Jeffrey Tucker: The Alt-Right, Richard Spencer, Hoppe, & Rothbard

My take:

1.) Jeffrey Tucker consults his Jewish guru Ludwig von Mises as his oracle on all matters. He returns to his guru at the end of the interview.

2.) According to Tucker, Trump is a “fascist.” The definition of “fascism” is immigration restriction (Immigration Act of 1924), protectionism (Smoot Hawley Tariff), intolerance/authoritarianism (Japanese internment), badgering businesses (National Industrial Recovery Act), press censorship (Sedition Act of 1918). By this standard, Woodrow Wilson or FDR’s America was “fascist.”

3.) Tucker makes it clear that libertarians are for open borders.

4.) Jeffrey Tucker says that right-libertarians are “revealing their true hand.”

5.) Tucklypuff is so “principled” that he was a ghostwriter of the Ron Paul Newsletters.

6.) He is right that lots of people supported Ron Paul who were not ideological libertarians. The Alt-Right generally supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012.

7.) Libertarianism is the definition of a negative future. As a disintegrating force, it is defined purely in terms of what it is against. Liberty to do what? To what end?

8.) Libertarianism doesn’t define the good life though. It is purely negative. It creates a void which can be filled by anything. Drugs? Sexual degeneracy? Consumerism? Anything will suffice. In contrast, ethnonationalism is about identifying with your own people. Libertarianism is about love of self. In that sense alone, they do have a positive vision of the future.

9.) The result of anarchy isn’t peace. It is war. See Africa’s failed states.

10.) As I have repeatedly explained, everything Tucklypuff decries as our “tradition” has ample precedent in American history: racialism, nationalism, statism, historicism, protectionism, etc.

11.) We don’t believe in Liberty which isn’t the same thing as liberty. Aristotle was right. Just like any other good, liberty can be taken to extremes and perverted into something undesirable. A society based on Liberty and nothing else isn’t a place where many people want to live.

12.) The Alt-Right doesn’t believe in a society based on Liberty. We want to live in organic communities in which race, ethnicity, culture and religion also have value and provide points of collective solidarity. We believe that kinship and culture should be foundation of the state. Liberty has to have boundaries or else the social order will unravel and we will end up with what we have today.

13.) Ethnonationalists believe kinship should be the basis of the state.

14.) Let’s be clear: a society based on Liberty is one which will lose its racial, ethnic, cultural and religious cohesion over time. It will become a low-trust place where individuals end up alienated from their neighbors who they will have little in common with like contemporary Los Angeles.

15.) Actually, it is points of solidarity like ethnicity and culture that encourage people to get along with each other, not individual freedom. Compare Japan or Iceland to the United States. The latter is hopelessly dysfunctional compared to the former because it has lost a common identity.

16.) We do feel a sense of pride in our race. In fact, we say that Europe would be better off today if it had chosen to remain divided into homogeneous ethnostates. We say that state of affairs is preferable to what we have now which is a result of the open borders favored by libertarians.

17.) We disagree with Tucker on the aesthetic appeal of African-American culture. We would be fine without Jay Z and Beyonce.

18.) The longing for freedom isn’t universal.

19.) Liberty should be downsized to liberty. When liberty is just one good among others and a sense of balance has been restored, it will be fine.

20.) We want to live in homogeneous ethnostates. We don’t want to be overrun by foreigners and have our culture submerged and destroyed. Period.

21.) Jeffrey Tucker identifies as an anarchist/anti-fascist. In other words, he is a left-libertarian.

22.) We don’t believe in liberalism which is a failed ideology.

23.) Murray Rothbard was a leading figure in paleolibertarianism and worked with Pat Buchanan.

24.) If libertarianism is for open borders, it will be defined by that issue.

25.) In the beginning of the interview, Tucker says that right-libertarians have changed. By the end of the interview, he boasts about refocusing libertarianism in its present leftist direction.

26.) Tucker predicts that right-libertarians will return home from the Alt-Right after Trump demonstrates how they will suffer from immigration restriction. Yeah right!

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  • I am a libertarian of the Rothbard/Hoppe tradition.

    1. Mises was of Jewish ethnicity, but this doesn’t refute his arguments. This dismissal by identity that you’ve employed is a Marxist tactic. Marx was a Jew as well, so by your own standards, your statement is invalidated.

    2. Wilson and FDR had undeniable elements of fascism and many intellectuals were pushing in that direction until Hitler went out of fashion. Now we live under a sort of ‘soft’ or ‘liberal fascism’ and have been for a long time before Trump arrived.

    3. Not all libertarians are for open borders. I am not. See Hans Hoppe.

    4. Tucker is confused about culturally conservative libertarians. We see that much of leftist or ‘liberal’ culture is dependent on the government due to its lack of regard for the future and low impulse control. We prefer bourgeoisie institutions like the family, heterosexuality, and Roman or Western virtues.

    5. Not even sure what that means. Is that a slight against Ron Paul or Tucker?

    6. Sure.

    7. Libertarians believe in negative rights not a a negative future. All this means is that nobody owes you anything. Libertarianism is defined by the nonaggression principle and its self evident corollary: self-ownership.

    Ownership of external things that you ‘used’ first or acquired peacefully from others is derived from self-ownership. Only our concept of rights is negative; there are plenty of positive things we believe in.

    8. Libertarians are too humble to presume they know what the good life is for other people, especially those they’ve never met. You want an ethnically homogeneous community? Knock yourself out. Just don’t expect me to pay for it or be forced to live under it.

    Libertarianism is about mutual respect, honor, and excellence, not self love. Would you say the SJW morons don’t love themselves? The more they can get others to fund their degenerate lifestyles and social engineering political programs, the more they fall in love with themselves all over again.

    9. Stateless civilization doesn’t arrive in just any culture, and it doesn’t happen of it’s own accord. The idea of liberty has to be something the society values. It took thousands of years of Western culture for liberty to be refined to the pinnacle of Murray Rothbard and Hans Hoppe.

    Besides, are you seriously arguing that fascism or ethnocentric statism or whatever form of statism you prefer doesn’t also lead to war? At least in anarchic war, the factions have to fight with their own resources, rather than funds they’ve raised through legitimized theft of other people’s resources.

    10. A lot of bad things have been a part of the American tradition. That doesn’t mean we have to keep repeating these mistakes.

    11. Liberty can be taken to extremes: drug abuse, hedonism, etc., but all this can happen in a statist society as well. I would argue that the presence of a state will tend to cause cultural degeneration by providing incentives for these types of bad behavior.

    12. In a libertarian society you’d have every right to do just that. Liberty has inherent boundaries: private property.

    13. A state is a state. It will still suffer from all the same unsustainable incentive problems that arise once the agents of the state (and those they depend on for political support) can live at the expense of everyone else.

    14. Under liberty people will naturally segregate into meaningful groups, not based on something superficial like skin color, but based on real cultural distinctions. That is truly organic association, and there are a lot of reasons why it will lead to much higher levels of social cohesion than we’ve ever seen before.

    15. The belief in individual liberty can be every much a point of solidarity as ethnicity. For instance, I have plenty of family members who have ideas on society I’ll never share. Ideas are the key, not race. Is it not white people who’ve at least initiated most of the problems in America?

    16. I also have a strong sense of pride in the history of my race and the culture it created. Decentralization is the key to achieving liberty, so I agree that Europe should have remained decentralized. So should have the American states.

    17. I disagree with tucker here too. Rap is a consequence of the destruction of the black family through welfarism, minimum wage labor laws, and the criminalization of certain drugs. In other words, it is a consequence of politically coordinated cultural degeneration. Jazz is a notable exception in my opinion.

    18. I agree 100%. Egalitarianism is a revolt against nature. Liberty may be a universal concept, but it must be enforced and defended locally – to paraphrase Rothbard.

    19. Liberty is the good that makes all others possible.

    20. Cultural obliteration is a real problem, and white liberty-minded culture in particular is in the cross-hairs of the American state.

    21. J-Tuck is loosely a left-libertarian. He’s otherwise good on a lot of issues.

    22. You’ll have to be more specific which ‘liberalism’ you mean.

    23. Correct.

    24. By those in the Alt Right? Yes I agree.

    25. If right libertarians have changed, it because we are increasingly being targeted based on our whiteness rather than our ideas. We are being defined by our enemies. There’s no question that white liberty-minded heterosexual males are the prime enemy of the democratic American state. I don’t think a white ethno-state is evil; I just think it is going to be a predator of individual virtue and thus cultural progress like any other state.

    26. Trump has already lost our support. He is every bit as ‘establishment’ as George Bush. He’s surrounded himself with leftist neocons and ex-Goldman Sachs types. Hell, Bannon himself worked at Goldman Sachs. The American warfare/welfare industrial complex hasn’t skipped a beat so far under Trump. So much for the God Emperor.

    Secession is the only answer to preserve Western culture and to achieve liberty.

  • My white pill in all of this is that Tucker/ The Libertarians may just be signalling with “literally Hitler” as a means of maintaining their university access. We all went through a Rand phase. We all figured out that our opposition is imported by an Establishment that is never less than 40% Republican Cuckservative. Every generation of White college students goes through this. The trick, if any, is to move others through the same “twelve step program’ faster.

  • I’m glad you’re showing this video… what a pair of creepers these two are …. I know who I’d rather sit and have a brewski with .. Richard Spencer … and not because I’m a swinger .. but because he doesn’t talk shit.

  • Does Tucker always sound like this? ’cause he sounds like he’s had 5+ glasses of wine.
    Regardless, I have a 12-step program for him.

  • white to me means ur and indian and he is a jew so neither of u speak for me or my culture. value of freedom and fighting for freedom r 2 different things

  • I think we Right-Libertarians are definitely attracted to the Alt-Right. We’ve seen the failure of classical Whig Liberalism.

  • Keep this up and we’re going to lose the word “liberty” just like we lost the word “liberal.” Someone once pointed out there was a difference between a “libertarian” and a “libertine.”

    We have to stop giving in to the anti-whites on language. Americans (“Whites”) have always believed in Liberty. That doesn’t mean we ever believed in open borders and that “race is a social construct.”

    Jews have said over and over again that they can win rhetorical arguments by “making them live up to their own rulebook.” It’s just rhetorical sleight-of-hand.

    • Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Freedom is 1/3 of that Dream. Survival and happiness are just as important.

  • We could also do without a lot of the so-called black “intellectuals,” like Ta-Nehisi Coates, who knows a lot about comic books, while admitting in an interview a few years ago that he had never heard of St. Augustine.

    • Black public intellectual = Exalted to a position of eminence for being Black in public.

      There are a FEW notable exceptions like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

      • Do we really need that kind of black “intellectual”? Sowell published a book a few years ago where he tried to argue that blacks picked up their bad habits from white rednecks.

        Yet American prosperity after the Second World War smoothed the rough edges off of poor white Southerners who moved into the middle class, whereas no amount of money has made poor blacks behave any better. Who really had the potential to civilize themselves, given the right resources?

        • We don’t need any black public intellectuals.

          My point was that Sowell and Williams are probably talented tenfth Negroes and have high IQs, unlike race hucksters like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Henry Louis Gates.

  • Libertarianism doesn’t define the good life though. It is purely negative. It creates a void which can be filled by anything.

    Whereas the Alt Right promotes a humanist view of the good life and human flourishing, based on reason, evidence and experience, a.k.a. tradition.

  • “Compare Japan or Iceland to the United States. The latter is hopelessly dysfunctional compared to the former because it has lost a common identity.”

    I once had an online “discussion” with a libertarian on healthcare or something. He was dogmatically insisting “socialism logically cannot work” and I brought up Skandia. His response: “that just shows that White people can make any economic system work.”

    • Scandinavia doesn’t really have socialism. They actually have less economic regulations than the US. What they have is a highly developed welfare system maintained by very high taxes. And even that has started to break down in Sweden in the aftermath of mass immigration.

  • “We disagree with Tucker on the aesthetic appeal of African-American culture. We would be fine without Jay Z and Beyonce.”

    I always thought Charlie Parker was too steep a price to pay for race riots, crime, rapes, etc. But it’s a surprisingly powerful argument, apparently. “Why can’t Louis Armstrong eat in this restaurant?” etc. was how young or “progressive” whites would shame their elders about Jim Crow.

    Why not turn the argument around? Alain Danielou, musicologist and exponent of Hinduism, considered “primitive” music like jazz to be superior to Western “art music” but supported segregation (like the caste system) because if blacks had assimilated they never would have produced jazz. Louis needs his own hotel, lest he be corrupted and beget Kenny G.

    Danielou was a homosexual but not a Catholic; his brother, Jean, was a cardinal who died in the apt. of his mistress, so between them they have that Gay Catholic thing covered.

    • “supported segregation (like the caste system) because if blacks had assimilated they never would have produced jazz.”

      I actually had a guy argue something like this in college once. He was against the ideas in Edward Bellamy’s “Looking Backward” because he said there was no room for “blues” in such a system, because everyone would be too happy.

      I (a native college freshman at the time) said something like, well hey was segregation worth it so we could have the blues – and the guy said “yes.”

      Hey, the argument works.

    • Hard (legal) and soft (social) segregation ultimately reduce down to whether the Armstrongs can av oid being “necklaced” by the present economic and alternative rhetoric (Black political empowerment) system of segregation. The present system segregates up-market Whites by political aesthetic into geographically removed or gated communities and then assigns Thomas Sowells or Henry Louis Gateses accordingly. My theory of Black Middle Class participation in the Civil Rights Movement is that they could no longer control politics / guarantee their own safety in Harlem. You could compel the political system by force perhaps, but the Establishment “moderates” would never accept the immoderate outcomes of White Hessians not keeping Black Run America functioning at some level.

  • When Tucker talks about how “Murray should not have written that” of course referring to Murrays race realist views at the end of his life, he tries to dismiss those letters by using the “hes at the end of his life” argument. What is implied though not out right stated by this is that ones heretical views at the end of their life can be dismissed because they must somehow be senile or did not really believe in these views because they were sick and or tired. Of course before that, Tucker elaborated about how Murray was “Always full of energy”.

    The fact is that, the views that people throw out at the end of their lives is actually the real them. The reason for this is because when you are on your way out the door for good, you no longer care about social stigmas or losing a job. So you will say what has REALLY been on your mind all along and not hold back. This is typical for people on their death beds. What Murray stated at the end of his life was in fact much more important then what he stated before that.

    • Precisely. It’s like the 1998 movie, “Bulworth,” where Warren Beatty’s character, knowing he is fated to die, feels liberated to say everything that he’s wanted to say all his career but never felt free to do so before. I’ll grant you, his character was on the Left, but the larger point is that wherever you stand, the prospect of death emboldens, not inhibits.

    • No kidding. Look up the libertarian Adam Starchild, who wrote several books about gaming the world’s patchwork of passports and citizenship requirements to hide income and evade taxes. In addition to tax evasion, he ran financial scams, buggered boys and trafficked in child pornography.

      • Yeah, it’s not surprising that criminals would want less government and the whole “free market” baloney is just justification for their exploitative monetary activities.

  • Libertarians who want open borders have an ideological death wish, because most of the diversity that streams across those borders will vote for statism. Democrats know this.

    • This. Probably just an old, now uncool academic, but at the very least he’s ghay in the sense of ‘that old faggot Mrs. Riordan.’

      ‘The White rath ith not a real thing’ he lisps, completely unaware of the HBD revolution and fixated on smoking hipster Latino bone.

    • its seems he’s effimate, but he could be abstaining for clarity [think George Costanza] .. he was sure giving the bozo interviewing him the ‘oh I do quite like you’ eyes.. yick.

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