7 Reasons Why Alt-Right Men Are The Hottest

Listen to the worst people on earth (leftists, cucks, Louise Mensch…) and you would think the Alt-Right is a cult led by Richard Spencer and worshipped by unemployed neckbeards. And while we’ve got some of those, the Alt-Right is largely composed of smart, virile chads who risk careers and relationships to save the white race. Here’s why Alt-Right men are the hottest.

1. Superior Aesthetics

The Alt-Right male believes he has a duty to perfect his physique and appearance in accordance with the inherent potential afforded him by European genetics. As such, he is more likely to lift heavy weights, run fast, eat well, wear properly fitting clothes, and fashily cut his hair in a nod to Germany’s golden age. There are no pajama boys in the Alt-Right, and the masculinity they exude is positively intoxicating.

2. Family-Focused

The perpetuation of the white race is of paramount importance to Alt-Right men, which means they all want to see MOAR WHITE BABIES. Yet unlike the r-selection men who treat their women like bitches in a puppy mill, they invest in each of those children to steel them for the struggles to come. To be an Alt-Right man is to be a family man: devoted to his clan, against cheating and divorce, likely religious, and an advocate for personal and household protection. Such qualities sing to women, who seek strength and stability.

3. Savages

Veterans of the Great Meme War will tell you that uncucking our people, online and IRL, is a long, hard slog. Most men are not cut out for daily ideological warfare, trolling shitlib journalists, enduring constant online censorship, and dropping red-pills for friends and family. But thankfully our Alt-Right men are a committed bunch. Further, they are training in small arms and personal protection (if they’re not already military veterans) because they know that our Cold Civil War is warming up, and they intend to be the victors. This is hot.

4. Smarts

The Alt-Right is accused by the Lügenpresse of being either skinheads, white supremacist Nazi thugs who decorate their homes with swastikas, or basement-dwelling NEETs addicted to anime (not that there’s anything wrong with either).

But in reality, most arrived to the Alt-Right through intense research and a personal quest for truth, meaning, and real identity. They know their favorite philosophers, can identify Hitler’s missteps in World War II, and often shock newcomers to the movement by how literate and well-educated — in the real sense of the term — they are. It’s complete libel that the Alt-Right is full of simpletons obsessed with race, when truthfully, it’s intelligence that links many Alt-Right men . . . and intellect is yugely appealing.

5. Appreciation for Women

Feminists bleat that women are equal to men and that they should enjoy the same slavery of wagecucking and tax bondage as men in order to liberate them from motherhood as they fund their own dispossession by the Third World. What a deal!

Alt-Right men celebrate women for the most vital biological gift of all: the ability to birth and raise white children. Throughout history, this has been been assumed; only in (((recent decades))) have white people fallen prey to the siren song of materialism and delaying having children. It doesn’t mean that women are simply breeders — men and women have different, but complementary, roles — and the Alt-Right man recognizes that. He appreciates his woman for what she is capable of and what she exclusively can do for him, and that’s immensely attractive in a mate.

6. Anti-Degeneracy

To be an Alt-Right man is to be principled in ways that no other movement can offer. They’ve quit the sorcery of the Jew Tube, ditched the noggery of professional sports, decried the foul beast that is pornography, and would ideally homeschool their many children so they don’t fall prey to the false teachings of diversity. And every time a major company cucks, the Alt-Right boycotts their products or service (we’re looking at you, Kellogg’s, Netflix, Jockey, Nike, et al.). Alt-Right men endeavor to be true role models, and put their money where their mouths are — and that’s sexy as hell.

7. Rebels

White Nationalism is a concept so dangerous to the status quo that it can get a man fired, alienated from his family, and rejected by his friends. Yet the Alt-Right man perseveres, knowing that western civilization is at a crossroads; without his commitment, the world will fall to nefarious influence, removed from grace. He fights for recognition of his identity, to secure the existence of his people and a future for white children. Rebels have always held irresistible allure, and Alt-Right men are no exception.

In truth, any woman would be extremely lucky to find herself cared for and appreciated by an Alt-Right man. Sure, he may spend inordinate time shitposting til the wee hours of the night, but it’s all for a good cause — saving the white race. Alt-Right men have a purpose and drive greater than themselves, and that’s both undeniably white, and irrefutably alpha.

Wolfie James
the authorWolfie James
Wolfie's writing has been referred to by shitlib journalists as "vulgar and distressing," a description which is not entirely untrue. Follow her on Twitter for insights into the thought process of a woman on the Alt-Right.


  • Noticed this about chicks, once you red pill, they start coming around, never had so many girls interested in me in my life.

  • You damn well better know European history, read European philosophy, celebrate European heroes, cultivate traditional European virtues, especially the masculine virtues, have lots of kids in wedlock raised right, and revere the European religion. Because the only way culture and identity survives is to hand it on, but you must practice it first.

  • Don’t forget “The Beatles Effect.” Women will get strongly attracted to any group of men-in-harmony, almost no matter what they believe. “Men in harmony” says to the female brain:
    — Well have a successful hunt
    — We’ll have a successful harvest
    — We will repel the enemy
    — We will get through the winter
    — We can make babies.

    Without men-in-harmony, women can’t believe in those things or feel secure. One of the biggest things happening recently is that pro-White men are actually connecting in real life. The torch parade was the first big sign and fruit of this.

  • Ok, so the header pic, we have a woman beater who can’t be over 5 foot 8, to his left, an average looking man, to his right, a baby faced manchild with moobs and a budding gut, followed by an article that reads like a 4chan nerds fantasy.

    God bless you all, I am glad it’s you who are the fascists and not battle hardened WWI vets, or anyone who poses a real threat beyond small scale domestic terrorism attempts.

    Must be hard being little boys with no real life accomplishments and the need to latch onto others under the guise of “being part of something larger than oneself”. Truly pathetic. The sooner you “rise up” the sooner we can put you down and get this nonsense over with.

  • This is a great article! I agree Alt-Right men are the hottest! They are so intelligent. I hope to get married to one soon and have lots of babies.

  • I remember losing my girlfriend over the stuff I was posting on facebook. I could tell she was very liberal but I stood my ground and no amount of pussy in the world will ever change the undying pride I have of my race, the traditional values and achievements of white western culture. I would rather be alone my entire life and fight for what I believe in than die as a coward kneeling in subservitude to what is considered ”safe” and ”socially acceptable”. I have my own thoughts, I do my own research and I will be damned if anyone is going to tell me different. I will hold my head high and be a living embodiment of everything great that the white race is, and everywhere I go, I will enlighten those not worthy enough to redpill themselves and I will take up arms to defend my brothers where ever danger may be near.

  • It’s so true!! Hottest men around for sure. Instead of saying “looking for hot, white, tall, slim, athletic man with a good heart + I have a soft spot for blonde men” I should just put “alt-right” lol

  • Doing my part everyday with every interaction. Ive always tried to be a good example for our people. Confidence is contagious.

  • LOL !!! The ” Hottest ” mess , more like it . If this is the case , then why are you in a genetic decline ?

  • I like the idea of men protecting their women.I like the traditional roles.The men shown here are hot,but more importantly they are intelligent and very courageous.Which woman would not want such qualities in her mate?

  • Materialism emerged in the 18th century predominantly by the British during the restoration period, which later spread and exploded in American culture. White people have not only fallen prey to materialism, but constructed and solidified it in the past few centuries, not decades. This partly fueled their global ambitions, in which they colonized, captured, and enslaved different races, forcing them to be apart of Western Civilization and white culture. This should be contextualized here to avoid fallacies in the ideology behind these claims. It seems like the work of alt right men involves an undoing of this, rather than a return to a period were this never happened.

  • Well, my husband has definitely been alt-right for at least our 15+ years together. I always knew he was a great man!
    Ladies, absolutely get a man like this guide suggests – he’ll be the best kind of man.

  • Good stuff.. love this article.. unleash your warrior men folk.. ‘resist or cuck’ – dicky spencer

  • All the trannies in dresses weren’t mentioned though – the further to the Right one goes, the more fags appear it seems. Sure a lot of them are still fags in the closet, but an allegedly ‘straight’ man who dribbles after Jack Donovan is a fag in denial.

  • I don’t work out very much to be honest. I have a Ennegram type five personality a.k.a investigator type personality which a lot of right wing men have according to one study. Type 5 personalities are very perceptive and intelligent people but we are also very secretive and secluded. We strive to be experts on certain topics and often find unconventional ways of doing things. We see things that most people don’t and investigate matters most people overlook (hence the investigator.) However, we tend to live in our own heads a lot and lack good social skills. I myself am not married and do not have any kids. While I certainly appreciate men who do marry and admire those with “Superior Aesthetics”, I myself am not one of those men. I prefer to spend most of my time alone.

  • generation gapped on a couple things (fashy haircut… high and tight okay) and as for professional sports… I do enjoy a bad Arsenal match or decent EPL match. But I have been a part of this thing of ours since 1990. And I like to think the wyrm has turned for our Folk.

  • No, the reasons are different:

    1. They shave

    2. They can dress formally

    3. They take baths

    4. They train in martial arts


    5. They have by the system been branded as bad boys.

    The rest most women cannot easily care for.

    And no, alt-right men are NO savages, just branded as such, the real savages are anti-fa criminal cowards and third-worlders.

  • There is no woman in the world that knows me, serves me, that can speak to my heart, that wants me to stand tall, like my strong and beautiful white woman. Don’t have sex with a woman unless you are prepared to die for her.

  • I would like to add on more thing. If the men of the Alt Right want to draw women they need above all else to demonstrate a sense of maturity, intellect and the ability to form, hold and protect a community. These 3 tenets apply to the innate needs of women without them they will stay away.

  • This movement must get off line and build community in real life. Para State is right on some points. 5% of those who will come to this movement will be its leaders, 15% will be its warriors, and 80% will be followers remaining in the shadows and quietly lending their support. These are the ones who will be fathering children and perpetuating the culture.
    The Alt Right message has been contrarian and refutations of the current culture, which is needed to galvanize the disaffected. However, serious considerations needs to be given to formulating the next evolution of our culture to establish the firm foundation for the 80% on which to build. Where there is no vision the people will perish, Proverbs 29:18.The future will have elements of the past but will at the same time it will be different.
    That being said the men of the Alt Right are young and need guidance, it’s time for our intellectual leaders to start giving them a vision that they can help bring into reality. In many ways I find them falling into the same current cultural traps they claim women do. When women see this new and better way being lived out by the men, they will follow.

    • There is no problem with women that a real man doesn’t instantly fix. I have seen it time and time again, even hardcore feminists swoon for a real man in their presence. Build yourself, and they will come. The secret is not to need them, to be self sufficient, but also full of resources – good sense of humour, intelligence, and a strong identity of who you are. As Nietzsche said “The key to a successful life: a Yes, a No, a straight line, and a goal.” Women don’t want to “complete” a man, they want a man that stands on his own already, indomitable Shiva force that attracts Shakti like the lightning rod attracts the lightning.

      • Agreed. However I have experienced that most young men are cursed with a version of the same procrastination that young women suffer, they believe they have time or FOMO so settling down and starting families is not an imperative. Of course men can afford to wait, but young women do not have the same time frame to work in. I have heard it told to a 25yr old woman you still have time. No she doesn’t, not if she wants mentally and physically healthy children.

  • The racial hierarchy.

    White boys worship black stud athletes & rappers as superior men and surrender white women to black guys. To compensate for the loss, they get Asian girls.

    So, that’s America is a nutshell.

    It’s about “black guys fuc*ing white girls” cheered on by “white boys fuc*ing yellow girls.”

    • I don’t know where you ar from but that is not the case where I from. Only extremely obese and drug addicted White women are with Blacks and their are no Asians to speak of.

      Where is it like that?

    • Except for a few entertainers with cachet, googles are not getting quality White women. And given that, if they spawn mulattos, the one-drop rule shows no sign of going away, losing a few race-traitor hotty coal burners, and losing many, many more disgusting fatty coal-burners, is eugenic anyway.

    • The Alt Right really needs to purge these beta boys with their BBC cuck fantasies.

      The reality as everyone knows is that white women are the most “racist” when it comes to sex, dating, and marriage. White men are the second most “racist.”

      But apparently lots of beta boys like to watch cuckold pornography on the internet and fantasize about “Blacks on Blondes.” They are poison to this movement, as you can see right here in this thread as they post their sick fantasies in the comment section under the guise of “politics.”

      • I guess so. I never heard of such things. No wonder these pussies can’t get laid. Who could even think that way?

  • Great article the alt right .com always is on point , I have lost weight and geting in to fighting shape. Was able to red pill a woman and we are getting married now. Had to do it for are people. It can be a hard road but , with women you have to give a slow redpill . I turned a libtard democratic into a race real ist in a year. Her faimly keeps thier liberal mouths shut around me. However it can be useful . If they are pissed off about the banks and underemployment all you have to do is say gee I agree with you they lap that up and then you start to show them the echoes liberals can be reformed you just have to show them the coincidences they have to come to it on their own. Coming from northeastern Pennsylvania where are the Democrats Run Deep and they absolutely hate the idea of white privilege considering that their ancestors were coal miners and coal mining is has nothing to do with privilege they are very easy to read pill.

  • The racial hierarchy.

    White boys worship black stud athletes & rappers as superior men and surrender white women to black guys. To compensate for the loss, they get Asian girls.

    So, that’s America is a nutshell.

    It’s about “black guys fuc*ing white girls” cheered on by “white boys fuc*ing yellow girls.”

  • PC seeks to neuter white males into a bunch of cucky pansies. Most Proglodyte white males are ‘Neuterds’.

    • It’s her hamster: chicks think like betas, that only guys as handsome as Nathan get much interest. It’s because all of them over 4 think they can get a nice, handsome, well-to-do, manly, respected, fearless mate. In reality they’ll settle for far different, so long as he’s confident.

      It’s been said a million times on the manosphere boys, but who knows what HS or college kid might be here for the 1st time: you all want a pretty girl, right? Well, to get her you must understand that confidence is to men what looks are to women.

      • While that might be true, someone stereotypically unattractive will probably not land someone stereotypically attractive or highly attractive unless they pay for it.

        The manosphere is full of weird people anyway.

        Check out Barbarossa, for example. He’s of partly Puerto Rican descent, I guess, has some MGTOW ideology going on and a girlfriend he, in order to keep him around, expects to bring home girls for some three-way sex. Somewhere, he ridiculed white nationalists, stating that there probably won’t be a race war, that white nationalists will end up paying alimony after their marriages fall apart, that white nationalists would have to settle for whoever would take them and that he himself doesn’t have a problem only having sex with white women.
        He’s also confident enough to believe that he can get laid any time he wants. I wonder what he’ll get laid with looking like he does though…

        … and, after having watched this video by him, whether he actually still goes out at all:

        On the pick-up artist front, there are people like “Tyler,” going on about how his fatherly appearance – that’s code for overweight and balding – would land him a lot of hot chicks.
        Somewhere, someone who claimed that he hung out with the guy a lot for over a year, if I remember correctly, said that the “quality” of broad he attracted was nothing to be proud of, that the courses he organises and the lectures he gives are a scam and that the free videos on his YouTube channel are as honest as advertisements.

        • The only manosphere guy I read regularly is Roissy, who everyone even vaguely dissident right enjoys, from Sailer to bikers. I don’t doubt a lot of these other guys are weird, but I bet a lot of them aren’t red pill on race, and there’s something deficient in a mind that, let’s say within three years of discovering the manosphere, is still telling itself ‘they lied to me about women, but told the truth on everything else.’

          Or, as Sean Fielding likes to say: ‘red pill on broads, leads to red pill on nogs; red pill on chicks, leads to red pill on spics.’

          And for Roissy and his like in the best of the manosphere, eg Rollo Tomasi, none have ever denied that ‘a stereotypically unattractive man will probably not land a highly attractive woman.’ But your key word there is ‘probably.’

          This is all just debating NAXALT stuff. We maintain four things:

          1. The not infreqently seen examples of attractive men with plain women are proof that looks are not enough for men.
          2. Sometimes a stereotypically unattractive man CAN land a highly attractive woman.
          3. 99% of how he does this is confidence: confidence is why looks are not enough for men.
          4. We men are the lucky sex for many reasons, not least of which is that it’s possibly to change your confidence at a deep, lasting and meaningful level, but the only ways to change your looks are cosmetic.

  • This was an enjoyable read. The author makes some excellent points and the embedded tweets are hilarious

  • It is nice having a companion who shares one’s views, but, if I may be permitted to give a little advice to the young men here, politics isn’t the most important thing. If you are raising White children to be good citizens who are proud of their culture and their folk, then you are doing your part. You may persuade your wife to adopt your metapolitics; she may even persuade you on some matters. But your duty is to protect the work and heritage of your ancestors and pass it on to your children. Everything else is secondary.

    My husband was a fairly standard conservative, to my right when it comes to economics but not ‘redpilled’ like me on certain issues, though of course all this was many years before anyone knew what a redpill was. We met in our early 20s, married a couple of years later and started a family; all very normal at that time but certainly less so nowadays. We still have our political disagreements, but our life’s work has been successful, and that is what matters. We shall become grandparents shortly knowing that our children will pass on what we have taught them, as our parents did; and of course we shall play our part too in raising them, as our grandparents did with us.

    As for attracting a mate, well, I cannot offer any magic formula. But I will say that there is something very alluring about a gentlemen who carries himself with dignity, who takes pride in his appearance, and who has a sense that he is part of something greater than himself.

      • Well, I cannot speak first hand about the situation in America, but the idea that there is a shortage of traditionally minded women there seems very strange to me. Do you attend a church? Or, if you’re not a believer, perhaps you might consider other implicitly White spaces.

        • Church types are typically married off very young to other children of congregants. Also nearly every u.s. church is incredibly cucked. If you understood the culture here you would understand. Church is something that old people do. Millenial women have sex with black guys. Seriously good luck finding one who hasnt. A virgin? Don’t think those exist anymore. We can explain this situation over and over but you older folks never quite seem to “get it”. This is the frickin end of the world!

          • Believe me ive tried. lived all over the country. Got married and divorced. Maybe it’s different outside of cities, but good luck finding work outside of the cities. Many men in this movement have similar views and similar experiences.

          • My friend, don’t take this as an insult, because I don’t know you personally. But maybe the problem is within you, not the lost women of today. The men are lost too. Carve out a place of goodness, believe in and articulate a virtuous ideal, be the embodiment of that ideal, be patient, and it will happen. If you still don’t meet a great woman, at least your life will be much better for having prepared.

          • Some truth in that. We need to shame and ostracise slutty women and women who sleep with Blacks. Instead we keep putting them on a pedestal just because they are women. Just like a man has to have honor to be accepted into the society of men, a woman must have dignity. It’s really simple and something our ancestors had no problem grasping.

            But not ALL sleep with Blacks. On the slutty part I’ve had some brag to me about how many men they have ” scored”. Porn has a lot to do with that. Also porn has tempted many women into lesbian acts. Even though as the told me, they found it gross.

            But yea, we need good women and sound families or we are finished.

          • “Millennial women have sex with black guys.”

            Oh you are one of those dude with a cuckold fantasy.

            You’re just wrong. White millennial women are the most “racist” women when it comes to sex. White women are the LEAST likely to have sex with a man of a different race, especially black men.

            You THINK that millennial women are all having sex with black men because you watch too much cuckold pornography.

          • That’s odd I’ve lived in cities my entire life and it’s rare. But on the other hand if you get a “rush” out of seeing it of course you are going to look for it and notice it a lot.

            The cuckold fetish is real, it has real biological and evolutionary causes (basically, sperm competition – look it up.) But if you spend hours a day jerking off to “blacks on blonde” porn the Jews made for you, it’s going to mess up your head.

            I suggest stop masturbating so much.


          • I’m not masturbating to interracial porn guy,come to Dayton Ohio and see this shit for yourself.

          • “Dayton Ohio”

            That’s your problem right there. I’d move if I were you.

            I lived for nearly five years in a city that was 50% black. I rarely, if ever, saw a white woman with a black man. Yet by the stereotypes I should have seen it all the time. Yet it almost never happened.

          • I wonder about this too. I never see this, it must be only in certain regions. I do not know any white women with black boyfriends/husbands/ or relationships. I do not know any with mulatto children.

          • Move to Chicago. It’s a cooler city than Dayton and every white girl is redpilled by necessity.

          • I have a buddy who lives in chicago. He says if he were to come out as alt right he would be socially destroyed. Plus I fucking hate chicongo.

          • Right, so you don’t come out as alt-right. Is a white girlfriend who hates even being around other races in public not good enough? You will find plenty of that in Chi, unless you are looking for a literal Nazi?

          • If she hates being around other races, then what the hell is she doing in Chicongo in the first place?

          • It’s an incredibly segregated city, and the social order between blacks and whites is unchallenged. The blacks that you do interact with are often polite and openly thankful for being included in white society.

          • My buddy lives in a so called white area of chicago. Some monkeys broke into his apartment last year and would have gotten away with most of his stuff had his roommate not walked in and caught them in the act. I’ll pass on chicongo.

          • “Sperm competition” or something similar is a term I noticed while listening to some video where Gad Saad, said to be the founder or at least a very influential figure in evolutionary psychology (, talked to someone else, also about porn.
            His stance was that gang-bang porn derives its popularity due to the natural male need for “sperm competition” and that seeing a lot of men having sex with a woman would be highly arousing because of it.

          • My concern here isn’t to get between Bannon Dale and Hipster Racist having an argument; I think to suggest that someone who doesn’t like white women dating black men has a “cuckold fantasy” involving white women getting pounded by black men while the white “husband” watches, as seen in the porn genre, is about as valid as implying that a dislike, aversion or hatred of gays is caused by the person holding these beliefs to secretly being gay themself.

          • There is a difference between “not liking” something and seeing it everywhere.

            If someone were to say “white men are all faggots I see them everywhere” – when the reality is that something like 2% at most of the white population is gay, that says more about the supposed “observer” than it does white men in general.

            Same with those who see “blacks on blondes” everywhere. It just is not that common, in fact, it is extremely rare. But if someone sees that everywhere, they are expressing something about themselves, not other people.

            It works the same for feminists who see “rape culture” everywhere. There is a reason there is a stereotype about feminists being into hard core BDSM.

          • That makes sense, although I wouldn’t know where to look for data to back that up.

            I’d be curious to know what the reason for the stereotype mentioned here is.
            It could be as easy as feminists living out their rape fantasies.

          • I totally agree.I look at the miscegenated low life here but the stats do not reflect what I perceive.The vast majority of white women want ONLY white babies.

          • I disagree with you I know a lot of millennial women. Let me tell you. I am always hearing from other women about their “White Privilege” and how they should try to check their biases. So they will go out of their way to make themselves not look like a racists. My sister is one of these people. We were walking down the street and this black dude with a comb in his hair who was holding his pants up was walking down the street. She waved, smiled, and literally WINKED at him. It looked very over the top to be kind or acknowledge someones presents. She is happily married also. I asked her why she looked like she was trying to pick the guy up. She said that she just didn’t want him to think she is racist. I asked her why she had to look like she wanted to suck his d%$#? She said that she did not realize she was doing that. However if it was a white guy she would have just ignored him. We are being programmed to go out of our way for people that think “Whites are the problem”. We are being conditioned to believe that you are racist if you do not date outside your race. White gilt. I have even experienced black guys go ballistic on me for declining to give them my number. They will tell me that I am a “stupid racist white girl”. I even had some get very hostile. So whatever dude.

          • I think you are setting up impossible conditions from which no victory may be claimed. If you are convinced of your position then you are far better off abandoning group causes, and becoming an individual, and live out your days searching for the inner sacred or alone on a mountain top somewhere. To be convinced that all is lost just causes you to self-destruct, for there is nothing in this nihilism to sustain your soul.

          • Well at least it looks like up. Have you heard of the book “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen? I suggest you give it a read. Or a re-read. Available online for free as PDF, public domain.

        • I live in socialist europe so finding an actually religious woman is incredibly rare (ie that she behave as such and not just say she believed it). Doubly so since I’m an atheist. But i did find a conservative woman who is nominally Christian. So I’m incredibly lucky compared to what most of my compatriots have to deal with. Which is 90+% pure degeneracy and vile communist indoctrination. And even then i have to work hard to red pill her. She already tacitly accepts the implicit notion that our country actually belongs to us which is more than most men here can say.

          • I’m pleased that you were able to find a good woman. I wouldn’t despair for your compatriots, however, because there are still many implicitly, if not explicitly, Whites spaces in our societies. Even, say, the art scene or the theatre, despite the platitudes that those involved spout, are chock full of White people who will pair up with other White people. There are always options and possibilities.

        • This is crucially important.We dominate certain spaces,theatre,animal welfare,certain hobby clubs,gardening,Harley D’s etc etc
          Identify those spaces and re populate!

      • Most millennial women aren’t political, thus cannot be to the “left” of anything. Even the ones that are “liberal” are most of the time just saying what they believe to be acceptable.

        I know lots of “liberal” women that are married to “conservative” men. Whatever political views they spout they lead implicitly white “alt right” lives.

        Besides nothing is sexier to a young woman than a “bad boy” and there is nothing more “bad boy” right now that being a “deplorable Trump supporting racist” who just doesn’t give a shit about political correctness.

        Seriously just try it.

        • I agree with you on the bad boy thing, but most women, at least in the cities are living highly degenerate lifestyles, not implicitly alt right ones.

          • I doubt you have a clue what “most women” in the cities are doing. It’s interesting that your ideas about what “most women” in the cities and otherwise are doing is what you find in the media and porn, as opposed to what the actual data shows.

          • I work as a driver in a city and I see it every day with my own eyes. Do you believe your eyes more, or statistics?

          • “Lies, Damn lies, and statistics” yeah my eyes must be laying to me. Whites aren’t being genocided. Shouldn’t really be concerned about misvegenation, it’s not THAT prevalent. I guess there really is no need for thebalt-right at all. Everything is gonna be fine. Let me share some more anecdotes from the last decade: 2008 freshman year at Ohio state, two female athletes lived across the hall from me and my roommate. One a soccer player and one tennis. Neither one would give us the time of day, in fact they looked at us with disgust, even though we were both attractive white guys. Nearly every night, they both had black athletes overnight in their dorms. There was a ghetto black down the hall, every time in sad him he was with a different white girl. 2011: Worked as a doorman at a bar and grill in Dayton (Beavercreek actually, a majority white area, 90%). The black assistant Manager at this restaurant had slept with half of the waitresses, by their own admission. He even used sex to bribe them with better shifts and waitsections. About half of the girls that weren’t sleeping with him had black boyfriends of their own. I remember one girl expressing to me her wish to have “Carmel babies”. The very next month, she was pregnant by a black, and expressed to me her desire to find an engineer boyfriend to help her take care of the baby. Dated a girl briefly at that time too, after i broke up with her, she moved down to Florida with a black guy. 2012: worked at an office in Dayton for a publicly traded company. The three most attractive women there all either had mulatto babies or a black boyfriend or both. There was an affirmative action hire black guy, the only one who worked there, and virtually all the women there could be overheard daily discussing him, his drama and antics (generally sleeping around at the office and showing no respect to the bosses. Two friends of mine, both southerners, both have sisters who are now single mom’s with mulatto babies. Both my female cousins have admitted to me that they have slept with blacks. Both of my best friends girlfriends have admitted to me, in front of their boyfriends, that they have slept with blacks. At my current job, there are two mudsharks, one with children. There are also two black girls and both have white boyfriends. Literally half of the couples I see driving around Dayton are black male/ white female. It’s worse than you make it out to be, at least here in ohio.

          • The idea here is not that there is not sickness, but that the sickness has not yet won. Find the healthy and build from there. Don’t just discard the whole thing in despair.

          • You’re not imagining things. From a millennial woman’s experience (I guess I’m millennial – born in ’85?) When I was in my twenties, my girlfriends at the time would constantly chide me for being the odd-woman out. Why was I the odd-woman out? Because I was the only female in our “group” (we were all white), who had absolutely no interest in black men. None. At all.
            Fast forward to the current year… today actually! I was having coffee with another female friend and naturally, the subject of men came up. She was boasting about her new live-in boyfriend and said to me, “You should really try brown men. Seriously, they worship they ground you walk on.”
            I almost threw up in my mouth. On what planet have colored men ever worshiped anything except their own ignorance? I don’t have time to relay all my real-life reasons for never wanting to be a mudshark. I’ll die alone with 40 cats before that ever happens.
            Since my twenties, I’ve been (and I assume other white women) inundated with messages from the media and friends to “get with the times” and ‘try’ brown/ black/ whatever men.
            I’m not making excuses for white women who turn to the dark side, only agreeing with you in that this is not all in your head.

          • Yes, most men are too. That’s the point. Lift ourselves out first, because it is our job as men of character, then project the new standard. Others will follow your lead. The Marxist conditioning is a surface veneer beneath which lurks the irresistible and radical force of nature making every cell dance in resonance. Maybe that still fails, time will tell, but that is the only path forward, that is the greatest hope.

        • I think you have this right!Most women consider themselves ‘virtuous’ politically but lack moral integrity.Bad boys have always been attractive and perhaps those liberal
          women will succumb quicker than we allow for?They just follow fashion perhaps clearly without any knowledge or common sense?

  • Social Privilege vs Genetic Privilege

    White folks are indeed privileged. And it’s about time race-ists admitted it.

    White people really are privileged with genetic traits that give them an advantage over others in certain areas.

    This privilege was bestowed on whites by evolution and nature. It is genetic. Whites can’t do anything about it since it’s inborn.

    It’s like blacks are privileged when it comes to sprinting, jumping, and punching. No matter how much blacks apologize for their genetic privilege in athletics, they will run faster than others. They can’t help themselves.

    A black guy, upon winning the sprinting competition, can say he’s sorry, mope about about it, and speak in favor of sports-equality. But in the next race, he will beat other races once again due to his genetic privilege that makes him faster than other races.

    Likewise, Ashkenazi Jews are genetically privileged with higher IQ. Evolution made them that way. So, no matter how many times Jews apologize for this genetic privilege/advantage and no matter how badly they may feel about it(or may try to deny it), they are going to outperform gentiles, particularly blacks, in academic endeavors.

    Nature is all about genetic privileges. Just look at birds. They got wings, so they are privileged in flight, something most animals cannot do. Look at fish. They got fins and gills, and that means they are privileged to thrive in water. Even a dumb shark has great advantage over a smart human in water because genetic privilege makes shark master over man.

    Genetic privileging is what nature is all about. Without these natural privileges, organisms wouldn’t have their niche advantages that allow them to survive. Turtles may be slow, but they are privileged with shells that offer them protection. Thus, their chance of survival is improved. A skunk isn’t big or fast, but it is privileged with musk odor that can send predators running. Imagine a ‘progressive’ animal speaking ill of a turtle for its shell-privilege and of a skunk for its stink-privilege.

    Different organisms have different privileges.

    Likewise, different races have different genetic privileges that persist even when social privileges are removed from society.

    Sometimes, social privileges and genetic privileges may be aligned. Suppose there is a social law in America that says ONLY BLACKS can play in NBA or NFL. So, blacks would be socially privileged in sports and totally monopolize both sports. But suppose other races denounce this privilege and call for end of such privileges. But will the change of policy really change the sports scene all that much? NO, because black genetic privilege in sports will remain despite the removal of social privilege. So, even as some whites who are exceptionally good might make it into NBA and NFL, both leagues will remain predominantly black, and there is fat chance of Asian, Mexican, Hindu, or Arab getting in.

    This is the problem with blacks and academics. It is true that blacks were effectively denied entry into many intellectual institutions that once socially privileged whites. But even once those social privileges were removed, white genetic privilege in brain power remained effectively in play.

    In contrast, the removal of social privilege for whites in sports had a huge impact since blacks have natural genetic privilege in athletics. So, change in social policy led to huge changes in sports based on biological factors.

    If people understood the concept of social privilege vs genetic privilege better, they wouldn’t be so confused and partial to PC.

  • Years ago I showed a girlfriend a video of David Duke and she threw a fit and left me. And this girl was from Alabama. But liberal Yankee transplant family. Women are very much influenced by their family and have a heard mentality. Be wary.

  • Go for the women from villages or strong traditional religious backgrounds. An indoctrinated modern, liberal woman will very rarely come around to your way of thinking. You need a woman whose family were Southern Segregationist or a village girl if in Western Europe. There are exceptions but still.

  • This is a time for Organicist Strugglism, not Rationalism

    Rationalism has great value, but in order for one to be rationalist, there needs to be order and stability. After all, one can be civil and discuss things in gentlemanly or ladylike manner over tea-and-crumpets ONLY IF one feels safe and secure. One cannot have a tea party in a state of war.

    Humans are primarily organisms, and Organicism stresses the importance of survival and security above all else. After all, ‘all else’ is possible ONLY IF you survive as a race and culture. After all, there is no Persian ideas & values without Persian people & culture. There is no Turkish ideas & values without Turkish people & culture. There is no Japanese ideas & values without Japanese people & culture. So, the survival and security of race and culture precede all else. Before you have ideas and values, you must exist in the first place. And if you want to go on having ideas and values, you must secure your survival for the foreseeable future. After all, if you die, your ideas and values die with you. And if you want the culture of your people to remain through the ages, you have to produce children, your own organisms, to inherit them and pass them down to their children. If you don’t have children, there won’t be anyone to bear the torch of your genetics, memory, and race & culture.

    We focus a lot on ideas, images, and idols, but we forget that our minds must exist in the first place for there to be ideas, images, and idols that cannot exist without brains, which are part of human organisms. Therefore, securing the survival of the organism is the primary purpose of existence.

    If a people of a community read lots of books and conceive all sorts of fancy ideas & pretty images but fail to secure territory, security, & progeny, their fate will be that of fireworks: dazzling but gone forever once the sparks fade out. Civilization must be like burning coals, not fireworks. It must find a way to keep the fire burning from within.

    A people who have lost the Way of Life will die out, and then, their ideas and culture, however dazzling such may be, will die with them since ideas and cultures can exist only as practices of organisms with will and agency. At best, their achievements in ideas and images will be usurped by another people who will have either conquered or replaced them.

    Humans have minds, and it’s a wonderful thing that minds can produce ideas. However, we must always remind ourselves that human organisms have existence apart from ideas, whereas ideas cannot have existence apart from human organisms. So, the World of Life must come before Word of Ideas. Human life has meaning and value without ideas, but ideas have no meaning or value without human life. Most of the pioneering Americans who built farms and worked in factories had little book-learning and few ideas. But they had life and, with it, a sense of family, history, territoriality, spirituality, and community that are the building blocks of culture and civilization. Life can have rich emotional, cultural, tribal, and spiritual meaning without fancy philosophy, but no idea, however insightful or brilliant, has any meaning apart from life.

    Organisms are ‘ireals’, and it is ireals that have use for ideas, not the other way around. The best idea in the world is just a thought in the head, and it cannot produce life. It has no autonomy. But even an uncultivated person without fancy ideas, like a Germanic Barbarian of old, can produce life. As an organism fueled by instinct, he has autonomy. Those who produce life will carry on whether their ideas are good or bad. Those who produce only ideas will lose, no matter how brilliant those ideas may be. Of course, the trick is to produce both life and ideas. The most valuable kind of ideas is that which best facilitates the creation and sustenance of a society that ensures organismic survival of territory, history, and culture.

    Anyway, even though we all like to sit gently and be rational with ideas & abstractions, we can’t afford such luxury when our survival itself is at stake. You can talk civilly with someone over tea ONLY IF you feel safe and secure. But if someone is holding your head under water, your being must kick into another mode of existence. Under such circumstances, Rationalism and civility will do you no good. You must move into the mode of Strugglism. You must react violently and instinctively to struggle and fight to survive. If you calmly and rationally try to ponder why the person is holding your head under water, it is Game Over for you. Indeed, your instinctual life-force will react against your conceit of obligatory civility and rationality. This is true of animals as well. No matter how much a dog is trained to be obedient and devoted to its master, its life-force will compel it to rebel against the master if the latter holds its head under water. Sometimes, instinctualism is ‘smarter’ than idealism.

    Rationalism is fine within certain contexts. But in other contexts, it is Strugglism and Instictualism that matter. In our times, whites must move into Strugglist and Instinctualist mode since there is a Jewish Agenda of holding the White Race under the globalist tide to drown what remains of white power, white pride, and white consciousness.

    Mao Zedong wrote: “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”

    It is time for Europeoples to say “Struggle for Survival is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. Struggle for Survival is a resistance, an act of violence by which one race fights off another.”

    The Jew holds the Euro-organism under water. Is this time for rationalism or strugglism, for idealism or instinctualism? (Idealism has value only when aligned with instinctualism. PC altered Western Idealism so that it went from white pride & preservation to white shame & submission. PC tells the white race not to rebel against the Jew who hold its head under water.)

    It is when one’s survival is threatened that everything finally comes into focus. Indeed, the ultimate purpose of Rationalism is to procure better knowledge and means to secure the survival and power of the organismic community. It is the only way of life worth having. Why do predators and prey use their minds, their capacity of reason? To hunt, to flee, to find food, to secure territory… in other words, to survive and gain advantage against other organisms with which they are in constant struggle.

    Watch closely the Jew, and he acts in accordance to his Tribal-Organismic Will to survive and expand his power and control over others. Jews have two sets of rules, one for Jews and one for goyim. These rules are not unlike the two sets of rules that separate humans and cattle. What applies to humans don’t apply to cattle, and vice versa.

    • I don’t believe in this idea of “bad looking” and “good looking”, as if it is just some luck of the DNA, and that’s that. Bullshit. Get lean, get groomed, learn how to walk upright to separate yourself from the primates.

      • Good hygiene, good health, confidence, intelligence, having a solid purpose or goal, and good humor all trump looks.

  • Alt Right men are the ONLY white men deserving of respect and honor.

    It is the duty of men to fight for their women(the life vessels of racial survival), their land, their culture, and their historical memory.

    Men who don’t do this are a bunch of pansies. Now, some men do fight for those things but lose. They deserve respect. American Indians lost but AT LEAST they put up a fight.

    White men can choose the Viet Cong way or Viet Cuck way.

    Even though the US fought bitterly with the Viet Cong and North Vietnam, there is a grudging respect for those men, whereas Americans feel Zero Respect for Viet Cucks of South Vietnam.

    Even if Viet Cong and North Vietnam were infected with the disease of communism, they believed in national independence, driving out foreign invaders & imperialists, unifying the nation(cut in two by the US), and reclaiming control of land and possession of women.
    In contrast, Viet Cucks whored out to the US, let Americans occupy and run the South, reduce Viet women into prostitutes and use them as sex meat, and etc. They are collaborators. They served a foreign power instead of resisting them.

    Now, it is the white world that is under Jewish-Globalist Occupation. Jews have created a Vietnam-like situation among whites. Jews have set ‘red states’ against ‘blue states’ when, in fact, all whites have common interests. Jews use ‘blue state’ whites as their collaborators. Jews tell white men that they should surrender their lands to masses of foreigners and hand over their daughters to black men.

    Jews call for the colonization of white lands, white minds, and white wombs.
    Jews say non-whites should become ‘new Europeans’ and remake Europe. Jews say PC and Jew-control of world media should colonize white minds and fill whites with ‘white guilt’, white self-loathing, and white self-doubt. Jews say white wombs should be colonized by black seed and Muslim seed and dilute and destroy the white race.

    No people can survive for long without control over the land, narrative, and women. It is on land that a race feels most secure. It is control of narrative that fills a people with pride and justification. It is through wombs that future generations of the race are born. Imagine if your mother’s womb had been colonized by a Negro. YOU would have been afro-aborted and tossed out of the nest of white womb that would been colonized by black seed to create a black child, an enemy of the white race.

    To the extent that Alt Right men are the ONLY white men who are aware of what is happening and why AND to the extent that they are the only ones who are explicitly struggling for white survival through possession or reclamation of white lands, white narrative, and white wombs, they are ONLY white men who deserve respect. The rest are cowards, cucks, or collaborators of Jews.

    Know your Jew.

  • Diversity leads to either Division or Dilution. Division leads to strife, Dilution leads to dissipation or even total loss of identity.

    Since when is division a form of strength? Since when is dilution a form of strength.

    Diluting something makes it stronger? Really? When whites mix with blacks, is whiteness strengthened in the mixed-race offspring? No, whiteness is lost and the child identifies as black. When whites mix with Meso-Americans, is whiteness strengthened in the mixed-race offspring? No, the kid will most likely identify as ‘brown’ or ‘Latino'(or ‘Latinx) and work against whites.

    It’s simple chemistry. When you dilute something, it becomes weaker and less potent, not stronger. Also, when something bonds with something else, it could well become subordinate or submissive to the other. Virtually child of black-and-white mixing leads to blackness and total eclipsing of whiteness.

    Does anyone really believe Jews care about white gentiles? Does anyone really believe Jews that whites or Europeans will be empowered or strengthened by diversity via massive-invasive-immigration and race-mixing? How are whites or Europeans made stronger by the demographic takeover of white lands by non-whites? How is whiteness served or made stronger by race-mixing when most mixed-race kids identify as non-white and are encouraged by Jews to hate and work against whites?

    More Diversity in the West means more division and strife if whites were to maintain their racial identity and consciousness. They will come in conflict with growing numbers of non-whites.

    Or, more Diversity means more dilution and dissipation for whites if they were to racially mix with non-whites. Most of the kids will identity as non-white and may well work against white power and interests.

    Jew would have you believe that White Power is evil. So,what is preferable? White Powerlessness?

    When it comes to Jews, DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT.

  • An article full of wishful thinking that is diametrically opposed to reality. As an insider, I can count married-with-children alt-right men on one hand.

    • No there aren’t. Those kinds of women are extremely rare. I’d guess there roughly similar # of men in the alt-rt with kids but divorced

  • I would like to remind everyone that Krypto Report had a very clear statement in its recent episode 9 about that this whole thing is about White Men. White women give birth to white men and in the end of the day thats what they are good for if they don’t plot and betray. They are dumb animals that follow the strongest pack.

    • I prefer to restate the harshness of your wording. Women are pure power, but without grounding. Men are naturally powerless without women, but they have ideas around which power can be drawn. This is the idea of shiva and shakti. The ungrounded power of woman meets the monumental gravitas of thought in man, and around it is born children, civilization, and a journey to the stars. Man to woman: “teach me to feel.” Woman to man: “teach me to think.” When feeling meets thinking, a metaphysical explosion occurs and magic begins to work.

      • that sounds like a load of esoteric horseshit to me. Take a look at how these shiva and shakti followers treat their womenfolk.

  • I’m certainly not on the level of attraction that those men have, but ever since I became a white nationalist, I’ve been working on fixing myself up!

    • There was nothing more embarrassing back in the 90s to lead a march of “white nationalists” who looked like they lived in their pyjamas and ate Cheetos all day. If a group wants to send the message that they are the life and health of the civilization, then they better appear to be able to lift a couch instead of live on one.

    • Good on you! Just remember that us women with sense don’t confuse a good man with perfection. There’s nothing wrong with a good fixer-upper 🙂

  • So where does one find all these alt-right family oriented men? I have a theory that those of us in the mid 20s will be left behind because they’re still getting over normie dating habits, but by the time they do, they will have moved on to younger women. Most older men in this movement are already married.

    • 28 here. Divorced but no kids. Tried to Redpill my ex and it led to divorce. Single men are most of this movement.

    • not many are married in the alt right. And they are scattered over the western hemisphere and active only on the internet. Many are NEET types. Alt Right guys often tend to get isolated from social life because they cannot enjoy the degenerated mass culture. So your best try is to find one of them on the internet. Imagine your problem amplified by tha factor 100 is the reality for Alt Right men, because of problems to find a woman who is able and willing to put family and marriage on her mind.

      We need to think up and introduce a concept and culture wih venues or guidelines to facilitate that women like you can find Alt Right guys. If this is done we will get a massive upsurge in all parametres relevant to victory. But we are far from this by now. I advocate for this for a long time now.

  • Once again, have only met 1 woman in the last year who identified as alt right. Where are they hiding?

          • The bigger your thing gets the more you will see women like youcis who subvert your movement for some DnA. Dick n’ Attention. She brings nothing to the table besides a high pitched voice.

          • Unless she actively turns against the movement, you shouldn’t be attacking her. Don’t go all MGTOW on us Para.

          • I’am not going MGTOW, i expect these bitches to walk the walk and not just talk the talk and get some white babies. Otherwise i don’t trust them a lick.

          • Most alt-right women have plenty babies. However most alt-right men are single and childless. The guys need to start pulling their weight.

          • Pulling their weight? Have you not read what i wrote? This is a stormtrooper movement! Single Men, angry useless single Men, fuel such movements. The last thing i want for the NEETs in the altright is to settle down and avoid Danger because now they have some pussy. Don’t tell me about weight and read a book.

          • So we should be celibate monk-warriors and not pass on our genes? How very (((tribal))) of you to suggest that.

          • In one way you’re right, they quit and disaffect when they have a family. But in another you’re completely wrong, most of this is online larping and when the boomers die we’ll never win an election again because they young men aren’t having kids young enough.

          • Just around 40% of men born in history reproduced themselfs. That was made up by those women who had kids had like 6+ of them. You need these soldier ants, but not for just voting.

            Also in the US the votes are with the electorial collage and thats more or less detached from the hoi poloi the way it was ment to be.

          • We Alt Right elders (I have 2 grown kids BTW) are hoping Alt Right millennial men will be in the 40%. Otherwise, what’s the point? Fortunately, men have time. But not forever.

          • Two kids is not enough. Youre already an “Elder”, i guess over 50, but you didn’t produce a population surplus?
            This is not how it works. If you expect every NEET to get a wife and have 2.0 kids, youre right back at the beginning where dumbass boomers had 2.5 kids and messed up a lot of them, cause they shouldn’t have had children in the first place.

          • I am biologically numerate. I’ve been dissident right for 20 years. For the first 17 of those years, 2.0 kids was about 1.9 more than the average for movement men, from informal meatspace surveys. It’s still probably 1.9 more, but at least there are now some grounds for hope. Some. The obvious question is: how many kids do you have?

          • Millennial Woes talked about that in one of his videos. He said he wanted to start an AR dating site or something but I don’t know if anything ever came out of that.

          • Citation needed. (I am married with children, just fyi…)
            You made a sweeping generalization with no source or data.

            Stop doing that.

        • How many even have boyfriends? Tara is the only one of the young ladies who is getting married. Lead by example girls!

          • Well Lana is already married to Henrik, so there is that.

          • Yes, there is that. But some of these ladies preach a lot without fulfilling the very standards that they propose.

    • Women follow. You can’t expect women to join a stormtrooper movement. That would be foolish. And it would attract women you don’t have use for anyways, cause they are loud mouthed dumpster fires. Create a domain and territory that can provide safespaces and material affluence and the women will offer fertility in exchange for a piece of that. Or you just form a warband and capture and rape the enemys women. They don’t have use for them anyways.

      • Yeah, tell that to my ex wife. She wasn’t willing to be redpilled and in fact it led to our divorce.

        • Thats your own fault you blank. Women don’t care about victimhood messaging like “the white men is under attack”, cause they are wired to side with the strong side and in this case its the side you were complaining about.

          • “Be a white warrior, women will follow. How can you ever expect women to like you if you stand up for the white race?” You are inconsistent.

          • What point are you trying to make? There is no argument other than “you’re a loser, don’t try to Redpill women, it makes to seem weak, you don’t understand, you blank.” Really I’m waiting for some kind of consistent message here other than calling people losers who fall on hard times trying to do what’s right.

          • So the argument you can identify is not good enough for you. You sound like you just nagged your woman untill she had enough. Those who are actualy interested in some hindsight can read that already from the posts you made. You don’t act as an activist towards your women painting a threat to make yourself sound smarter towards her, you don’t “redpill” women and blame feminism if you mess it up. Go on, be an example to the younger once how not to do something.

          • I kicked her out actually. So how does one do it right, oh wise and powerful master? Just get money and pay a slut to have your babies, but don’t try to show her the truth though, because that’s weak. Still see nothing constructive. Just more ridicule.

          • Yes, your irony is actually correct: there IS little point in trying to show women the truth, since women are fundamentally contructed not to know the truth (especially about themselves: their hamster tells them they want men to be nice, red pill says otherwise). Just live racial truth yourself and if you do that strongly enough, your woman will tend to follow.

          • Not true,and I speak from experience. The essence of your arguments are, “be a chad, live racial truth and women will follow, don’t expect any woman to be repelled though, just deal with her blue pill stupid ideas. I get the feeling most of you don’t speak from experience.

          • Hi bannon, I’ve read your other comments in this thread and I think the only concrete advice I can give you is to look for conservative women in their early twenties. Trying to find a conservative woman who is still single at 28 would be a challenge, many get married young. If you’re financial and emotionally stable, I think that would be very attractive to a young woman. Like one of the other commenters suggested, traditional churches (like orthodox, catholic, and Lutheran) can be a good place to start. Little old ladies are always looking for potential husbands for their granddaughters.

          • Yeah, cause you deserve ridicule. I meet like three guys like you in real life and its always the same story where you just nag a woman who doesn’t give a lick totaly unnecessary and you destroy the peace of your own home to make a point. Who gives a damn about what a woman thinks.

          • Yeah buddy, I’m sure I’ve got a lot more experience with women than you do, though you claim to know exactly what went down in my marriage. You’re a fool. Maybe you’re projecting your own experience into me.

          • lol ofcourse you have more experience, you experienced a divorce you tool. I don’t give a damn about your failed relationships, i give you an argument for the stuff you post here so that the younger ones who read this don’t repeat your stupid mistakes and then they too complain in some comment section about their own failures and how women are not the way you want them to be.

          • Youre right, its my fault feminism fucked up women in our society. Jews had nothing to do with it. YOU’RE A FAILURE GOY!

          • Imagine these soldiers in Korea facing up against a NK T-34 Tank rolling towards them like daka daka daka, and then they just said “oh yeah, if Ford wouldn’t had build these plants in the soviet union and all that they wouldn’t have these Tanks,” And then the Tank just turns around like “oh youre right, that changes anything now, have a nice day”.
            You blank.

        • I’m sorry to hear that, mate. I got redpilled too late for my own good and my potential for a happy and successful life is very diminished. I know it sucks, but at least you didn’t have any kids with her. Hopefully, you didn’t get stuck paying alimony. If you are only 28, then you still have plenty of time to recover from this. I am a loser in love, so I have no advice to give, save for that you should not settle for anything less than the best.

      • Im fine, I just don’t have time to Redpill some feminist shitlib (the vast majority of women) into “following”. The whole “man-up” thing is a tired song.

    • Women are just big children. No need to find a red pilled girl. Find a normal girl, be the leader and red pill her. They will follow your lead

      • You guys are full of shit. Women don’t follow your lead on redpilling. It’s blatantly false. It’s only when the altright is mainstream culture that most will flip.

  • Great article. I’ve got to say, ever since I “woke up” the bar has indeed gotten a lot higher for my own personal grooming standards. I love my people and want to showcase the very best about us to the outside world.

    • Agreed. Accepting hard criticism for my personal shortcomings is a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but well worth it. Rejecting feminism has given me the motivation to take care of myself so much better… inside and out. I think some women cling onto feminism because it gives them an out as far as not having to give a shit about their physical appearance. It takes discipline to lose weight, maintain good hygiene, keep a clean home, and not spread yourself around. And self-discipline is something feminists frown on.

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