We Are Long Overdue For A Revolution

The West is in a state of profound demoralization. This process was deliberate and extended over several generations. It started with the Boomers, although there’s an argument to be made that the seed was planted as early as with “the Greatest Generation.”

Demoralization is described as the process by which a society begins to lose faith in itself, its institutions, its values. This term was popularized on the Alt-Right by the Yuri Bezmenov lecture series.

Yuri explains the importance of Demoralization in fomenting conditions for an overthrow. It is hard to argue with his line of reasoning. Yuri’s vision was that indoctrinated American socialists and marxists would pave the way for an overthrow of the government. However, this is not quite what happened. Soviet state-sponsored agitprop had its limits. In fact, it seems Yuri seemed a bit confused about who was demoralizing who…

We know that the USSR supported Marxist and Socialist groups in the West with varying degrees of success. In fact, the Soviet appeal seemed to spike in the early days of Lenin and co. and died down almost immediately after World War II, where all the Soviet atrocities were finally and quite conveniently unearthed (and the blame laid down at the feet of Stalin.) The USSR had trouble in spreading their propaganda in the United States in particular through the late 70’s and 80’s where Western culture was everywhere triumphant. We also know that the CIA was busy promoting its own brand of “soft” marxism. The Cultural Marxist version that could act like a counter-weight to clumsy Soviet propaganda.

The West sold “sexual liberation,” and the East sold “economic liberation.” We know which side won.


It was the USSR’s own citizens who ended up being the ones profoundly demoralized. They saw the red convertibles, the busty blond beach babes, the blue jeans, the music festivals, the SEX and they were mesmerized. Everyone wanted a piece of the American cultural pie. I can hardly blame them for falling for the illusion, seeing as I can barely pull myself out of the fantasy. I love 80’s themed stuff. I’m all about FutureFash and Vaporwave and trips down nostalgia lane.

I wasn’t even born in the 80’s to have a nostalgia for them. But the raw masculine power that actors like Arnold Schwazzeneger, Silvester Stalone and Jean Claude Van Damme appeals to me in a completely genuine way. Even the women seemed hotter, thinner and tighter back then. I want to go back to the mirage of those days.

And the Soviet youth wanted their country to start resembling Hollywood fantasy. They thought that the streets were paved with gold in the United States, and got disillusioned with their own society. They didn’t realize that they were getting hoodwinked by a form of propaganda that was far more pernicious than anything the traditional Marxists could have cooked up.

The first victim of demoralization was the USSR, not the USA.

That’s how Demoralization works

You set up a pleasant illusion, an impossible ideal, and let the people see how far short their society comes. It worked like a charm abroad, but the USA was not immune. We can see the effects of it now in the mass protests and extreme polarization of society. The “soft” Marxism bred by the CIA turned out to be a double-edged sword. Once you sponsor Pollack, its hard to undo all the hype around him and his “art.” Its hard to fire all the Cultural Marxist professors from the universities, hard to dismantle all the agitprop radio stations that you set up. Its hard to reverse tack and start telling generations of American youths to start having healthy families and resume their traditional values.

(Children are a joy to the family. Children are the future of the nation. Be happy and have kids.) All of a sudden Soviet agitprop doesn’t seem so sinister in comparison…

And we are profoundly demoralized in the West aren’t we? We were sold sexual liberation, but fewer and fewer kids are even getting the sex they were promised.

Sex is everywhere, and yet it is scarcer than ever.

We were sold on free market capitalism and never-ending economic growth.

And yet there are few employment opportunities for youth out of college, and the older generations seem profoundly apathetic and out of touch.

“Good job on that assignment, kiddo. Pay? No no no, you should be thanking me for the work experience I gave you!”

This is what pulling yourself up by your boot-straps looks like in their mind. Many Boomers seem to think that the youth are ungrateful, and spoiled.

“Why worry about the demographic crisis? It’ll all be fine. Just live for yourself!”

Ironic. They all seem to give the same advice.

“Why can’t you just find yourself a nice girl and marry her?”

And live where? We don’t have homes. We rent or and live with other semi-employed millenials. Or we NEET it up at home with mom and dad.

Finally, we also have the anti-White phenomenon… But I don’t have to tell you about the guilt-tripping. Chances are, you’ve experienced it yourself. Especially if you’re a Millenial or a young Gen Z reader. The anti-White propaganda is all we have ever known growing up. The boomers can ignore it in their nice 85% White suburb/retirement community, but we can’t…

So let’s take Yuri’s diagnosis to heart and start reasoning about the state that Western finds itself in. Demoralization was just step one in the grand plan that the KGB expert mapped out. You don’t just demoralize the enemy for nothing. Its all a set-up for something.


All the pieces are in place, and it wasn’t the Soviets who put them there. We have the “soft” Left to thank for that. Demoralization, it turns out is a double-edged sword. As a weapon, it was very effective abroad. But now its starting to have its effects at home. There is mass youth discontent. So far, the “soft” Left has a hold on it. But that might not last for long…

Skip to 1.52 to see Trevor “Nu-male” Hill ask about actual Socialist policies.

The Left in the West is no longer economically Socialist. It is globo-homo-corporatist. They offer nothing but more immigration to undercut wages, encourage more homoseks for the betas that aren’t getting any poon, and shill for their corporate masters. The Bernie phenomenon wasn’t a fluke, even elements of the Left are starting to wake up to the bait and switch. And it wasn’t just in the United States that new Left policies were used to batter down the demands of the old Left. The same occured in Germany.

Instead of high paying jobs they gave the Germans gay parades and bicycle sharing

I started by commenting on Demoralization being used as a weapon to sow discord and discontent abroad. According to Yuri, the goal is to set the stage for mass discontent and revolution. If the same processes have been at work at home, however, then it stands to reason that the same conditions might be present.

Is this not a fair assessment of the current situation in the United States?

More and more young white men feel that they have nothing to lose. All they need is an outlet for their frustration. Now, will an old internationalist jew be the one to rally them?

How can you be anti-1% and not be anti-semitic, Bernie bros?

Or will it be the Alt-Right? All we need to do is tap into some of that discontent. The Demoralization is reaching a boiling point.

We live in revolutionary times.

Vincent Law
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  • But is it really plausible that CIA did not understand that the spreading of cultural marxism would weaken the west? I mean, KGB certainly understood that. Is it not more likely that the global zionists made bets on both horses? A global communist slave order coming from the east or the west matters little to them.

  • There is an international movement happening. The left is getting crushed everywhere. Everywhere I go in the Americas the youth are interested in traditional values. The drugs, the gays, the socialist nepotistic workers unions, the acceptance of animal human muslims, the entire west, europe, south america, the USA, the west is finished with it. And the jews know it, that is why they are changing their tune, this website would have been shut down by now if the jews wanted it. because their children have been destroyed by the crisis too. The whole world is unemployed, very few under forty have a family, free money to the coloreds that scream death to america death to the west. It is a culminating point that we are coming to, thats why people are waking up, but the problems have already cemented, the liberals will strike back and win the next round, trump will lose to mrs obama in 2020, Eurokistan will double down on islamization, except the UK which will make it the number one target for terrorists in the west. By 2025 the overthrow of governments will be happening, communism and islam will divide the remnants of the west. This anti-commie anti-muslim movement that I see today is too weak in tradition to stop the destruction.

  • This Article made me laugh……..while I watched the 7/11 Video while reading…….


    How did White Americans know what was going to eventually happen?

    The Sex, Partying, Drugs, Music, and Liberating Exploration was so overwhelming……

    So much more interesting, exciting, boundless, and magnetic than the Old Christianity……

    ……and Traditional Life……

    Now, we’re Experienced and Awake……..and Liberated…….

    …and Demoralized…….

    But, me personally??

    Never too Demoralized to Press on…….to Continue to Fight…… Forgive and Accept myself…..

    And to Fully Understand that what Exists NOW…… the Natural Culmination of what came Before….

    And Nothing of it is a Mistake……

    It’s actually Perfect…….Casually…….Karmically……..

    Perfect and Imperfect at the Same Time…….

    And after passing through Hellish Nightmares several times and Surviving…….

    I wake up every day……..and try to just Keep Trying…… Work Hard…….

    …….to be Grateful…….to Laugh…… Smile…… Fight……to Battle……

    …….to Love…….to Feel…… Forgive………to Suffer……….to Detach……..

    …… Accept…… Overcome……..

    And then do it all over again the Next Day……


    And who knows what Kek has in Store for me in the Future??


  • Bernie Sander’s function during the past elections was to sway away the White youth from their natural identity vote: for Trump. He acted as a false shepherd. In similar role, but a more successful fashion, was Lieberman in 2000. Lieberman’s role was acting as a decoy to sway away White vote from voting for Gore. As a result, we had the worse presidency in the history of the US. An irreversible disaster. But the State of Israel has been able to bury the Two State Solution with the help of neocons.

  • It’s a trope on the Alt=Right that the primary source of new recruits has been amongst libertarians, and that’s certainly true. However, that phase is already tapped out … more or less all the libertarians who can be converted, have been. For the movement to continue to grow it needs to look to the Left, and indeed this is already happening. I came from the left myself, although even in those days I had a great deal more respect and admiration for the Old Left of the Trade Union Movement than the New Left of cummies, faggotry, weed, and white guilt. Realizing that the Alt-Right had economic leanings that were fully compatible with my own, whilst simultaneously openly advocating for my people and the traditionalist values (honour, beauty, truth, strength) I was raised to cherish, and it wasn’t hard to come over. Even the JQ was easy to swallow: given the contemporary left’s penchant for criticizing Israel, I was already pretty comfortable looking with a jaundiced eye at our Hebrew friends.

    Since then, I’ve redpilled at least one former Bernie Bro. Listening to the Cascadia podcast The Northwest Imperative, it seems their very active group has also been experiencing an influx of ex-Bernie Bros whose redpilling happened fast after he conceded to the Hildebeast. I’ve talked to many white men, who still identify with the left, who have expressed frustration with the straightjacket of political correctness and the marginalization of straight, white, cisgendered, heterosexual males within left-wing political movements. Most of them are still under the impression that the Alt-Right are racist ancaps, which is understandable as, for generations now, the right has stood for Free Market fundamentalism. The (((media))) has noticeably ignored the economic policies advocated by the Alt-Right, focusing instead on the race realism. That they want to talk about our “hate”, and not talk at all about our economics, is telling. That’s the soft underbelly. If we can communicate to left-leaning young white men that our economic policies are precisely those that they want, while at the same time our ethnocultural policies don’t require them to compromise their self-respect in order to pursue those economic policies, AND of course get across that our environmental policies are very similar to those adopted by the left … if we do that, we will see a huge influx in our numbers.

    • Great post.
      I’ve found an effective way of getting people to start thinking is to ask them to Google “white woman white man”.
      When they see that literally all of the photos are white women in relationships with black men, it is difficult to just pass off as nothing.

  • John Undonne’s article on “What Is the Alt Right?” sates that:
    “The Alt Right draws from the same major intellectuals from the Old World as the so-called New Right on that continent in an attempt to synthesize their thought as a way out from the decadent ideology of Liberalism. Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger, along with thinkers of the interwar Conservative Revolution in Germany, such as Oswald Spengler, Carl Schmitt, Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, and Thomas Mann, among others. Of particular interest are Spenglerian theory of civilizational decline, Nietzschean emphasis on aesthetics and temporal cycles of eternal return, and Schmittian concept of the Political.

    Alt-Right intellectuals do not shy away from employing classic scholars of the Left either. Karl Marx is useful in his criticism of the middle class, whereas critical theory of the Frankfurt School can be equally employed to demystify Liberal forms of authority that it helped erect in the first place.”

    Public debate should be framed in terms of such scholarship, more to provide consistency and depth to the opinions of the debaters, than to attempt to directly educate the public on such sources and concepts.

    Moreover, Durkheim and Jung are classical theorists who focused on issues of societal strain and disintegration leading to collective behavioral pathology—as I have tried to show in a series of papers focused on collective violence:

  • “Political Correctness” is still the major barrier to informing discussion by experts and on the part of the public. There is a need for the Right to frame the public debate in a way that transcends, not just dismisses, PC. The usual tendency pits liberal “feeling” against conservative (systems) thinking. The Apollonian-Dionysian model of culture goes far to structure the debate; especially if placed within the context of Hegel’s perspective on nationalism, i.e.,

    Hegel argues for a principle of development determining the existence of “a latent germ of being”—”a capacity or potentiality striving to realize itself.”…with, in the nature of man,” “an impulse of perfectibility”… “an external unchangeable principle; a simple essence, —whose existence, i.e., as a germ, is primarily simple,—but which subsequently develops a variety of parts, that become involved with other objects, and consequently live through a continuous process of changes;—a process nevertheless, that results in the very contrary of change, and is even transformed into a vis conservatrix of the organic principle, and the form embodying it. So Spirit is only that which it attains by its own efforts; it makes itself actually what it always was potentially.

    Today, we can see that Hegel’s prescient theory of a developing, self-perfecting, “germ of being” is that same dynamic now recognizable in the processes of cellar multiplication, specialization, and organization that change the zygote into embryo, fetus, and infant—projected to the hereditary population which embodies the range of physical and cultural perfectibility produced prehistorically and historically—shaping the Dionysian physical phenotype and the Apollonian cultural phenotype. (Hegel:2008, pp. 140-142).”

    The ongoing struggle with amoral diversity is a continuation of the age old conflict of barbarism with classical culture…reflective of the incompatibilities of prehistoric-historic-contemporary physical-cultural phenotypes. Feeling and thinking clashes are symptoms—not explanations.

  • “the Soviet appeal seemed to spike in the early days of Lenin and co. and died down almost immediately after World War II”

    That is because the original Bolshevik revolution was a George Soros style “Color Revolution” that was sponsored by the West – the UK, France, and Germany, with especially later support from the USA.

    But when Stalin finished purging all the original Bolsheviks and the Western assets like Trotsky, he started pushing his own agenda and obviously the West didn’t like that.

    The USA loved having their assets, Boris Yeltsin, getting drunks and doing photo ops with Bill Clinton. When Putin took over, at first George W. Bush “looked into his soul” and said he could work with him, remember, but a few years later when he had consolidated his power all of a sudden he was Mr. Bad Guy.

  • “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” -Thomas Jefferson in his 1787 letter to James Madison in reference to Shay’s rebellion

  • While intersectional diversity-affirming microaggression-shaming Liberalism is getting its 15 minutes of fame, the Alternative Right is fast becoming a genuine counterculture. With every idiotic antic, the AntiFa/Black Bloc goons and their supporters get closer to jumping the shark, and every “Nazi-punching” incident draws more attention to alt.right blogs and forums. All we need do is reach a tipping point, and many of the omega hipsters wearing AntiFa patches will be sporting Identity Evropa T-shirts. Dating a Black guy won’t shock your parents, but declaring yourself a White Nationalist may just get them hopping up and down in a suitably excited fashion. Leftism is tired, humorless and strident: they’ve got Everyday Feminism, while the Alt.Right has Pepe, Kek and the 4chan trolls who keep stealing Shia LeBoeuf’s flag. It wouldn’t take much to make fash, well, fashionable. And who knows what might happen if you take away the ritualized self-loathing and privilege-owning and replace it with some good old fashioned ancestral pride?

  • Freaking excellent analysis. Anyone who is not a complete fool knows that we need to combine the good and wholesome aspects of the Left like trade unions with the Right and purge from the Right the blood sucking elements like crony capitalism and jew usury.

  • The USSR collapsed due to the elites believing that collapse would be better for them than continuing with business as usual. It was not due to western psy-ops causing demoralization as the author would have use believe.

    • The lies were so pervasive and so transparent, they had no choice. It had nothing to do with Reagan, the CIA or the Cold War. The most sane of the USSR Elites collapsed it before the peasants collapsed it for them. Plus they were just as sick of the bullshit as everyone else.

  • What Yuri was speaking about was a Jew multi step process in order to finally get the demoralized and chaos riddled society they created to side with the state, the military against the left. See, they don’t care so much if it’s a left or right Government as long as (((they))) have total control. Thus, if we have a revolution and we are in the middle of one right now, understand that the State/Military will be brought to bare against the leftist “revolutionaries” if for no reason than because it’s they who’re responsible for being the revolutionary dupes brought to bare to bring about all of societies ills. But we must never forget that while we have no choice than to side with the State/Military in such a situation; positioned to either support the collapse or defend against it, the revolution will NEVER be won until we finally unseat the (((powers that be))) who brought all of this confusion and hell upon everyone in hopes of obtaining total control of everything and everyone everywhere. And I’m glad to report that the seeds of the final revolution are sprouting all along our ranks and even among the left.

  • So let me get this straight: because you were born the day before yesterday and can’t get laid you want to start a fascist—oops, sorry, “ethnic”—takeover? You need to get some, dude. Smoke a joint, whatever. Anything that gets you off this “alt-right” jackoff disease. You’ll feel a lot better, I promise.

    • That’s your advice? Not “here’s a social activity you could be doing so you can meet the right kind of woman, to start a family with” — no, it’s “go smoke a drug it will help you ignore your deep loneliness and unhappiness.” The fact that you think that’s the correct advice IS the problem the alt right is reacting against.

      • Whatever, Ofelas. Ignore sarcasm at your own peril. And the alt-right can fellate me for all I care, friend. I am very much opposed to fascism of all kinds. Better off alone than in bad company, as the old saying goes.

        • Ive never heard that saying, and it sounds contrary to human nature. People seek community, a sense of belonging, a sense of connection to past (via myths and genealogy) and future (via children and family).

          $250K in student loans and all you learned was “when you feel bad smoke up” — great use a life-arc there, buddy! Let me guess — are you from a civilization which believes in reincarnation (so it’s no big deal if you waste away this life as an atomatized brain-dead stoner?).

          • May I recommend you a book? Our Kind, written by the excellent anthropologist Marvin Harris back in 1989, but still a very relevant book. Harris gives us an interesting view on how culture evolved, among other very interesting things. While it’s true that seeking community is part of human nature, the way in which we end up using “our” culture as both shield and club are at the heart of one of the major issues we face today, namely, are we going to survive as a species or are we going to kill ourselves off based on superficial cultural differences?

          • Skimming through it online. The author argues that we’re not “hardwired” to want to have children; therefore (this my addition) people must be inspired into it. Secular societies have proven consistently incapable of the latter, which is why they can’t last for more than a few generations at best.

          • Secularism may be our only hope for survival. Superstitious beliefs tend to create more harm than any good that may come out of them. Invariably they highlight our differences, declare some of us better than others, and blind us to the evil we do as we exterminate those who some deity deemed worthy of that fate.This has been a constant in human history.

          • Religion has also been a unifying force. But you’re missing the point: secularism can’t make new generations of itself. Secularists just live their 80 childless years and die. They don’t matter to humanity’s past or future.

          • Threats of decapitation, crucifixion, or being burned alive are a very effective unifying force, sure. And you’re wrong. America is a great example of a secularist nation that disproves your point.

          • In America it’s religious people having the children. Secular Americans have birth rates well below replacement rate, just as in Europe, Japan, S Korea, Singapore, etc. The only country on earth where secularists have lots of kids is Israel, which is clearly an odd case in many ways.

            If you think America is a land where secularists are running around cranking out babies, then the US is obviously a hollywood abstraction for you.

          • The USA are a secular nation, created under secular principles, and thank God (lol) for that. Unfortunately, though, you are right: it’s religious people who are having the babies today—not only here, but all over the world—and not only any religious people, but religious fundamentalists from the three major Abrahamic faiths, significantly increasing our chances of going back to the Dark Ages. As for your contention that “want to reproduce under very specific psychological conditions” don’t we have enough people in the planet as it is? Why only the stupid keep reproducing like there’s no tomorrow? And there may well not be one, if we don’t start learning from past mistakes pretty soon. Will we ever learn? Or is homo sapiens going to follow its more peaceful cousins into the dustbin of evolution?

          • In a previous comment you were fretting about species survival. Now you’re worried about overpopulation. These two are very different, aren’t they? You don’t seem to have thought through your position very carefully.

            Possibly, the global population should be at something like 1 or 2 billion. However, the regime that brings us to that optimal population level won’t be a secular one, because secularists can’t reproduce themselves, and therefore have no means of holding onto power from generation to generation.

          • One doesn’t cancel out the other, imho. We could be overcopulating and overpopulating the earth up to our last minute as a species. All it takes is one wrong decision and enough ICBMs. Now, if someone needs to go back and rethink their position it might be you, since most religions, as far as I know, prohibit population control. On the contrary, they encourage people to have as many kids as possible—as evidenced by Hasidic Jews and Muslims—in order to increase their influence. What kind of non-secular regime do you have in mind? Are you proposing some sort of genocide?

          • Lots of spiritual systems are set up to limit population growth. Virtually any animist spiritual system among mountain or forest tribes assumes resource scarcity and therefore only 1 or 2 children per couple. Christianity, which has been the sick man of world religions for hundreds of years, is likely not going to be the spiritual system which emerges as triumphant by the end of the 21st century. But it’s not going to be secular-nihilism either.

            I’m going to guess you live in an overpopulated country, and one which is so overwhelmingly religious that you take a culture of natalism for granted and dont grasp how secularism kills natalism within a generation.

          • I’m not even going to hazard a guess, and your certainty amuses me, to tell you the truth. Nihilism may well be the product of a decadent culture, I’ll give you that (although nothingness is very real, and in fact everything is made out of nothing). But not all secularism is nihilist, as demonstrated by the Enlightenment ideas that informed our very own American Revolution. And you’re right about one thing: we did evolve to live as hunter-gatherers living in small groups, and that is the best and most natural form of population control Nature has to offer. We have distanced ourselves from that life at our own peril.

      • And now I am being berated by millenials incapable of detecting sarcasm and who wear the word racist as a badge of dishonor… what’s the world coming to, I wonder. We must be getting near another major global event that starts with the letters WW and ends with the number 3… do go practice your goosestep and leave me be, friend.

  • I was the first wave of economic and opportunity immigrants from the SU to come to the US in the early ’90s. Prior to that, there had been only refugees of Jewish or Armenian descent.

    What drove us to come to the US? The arrival of VCR and Hollywood in the mid-to-late ’80s got us into what the author of the article called the Hollywood fantasy. But did we have a choice back then? Not, really, with even Moscow, the capital, being in disarray. Plus, America was different back then. It did provide opportunities to young immigrants of European descent who were willing and capable to assimilate and work hard on their career in the new place. It was somewhat the country of “Hotel California” by Eagles.

    But that equation collapsed in the early 2000s. Now, like the main hero from “The Bronx Tale” says “Nobody cares”. The country is on autopilot slowly but surely falling into abyss. Trump may slow it down or not. And not even the best Hollywood creation could pic America as it once was in the ’80s.

  • More AltRight youth leaders have to start speaking up publicly. These young people (early adopters) who doxx themselves must be extremely brave and be prepared for the storm of leftist hatred that will be dumped on them, BUT they will make it easier for the next wave to be open about their beliefs. If you think you can be a leader & make videos, do so.
    For those who are not quite ready to shed anonymity, START INFILTRATING GOVT at all levels, even if it is you local city council or your local student union. You can be publicly “conservative” or even publicly brand yourself as some sort of libertarian without a lot of push back from the normies around you. You can be a crypto AltRight, but publicly a conservative. Once you are in positions of authority and power, even if it is your local city council, fight for the changes that need to happen. Also, by doing this, you can test the waters for like minded people you can redpill or convert.

    • I am not sure what the answer is, but it seems that once race conscious whites reach a critical mass (maybe 20 percent of the white population) things will start to change rapidly. If 20% of whites felt comfortable publicly identifying as pro-white, then the anti-whites would lose their ability to intimidate people through the threat of job loss, etc.

      I think one important component of the pro-white strategy should be to establish explicitly pro-white organizations that help people with their lives in concrete ways. This could include pro-white professional organizations. The government and the (((anti-whites))) would try to block this sort of thing, but it is essential for us to start testing and pushing back against the limits of this power that they have. Red Ice mentions this sort of thing as a possibility. As another example, I have heard that there are pro-white dating sites, but I don’t know too much about them.

      • sucks the old people have all the money and they are with the jews not us. young whites by design have nothing but our might. it may be our only option if trump doesn’t get it done

        • We have to spread the word. We have to win whites over with the truth, which they are not getting from the (((mainstream media))). The applies regardless of what Trump does, given that he is unlikely to become explicitly pro-white.

      • I think you over-estimate how many people need to be won over. Historically, it’s more like 10% or so that need to be committed to a cause, in order for that cause to ultimately prevail. Of course we’re still a long way from even that many, but I take my white pills where I can find them.

          • it is more than 1 in 10.

            we all *know* it’s true.

            the Left may be well-positioned but they can’t stop us now.

            i don’t think many even want to fight the Truth.

            11/8 infinite wave….

        • 34% is the amount of public support needed for a successful revolution. Actual number of fighters within that 34% varies. The key is passion and commitment must be greater than the 33% in the opposition. The middle is always a non-factor.

      • Whites need to start watching the backs of other Whites NOW. We need to do it economically. I work in Biotech research in Massachusetts. When an Indian or Chinese scientist heads a lab, what do you suppose the chances are for a White to be hired into a position? The answer is ZERO!! It is so shockingly obvious that it makes my head spin. If a lab headed by a White scientist were filling positions with such unabashed racial prejudice, I am certain that red flags would be raised.
        In my position, I have only on few occasions had the opportunity to make a final hiring decision. When that has happened I have always chosen a White candidate. Don’t get me wrong, they were always well qualified; it is just that no Asian scientist was going to give them a chance.
        We need to start looking out for each other YESTERDAY; no one else is going to do so.

        • Political correctness works against us, too. Diversity (meaning fewer non-Jewish whites) is supposed to be good.

        • Agreed, so so much. I live in the Great Lakes region and while I do not have even the limited opportunity that you have to influence things on that scale, if I run into a situation where I can help another white, I do it. I also went through my d’nations list and made sure I am only donating to solidly white/alt-right orgs/causes.

    • The alt right needs to create payed positions. Start subscriptions such as Red Ice has done. No payee, no lookee.

    • I couldn’t agree with you any more! I am openly a Trump supporter and that makes me pretty much “Literally Hitler” in the eyes of most people – I bet that going openly Alt-Right would not make much of a difference (if any). It won’t be long before LITERALLY ANY disagreement with the Left will be viewed as “RACIST” due to the fact that we Whites will become an absolute minority and most of the people who are raising their voices will be Whites…

  • “They saw the red convertibles, the busty blond beach babes, the blue jeans, the music festivals, the SEX and they were mesmerized.”

    Is this true though ? I do not know much of everyday Soviet media, but surely they would not have been exposed to this, I assuming this would have been censored.

    • There was a massive black market for that sort of thing. And party elites also got their hands on contraband.

      • The original Bolsheviks tried all sorts of “cultural Marxist” style cultural subversion, but once WWII broke out and Stalin consolidated his power, all that went away.

        • Oh it went away long before WW2. The Bolsheviks realized shortly after the civil war that their feminist utopian ideals were not working. The population had dropped quite a bit from WW1, and the chaos of the civil war. And their were millions of orphans wondering around. The country was devastated by the early 20s and they realized that if the population was going to recover they would have to return to some traditional values.

          • First Stalin had to purge the Jews. That is really the key to understanding the whole thing. Jews were purged, Russia returned to normal White values, and the Jews then moved their world revolution to the West.

  • It’s a mistake to confound the objectives of Marxist fanatics with those of nation states. The former CIA chief, who told the President-Elect of the United States to “Shut his mouth” voted for the CPUSA in 1976. The associates of Obama are the sort of people who fantasized about Red Revolution in the USA enforced by soldiers from Communist states. No matter miserably fossilized the Soviet system seems in retrospect (it was not represented that way in the early 1980s by the mainstream media), the truth is that the marxist movements and fanatics never went away, they never missed a beat. Fidel Castro is mourned as a great leader. The reputation of Communism has been steadily rehabilitated among the youth. Yuri was correct.

    Don’t imagine that decrepit and demoralized system like the Soviet Union, as we see it, represents the failure of the ideology. And let’s not forget the Soviets were even building their own space shuttles in the 1980s. The temporal and geographical limits of historical Communist ideology extend far beyond the years of the Soviet Bloc. It’s always found a home in the USA, even in the highest places.

  • Revolutions usually don’t just happen as a result of discontent boiling over in the general population. It takes a conspiracy of elites to bring about a successful revolution. Such a conspiracy can be accompanied by the appearance of popular discontent, but this appearance may merely have been manufactured by the elites.

    There were elite conspiracies involved in the English Civil War, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Young Turk Revolution, and the Russian Revolution. In some cases, the elites leading the revolutions received funding originating from outside of the country in which the revolution took place. Secret societies tend to be involved. The revolutions are often accompanied by changes that serve outside (e.g., Jewish) interests, so that the revolutions can be viewed as a means to an end, rather than ends in themselves. This is the strategy of order out of chaos.

    Moreover, the collapse of the Soviet Union may not have merely resulted from disillusionment inside that country. James Perloff has speculated that the Soviet Union was brought down by Zionists, not in order to make the world safe for democracy and capitalism, but so that a series of Middle East wars could take place, serving Zionist interests:

    Given the degree of design and planning that has gone into all of this, I make a radical suggestion: that the timing of the ostensible end of communism, coinciding with the beginning of America’s “war on terror,” was not by chance. Communism was being given a back seat to Zionism. To throw the entire weight of the American military machine against all of Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, Americans had to be persuaded that the threat of communism no longer existed. This, I believe, is the most probable solution to the riddle of glasnost.

    Here is a link for the article:

    • Many Russian patriots believe the Soviet Union was brought down by the Zionists. I used to dismiss that theory out of hand.

    • If you are interested in Zionist interests in funding the downfall of Czarist Russia and the implementation of the Soviet Union, read more about Zionism’s principal funding source (Jacob Schiff) for that operation.

      Czarist Russia was the most anti-semitic place in the world prior to World War 1. Schiff wanted to prove the potential power of Zionism to the world while simultaneously injuring Czarist Russia by loaning money to the Japanese for their war against Russia a decade earlier. Schiff succeeded and was given many honors in Japan.

      The German government might have provided a substantial sum of money to Lenin and Stalin to keep them out of World War 1 but Schiff was almost certainly the communists’ principal funding source in Russia during that time.

      Schiff was also very closely connected to the Rothschild’s as well.

    • there have been countless revolutions through history. if its called a revolution, then it usually is what u said but people have taken their pitchforks and did what had to be done many times. they just think they finished the job but never did. then its back to drinking and infighting till their kids/grandkids are in the same position. think about all the kings that led during prosperous times u never hear about

    • You are talking about typical color revolutions. The American Revolution was unique because the elites made allies of the peasants and surrendered significant power to the peasants. They were both an underclass to England.

      Without eliminating the elites, there will be no substantial revolution. That has played our enough times to be considered a law of human nature.

      • I listed a number of revolutions with properties in common. They were not color revolutions.

        The most obvious thing that sets the American Revolution apart from the other ones I listed is that it was a war of independence from the mother country. Despite that, it had similarities with the other revolutions. I don’t agree that the idea of an alliance between the elites and the peasants was unique to the American Revolution. The peasants were mobilized in all of the revolutions I listed.

  • If you have not already started training your children to win Civil War 2, you are behind the curve.

    The war may not light off until they are 30 years old, but it’s coming.

    Texas where I live is already lost. I believe my children will migrate to

  • I can guarantee if I was living in the 1950s I’d probably have maybe 3 or 4 white kids, but today I want around 10 or 20 of them if that’s even possible.

    • Our recent White ancestors (around 100 years ago) regularly had 8-10 children and they lived in extreme poverty, so when people say “we Whites can’t have babies ’cause we can’t afford them” I don’t buy that. We can absolutely afford them. We Whites are smart, we have agency, we can and we will find ways to make larger families happen.

    • Our default color, as a species, is brown. Both black and white are adaptive reactions to environments with too much or not enough sun. But essentially we are the same, and all mixed, as studies have demonstrated. Check out Natgeo’s genome project, among others. You may have more in common with a random African American than with many people you view as “white”. You insist in having what you call “white kids” you just perpetuate a problem that is born out of sheer ignorance. You insist in unscientific, quasi-religious beliefs and you risk not being any better than all the other ignorant religious extremists that want to take us back to the Dark Ages. Is that what you want? Because the dark ages will be DARK.

      • OMG I can’t believe it’s 2017 and we still have idiots thinking that skin color is anything but the least important aspect of race.

        “You may have more in common with a random African American than with many people you view as “white”.”

        Human beings have 50% of their DNA in common with bananas. So we’re all the same as fruit!

        Ironic we have a religious nut who believes that evolution stops at the skin and neck complaining about religious nuts.

        • Interesting deflecting technique, is it your intention to become a criminal lawyer when you grow up? But my argument stands, there is no “race”, and your reasoning tells the world where that 50% banana DNA ended up in your case

          • …as race is a cultural construct easily debunked by science. You help support the argument yourself with your assertion that we share 50% of our DNA with the delicious banana

          • ” You help support the argument yourself with your assertion that we share 50% of our DNA with the delicious banana”

            You can’t be serious. DNA tests can determine someone’s “race” – no matter HOW you choose to define racial boundaries. The fact that different cultures have different labels for colors doesn’t mean that “there is no such thing as a wavelength of light.”

            You have a hard time with thinking apparently.

          • Seriously? I think I’m pretty good at it. Although not as good as you are with sophisms, obviously. But anyway, here on planet Earth, genetically speaking, race doesn’t exist in homo sapiens.

          • If “race doesn’t exist” then “racism doesn’t exist.”

            In reality, “race exists” you’ll just use another word because you want to pretend “race doesn’t exist.”

            Ironic you complain about sophistry.

          • Race and racism are two completely different things. I am talking about the concept of race being unreal, as demonstrated by science. It’s an illusion based on appearance and born out of ignorance. Racism, on the other hand, is what happens when the ignorant lets himself be misled by appearances. You’re still dealing in sophisms.

          • Against my best judgment, but you are the embodiment of “you can’t fix stupid”

          • Sorry. If I knew I was debating a child I could’ve included a couple of drawings to make it easier for you to understand. Does your mama know you’re online hanging out with a bunch of racists plotting government overthrow?

          • They sure don’t make “anti-nazis” like they used to. Shouldn’t you be on your way to Canada, you know, to escape from AmeriKKKa and Donald “OMG HITLER” Trump?

          • A “race” are the acolytes and loyalists to a given *given way of living*.

            stop thinking wrongly, Ar.

            you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know this.

            #killsocialengineering, fuckers.

          • I’m here bcs I can’t believe you guys take this crap seriously. I subscribe to no “given way of living”, whatever the foq that is code for. But I do share your contempt for social engineering, I’ll give you that.

      • the war is one of Tradition versus Control.

        culture. war.

        but not race-war, my friend.

        but don’t confuse kindness for weakness.

      • It is true that their is more variation within human races than between them, but that is normal for subspecies. This in no way invalidates race as a category, no matter how much you my wish it did.

        Also, where do you get this idea that humans have a ‘default colour’? What does that mean? The original homo sapiens lived in Africa and were likely black skinned as far as I know. All population groups adapt to their environments over time. I would challenge you to find any scientific papers that speak of a ‘default skin colour’, let alone claim that colour is brown. If a default skin color did exist then wouldn’t it likely be black, as that is what early homo sapiens likely were? Even if I were to accept the idea of a ‘default skin colour’, by the same logic, wouldn’t humans, and all primates for that matter, be ‘furry by default’ because that is what our ancestors were?

        • I don’t wish sh1t, you guys are the ones with the agenda, mirror image of the PC progressive fascistoids, but it’s not me saying it either, it’s science

          • Then by all means, show me the science! Give me a scientific paper that discusses the ‘default skin colour’ of mankind. This may be a new idea to you, but you should actually back up your claims, rather than simply stating them as fact. You keep saying that race is debunked by science yet you refuse to provide any evidence for it other than pointing out that humans have more variation within groups than between them, which as I have pointed out is normal for subspecies and in no way debunks the idea of race.

            Your habit of claiming scientific authority, refusing to back up your claims with anything but the flimsiest of arguments and then hurling insults when your arguments are knocked down strongly suggests that you are the one viewing reality through your agenda-based lenses.

          • Marvin Harris, his contention is that vitamin D absorption being higher or lower depending on how much sunlight was available would lead to people with higher or lower melanin content being more successful reproductively depending on factors like latitude, ice ages, etc, but that basically brown would be the ‘default’ color (ok that terminology is mine) if you eliminate selection for available sunlight.

            Now, let’s get two little housecleaning issues out of the way:

            #1 I’m not hurling insults at anyone, at least not yet.

            #2 The science on this is clear, overwhelming and available to anyone with an internet connection. It is really not my job to be ‘leading people unto the light’, if you forgive the poetic license. I have no agenda and no bias, except against stupidity or, even worse, willful ignorance. If anyone has an agenda it’s the alt-right, and even accepting it’s a reaction against the excesses of the fascist aspects left PC culture, it’s not really a viable one. We’ve been down this road before, and it doesn’t end well.

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