How Trump Can Turn Healthcare Around

Richard Spencer discusses the death of the American Healthcare Act, how Trump can turn things around, and why he should offer a national healthcare plan in its stead.


Spencer, “Why Trump Should Champion National Healthcare
Spencer, “The Case for National Healthcare

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Great Video, Richard!


    Stay Strong, My Brother……

    Peace to the Alt-Right…….

    Great Movement!


      • The REAL issue here is that we control the spending of our own $$ to ourselves. The #1 issue behind our down fall is that we gave up the control, rights and issuance of our own national $$ for ourselves.

    • There is a good chance that the government ant the (((anti-whites))) would try to shut it down using civil rights laws. There would also be pressure on doctors not to work with this type of insurance. Regardless, I think it is worth trying.

      • The Courts have ruled many times that PRIVATE CLUBS of any type are not under ANY public laws policy … we can do it

        • The government has many ways to make things difficult for explicitly pro-white clubs. If a club employs people, then that could be a problem. If it takes tax deductions, that could be another problem. Obamacare, with its civil rights provisions, could prevent such a health plan from being considered valid for IRS purposes. There will also be pressure on doctors not to work with such a plan. Again, your idea would be difficult, but it is worth trying.

          • yes – it would be very hard to do – but one must try. The employment of people is not a problem – and not tax deductions – NO contact with the “public side”. Obamacare is only ‘public’ and would have zero power over us. The doctors would be hard at first – but as time goes on they would make more $$ and less paper work – it would take time, but can work, Bob.

          • Doesn’t Obamacare force people to pay a tax penalty if they don’t have health insurance considered valid by the government?

          • YES – They take your $$ out of your tax filing, if you do not pay … for being poor. But through this idea – you would have ins.

  • Dick has made a modest suggestion. Many, including Dick, understand that we are being forced by the market to take action to control healthcare costs, and provide health insurance for people who work for a living. Remember this, the major sticking point in most labor negotiations is the out of control rising cost of healthcare.

  • Richard Spencer needs to stop promoting ridiculous proposals, like this, under the banner of the Alt-Right.

    He’s damaging the movement by associating the Alt-Right with these foolish, policy proposals.

    Nationalized, government healthcare has been the goal of our (((enemy))) for decades, because it gives them complete control over the life and death of Whites. — And it ensures that wealth will flow endlessly from Whites to non-Whites.

    Even in a completely White ethno-state, universal government healthcare would lead to disaster.

    Richard Spencer is completely wrong.

    And Stefan Molyneux is right:

    “How To Save Health Care: A Memo to Donald Trump”

  • Richard, I think you are on point here as usual. Republicans could absolutely OWN the politics of a vastly improved healthcare system. They could effectively end the healthcare debate so that we could move on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately, free market & for profit medicine is a sacred cow of the Replicuck Party. Got to get those healthcare industry donations to keep muh seat in muh congress for as long as I can. After all, it’s muh power.

  • This is so politically naive tho that it’s embarrassing. And since I’m seeing it echoed by other Alt-Right guys, I can only wonder if you’ve all been eating retard pills. I’ll respond directly to this vid first and then the larger point the Alt-Right has been making.
    First: This wasn’t a compromise bill where no one was happy. Liberals were ecstatic and giggly over this bill as it completely entrenched Obamacare and put us on the road to Single payer. So that assessment is almost childlike. Saying that it’s our job to criticize Trump and hold his feet to the fire is exactly what Cucks do. And it’s exactly why we always get Supreme Court appointments who side with Liberals half the time on any issue of import. Liberals never stray, never step out of line to any real degree, and never criticize their own to any degree that could seriously harm them. Jon Stewart and Bill Maher doing 95% support and BS 5% criticism is simply a prop to make them appear centrist and reasonable. This is the reason the ball has and will continue to move downfield in only one direction. Where now, the field has tilted so far that the supposed crazy, fire breathing, rabid Alt-Righters are begging to be made wardens of State Health Care.
    This bill wasn’t objectively stupid or politically dumb. You people STILL don’t know who you’re dealing with because you’re too busy patting each other on the back for how dangerous and edgy you are. That also is the mindset of the Cuck… Think: Mitch McConnell declaring victory because he held the line on spending. We were going to spend Eleventy Bazillion dollars, but we got them down to Eleventy Billion minus 50 cents. That’ll learn ’em. This bill was written by the Insurance Industry and lobbyists and was brilliant in maintaining what they wanted to maintain. The fact that you see it as an honest, good faith attempt at anything, therefore see it as stupid, is embarrassing.
    Trump doesn’t need to save himself. Again, high school level analysis fueled by the media. You’re cucking. You’re admitting the Left’s premise. Reminder: Obamacare was attempted right around this time in Obama’s first term. The Tea Party had already risen up due to the Bank Bailouts, so there was huge pushback. Obama ducked and ran and just held back. He didn’t approach it again until the NEXT year. Obamacare wasn’t passed until March of 2010. Don’t you all remember that? No one was saying Obama needed to save himself when he tried it right out of the gate and got pushback on the level of Hillarycare during Clinton’s term. Nope. He just waited like Liberals always do and then forced it upon us the following year. To conclude that Trump needs to save himself from this “humiliating defeat” is simply parroting Left Wing talking points while completely forgetting very recent history.
    Now onto the broader point I see the alt-right making about Single payer. This is so stupid it will ruin the Alt-Right. Do you really think you can make a good faith trade with Liberals involving Immigration for Health Care? If you do you are a Cuck and we’ve accomplished nothing. Nothing has changed. Any border enforcement, yes, even a wall… will simply be undone by the next Liberal Prez or Court. But the move on Health Care will permanently exterminate any hopes of a free market in health care forever. How naive must you be to not see that?
    I’ve also read (from people I respect) the Liberal talking point that “Muh Free Market” can not work in health care because ‘when your appendix explodes or you’re in a car accident you or your family can not make coverage decisions at that point.’ Dumb. Just staggeringly stupid. That’s like saying, “We must have universal Gym coverage or universal free college standard because students or fitness types can’t just show up and quickly determine what classes they want or what training they want.”
    No, dingbat. You select the curriculum/training/classes/programs/COVERAGE you want first. That’s all been arranged beforehand. And ALL coverage covers at MINIMUM catastrophic care for a ruptured appendix or car accident. And I would add that you are repeating this talking point from Krugman and Ezra who constantly make it as though it’s a real point to be made. It’s total crap. And again you’ve internalized it.
    “But single payer works here and here.” Again, a Leftist talking point. Cuck thinking. Only if you believe their gerry rigged charts and BS misinformation. We DO have people coming from Canada to get treatments the State won’t allow them to. We DO have much higher rates of cancer survival. AND I would add that those countries using Single Payer all benefit from OUR free market system: They are using OUR surgical techniques, cancer and other disease treatments, technology such as CAT scan machines and a million other devices and Pharms. It’s easy to look down your nose at Americans for turning their backs on the sick when you are using all the stuff we came up with. But who will be our America once we go the way of Scandinavia?
    Also, you’re being colossally naive if you don’t know that these government programs start smallish and then always grow to behemoths. So whatever you “trade” with them on Health care, in 15 years will be a shadow of itself completely obstructed and overwhelmed by whatever massive Bureaucracy has swallowed it. And WE are advocating for this?!?!? Have you lost your F-in minds? And in so doing you ruin any vestiges of market involvement.
    But Coulter is right. A one page bill that reads, “Insurance companies can compete across State Lines” would allow every company to bid against each other to win my business. This immediately destroys their monopoly power and results in lowering premiums drastically.
    And you claim Obamacare is a Republican plan. Yet another Left Wing, Cuck talking point. Guys, guys, guys… what some dopey Heritage Foundation document that was written up when asked, “What kind of government run health care system would you come up with if you had to” is not evidence that Obamacare was a Republican plan. And what Romney did for a STATE is not at all analogous to what ALL STATES would have to abide by. I’ll concede your point though, it IS a Republican idea. But that’s only because Republican means Paul Ryan and George W. It means being a Cuck. But that just means the problem is not Republican, but rather RepublicanS who are really just indistinguishable from Leftists.
    Then you read from Trump quoting yet ANOTHER Liberal lie. There was never 42 million uninsured. Read Ann Coulter on this. There are only about 20 million people enrolled in Obamacare some 7 years after it’s passage. Despite half that number being forced out of their plans by the Law. And Medicaid has expanded tremendously to cover illegal aliens. A provision only made possible by Obamacare!
    The fact that you don’t know these basic things means the Alt-Right better get in the game fast or die.
    I’m not exaggerating. This will kill your movement completely and utterly.
    I never had much use for Spencer and Cernovich, don’t find these guys all that bright. But I see others whom I do respect much more parroting every single one of these fallacies and actually pushing for a total Cuckout. The fact that any of you think Single Payer would be better than the mess that is Obamacare is A) Starting from the point Liberals want you to start at, and you agree. B) Might very well be true… at first. Like all government programs. In 1965, Medicare spent $743 Billion in nominal dollars…. Nominal meaning adjusted for inflation… current dollars.
    In 2017 we will spend $19,302 Billion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Man, you edgy, cynical Alt-Right guys sure are dangerous.
    You better get your stuff together if you wanna play with the big boys.

    • The US already spends a disgusting amount of money on healthcare. Illegals and blacks already get free healthcare through emergency room usage. Did you know that the life expectancy for White males without a college degree is actually going down? In my opinion single payer is on the table because of these very reasons.

      If “liberals” loved this bill why weren’t they willing to vote for it? The real reason they loved it is because it made Paul Ryan, and by extension Trump, look foolish. It wasn’t just the bill either, it was the fact that they didn’t even allow it to go to a vote.

      You sound like a nice guy, but if you are going to come in here spouting the same conservative solutions that have been bandied about for 30 years, you will get eye rolls.

      • 1. Healthcare has nothing to do with life expectancy. Another Leftist talking point you’ve internalized promulgated by jokers like Michael Moore in his movie. Japan has a much higher life expectancy than we do, not because of healthcare but because they don’t use narcotics, they don’t have guns, they don’t drink nearly as much, they don’t drive cars as much, they don’t have 13% African minority and they eat better. So the fact that you conflate the two simply underscores my point that the Alt-Right is adopting all the language of the Left and opting to fight ONLY on their ground.
        2. Liberals didn’t vote for it for exactly the reasons Republicans pretended to want to repeal Obamacare by voting for it 60 times: To hand the other side an L. This is another example of infantile political analysis. I’ll make you a deal: Vote to keep things exactly like YOU want them, or vote IN FAVOR of only slight changes to things exactly the way you want them while handing me the appearance of a huge political victory.
        Der… I wonder which way you’ll vote. Another sterling example of Alt-Right political acuity.
        3. And it’s EXACTLY, PRECISELY Spencer and Cernovich… and now Ricky Vaughn, Dissident Right, Fame’s Blond and Virginia Dare who are cucking and offering the same “deal” that “True Conservatives” have been “offering” us for 40 years: We give them something huge and substantial that can never be undone… in exchange for the APPEARANCE of something substantial and meaningful that will easily be reversed by future Leftists… even if it IS something real. OR the classic… PROMISE… of something real and meaningful some day or year or decade in the future… that never happens.
        THIS is what we get when we “deal” or “trade” with the other side.

        Again, Get in the friggin’ game, Alt-Right.

        • I don’t care about the “Republicans”, the GOP, and I am getting to the point where I do not care about the US. I only care about White people.

          If the US and/or the GOP does not have the balls to stem the third world tide into the US, than the next best option is to accelerate the US into insolvency. National health care would help do that, while also providing better, cheaper care to White Americans in the mean time.

          • Healthcare has NOTHING to do with life expectancy. And to continue to assert that is what is quite stupid. You’re conflating correlation with causation. Africans have a lower life expectancy HERE in America. So there goes your “Just look at mortality rates in Africa” argument. Africans don’t have clean water, clean genetics, healthy food, infrastructure and a billion other things not related to healthcare at all.
            Please research this since you don’t know what you’re talking about. Read Coulter on this as well.
            And you’re exhibiting all the signs of a Liberal: You confuse correlation with causation; You argue a point you’ve done zero real reading on just parroting what you’ve heard other people say; Then you declare everyone else stupid because they don’t know propaganda talking points spewed by Michael Moore.
            Is this the Alt-Right?
            If so, you’re all screwed.
            If you claim to care at all about white people, then you can NOT push for a State run health care. Because only the white will pay and everyone else will get covered. And please, don’t give me this “Emergency Room” garbage either. If you think costs are high now just with Emergency Rooms treating everyone without insurance, wait until they all get free doctor visits and pharms. Geez Louise. It’s just staggering how your minds can get this warped.
            White people can afford their own insurance. Let them buy it in a free market. Let everyone else figure it out like we do.
            And my statement on Republicans was only in response to Spencer repeating the Left’s talking point that Obamacare was basically a Republican idea. But you read it as though I’m defending Republicans. More problematic reading and listening comprehension.
            And National Health Care does NOT provide better and cheaper care for white Americans. Please research this.
            All these countries…. Canada, UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia rely on us to pay the bulk of their defense. So they have tons of money to spend on health care. And yet many of these residents buy plane tickets to come here to get surgeries or procedures not allowed by their “Better, cheaper” State run Healthcare. We have vastly higher cancer survival rates and vastly superior treatment rates of other diseases and issues.
            You can’t just add up the number of years people live in each country and conclude this is due to healthcare. That’s simply moronic. Especially when one culture uses mass transit, has no guns, eats healthier, drinks 1/10th as much, doesn’t use narcotics or tobacco as much, and doesn’t have a huge minority population that dies earlier WHEREVER they are on the planet.
            And then you compare those numbers to a culture that shoots each other to death about 15,000 times a year, kills themselves early in their cars about 50,000 times a year, eats like crap, smokes, drinks a lot, takes narcs and has a huge minority population that dies early wherever they are living. That’s just stupid.
            You measure from when they entered the healthcare system and the results from there. When you do that, we have by FAR the best healthcare system in the world. Not even close.
            But we won’t if the State takes it over.
            And when they do, the innovation and research stops. No more money for it because there’s no incentive to turn a profit. So I ask again, who will be our America once we become Scandinavia? Who will pay for our defense when we start shifting all our resources to Government Healthcare? Who will provide us with our new breakthroughs in cancer treatments?
            Haven’t you ever wondered why all of Europe didn’t come up with Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple or many other billion dollar ideas? They have the same internet there.
            I’ll give you a hint: It’s the same reason they didn’t come up with the AIDS cocktail (which has saved about 20 million lives) and a billion other surgical techniques, medical equipment and pharms that we’ve created.

          • You cannot sit here and tell me that modern healthcare doesn’t effect things like infant mortality rate, and death by diseases such as TB and measles. Western healthcare systems have completely eradicated diseases that still kill people in the third world.

            We don’t have the “BEST” health care in the world if your largest demographic, non college educated White males are experiencing a lower life expectancy. Get that fact through your head. This is why Republicans like you lose elections all the time.

            Clean water, “infrastuctructure” like hospitals and emergency personnel, “healthy food” and a “billion other things” are considered part of a countries health care system as far as I am concerned. All of them directly impact the life expectancy of a population.

            The US spends more money per capita than any other country in the world does on healthcare, and it isn’t even close. I don’t know why you complain about liberals so much when Republicans have controlled much of the government as the costs have ballooned out of control. We don’t have a free market solution, and we never will, so you should probably just get over it.

          • Yes I can sit here and say it. Because it’s true. Research it. You make my point by talking about infant mortality. Premature birth is far and away the leading cause of it. Any healthcare system is NOT going to fix that. Unless you believe that if African women were in the US, they could go to the Doctor and somehow avoid premature birth? How exactly?
            It’s genetic. It’s also what drags down our life expectancy for the Nation: Because we have a genetically inferior minority population dragging the totals down.
            You’re making my argument again with your 2nd paragraph. None of the things you mentioned that increase our life expectancy has anything to do with healthcare.
            Your 3rd paragraph brings up life expectancy again. So you’re just sticking with the argument that 50,000 people a year die in car accidents at young ages, and 15,000 more die young from being shot. And that’s proof our healthcare system sucks.
            No, infrastructure and healthy food are NOT considered part of the healthcare system. That’s bizarre. So waste water treatment facility is part of the healthcare system? Who knew? Next time I get sick, I’ll swing by the City Sewer and see if they can check me out.
            We spend so much money on healthcare compared to others because A) We’ve allowed Government to encroach on it to the point of micromanaging it. B) We have ambulance chasing Trial Lawyers in bed with the Democrats making it impossible to be a Doctor without carrying hundreds of millions in malpractice insurance. Europe has a “Loser Pay” judicial system. They don’t sue each other over there for spilling coffee on themselves. C) We have an insurance monopoly.

            So we don’t have a free market at all. But we certainly DO have free market solutions. Go to Loser Pays judicial system, so you can still sue anyone you want. But if you lose, you pay ALL court costs. Allow insurance companies to sell across State Lines, breaking up their monopoly power. Use medical savings accounts. These are just a few which would DRASTICALLY reduce costs.
            I’m not going to go back and forth with you in a flame war when you refuse to even research what you’re saying. Keep on repeating Michael Moore and Ezra Klein talking points. Read Ayn Rand on this. She saw it in Russia as a young girl: The Government gets it’s fingers in an industry and then screws it up so bad it has to be completely taken over by the Government. And the free market is blamed. We saw this same trick after the crash of 08. I remember dingbat Arianna Huffington all over TV saying, “Free Market Capitalism has failed.” No. There was nothing free market about banks making loans to people who couldn’t afford them.
            But my original point stands unchallenged: The supposedly dangerous and “play to win” Alt-Right is now begging for Liberals to take over their Doctors and Hospitals. And if that weren’t insane enough… Is begging the Leftists to “Trade” them Immigration for Healthcare. When the Left has never honored any trade ever made to them. And any immigration overhaul will quickly and easily be undone… yes even a wall can easily be taken down…. Invite the Pope for a great Photo OP….. by any future Leftist.
            This spells complete doom for the Alt-Right.
            Don’t forget, the Tea Party was neutered by being infiltrated and taken over by Dick Armey and all the usual money boys in the “True Conservative” party.
            You do this and you are no “Alt-Right” or “Alt-Lite” or “Alt-White.”
            You are nothing more than a RINO and a Cuck.

          • Whites having access to better healthcare proves your point? lol, ok. A national healthcare program would provide most Whites with access to better health care, and would eliminate many of the financial stress associated with White America’s health. It would also provide health care in a more efficient manner. Rich Whites that already had great coverage would continue to have great coverage because they would be able to pay for it out of their pocket just like before.

            There is a reason Americans pay more for medication, and drugs, and it is because of insurance companies being a bloated, corrupt, middleman that lobby our politicians to enable them to make more money. The lobbied Obama into forcing Americans to buy their shitty products, and they lobbied Ryan into forcing Americans to pay a 30% fee for dropped coverage, when the fee for not having insurance should be… drum roll…. Not having insurance.

            The only good argument for insurance companies that I have heard is that you can sue them. That is it.

            We are not sperg conservatives. As long as you are working toward an existence for White people and a future for White children, you are Alt Right. That is more than I can say for any other political movement in the US.

          • I never stated or implied that I was responding to whites having access to better healthcare. Never broached that subject at all. The only thing I even mentioned was whites can figure out their own lives and pay for their own healthcare.
            So the fact you reached that conclusion tells me that you are either A) Not dealing in good faith arguments here. (Another Liberal tactic you’ve learned. Always mischaracterize what the opposition is saying and then respond to that mischaracterization. ) or B) You just struggle with reading and listening comprehension. Either way I’m not going back and forth with you. You’re one of those people who needs to have the last word to feel like you’ve “won” regardless of the fact that I’ve responded to every single point you’ve made while you’ve ignored and changed the subject when challenged by my points.
            And Insurance companies are not Pharma companies. They are two different things. Insurance companies BUY the pharms from the pharm companies. But you’re saying the reason drugs cost so much is because of the insurance companies.
            That’s like saying the reason ground beef is so expensive is because McDonald’s is corrupt. Just staggering in it’s stupidity.
            I don’t know what a Sperg Conservative is and I don’t care. But if you think begging to be made permanent wards of the State and giving these bureaucrats control over your healthcare decisions is good for white people, then you are bordering on retarded. Every. Single. Time. Government gets involved in an industry, it hurts and/or destroys ONLY white people. I won’t even ask you to show me even one example of where the Government took over an industry or got their claws in it so deep that it was barely recognizeable… where that helped white people. I don’t need to ask because I know that none exist. But I can point to a hundred or more just in the past 50 years where the Government got involved and white people were further displaced.
            You may take the last word and completely change the subject again and completely misunderstand/mischaracterize what I just said.
            Good Day.

          • You cannot compare McDonalds and health insurance. Health related products are unique.

            It isn’t just government that screws things up, it is bureaucrats of any kind, including those in insurance companies. I am not necessarily defending government intervention, that is what you don’t understand. I am trying to do the best with an already completely screwed up situation.

            Ultimately I believe in coops that coordinate directly with doctors, but if I am already paying taxes that fund health care anyways, why shouldn’t I get some benefit from that?

          • You are surrendering to the Left. You’ve internalized and adopted all their premises. You even use their language. And quote their BS talking points.
            And any “fight” in you is only done on the ground the Liberals have chosen for you. And is merely symbolic.
            One small setback, or at the slightest resistance….and you immediately bend over and give up your entire healthcare system.

            Yeah, the Alt-Right is finished. No fight in them at all. Just Cucks who can’t wait to fold. And not only can they not wait to fold, they want to give up things in the process. Losers.

          • There is no “left”, or “right” anymore, there is only what is best for White people. I don’t give a shit about your stupid political party, or your dumb fucking ideologies like muh individualism. I care about political power, and the survival of White people.

            Since conservatives like you have done nothing to conserve America, or White people you have no room to talk about any other political movement as far as I am concerned.

          • Yeah, that’s like saying I don’t care about religion.
            Problem with that is there is a huge group of people out there who DO care about religion. And they are cutting off heads. You pretending to be above it all doesn’t and won’t change that.
            This is why I keep saying, “Get in the game.”
            You don’t care about Party identity… when another group DOES care about party identity… that means you are screwed.
            And you are…
            In the past 50 years you’ve given up your education system from top to bottom… slowly given away your healthcare system until it’s not even recognizable anymore compared to what it was for 220 years of our country’s history.
            You’ve given up the definition of Marriage. Which basically has declared Christianity unconstitutional. And are in the process of allowing grown men to use bathrooms with little girls.
            And a million other things.
            All because you don’t care about party… but the other party DOES care.
            And that’s why you’ve lost what you’ve lost.

          • I care about identity, specifically race.That is all that matters anymore, and that is all the political parties actually represent.

            Who is this “you”, you are talking about, lol. I wasn’t even alive when the conservative boomer generation was busy giving the country away in order to avoid being called racist.

          • A national healthcare program would provide most Whites with access to better health care, and would eliminate many of the financial stress associated with White America’s health.

            You just assume this. How do you know that a national healthcare system will provide whites will better access to healthcare, since there is no mechanism in a national health plan to increase the supply of labor and supplies for medical services? Is a national health insurance plan going to increase the amount of doctors working in ER rooms and clinics? If not, then you are going to have longer wait times for the insured. Better health care, it seems to me, would be timely – you would receive care when you need it, rather than having to wait weeks and months.

          • There is also the costs. Healthcare costs are destroying White families, especially in the lower middle income brackets. It is one of the biggest reasons Whites aren’t having children… Family healthcare plans are expensive as fuck. Many of these Whites forgo healthcare all together. Longer wait times is better than no wait times at all.

          • Your response tells me that you don’t grasp the issue. You think the government could pass a national insurance plan and everything would be as is, except the government would cover the costs. You think people could just waltz on down to the hospital with an insurance card and get instant health care. In reality, it would be a complete fiasco and Trump would be blamed for it. He wouldn’t be in power for 8 years; he’d serve one term.

          • Not a national insurance plan, a national health plan. Remove the insurance companies entirely. Sure there would be wait times, and there would only be so many clinics available, at least at first, but it wouldn’t be a fiasco for the family of four than cannot afford ridiculous health insurance plans, it would cement their vote for the rest of their lives.

          • A national insurance program is what Canada and Germany have. So you want socialized medicine?

            The autistic people are the ones who don’t understand the costs of producing health care.

          • Dumb people are the ones that realize that the US already spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country in the world, including the dreaded “socialized” countries. Oh no, maybe we will have to call off the next 6 trillion dollar desert adventure and actually spend the money on our own instead. Wouldn’t that be a shame if that happened.

          • the US already spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country in the world, including the dreaded “socialized” countries.

            Yes, why is that? Could it be that they spend less per capita on their populations because they’ve had to make budgetary cuts?

          • It is because our retarded system is an aborted amalgamation of a “free market system”, laced with socialized medicine. It is what 50 years of bullshit compromises looks like. Either go full national health care, or full free market…. With the national health care plan you get to buy power. That is why I prefer it at this point.

          • You don’t know what you’re talking about. It wouldn’t buy power; it would alienate Trump’s base and the libtard voters won’t support Trump in 2020.

            You avoided my question because you don’t understand economics.

          • You over estimate the “free market wonk” portion of the population. Most people just want a good future for their children and themselves. There is a reason republicans will never touch SS or medicare. The only way you are ever getting a free market health care system is if the US goes insolvent, and a White ethno state emerges that is built on libertarian economic principles.

            That is just the cherry one the cake for me. If the Us goes down maybe we roll the dice and get a chance to start over with the lessons learned.

          • If the US goes down, who’s to say Trump’s administration won’t be blamed for it? After all, he was the one who spearheaded national health care which pushed America off a fiscal cliff.

          • Very few people in the US care about the national debt. The actions that set America down the path of mathematical insolvency was started long before Trump was elected into office. Hew would be out of office personally before the US actually imploded anyways.

          • One last thing, the word “rino” is fucking stupid. wft is a Republican anymore anyways. If I am to take the last 15 years at face value Republican means Zionist globalist, who loves lobbying money from insurance agencies and getting Americans killed in stupid wars, while importing the third world… Yea, I guess I am a rino, lol.

          • A RINO is Republican in Name Only. What we’ve had running the Party for 50 years. They campaign on things like the Free Market, then they turn around and blow up the size of Government. An example of this is arguing for Federal control over Healthcare. I guarantee you that Trump would have never been elected if he campaigned on Single Payer healthcare. Wouldn’t have happened.

          • So basically it is when the GOP stopped advocating for their own people, and nation, and instead went down the muh conservatism route, which allowed them to dupe voters by using bumper sticker phrases, instead of actual results, for an actual constituency.

          • That is correct.
            Like getting elected on the implication that you are going to remove Federal involvement in Healthcare by repealing Obamacare. Then getting into office and allowing the insurance companies to further entrench Obamacare in their “repeal” bill.
            That’s a RINO.
            Then, allowing the media to determine for you that since you “failed” to pass this insurance industry bill…. it’s a huge disaster and you must “save” yourself and “save” your Presidency. And the only way you can do that is to beg the Liberals…. who’ve you just thoroughly smited in elections… to take over your Healthcare.
            That’s a RINO.
            That’s a Cuck.
            That’s a loser.
            The Alt-Right is finished.

          • Trump tried to repeal Obamacare, the only problem is it was a worse bill written by a conservative. So please excuse me while I laugh at some cuckservative coming to this website and telling me that the Alt Right is finished.

          • It is finished. Because you have weak minds and are weak. You have no fight in you. You are all talk.
            This bill was NOT written by conservatives. Actually, it was the Conservatives in the Freedom Caucus who defeated it.
            So you don’t know basic stuff.
            But the Alt-Right is finished if it thinks it can trade with the Left and if it bends over and takes it at the first sign of trouble. And it only believes it’s trouble because the media is telling you it’s trouble.

          • This is hilarious coming from conservatives who have given everything to liberals and lobbyists without getting anything. Your God Reagan gave California to democrats permanently with his amnesty, and got no border enforcement in return. You gave AIPAC the Iraq war, and got nothing but lobbying money in return.

            The list is long and extensive of conservatives giving absolutely everything to their political enemies and not so much as whimpering when they left the table with the hands being empty.

            The Alt Right would be willing to trade with the left, but we would actually get something in return.

          • You thinking I sound like a Reagan Republican is just proof that you don’t get it. Are not following along at all.
            You’re a mess of contradictions.
            I gotta life. Peace.

          • As a White former libertarian, ultimately I would love a completely free market healthcare system, free of government intervention, but we will never have that. The democrats will use national health care as a way to buy votes from third worlders, and will use it to cement their power for a generation. Might as well beat them to the punch, and give poor whites better health care options in the process.

            If republicans like you wanted a free market solution, than you should have never agreed to let non White third worlders immigrate here, whether legal or illegal in the first place.

          • I never agreed to let 3rd worlders in. By begging for the Liberals to take over your healthcare, you will be guaranteeing that the flood of them will never stop or even abate. They are drawn here by Democrats for the welfare and goodies. Now you want to give them the biggest goodie of all. Every African who can get in a boat will crash our shores.
            And the Cuck mindset: Can’t beat them, might as well join them. The Left NEVER says this. They fight and sue and sue and fight and destroy until they get their way. We’ve never seen a fight that we can’t wait to throw… and give up before it’s even started.
            Yeah, the Alt-Right is finished.

          • The Alt Right isn’t finished, stop being such a drama queen for Christ’s sake. No other political movement even asks “what about White people”, let alone pretends to look out for their interests.

            Ultimately the solutions you presented, even if they are preferred by White people, will never get enacted, so best to look for the best path to power, and that is being the ones that enact national health care.

          • You’re not advocating for white people. You’re advocating for their further displacement. I am advocating for white people.
            You have a Loser/Cuck mentality… Can’t beat ’em, join ’em… and it’s nice what you want… but that will never happen… so might as well try to make do.
            The Left NEVER speaks this way. Ever.
            The Alt-Right is finished.

          • How exactly are you advocating for White people? I am advocating for poor Whites to get health coverage, you are advocating for your muh free market pipe dream.

          • Not a pipe dream How the whole industry actually functioned for about 220 of our 241 years.
            But to you that’s a pipe dream.
            So let’s just surrender everything.
            White people will ONLY be harmed by Universal Government Health Care. Poor people white or black can get Medicaid right now… today.

          • Those 220 years the US was 90% White…. It is 62% White and dropping. At this point the only way you are getting your free market system, is if the US implodes, and a White ethno state forms. How you cannot see this, is truly fucking amazing. You are just as delusional as lolbertarians.

          • How will adopting national health care put the alt-right in power? If anything, it would discredit the Trump administration for ballooning the federal budget deficit.

          • Like anyone beside autists care about the national debt at this point. The last time that was a relevant talking point was 10 years ago. The financial system is already mathematically so broken, its death would be a mercy, if it even is possible for it to implode.

            I would rather buy off Bernie bros, pacify 40 million blacks for 10-20 years of Trumpian power, provide cheap healthcare to lower middle class Whites, and use the legislation as a bargaining chip to do real immigration reform.

          • Were Greek bondholders “autistic” when they observed Greece’s debt-to-GDP ratio climb to 175% and jumped ship?

            Insuring 300 plus million people, plus all of the fraudulent claims filed by non-residents, would add trillions to the national debt. Our economy isn’t growing fast enough to sustain that big of an expense. You can’t keep going deeper into debt, because at some point the debt holders observe that it’s impossible for you to repay it. You become a liability and the government would have to promise debt holders bigger interest payments

            You assume that a national health insurance plan could be passed without issue. What happens when the Bernie bros go to the hospital and they can’t get medical care because there are only two doctors on staff, but dozens of people waiting for all sorts of ailments?

            National insurance does nothing to increase the supply of doctors and medical equipment.

          • The debt is not slowing down, lol. What is a few trillion more? At some point, regardless of what happens to health care it is going to come down to the US telling its creditors to either fuck off, or invade us.

          • Its creditors are US citizens, the same people you claim Trump is trying to buy off with national health care.

          • The US civilians are debtors, not creditors. the creditors are foreign nations like China, US bond holders and the federal reserve. The average US citizen already owes a shit ton of money, what is a little more, plus good health care?

            Besides, if we lived in a 90% White country I would agree with you, but we don’t. We live in an already declining multiracial empire. The US will be a cautionary tale of how not to run things within this century anyways.

          • Americans are responsible for paying 100% of the debt. As far as I am concerned they are debtors. 67% of the time they would happen to be paying back themselves.

          • Rising white working class mortality rates have more to do with poor life decisions and the overall state of the economic opportunities that exist in this nation. Alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide are the main causes of this drastic increase in the mortality rate. It is more of a spiritual depression type thing. Think of Fight Club and that famous monologue by Tyler upon welcoming the members to the first fight club. Guys are losing their jobs or have to work a second one just to get by. They aren’t eating very well, mostly fast food, etc and have lost hope. I know that, because I have been there. Health Care will never get any better, as with the rise of automation, people will be replaced with robots and there will be the need to cull the herd even faster. Austerity will be our future, and Mr. Trump or his successor will be the one who overseas it.

          • We are talking about a “real program”. Sorry, but grumpie and people like him need to stop worshiping the free market. You said it yourself that automation is only going to destroy more jobs. After national healthcare, the next step is a basic minimum income. If people cannot sell their labor the free market simply doesn’t work anymore. Either that or coop ownership of the means of production if everything is going to be automated. I know I am sounding like a communist, but how else do Whites expect to prosper when I have seen estimates that 38% of jobs will be automated over the next 15 years.

            Now, I know people like grumpie don’t want to hear talk like that, but too bad. It isn’t 1910 anymore. The industrial revolution is over. Until people actually face that fact, they aren’t going to be able to provide solutions either.

    • I like you Grumpy Trucker, you seem to know the fine details that many, myself included, are lacking.

  • Giving over the healthcare industry to the leftists deep state is, in all honesty, the one and only way I can see the white death rate continue to grow at pace. Third worldists would love nothing more than to be a commissar deciding that all white men are to be situated at the back of the line for care despite being the overwhelming majority of the net tax payers who fund it. Conversely, this would change nothing about the behavior of irresponsible brown underclass members and would not budge the loyalty of reflexive leftists either. Tame that liberal paternalism Richard.

  • Were is the modern Social State from ? Bismark’s Germany – and his model worked cuz it was one nation, one language, one general Church, one history …. and it was built on the idea of HIGH tariffs and things that were made for export – high $$ export… Dose any of this sound like a free trade rainbow bs that is modern America?? Spencer this is America not Europe and not 1933…. You fix health care by having a 2 tier system – one local and every day care with you and your doctor where you pay him XXX every week or month and when you get sick u have a account with him. The next part catastrophic care insurance. But, still NO system will work if we allow NON CITIZENS the same rights to health care …

  • I am opposed to single payer national health care if it forces whites to use the same doctors and facilities as all of the Thurd World hordes pouring into our country. In a sane world, whites with good jobs would be able to pay more to get away from these people. As I understand it, I have just about the best type of health plan possible under the Affordable Care Act. I still am stuck having to sit in waiting rooms full of Thurd Worlders. Anything that doesn’t move us away from that situation is pointless, as far as I am concerned.

    • At this point I am perfectly fine with Whites being forced to actually deal with what they have created. Imagine if all well off, snarky, smug Americans actually had to deal with the third world they have helped bring into the country? Actual change may be pushed at that point.

      • There are various ways at looking at things. I think it is good to argue, on an explicitly pro-white basis, for policies that help whites. The same goes for immigration. Would you argue for open borders because it would help wake up smug whites? That doesn’t make sense. I think it is best to argue for policies that help whites, but to do so on an explicitly pro-white basis. That is the essence of white identity politics. We want to get whites to start thinking about their group interests, explicitly.

        • The way you get brain dead Whites to understand they have group interests is to either explain it to them, or have them experience it for themselves. I advocate that any White that thinks that we (humans) are all the same, and Whites have no group interests, should be placed into the nearest state penitentiary for no less than three months.

          The US is already minority White in the under 5 age group. Based on Trump’s actions to date there is little reason to believe that we can save White majority status in the US. Time for draconian measures as far as I am concerned.

  • One of the more curious things about this debate is the idea that single payer/state financed healthcare would be more expensive than the current system. Yet Americans spend more on healthcare per capita than any other industrialized country, so it’s hard to see how that could be the case. A very large part of American healthcare expenditure is used to pay for insurance companies and those whom doctors, hospitals, etc. have to pay deal with them; but not one of these individuals, who must be absolutely legion, provides any sort of care or improves anyone’s health at all.

    By cutting away all that deadwood, as a single payer system would, all citizens could be given decent healthcare AND considerable savings could be made.

    • Exactly. People that are against “socialized” medicine appear to not be aware of how much America already spends on healthcare. It is ridiculous.

  • enough of your socialism, Spencer. it won’t work with our country’s demographics. Ask why all the government involvement in the healthcare system we have now was “necessary.” Who will come out better off when merit-based economic realism is applied instead?

    • As I said below, Spencer is advocating single payer to make Whites suspicious and angry about paying for health care for blacks and Hispanics. Single payer will also drive the USA deeper into financial chaos, opening up the possibility of a Soviet style collapse and breakup along ethnic lines.

    • ” Who will come out better off when merit-based economic realism is applied instead?”

      Probably globalist billionaires and Jews, to be honest.

      Certainly public spirited nationalistic gentile billionaires seem to be quite rare.

  • White survival depends on focusing the attention of whites towards their own interests. The US government will take the money of whites and give it to minorities. The more means they have to do that, the more effectively that end will be achieved. Whites need to pool their own resources, single payer ensures that Federal judges will prevent that. Focusing on white survival doesn’t mean that we hope we can get minorities to have fewer babies while merely “encouraging” whites to have more (force is required to be used on white women – that REQUIRES taking abortion away from them as an option). It means that we have the goal of being the sole sovereign power in the USA, excluding the Jews.

  • Richard, a single-payer system would guarantee that Trump served one term. Once the thing kicked in, it would expand the budget deficit. (And no, it can’t be financed with tariffs.)

    Those who say that a single-payer system will make health care cheaper don’t know what they’re talking about. It would obviously increase demand for medical services, which would increase the price for the labor and capital needed to provide those services. Hospitals would need more MRI machines, more CT machines, more stethoscopes, more doctors, more nurses, etc.

    A single-payer system won’t make the cost of manufacturing MRI machines cheaper; it won’t make the cost of attending medical school cheaper. But society will need more medical equipment and doctors if it is to service the entire population of America, so medical costs will rise. The consumer may not see it, but whomever controls the budget for national health insurance will. They will cut the budget and then you’ll have long wait lists for basic check ups. Trump will be blamed for this and it will doom his chances for reelection.

    • “A single-payer system won’t make the cost of manufacturing MRI machines cheaper”

      Nobody said a Medicaid-based single payer will cover MRI. If you want an MRI, there will be a private market and you can pay for it, or your private insurance you pay for can.

      What EVERYBODY wants (and I’ve been sending doctor bills for 45 years) is to take your kid with a fever and a sore throat to the doctor, get a prescription, take it to the pharmacy (or even better, to the drug desk in the practice), and the only thing you hear from the doctor or office staff is, “Gee, I hope Johnny feels better soon”.

      Single payer cannot and will not pay for MRI, chemotherapy to produce 3 month partial responses in metastatic cancer, implantable auto-sensing defibrillators, DaVinci robotic prostate surgery, and all the things we have invented or bought with borrowed and printed money. If Congress could have figured out how to do that without $20 trillion in debt, they would have,

      What single payer CAN and WILL do is release the taxpayers from responsibility for the financial success of the health “insurance” industry. Most people can and will live happily with their Trump Card in their pocket and zero bills when they are sick, or are worried that they are. Employers will be freed from the titanic costs of prepaid health care for their employees, provided under the rubric of “insurance”, although it is no such thing.

      And insurance businesses CAN and WILL sell individual true health insurance policies, rated and priced accurately (which they DO have expertise in), and offered in tiers (kicking in after $50,000, $100,000 out of pocket, or cutting off after $1,000,000, for example) – whatever you want to buy and can afford, you will be able to get.

      What WON’T exist anymore is a taxpayer guarantee to pay, without limit, for any medical invention our incredibly creative scientists can devise that could, under very broad guidelines, possibly be of any use to any person, whatever their condition, life expectancy, or contribution to society.

      That’s not health insurance. That’s Ponce de Leon searching for the fountain of youth. If $20 trillion in debt hasn’t done the job, its not happening.

      • Medicaid already covers MRIs and other diagnostic scans in all 50 states. It covers surgeries, dental work, psychological counseling, prescription drugs and a bunch of other services. So if Trump based a single-player plan on Medicaid, what I said would still apply – the demand for medical services (doctors, medicine, surgical instruments) would increase and so would their costs.

        Patients wouldn’t see rising costs; they’d think the government contained costs because now they could pick up prescription drugs at Walmart for nothing. But the government would see the rising costs and take measures to control it. They might institute a wealth tax to pay for it, but that would stifle investment and it would hurt people like Trump. Trump wouldn’t be for a wealth tax. The deficits would definitely increase under such a plan though.

    • For decades, Republicans have (without saying it aloud, of course) tried to “starve out” blacks and browns, i.e. allow them very little in the way of social benefits. It hasn’t worked. Even though the U.S. spends less than 2% of GDP (not including Medicaid) on the poor, the black and brown population continues to grow and thrive. Meanwhile, life expectancy for white Americans has plunged in a manner reminiscent of the increase in mortality in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union.

    • At the rate things are going economically and professionally it will be Chinese and Indians paying for Whites healthcare….

  • If single payer was only applied to citizens, I’d be OK with it. It would also be applied to non-citizens and illegals, acting as a further entitlement for our replacements. Thus, I can’t support it at this time.

    • Oh, and with reference to my post below about single-payer, it goes without saying that closing the Southern border, with a wall and machine guns if necessary, expulsion of anyone (and their children) without citizenship or permanent residency with the right to work, and capital punishment for selling opioids or amphetamines will all be part of the grand bargain.

  • I feel like we’re standing on a beach, all the water has suddenly rushed out a mile and there fish flopping around, and nobody else noticed. They’re standing around talking about what to have for dinner.

    Richard, the US is *broke*. There is going to be a fiscal crisis inside the next five years. There will be no infrastructure program. There will be no new healthcare plan, and in fact medicare is going to collapse. You people need to get it through your heads that there’s no money. Explaining to people that the money is all gone is what Trump is going to be doing, not lining up new goodies.

    • I think Col. Spencer proposes Socialized Medicine to fast track what Schumpeter called Creative Destruction. A Public Health Care Option WILL bankrupt the government and eventually end the United States as we know it, just like out of control spending ended the USSR in the Eighties.

      Schumpeter held that the chaos of economic shocks, new technologies, and other cataclysmic events held possibilities for economic “creation” amidst the “destruction.” In this lense, Richard is applying Creative Destruction to American Whites, with the possibility that increased social spending will be the the final nail in the coffin for the late great USA. Out of these ashes, a White ethno state will arise.

      Socialized medicine will also make normie Whites more suspicious of Blacks and Hispanics, a point I believe Col. Spencer made yesterday in another Youtube video he uploaded from his cotton plantation.

    • The U.S. is not broke or anywhere close to it. Certainly, the financial markets do not believe that the U.S. is broke. The markets continue to lend the U.S. money at very low interest rates. No one lends money to a government that is about to go bankrupt.

      • Have you looked at the 10 year treasury lately? I think you don’t really know what’s developing. The US actually can’t raise much long term debt anymore. Everything is getting rolled over on short term t-bills. When interest rates inevitably rise it hits the fan.

      • They do when if the entity getting the loan can’t pay it is fire sale time for all the natural resources(national parks, etc) that the lender can get!!!!!! Do you think Wall St banks only do this to 3rd World nations?

    • Medicaid may collapse, Medicare won’t, because Medicare is an insurance system you pay into all of your working life, until you are 65. Then it’s a slow start to be able take advantage of it.

      Dick has made a modest suggestion. Many, including Dick, understand that we are being forced by the market to take action to control healthcare costs, and provide health insurance for people who work for a living. Remember this, the major sticking point in most labor negotiations is the out of control rising cost of healthcare. This includes with almost all government employees, organized or not.

    • Why’s that? Other than the gold vendors and their in house propaganda writers who believes that? People have been saying “we’re broke” and the dollar is going to crash since the seventies.

      They have projected hyper-inflation but we don’t see any sign of that, just a slow trickle of a few percent a year. Hard to keep in front if you are a saver trying to live on investments, not as big deal if your benefits are indexed.

      Back in the late 90s we were assured that this was it. We’d passed the point of no return and the bond vigilantes would soon punish us with crippling rates.

      But then the Fed decided on QE and now they control the rates on T bills, not the markets. That’s because they buy up to 100% of new offerings.

      Meanwhile foreign investors are still looking at the USD and thinking it looks OK. Euro is at $1.08 a near record low. Our much decried useless fiat dollar will buy you a lot more German car, French wine, or Italian fun than it did when Obama entered office.

      9 trillion in accumulated debt ago.

      This is bad news for gold promoters, it’s back down around $1000. from $1900 a while ago. Even the low rate 1.3% paid on T bills did better.

      You guys don’t spend all your time at the range, do you? I mean someone else surely is doing their own portfolio management here. Right?

      If not l’ll make a simple suggestion. Don’t evaluate the status of the economy from people pitching gold at the front and back of their videos and articles (like last week’s article here). You are going to have a shitty old age if you buy into their nonsense.

      • I wouldn’t bet on a dollar crash or a hyper-inflation. Probably exactly the opposite. What is an arithmetic certainty is the national debt can’t double again over the next eight years. We’re not going from 20 trillion to 40 trillion. Massive cuts are coming to all kinds of things whether people like that idea or not.

  • Richard Spencer’s healthcare proposition is utterly ridiculous.

    We’re at war.

    Our existential enemy has total control of our government. — They want us dead.

    And Richard Spencer wants to give them complete control over our healthcare. — What could go wrong?

    The Alt-Right needs to get its shiit together and realize that we’re going to have to draft two, separate sets of policies on practically every issue. — War-time policies — and post-victory, peace-time policies.

    The post-victory policies will be the laws, and governmental structure, that we intend to implement AFTER we’ve reclaimed our White ethnostates.

    If we had already purged our (((enemy))), and returned our Nation to an overwhelming White population, then we could debate Spencer’s proposal for socialist SpencerCare.

    News Flash: We haven’t won yet. — In fact, White America is barely hanging on by a tenuous thread.

    At this point, any National healthcare would act as an anti-White, dysgenics program.

    Resources would flow from Whites to non-Whites. And the government healthcare machine would be overwhelming staffed by non-Whites. — By law. — Just like every other government agency.

    And our (((enemy))) would wield the healthcare machine against us at every available opportunity. — Just as they do with the IRS and every other government agency.

    Hell, our enemy just mobilized the FBI machine on a manhunt to imprison one of us for sending a flashing tweet to a lying, psychopathic, pedophile Jew. — What do you think they’re going to do when they hold the direct power of life or death over us?

    There’s a reason why our enemy has been attempting to impose National healthcare on us for decades. — And it’s not because our enemy cares about the health of White people.

    We’re at war.

    To be extremely blunt, the only healthcare policy that the Alt-Right should be promoting is a policy that makes healthcare available to the largest number of Whites, while denying healthcare to the largest number of non-Whites. — In war-time, the goal is to reduce the ranks of your enemy while increasing your own.

    And the best healthcare policy to accomplish that goal is a form of free-market healthcare. — The enemy wouldn’t have direct control over it, and it would obviously favor Whites due to the greater agency and lower time-preference of White people.

    It also has the benefit of being the healthcare system that Trump promised to his millions of voters. — It would keep Trump’s supporters energized — even if Trump had to fight to get it passed.

    It doesn’t matter if you think that a National healthcare system would be better in a White ethnostate. — We don’t live in one.

    In the current year, we don’t want a healthcare system that “works” for all Americans. — We want a healthcare system that helps Whites, and hurts non-Whites. — Harsh but true.

    Alt-Right dot com, and Richard Spencer, need to stop LARPing under the banner of the “Alt-Right” if they’re going to keep promoting leftist, socialist, or just foolish policy proposals, like this one.

    Richard Spencer is doing a great job of engaging the public on the subject of ethno-nationalism and the identity movement. — The last NPI Conference, and the attendant press conferences, were fantastic for the Alt-Right.

    But, it’s becoming painfully clear that the worst things that will be coming out of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute — will be the actual policies.

    • “In the current year, we don’t want a healthcare system that “works” for all Americans. — We want a healthcare system that helps Whites, and hurts non-Whites. — Harsh but true.”

      This. This. This.

      • Spencer is proposing National Health Care to help sink the USA into debt and kill off the proposition nation. Then America breaks up along ethnic lines like the USSR did.

          • Trump is the accelerationist candidate, Hillary is more of a status quo candidate.

            The hope is that he’ll speed up the process of sorting people into teams and getting them pointed at the right enemies.

          • Hillary is a globalist who favors “free” trade, open borders. She would not have hesitated to find ways to favor her black and Latino base.

      • You can tailor a healthcare system that helps the rich, but hurts the working and middle class. You can not tailor a system that only helps whites and no one else.

        • Probably true… but if a healthcare system helps minorities more than it helps whites… that’s bad.

  • Blacks and Hispanics on welfare makes funding a public option on health care impossible.

    Of course, we could always tax shit like cotton plantations to pay for more free stuff.

    • Only in our dreams will the plan include a one-time payment to any male welfare recipient who voluntarily gets a vasectomy. Too bad, because that would probably solve the welfare problem.

    • Name me the last Government program that “collapsed.”
      I’ll wait.
      They’ll keep shoveling money into this thing until all our Great-Great Grandchildren are dead.
      The Housing collapse just broke the whole world and all those derivatives laws, repeal of Glass-Steagall, etc… are still in place.
      This is also the talk of the “True Conservative” or the Cuck. There is zero evidence that any Government program will “collapse.” Because there is not a single Government program that has ever “collapsed.” They’ll just keep stealing money from you and your bosses forever.

      Get in the game, Alt-Right.

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