Ryancare Fails In The House

The announcement:

My reaction:

My prediction:

The good news is that we are done with healthcare. Trump got out before he could sink further into the quicksand. The bad news is the Republican Congress is likely useless on other issues.

  • Jarod

    Cut out this shit Trump. You’ve got some judges to hang for treason. Fucking pussy.

  • Diversity Heretic

    The healthcare debate reminds me of the Superfund debate. Everyone can see the deficiencies of the present system, but coming up with anything different is politically impossible. i hope Trump drops this issu and moves onto some things on which he can make a difference: immigration (crush the judiciary!!!) and foreign policy (stop provoking Russia and China!!).

  • Krafty Wurker

    Pretty smart politics on Trump’s part. ObamaCare is a slow motion train wreck. The Democrats will be crying for Trump to do something, and he will be able to say I already tried.

  • Jaggers

    I keep seeing this analysis in the alt-right that somehow trying to repeal/replace Obamacare gets in the way of immigration. Healthcare & immigration are not mutually exclusive, in fact they have nothing to do with each other, especially considering that we don’t really want “legislation” per se on immigration. Immigration legislation always implies some type of legalization/amnesty anyway. Better to just keep enforcing the law and stacking the Supreme Court so that these federal courts cannot block Trump anymore. I also don’t buy these conspiracy theories that “this is what Trump always wanted so that he can now get rid of Ryan.” Actually Trump and Ryan are on the same page on this. Meanwhile Obamacare continues due to ridiculous purity spiraling by the “Freedom” Caucus. Obamacare is basically a wealth transfer from Whites to minorities, but somehow no one on the alt-right seems to notice the practical effect of defeating “Ryancare,” which by the way was a good kind of compromise legislation.

    • AquinasJohnPaul

      The polling on the legislation was very bad, and worse, very bad with Trump’s base (non-college whites).

      Passing it would not have been a win. It might very well have cost Trump the House in 2018, and with that, the Dems would vote for impeachment.

      Trump either believed in the legislation, saw it as a way to play nice with Ryan, saw it as a way to cost Ryan political clout if it failed, or a combination of these. But regardless, the bill failing is far preferable to the bill succeeding.

      • Jaggers

        Granted, but on substance it was actually a big improvement, and a missed opportunity. People’s perception of the bill was based on retarded slogans like “Obamacare lite” or “Ryancare” with zero knowledge of what was actually in it.

        • Sam Cru

          Obamacare needs to be trashed. We need state-provided “free” healthcare for the poor that is rationed, and we need a free market for everone else.

          • Mathew Molk

            “free” healthcare for the poor —Why?

            if private charities want to give to the “poor” it’s one thing, but the government should be under no obligation to provide anything free for the lazy or those that were too stupid to set up at least a catastrophic illness policy. Why should the tax paying American worker be paying for those that want to sit on their asses and collect welfare?

          • Geiger

            Everyone talks tough on healthcare. Then they get old

          • Sam Cru

            I wish that was possible, but I don’t think it is so long as there is democracy.

      • Mathew Molk

        Impeach for what? – It has to be for a “high crime or misdemeanor”. Things like prudery – Ant that didn’t work out too well the last time even that was tried. – Trump has committed no crimes so no impeachment is even possible if it was a 100% new world order Marxist congress.

        • Aquinas JohnPaul

          It doesn’t matter for what. If the Democrats have the votes, they’ll make up whatever bullshit they want and vote to do it.There’s a reason why they’re always making up shit to smear Trump as a Russian traitor.

        • Aquinas JohnPaul

          It doesn’t “have” to be for anything. Impeachment is ultimately a political process that a party can hijack with no crimes having been committed at all, if they want to.

    • Sam Cru

      Ryancare was a dog, and Paul Ryan is a cuck that needs to be politically destroyed.

      • Mathew Molk

        Agreed, Obomacare will go away by itself if we ignore it. – And it will not be the fault of the GOP. There is no way anybody can blame anyone but Blow-see and the royal exalted boma etal for it’s demise. Now we don’t have to read it at all,in fact. Laze-Fare and. it will go away by it self

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Ryancare wasn’t shitty, my cousin Shmuley is CFO at Blue Cross/Blue Shield and said RyanCare would have allowed him to make a killing on Obamacare! Plus, Ryancare would have provided the White Working class with the Oxycontin prescriptions they need!

  • Vlad le Putin

    Trump at this point has virtually abandoned his base.