Rachel Dolezal: I Was “Too Black” For My Husband

If race is just a social construct that gets in the way of our expressive individualism, why do people laugh at Rachel Dolezal for LARPing as an African-American?

“Rachel Dolezal paints a dark picture of her childhood in her new memoir, In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.

In the book, she says her brother molested her as a child, her family forced her to eat her own vomit and she wore clothing made of dog fur.

She talks about her desire to be black at a young age.

“I would pretend to be a dark-skinned princess in the Sahara Desert or one of the Bantu women living in the Congo … imagining I was a different person living in a different place was one of the few ways … that I could escape the oppressive environment I was raised in.”

She would rub mud on her hands, arms, feet and legs, she writes.

As she grew older, she didn’t correct those who thought she was black. In fact, she embraced it. She tanned and braided her hair. …”

She isn’t any crazier than the subway tranny, Alison Evans who made up her own gender, or the California man who is transitioning into a genderless alien.

Hunter Wallace
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