Hierarchies, Networks, And The Battle For The Mind Of Our Race

Stephen McNallen discusses the Great Meme War of 2016, decentralized organization and the battle for the minds of our race.

Stephen McNallen
The Asatru Folk Assembly, or AFA, an organization of Germanic neopaganism, is a US-headquartered, but international folkish Ásatrú organization, with chapters worldwide, founded by Stephen A. McNallen in 1994.


  • good presentation about the meme war. I appreciate his thoughts. And although we do need to keep up the assault, we also need to move beyond the internet and into boots-on-the-ground, real people communities. Richard Spencer talks about professionalization of our movement; I fully agree and support it. But in the near future I’d like to see more regional conferences or even state specific gatherings. Public conferences are useful, but we should also consider private venues, which allow us to focus on the like-minded people there instead of focusing on security issues and whether we have enough men fight ANTIFA.

    • I prefer ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ but yes the current level of desperate counter-psyops against a global white awakening should at least tell us we are reaching the critical mass they fear the most as they go for the final Orwellian lock-down on information.

      I was banned from Google plus for being an overt shitlord but what the heck,we try to reach out to the reachable who still have their IQ’s intact & the truth can make you angry sometimes especially when triggered by hasbara trolls……anti-whites can say whatever they like on social media of course because they are deemed to be fighting the ‘extremism of the far right’ that everyone was warned about in school….oy vey!

      Anyways they’ve really shot themselves in the foot with this “fake news” BS,it’s just laughable & will only increase the demand for independent media content amongst our people who have seen through it in an instant.

    • You’ve downloaded, organized/categorized, archived, and backed-up (multiple copies) all the “offensive” material, right? Every single man or woman reading this should be doing the same. Make a few (or a few dozen) back-up copies of all the “red-pilling” materials you viewed/studied to get you to this point. Hide them in different locations. Bury one in a time-capsule in the middle of the woods. Put one in a safety deposit box. Hide one under the floorboards of your aunt’s house.

  • I am the Top of the Hierarchy…..

    I live in a Dominant Urban Non-White Demographic Community…….

    I walk the Streets………while Blacks call out for ‘Crack…..Crack’…………….

    Because I’m a Based White Male…..

    Don’t ever Fckin Preach to Me……

    … Vile Suburban and Rural CUCKS…..

    I live and exist at Ground ZERO…..

    And they don’t Fck with me……

    Because….if they did……I’d Kill Them…….Literally……

    So save all your Ideals…..

    I live where the Alt-Right Ethos………is Formed and Grounded…..

    I am your Prophet…….


    Learn to Listen………

  • I thought the Heaven’s Gate folks had already hitched their carriage to Haley’s Comet and left this earth? Seems they left one of their leaders behind.

      • I’m not in a contest but this guy is obviously a loon. Look at his eyes. More cultish shit from

        Put the real Right on your website. The adults. The responsible people. People like Dr David Duke, Pat Buchanon and Dr Kevin McDonald. But if you keep up this shit then they wont want to have anything to do with you.

        • I don’t agree with your approach of tearing down a fellow pro-White. But you’re right, he does look a bit cultish. And you’re right, this site should definitely be featuring more of the serious men you mentioned.

  • I don’t want to live around a bunch of White People who listen to Country Music…….

    …..but, rather this……

    White People are Different……..

    We are Vastly Complex……

    So Complex…….

    How you Capture this Infinitely Complex Essence into Ethno-Nationalism is beyond me…..



    • That “music” you posted is not spiritually healthy. Neither is the commercialized watered-down dreck that passes for “country music” these days. But here is something good in the “country” vein:

      Listen to the honesty, wholesomeness, pride, and strength in that woman’s voice.

  • Just like in America there seems to be a problem in the UK/Scotland. I just cant figure it out but Scotland is only 8% non white but whites are the victims of most racially motivated attacks

    White British people have become the most common ethnic group to be targeted in racist incidents in Scotland, according to new figures.


    Scottish Review
    Kenneth Roy Apr 6, 2016
    What is less often reported is that, in an ethnic minority population estimated at 850,000, by far the largest minority – 417,000 – is officially classified as ‘White Other British’ and that the White Other Brits are overwhelmingly English. If we exclude them, Scotland’s multi-cultural society seems to amount to 433,000 people, only 8% of the total population.
    And this discrimination extends far beyond the BEM community. Scotland’s chief statistician has issued a set of little-noticed figures which show that, in referendum year, ‘White British’ people were the most common ethnic group to be targeted in racist incidents in Scotland – 1,423 such incidents were recorded in 2014, an increase of 284 on the previous year, compared with 1,107 cases of racism directed at the Pakistani community.
    Within a few days, Nicola Sturgeon’s complacency about the nature of Scottish society was brutally exposed by a succession of disturbing events. A Glasgow Muslim, Asad Shah, who had posted an Easter message of love and reconcilation, died in hospital after being attacked outside his shop.
    Within the same few days, the imam of the Glasgow Central Mosque was criticised for apparently praising an extremist who had been executed in Pakistan for murdering a politician; the imam insisted that his remarks had been taken out of context. Next, anti-terrorism police were reported to be investigating alleged links between two other leading figures at Scottish mosques with a proscribed sectarian group which has carried out atrocities in Pakistan. Documents obtained by the BBC appeared to show that both men continued to have connections with this group after it was banned.

    Kriss Donald killer Imran Shahid wins human rights appeal
    Shahid, his brother Zeeshan Shahid and Faisal Mushtaq were all sentenced to life in November 2006 after being found guilty of murdering the 15-year-old.
    He was said to have led the gang which snatched Kriss because he was white.

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