments, nor does it dictate who you will serve. It is the closest thing that still exists to a White ethnostate. Iceland however, is small, weak, and unable to defend itself when push comes to shove.
    They have no nationalist movement fighting to avert the extinction of their race, culture, and history because they have not yet become the direct target of it. They have fucking German-Nordic pagan temples on the island; the mere PROPOSAL of such a thing in any other country would be an abhorrent, racist hate crime.

    • Somebody should get on the ear of some Icelanders and get them to pay attention to what is going on in the outside world. They should stop the problem before it starts.

      • “Iceland has always been an island of immigrants.”

        “Iceland is going into a multicultural mode. If it does not make this transformation, then Iceland will not survive.”

    • Hey, Iceland has the ultimate “special snowflake”. Bjork. Maybe someday everyone in Iceland can be as “individual” as Bjork.

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