Why Trump Must Champion National Healthcare

It won’t be the Russia conspiracy or the “Deep State.” It won’t be Olbermann, Maddow, and “The Resistance.” It won’t even be the bugbear of “racism.” No, the most likely thing that will bring down the presidency of Donald J. Trump is healthcare. Yes, healthcare. And the people to blame will be the “mainstream” Republicans who laid the trap.

The fact that Trump allowed himself to be tricked into supporting the current healthcare proposal reveals his own naiveté and reminds us, once again, that the Beltway advisors who have surrounded him are objectively bad at politics. Rather than focus on immigration—the issue that defined his candidacy—Trump got sucked into a whirlpool of regulations, arcane policies, climate-change debates, and taxes. This is a shocking waste of political capital, and it is not why his supporters put him in office.

Looking beyond the hysteria of the past two months, if Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush had won the presidency instead Trump, each wouldn’t have acted much differently in terms of policy, aside from the “Muslim bans,” which weren’t actually Muslim bans and have been tossed out anyway. Trump’s fights with the media are hilarious—and serve the strategic purpose of delegitimizing these old-line institutions and the Left as a whole—but they do little in terms of concrete change.

More important, the substance of Trump’s healthcare plan is a fucking joke. What Trump partisans call “Ryancare” or “Obamacare 2.0”—but which everyone else calls “Trumpcare”—will increase costs on Trump’s core constituency of White working-class voters, as even Breitbart points out.

The tedious goober Jason Chaffetz—who won’t defend the president when it comes to the synthetic Russia scandals but is fully aligned with Trump on this stupid bill—has given the Democrats every campaign ad it will ever need when he said people will need to choose between their iPhone and their healthcare.

So let’s call it what it is and not redirect the blame. Trumpcare is exactly the kind of Conservatism, Inc. idiocy we’ve seen year in, year out, where the most loyal constituents of the American Right are given the shaft, while those who despise Republican voters are rewarded.

The spectacle of Paul Ryan giggling with Rich Lowry about how he has been dreaming of cutting Medicare “since you and I were drinking out of kegs” is nothing short of nauseating. Who could relate to such people?

Worse, Trumpcare violates what Trump himself clearly stated. The President promised “insurance for everybody” in his Obamacare replacement plan. Trumpcare accomplishes nothing of the sort. The fundamental flaws in the old plan are preserved, and Ryan’s bill cuts benefits to Trump’s voters in order to keep the system going.

Lindsey Graham has suggested that, rather than put forth a new bill, we should just let Obamacare collapse and foist the blame onto the Democrats. Perhaps this is a better strategy than what is being pursued . . . but it is based on the faulty conservative premise that “Obama’s socialism” is set for an imminent and precipitous breakdown. The far more likely scenario is that Obamacare—much like Medicare, Medicaid, and the rest of the “socialism” in Washington—will limp along for decades, maybe even a century, on borrowed money.

As mentioned, the fundament flaw of Trumpcare is the same as Obamacare: they are insurance schemes and not healthcare programs.

Taking a step back, what we call “health insurance” today is not truly insurance in the proper sense of the word. Essential to the concept of insurance is that no one expects to use it. For the holder, insurance is a hedge against unforeseen, rare, and catastrophic outcomes. For the lender, insurance is a bet that the holder won’t call in the liability. The classic insurance scenario, which dates back to the age of Hammurabi, is when merchants take out loans contingent on a vessel’s safe return from a voyage; if the ship were to sink at sea, the loan would not have to be repaid.

Today, what is called “health insurance” is better understood as a pre-payment or installment program. Everyone expects to use their “insurance” many time a year. Both Trumpcare and Obamacare seek to lower these installment payments by creating mandates and incentives that pool the healthy and the sick, the young and old, as a way of averaging out costs. Fiddling with this absurd model is much like trying to repair a car’s engine by giving it a new paint job.

Moreover, the fact that America has decided to socialize the insurance market, as opposed to socializing healthcare providers, reveals something important about our collective psyche and delusions.

The U.S. is one of the only industrialized nations that has never offered a universal healthcare system, despite the fact that the government spends hundreds of billions in the healthcare market every year. In the American psyche, “socialized medicine” is for whimpy Europeans and the working class. America doesn’t have a proletariate, or rather it has one that thinks of itself as “middle class.” Thus, Americans like talking about “health insurance,” a product for rich people, as opposed to talking about the government simply providing care for people who can’t afford it. A similar situation occurs in the “food stamp” program. Americans are provided with EBT cards (electronic benefit transfer) that act like fancy credit cards. As opposed simply to providing basic foodstuffs for the poor—yes, literally government cheese—Americans like to pretend that we’re all wealthy consumerists out shopping.

If there are two things—two root concepts—that define the Alt Right, they are identity and the red pill, that is, the concept of race and belonging and the ethic of seeing through the pretty lies of our time.

Identity means that we are part of a family, and that we have responsibilities to our people. Unlike Paul Ryan and Rich Lowry, who masturbated to Atlas Shrugged in their college dorms and have no loyalty to their race, Donald Trump is a nationalist. He is a man whose miraculous candidacy was based on promising his lower- and middle-class supporters that he would be their champion—that he understands the system and will make it work form them. If Trump actually believes his own words—and if he recognizes the reality that conservatives like Ryan never liked him, never really supported him, and don’t have his back—then why is he adopting their policies? Why not “rig the system” on his people’s behalf?

Taking the red pill on healthcare also means recognizing that the system was hardly a free-market paradise before Obama: prices were always set through Medicare. Moreover, Obamacare itself wasn’t really “socialism” at all: it was the fake socialism of an insurance scheme. (And let’s not forget that Obamacare’s “individual mandate” ultimately originated in the conservative movement of the late ‘80s.)

The red pill on healthcare also means recognizing the implications of human nature. Libertarians are probably right that a true, unfettered free market would provide “universal” healthcare, much like the markets for vacuum cleaners, hamburgers, and smartphones. But this is ultimately irrelevant. People can’t deal with the notion of rich “fat cats” buying up all the care and poor people getting kicked to the curb. Senator Bill Cassidy was right when he said recently, “There’s a widespread recognition that the federal government, Congress, has created the right for every American to have health care.”

What is most frustrating is that Trump doesn’t even seem to believe in the lame ideas at the heart of Trumpcare. In Trump’s mind, the healthcare bill just seems to be something he wants to “get done” so he can credibly say he fulfilled his promise to repeal Obamacare. Or worse, he has adopted Ryan’s bill like a product he’s “branding,” à la “Trump steaks” or “Trump wine.” Worse still, there is reason to believe Trump favors a single payer solution in his heart of hearts. He cryptically commented during the first GOP debate that a single payer solution “could have worked in a different age. . . .” And Trump seems to understand, or at least did at one time, that healthcare is not like other goods. It is something at some point everyone needs.

Indeed, Trump gestured towards such ideas in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve (and was predictably slammed for it by the likes of über-cuck Erick Erickson). Said Trump:

I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one. We should not hear so many stories of families ruined by health care expenses. We must not allow citizens with medical problems to go untreated because of financial problems or red tape.

One can expect Trump’s opponents simply to use his own words against him when the time comes, especially as the Democrats (with an assist from the media) are now trying to present themselves as the champions of middle class, who will fight against the plutocrats and libertarians in the GOP. Bernie Sanders, selling universal healthcare to a receptive White crowd in West Virginia a short time ago, is a classic example. (Naturally, he was being disingenuous with this sudden concern for coal miners. During the campaign, Bernie confidently informed us, “When you’re White, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”)

And we can’t ignore the politics of this. If Trumpcare passes, leftists can credibly claim that Trump has betrayed his populist vision. They will recycle the hoary script about nationalism and “scapegoating” immigrants as a means of pushing through a draconian agenda. And they’ll have a point! This is the script they’ve used for decades, and it’s astonishing how the House Republicans seem determined to fit the caricature.

Like the Satsuma Rebellion, it’s time for supporters of the Emperor to rise against him in his name. And it is time for the Alt-Right to push for a “public option”—the single-payer system that Obama’s didn’t have the balls to implement.

Yes, of course, we don’t live in Sweden circa 1960; and a single-payer system would be mired by the contradictions of multiculturalism and open borders—but so is the system we have now. We are past the point of trying to impose a rational policy in what is already an irrational situation.

And in any given environment, we have to consider what policy option or political choice will further the strategic objective of moving toward racial consciousness. Universal healthcare accomplishes this in several ways.

Firstly—and most importantly, politically—we must accept that healthcare is an issue we cannot rationally address until we have a European nation. The best we can do is support the most plausible solution that would serve our constituency. The system we have now is essentially the worst of both the free market and socialist options, as the government tries to manipulate prices in order to preserve a nominally “capitalist” system. By doing this, it destroys the pricing mechanism, which is the one critical advantage capitalism has. The result is a bureaucratic nightmare. Universal healthcare is less confusing and nonsensical (and probably cheaper) than what White people have to deal with now.

Secondly, we underestimate the rise of neo-social democracy at our peril. Even as the “Bolivarian Revolution” in Venezuela descends into chaos, socialism is growing more popular in the United States, and easily the most beloved politician is Bernie Sanders. As Dave Weigel observed, only half jokingly, single-payer is really the only way Trump can keep many of his working-class voters on board. It’s hard to believe the Democrats in 2020, under huge pressure from the Left, would nominate another corporate liberal like Hillary Clinton. In the current climate, the group that is most opposed to the Establishment wins. And the implementation of Trumpcare would make it far easier for Trump to be cast as a tool of the ruling class.

Third, we need to think about what single-payer would do for the Alt-Right movement. So many writers, activists, and content creators on our side shy away from becoming more involved, not just out of fear of social punishment, but out of fear of being fired and losing their health insurance. As many wags noted of Breaking Bad, the crippling fear of being sick and being unable to pay for it is one of the defining elements of American life. Single-payer would enable more political soldiers to step forward.

Fourth, it moves the territory away from abstractions about “limited government” and towards issues where we have something to say. When single-payer healthcare is implemented, issues like food safety, nutrition, and obesity become matters of public concern. It will draw more attention to the alternative we are presenting to America’s current lowest-common-denominator society. Contra Jeffrey Tucker, mankind’s highest aspirations are not to be found in a Taco Bell. Not even an American’s highest aspirations.

Finally, along with the looming issue of basic income, once automation really gets going—when those Uber drivers, waiters, and machinists are replaced by software—getting past the healthcare debate means moving to a political battleground where we have the strategic advantage. In one of the many videos now circulating, Marine Le Pen rails against those who are “threatening the survival of the French social model.” As even Paul Krugman once admitted, if you are going to try to guarantee healthcare and a decent income to everyone, you can’t make that offer global. But the Left today is defined by the effort to make each Western nation a microcosm of the non-White world. Indeed, as the fanatically anti-white (even by liberal Jewish standards) Zack Beauchamp observes, a strong social model in many ways enables the growth of the nationalist Right, as cultural and racial issues move to the front of politics.

Of course, the more libertarian elements of the Alt-Right may simply want Trump to pull a Pinochet and defend the free market through outright repression. But in healthcare, there is no free market now nor would there be one under Trumpcare. The incentive structure has been so totally screwed up that nothing short of absolute collapse can restore anything approaching a rational model. And Trump is already showing signs of weakness. He won’t even end DACA, let alone go full Pinochet.

Given these realities, we need to look first at the political situation. If Donald Trump actually signs this horrible bill, he may be ending his term even before it really begins. If the GOP loses the House majority in 2018, he’ll be impeached. And if they don’t, we’ll be looking at President Elizabeth Warren or someone similar in 2020.

Donald Trump became president by ignoring Republican orthodoxy. He’s only going to stay president by continuing to shun it. And we can only hope that Donald Trump, if only for selfish reasons, is not going to sacrifice himself for someone as despicable as Paul Ryan.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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  • this article is one good reason why spencer is the leader of the alt-right….healthcare is THE thing…the thing….american government should be focused primarily on healthcare…the military budget should be slashed, and spent instead on single payer healthcare

  • This is a good article. I used to be a Caucasocentric voter, which during the time of good jobs (i.e., before the H1B onslaught) and good health allowed me to vote Republican. And like that anti-drug commercial went … and then I got cancer, causing me to become a “yellow-dog” Democrat, and accept everything that went along with that tribe. Trump, at least when he *campaigned* as a Medicare-For-All, no-cuts-to-Social-Security pol, allowed me to consider giving up my dog to the pound – but alas, he has so far been extraordinarily disappointing on this because he has allowed the Ayn Rand Paul Ryan wing to take over his politics.

    Also, when the h3ll is he going to start throwing employers in jail for hiring illegals?

  • I agree that Trump has gotten off track and needs to get back to immigration, trade, infrastructure and law enforcement. I’m not sold on a public option but you make some very important points to consider, especially as it relates to the Alt Right. Good article..

  • Single Payer wouldn’t work in our country. Too many hispanic anchors and migrant brown anchors would bring the system down, In an ethno state, yes. In our current “multi-cultural” society it would be doomed to fail.

  • great article, richard…aside from the whole immigation/multiculturalism mess, there are two things that government could do to improve our lives: 1) simplify tax returns (which trump promised to do, and which the media, congress etc will of course try to prevent him from doing), and 2) provide a simple basic universal healthcare, and which of course congress/media/corporations will try to stop him from offering…..but recent reports (from chuck schumer, supposedly) say that trump has called the recent senate healthcare bill heartless and mean…so…we shall see…

    the Dem will never offer universal healthcare because their base is young, well-to-do, or nonwhite poor…and none of those three segments really need universal healthcare (the nonwhite poor get it free, the well to do can pay for their own, and the young rarely need it)

  • Let’s add free Porsche’s with every insured citizen.
    Whoops–wouldn’t that lead to increased costs and a Porsche shortage?
    Wait a minute. If Porsches are free, then I want two at least. One convertible for the weekend, and one coupe for the week.
    No more Porsches? What do you have left? Ladas? Like Cuba? And it takes 10 years to get one?
    Hmm. I guess that “free” is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

  • Great article. Single payer needs to be the way to go……but for that to work we have to have the Ethno state. Until that happens. I do not have a clue what the best choice is going forward.

  • As a former libertarian, I have finally conceded to myself that health care’s “infinite demand” curve makes it one of the handful of areas the market can’t address … and certainly in this political climate there is ZERO chance for effective market reform.

    What’s more, AI may begin delivering solutions to complicated “markets” that once seemed impossible. With a single payer system, we may be able to finally find get some traction for improvement. And like England there will be a small free market where innovation can flourish.

    One suggestion might include offering ENORMOUS incentives for people who take care of their health. Not smoking. Low BMI. Squat body weight. Run a 7 minute mile ….

    Finally, let’s offer some fascism in the form of mandatory exercise for the innumerable fat kids that are getting diabetes.

  • Don’t think single payer works in a multicultural society. Western Europe health care is now plagued with Muslims and the like.
    Single payer will take the Country down, but considering what’s going on in the Country, that just might not be such a bad thing.

  • Universal healthcare is such an obvious solution, simple and direct, eliminating layers of artificial scarcity that do nothing to benefit the people.

  • Richard Spencer’s healthcare proposition is utterly ridiculous.

    We’re at war.

    Our existential enemy has total control of our government. — They want us dead.

    And Richard Spencer wants to give them complete control over our healthcare. — What could go wrong?

    The Alt-Right needs to get its shiit together and realize that we’re going to have to draft two, separate sets of policies on practically every issue. — War-time policies — and post-victory, peace-time policies.

    The post-victory policies will be the laws, and governmental structure, that we intend to implement AFTER we’ve reclaimed our White ethnostates.

    If we had already purged our (((enemy))), and returned our Nation to an overwhelming White population, then we could debate Spencer’s proposal for socialist SpencerCare.

    News Flash: We haven’t won yet. — In fact, White America is barely hanging on by a tenuous thread.

    At this point, any National healthcare would act as an anti-White, dysgenics program.

    Resources would flow from Whites to non-Whites. And the government healthcare machine would be overwhelming staffed by non-Whites. — By law. — Just like every other government agency.

    And our (((enemy))) would wield the healthcare machine against us at every available opportunity. — Just as they do with the IRS and every other government agency.

    Hell, our enemy just mobilized the FBI machine on a manhunt to imprison one of us for sending a flashing tweet to a lying, psychopathic, pedophile Jew. — What do you think they’re going to do when they hold the direct power of life or death over us?

    There’s a reason why our enemy has been attempting to impose National healthcare on us for decades. — And it’s not because our enemy cares about the health of White people.

    We’re at war.

    To be extremely blunt, the only healthcare policy that the Alt-Right should be promoting is a policy that makes healthcare available to the largest number of Whites, while denying healthcare to the largest number of non-Whites. — In war-time, the goal is to reduce the ranks of your enemy while increasing your own.

    And the best healthcare policy to accomplish that goal is a form of free-market healthcare. — The enemy wouldn’t have direct control over it, and it would obviously favor Whites due to the greater agency and lower time-preference of White people.

    It also has the benefit of being the healthcare system that Trump promised to his millions of voters. — It would keep Trump’s supporters energized — even if Trump had to fight to get it passed.

    It doesn’t matter if you think that a socialist, or Nationalist, healthcare system would be better in a White ethnostate. — We don’t live in one.

    In the current year, we don’t want a healthcare system that “works” for all Americans. — We want a healthcare system that helps Whites and hurts non-Whites. — Harsh but true.

    Alt-Right dot com, and Richard Spencer, need to stop LARPing under the banner of the “Alt-Right” if they’re going to keep promoting leftist, socialist, or just foolish policy proposals, like this one.

    Richard Spencer is doing a great job of engaging the public on the subject of ethno-nationalism and the identity movement. — The last NPI Conference, and the attendant press conferences, were fantastic for the Alt-Right.

    But, it’s becoming painfully clear that the worst things that will be coming out of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute — will be the actual policies.

  • If the plan doesn’t pay for alternative treatments for cancer it is rubbish. 500,000 die every year in the US, from cancer, virtually unchanged for 30 years. Sticking a pink ribbon on your ass and running a few miles every year doesn’t help. The cure is probably known and kept on the shelf while the huge profits keep rolling in. People need trauma care, pain care, emergency care, hospital stays. Pay for that and keep it simple. Cut the crap of people running to the doctor for sleeping pills, anxiety pills etc. The next time you get dental x rays, try to see what other parts of your body they are hitting.

  • Bat shiit crazy on its face. Universal health care if implemented now would net redistribute tons of wealth from whites to blacks and browns. Second, it would kill medical innovation. Kill it dead. We are talking about a total lapse in medical innovation, and white people no longer living to an old age.

    • Consider wealth redistribution from whites to nonwhites to be a bribe, so that we don’t have to take in even more immigrants who’ll vote for universal healthcare.

      Look at the demographics. We won’t be majority white-voter for much longer.

      If there’s need of money, bring our troops home from the some 177 foreign polities we have them in. And trade protections can entice investment here despite a high tax load.

      If we didn’t want universal healthcare, then why have we kept open the floodgates since 1965? Obviously universal healthcare would result from that at some point. We chose this fate. The choice has already been made.

      • If we abandon all our military outposts, there will be chaos around the world. This will bring catastrophic consequences that need to be fractured in your reasoning.

        • The US also encourages chaos in areas. So, to some extent there’d be less chaos too.

          For example, Kosovo, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine. And of course Iraq.

          Were we to exit Japan, what chaos would ensue? Nothing. Perhaps we should remain in Taiwan also. So, there a few areas, but if we negotiated with China some resolution might be possible with Taiwan also. Negotiation can work. The thing is, the US tends to want those bases.

          If we’re broke, then the empire can’t be afforded.

          US money has been behind the EU project, thus the destruction of Europe. It’s very much in my interests to dismantle the empire. My folks resisted the Union in 1861. We lost. Now the Union has conquered much of the world. Freedom from this evil empire is best, with some possible exceptions.

  • This is the best I’ve read by Mr. Spencer. I love how you’re thinking strategically and outside-the-box.

    If healthcare becomes too expensive to support the empire, all the better.

    This is the day Richard Spencer became, “the Karl Marx of the Alt Right”! (Glenn Beck)

    I also encourage readers to read @AnnCoulter on twitter. She has been arguing for a very different healthcare solution.

    And tort reform, including reform of the courts (to ensure only truly guilty doctors are found guilty), is another means of reducing healthcare costs.

  • I hope that somehow this article finds its way to attentive eyes in Trump’s inner circle.

    To use a favourite phrase of Richard Spencer’s:

    Is this the hill you want to die on, Mr President?

    • He’s hearing criticism from someone. Too many of his right-wing supporters are saying he’s making a mistake here.

  • Hey Richard, I urge you to abandon this Chavez model and to read Karl Denninger who has been writing about escalating healthcare costs since 2007 and as a CEO in the 1990″s where he observed the healthcare racketeering having to provide healthcare for employees and why this should be dealt with by enforcing our “anti-trust” laws, USC 15:

  • I’m glad that Richard brought up the spectre of impeachment…he is absolutely right on that possibility and is right to point out how much time and political capital is seemingly being wasted

    • Trump is listening to faggots like Reince and Spicer on health care. Trump needs to fire those two Cucks after Ryancare goes down in flames and replace them with Stephen Miller as Chief of Staff and Sarah Huckabee as Press Secretary. And yes, Miller is a Jew. But a Civic Nationalist Jews is better than a Cuck.

      • Miller is wonderful. All Jews aren’t anti-white.

        I don’t know Sarah Huckabee. I’d rather Laura Ingraham.

        • Sarah Huckabee has astonished me with her verbal sharpness on television defending Trump and Trump’s policies. I was laying abed trying to take a nap with Fox News on in the background very low last weekend and she was so good I had to sit up, wondering, “Who is *that*?” And seeing her several times since, she’s just phenomenal.

          Agreed on Miller. There are some highly right-wing Jews who are actually very pro-white and are disgusted by the leftist characteristics of so many of their fellow Jews.

  • I think what we are seeing is a guy who ran for president on popular issues he really cared less about and why I said he will leave you all disappointed
    Trump won’t even say he likes you but like good little goy you hope he secretly does.
    He open says he loves Jews and Israel and gave his blessings to his grand kids all being Jews and like good goy, you hope he doesn’t mean it.
    This reminds me of Obama going around saying we were going to CSPAN everything to do with health care and felt so little about keeping his promise, never even bothered to give a reason why he didn’t do it

  • “Not even an American’s highest aspirations.”

    This line ruins the whole article. It sounds like it could have been written by any number of mainstream pundits who routinely run down Americans with no evidence whatsoever. For someone who is purportedly on the side of the American People, Richard never misses an easy chance to belittle them. Why, after reading baseless garbage like this, would any American even consider the arguments being presented? This “movement”, sadly, continues to show the emptiness at it’s core. Instead of actually trying to enact meaningful change, members of the Alt-Right seem content to insult anyone they have a personal vendetta against.

    • Because apparently the people here are rebellious children. Look at the retarded, satanist, homos they keep touting

    • America is a declining multiracial empire. If that single sentence is enough for you to disavow the rest of the article you are insane.

    • Unfortunately, in a movement largely spearheaded by rich people born into wealth, this sort of tone is to be expected. What is the American dream but to raise your children in a more affluent environment than you ever had, so that they may grow up to look down on people like yourself?

  • Ryancare should be scrapped but that doesn’t mean we have to impose universal health care, a scheme that more or less worked in some European countries but even there is now breaking down under the weight of diversity. Trump should simply have avoided the who healthcare swamp and stuck to enforcing immigration law and renegotiating trade agreements.

  • Oh dear, some people still think Drumpf is acting in good faith and not just following orders from his greasy israeli masters. How touchingly naive. Check out Rand Paul’s twitter feed to see some really pathetic Trumpfags chimping out in defense of their hero: this seemingly corrupt giveaway to the insurance tax-farmers is actually a super secret plan to MAGA. This is 4d chess from the Trumpenfuhrer! Why these poor suckers thought a degenerate, jewed-up game-show host would make a good leader is quite the mystery – muh Iran deal? muh scary mooslims?

    The immoral and unconstitutional drone war has escalated. We are now fully at war in Syria and Yemen. The israeli-style, 4th amendment-violating TSA checkpoints have become even more invasive and offensive. Despotic police-state “civil asset forfeiture” (seizing property without due process) has increased. And now this stinking turd of a “healthcare” bill promises to funnel even more of our hard-earned money to the corrupt, shameless, extortionist rentier insurance companies. We’re great again guys, I’m so stoked!

    RandPaul 2020, ya’ll are cucks.

    • Typical short memory American. While I appreciate Rand Paul’s take on this matter, and agree with him, Rand will never live down “Detroit Republican” as far as I am concerned.

  • Alex McNabb had it right, this ideas that we have to socialize all of medicine is still foolhardy and short-sighted. What should happen is that certain ASPECTS of healthcare should become single-payer while the rest remains private. The government should offer a very limited insurance policy to everyone covering emergencies and a few illnesses (cancer, type 1 diabetus, etc) but we can’t have hypochondriacs and idiots going to the hospital and pharmacy for colds and hang nails.

  • My doubts about Trump grow daily I don’t know what happened to the man we elected a few months ago who was decisive and had a vision for this country. Now these days all it seems like he does is sit in the back and sign off GOPe programs. Its like he has quit trying to stand up to the establishment just so he can get “things” done. I’m confident Trump’s popularity would soar if he would call out the GOPe cucks and take control by establishing that he is going a third way, and anyone is welcome aboard his train. You want single payer? Good help me with immigration. GOPe policy is completely unpopular, and Trump NEEDS to make a powerful statement by sidelining all GOPe and promoting new men

  • Everyone wins except doctors, who become government slaves with no bargaining power.
    But then again, all the good doctors, the ones you want taking care of you, have left the profession or been bred out.

  • Great article, Richard. It’s clear from Europe and especially the UK’s experience that a socialized model is the way to go. Here, we spend much less, get better outcomes and everyone is covered. European models vary from full socialized to compulsory insurance, but just about all, at least that I’m familiar with, are more successful than the US model.

    Politically, this would also split the Democrats, with the left wing of the party getting what they want and either having to back Trump or finding themselves with a heck of a job equivocating about why they oppose something they’ve always supported; meanwhile, the right of the party, which opposes universal healthcare, would have to explain to most of their constituents why they can’t back giving them what they want. It would also cause uproar in the Republican party of course, but that’s all to the good from our perspective.

    • I had a similar experience while living and working and Italy. Half of my family lives there and people aren’t dying from lack of care or being financially ruined over medical bills. They’re also a healthier population. The hospitals and clinics were top notch.

      • Yup. We’re always told that free markets are better, but few really stop to think about why this is true and why it is not true for things like healthcare. When there is a private system, there are insurance companies that sell access to healthcare. All the claims assessors, the underwriters, the customer service folks, the product development and advertising departments, the people who negotiate and liaise with doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, etc., the whole company in fact; and that’s before we get to all people that doctors, hospitals, etc. have to employ to deal with the insurance companies. Not one of these individuals provides care to anyone or improves their health in any way. Yet they all have to be paid, and either patients or patients via government foot the bill. Just think of how much more could be spent on actual treatment if all these people simply did not exist.

        • I’m in college and the biggest draw for students is to enter the healthcare “industry”. What a sick society where this is the biggest way to make money. Most don’t even plan to be doctors or nurses, just healthcare administrators and middlemen like you are describing.

        • Yup. In point of fact, the US health care system is working as it was designed to function: killing as many people as possible, slowly, needlessly, so health insurers and providers can achieve maximum rent extraction from patients.

        • The “free market” doesn’t work for healthcare because the entire basis for market mechanics is that only those who can afford goods and services get them. The price of healthcare is already socialized because the demand is dependent almost solely on need as no one can be denied service for lack of ability to pay. Which means those who can pay already must pay for those who can’t based purely on the law of supply and demand.

          It’s just that the healthcare industry is itself the arbiter of this scheme and determiner of who pays for everyone based on what strongarm methods exist to extract resources primarily from those who need care and can’t afford to not pay because they are tied into the financial system and will suffer some negative consequences from running out on their bills.

  • TYPO: “that he understands the system and will make it work form them.” Should be “for them” not “form them”.

  • “Paul Ryan and Rich Lowry, who masturbated to Atlas Shrugged in their college dorms ”

    So true, but I did throw up a little in my own mouth. It’s actually much worse: they masturbated not to Dagny or even John Galt, but Ayn Rand and her gold $ brooch.

  • “Identity means that we are part of a family, and that we have responsibilities to our people.”

    But the United States is NOT NOT NOT a family.

    It’s a collection of unrelated individuals with nothing binding them together, who HATE each other and who are currently engaged in a zero-sum soft civil war that is liable to go hot at some unknown time in the future.

    Perhaps in the white eugenic ethnostate there would be fascist health care.

    But we’re not living there yet.

    We need to be looking at how healthcare works in third world countries, and how we can get healthcare for our side, and most importantly, how we can prevent it from being weaponized against us, as it already has.

    4GW care. Healthcare as a weapon.

  • “We are past the point of trying to impose a rational policy in what is already an irrational situation.”

    Welcome to Modern America……


  • Good article.

    Ultimately though, the healthcare system seems to be nearly unfixable, given the demographics involved and the positions of the two political parties. It’s full of non-whites, both providing and receiving care. We should start looking into how health care works in third world countries.

    Trump should just do whatever is necessary to get re-elected, alleviate the pain of his supporters specifically and try to rack up wins on other issues.

    Hitching his wagon to Cuck Ryan’s bill seems inexplicable from this perspective.

    The lesser known black pill on Trump is that he may secretly be a small government tea party conservative. Conservative treehouse claims he’s crypto-tea party.

  • The Federal government spent $40 BILLION DOLLARS in the early 90’s of more prisons, swat teams and other militarization of the police. We could have built teaching hospitals, and educated White American doctors & nurses instead.

      • Guys like Jew Goldstein end up in prison by your logic. You must be a prison guard, or married to one. Every time you build a prison, it gets filled up right away. It’s a never ending problem. Proves one thing, we had much less of a violent crime problem, when we had segregation by law or defacto as it was most places.

        • Since we don’t have legalized segregation, I’m happy that violent criminals and drug traffickers are in prison, instead of roaming the streets. Obviously this wouldn’t be necessary if not for diversity.

          • You got the worst of both worlds, as conservatives tend to get. You got a massive police state AND violent criminals and drug traffickers roaming the streets.

            It was that altruistic punishment gene.

          • Right, things have not improved since the Democrats and Conservative Republicans blew $40 Billion in the early 90’s.

  • In a country that is overrun with legal and illegal immigration, you want to offer free universal healthcare? Until we deal with the immigration problem, giving people more reason to come here is a bad idea.

      • Nobody wants to go to Mexico because they’re a corrupt country with no economic growth. I believe South Africa also has universal HC, but people aren’t rushing to get in there, either. That has to be one of the stupidest comments ever.

          • Ensuring no one has any access to healthcare would also be universal. It seems large parts of Mexico tend towards this version of “universal” for many of its’ socialist schemes. It is fixing this problem by moving people out of the areas it does not service into the United States.

  • Some in the Old GOP…….

    …..actually prefer Multi-Trillion Dollar Middle East Wars…..

    … a Single Payer Universal Health Care System……


  • “In Trump’s mind, the healthcare bill just seems to be something he wants to “get done” so he can credibly say he fulfilled his promise to repeal Obamacare.”

    I tend to think this is most likely the case…….

  • How was Obamacare not built to fail if the insurance companies practically have free reign regarding whether they participate in the markets or not and can price people out of participation? It is almost like the plan was to give the insurance companies a way to blow up the system to cause insecurity. This is an artificially created problem.

    • Right, I came to the same conclusion after sitting through a 4 1/2 hour seminar at a not quite Ivy League college, and reading the actual bill which was on-line.

  • Great Article……

    So much to digest……

    But, I fundamentally agree with Richard……

    The Future is Universal Health Care……

    We in the Alt-Right need to reject the Atlas Shrugged approach……

    It’s not good for our Family as a Whole…..

  • Good article. A few years ago I would never have agreed with you, but from a purely political standpoint either Trump and the Republicans make a fierce argument about how the government should not provide health care, or adopt a single payer system. Trying to do “Democrat Lite” is how they lose over and over again. Just adopt single payer, which would be political gold and help establish Republicans as the party of the working class, and use that political capital to enforce immigration laws and renegotiate NAFTA etc…

  • “It’s hard to believe the Democrats in 2020, under huge pressure from the Left, would nominate another corporate liberal like Hillary Clinton.”

    Wtf are you smoking, dude? If leftists hated people like Hillary so much they wouldn’t be so butthurt that she lost.

  • Looks like Republicucks and the Freedom Caucus can’t come to terms so the whole thing will collapse.
    Thank God.

  • “Identity means that we are part of a family, and that we have responsibilities to our people.”

    True but that hardly means that the way we carry out our mutual responsibility is to cede that responsibility to the state. This is little more than a repackaged secular version of the argument made by “progressive” SJW “Christians” who read the words of Christ and think He meant caring for the poor meant having Caesar redistribute income by force. As a contrast, look at the Amish. The are almost exclusively homogenous White, they are exempt from Obamacare and they take care of each other, not by relying on the government to magically provide “free” stuff but by providing for each other as part of a community.

    This entire essay is one of the dumbest things I have ever read. He spends the entire article contradicting himself and thinks that makes a coherent argument. If Spencer wants to engage in fantasies where universal “healthcare” makes sense, that is fine but the notion that it is a critical component of the Alt-Right threatens to turn one of the only voices of reason in our culture into an even more fringe movement. Let’s focus on the actual issues that threaten our race and heritage instead of engaging in political fantasy.

    • Yes, because Universal Health Care…….

      … so Unreasonable and ‘Fringe’……


    • “look at the Amish. The are almost exclusively homogenous White, they are
      exempt from Obamacare and they take care of each other, not by relying
      on the government to magically provide “free” stuff but by providing for
      each other as part of a community.”

      The Amish are inbred, drive around in horse buggies and don’t have phones. Good luck selling that to White America.

  • Whites having to pay for non whites (because that is really what it will be) is not good for whites.

  • What exactly makes single payer a more attractive option vs a free market system in our current situation? How will a single payer system benefit whites? This system is inevitably going to be disproportionately funded by whites and disproportionately used by minorities, just like every other social service. Not only that, but current demographic trends favor left wing dominance, and we can only expect left wing governments to staff these new government positions with affirmative action negroes that are totally incompetent. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not deal with incompetent, unempathetic negroids if it’s a life or death matter.

    A free market system rewards those that succeed, which is whites, and whites are also much more charitable within their local communities, and given equal THAT whites tend to live near whites, one would expect this charity would overwhelmingly go towards other whites.

    I’m totally unconvinced single payer is the right option for our situation, but I will say, if the cuckservatives screw up healthcare there are going to be a lot of angry Trump voters. Obamacare raped a lot of small business within my community and it was one of the core reasons these people voted Trump.

    • Technically speaking, federal tax revenues don’t fund anything. The federal government has to spend the currency into existence before when can get the currency to pay taxes. Taxes are a way to regulate aggregate demand and move resources from the private sector to the public sector.

      The federal government, as a currency sovereign, can spend whatever it wants so long as its denominated in USD. The only constraint is inflation and I doubt a single payer system will bring us to full employment.

    • A free market system means those who can’t pay don’t get treated. So someone comes into the emergency room with a bone sticking out of their arm and if they don’t have cash, credit or insurance they are told to fuck off, or made to leave if they won’t. Someone bleeding out from a car crash without an insurance card and the amberlamps drivers throw them in a road side ditch to die.

      It’s not going to happen. We are already paying for non-whites in our “free market” system because medical professionals cannot ration most care based on ability to pay, so the supply goes down and the price increases for those who can pay. What you are talking about is either complete fantasy land nonsense where medical personnel who can give treatment refuse to do so as a rule dictated by shopkeeper morality or some form of Private-Sector Socialism which you will simply call ‘the free market’.

  • Spencer is 100% on point here. Cuckcare will be the end of Trump. It’s possible that this may even be an orchestrated passive coup to get Trump out of office.

    As for all the Libertarian spergs who claim to be alt-right: You don’t have to make your case for social darwinism to Spencer, you have to make it to the American people. If this bill passes and Rust belt working and middle class families are taken off the Medicaid expansion, get ready for President Al Sharpton in 2020.

  • But because US is supposed to be about ‘high-minded principles’, people drag out bunch of cliches about ‘equality’ and ‘justice’ and blah blah to justify what is often nothing more than racial tribalism.

    I’d like to see more Candidism. Be candid about what you really want. Principles are dead.

    Same with immigration. All this stuff about ‘huddle masses’, ‘inclusion’, ‘diversity’, and etc. are so much crap. No, non-whites want to come to white nations for goodies. It’s not high-minded. It’s like animals come to human habitats for food.

    If white nations were dirt-poor, would non-whites be lining up to come to them? NO.

    Just like animals go where the food is, people go where the good stuff is.

    That is it. They are not dreamers but feeders, scavengers, hunters, and/or parasites.

    We need an organicist explanation of human behavior.

    Indeed, these ‘principles’ are mere weapons or instruments used by organisms to gain advantage. Among whites, their interpretation of principles had a binding effect of trust and cooperation.

    For non-whites, their twist on principles has a paralyzing effect on whites via ‘white guilt’. It has a ‘chemical’ sting that neutralizes white defense and counter-aggression against invaders.

    Via candidism, it’s about time we flipped all the hidden cards on the table and revealed what EVERY SIDE Is really after.

    Non-whites wanna come to white nations for better material lives. That’s it.

    Jews want more diversity to play divide-and-conquer among goyim. It is about power and control.

    White patriots oppose immigration because it will reduce white power.

    White cucks go with immigration because, as opportunists, they will be rewarded as collaborators.

    White progs push immigration because they’re addicted to virtue-signaling as a narcotic. Pleasure principle. Also, their minds have been stung with PC chemicals that have turned them cancerously against their own race.

  • Spencer is 100% correct on this one. The Nationalist Right has been for decades too eager to oppose just about everything that is seen as “left-wing”. This is inane nowadays that the USSR is long gone and a fading memory. Especially on some key socio-economic issues, the Nationalist Right totally plays into the hands of pro-immigration Liberls by supporting hardcore crony capitalist positions. For the Nationalist Right to be viable beyond just an opposition movement, it needs to offer something substantial to the national working class. It’s that simple.

    Moreover, while the universal healthcare system that exists for decades all over Europe has its drawbacks, it’s still better than the crony-capitalist system that the US system. Virtually every single West European country (and now even a few in Eastern Europe) enjoys a higher life expectancy and at a much lower cost than the US, despite the fact that they are less prosperous in terms of per capita GDP compared to the US.

    This is a serious mistake by Trump, he needs to change course. The Alt-Right must not fall victim to the crony capitalists and free-market ideologues associated with established “conservatism”

    • single payer in the US will turn every hospital in the country into the VA. It will create apocolyptic waiting periods for people of every background. And ration care for good people to take care of generally worthless shitty people.

      For somebody like spencer who promotes eugenics. Turning around and clapping for something as dysgenic as single payer is just dumb.

      This is what happened in the UK. You give the lower class this giant present. They flood into the healthcare system that was designed for upstanding people of quality. And waiting times go up, and rationing takes place to take care of shitty people who will always be shit

      Its a dumb argument. Its a political black hole that gives jews complete power over the lower class.

      Spencer is right about alot of things. This is one where he is just wrong.

      • We live in a democracy, so those “shitty people” will end up deciding a lot of things. It’s odd that you site the VA as the terrible result of what Spencer’s proposing: is it also for “shitty people”?

        The elite you worry about will always have access to good doctors, no worries.

        Isn’t the whole idea of being a nationalist taking care of the nation?

        • The VA is a resource issue, the federal government isn’t devoting enough resources to the VA.

          • The government treats everything as a jobs program for minorities, which is a category itself disproportionately replete with urban negroes. The VA is staffed by shitty brown people like every government agency and they are overpaid for their qualifications. The VA exists in large part as a mechanism for the creation of a fake black “middle class”.

            Of course in the US private sector healthcare is now being dominated by shitty brown people because hospitals et al are hiring them at a discount, which is a lack of resources. For most people there is not a lot of competition for emergency care providers and the industry is dominated on the back end by professional networks who decide to go all in for ‘diversity’ to ensure no defectors screw over the hospitals racing to become the Little Caesars of healthcare.

            If they all start serving hot cheese on cardboard or offering up people who grew up in homes built out of big leaves as “nurses” at the same time no one’s business suffers because they are all offering the New Normal.

      • It all depends how many resources are moved from the private sector to the public sector. This boils down to a political decision. I lived in Italy for five years and they have a better health care system than the US. It’s almost laughable.

        The problem with the NHS is neoliberal infestation. They started to privatize and cut under Thatcher, it’s a neoliberal shibboleth.

        • I’ve heard Thatcher created all of these anti-English Celtic groups.

          I expect that’s true, that they formed in reaction to her, or partly in reaction to her.

      • The fact that the VA functions like crap doesn’t speak ill of single-payer system but of the morons administrating the VA. What we have is not free market or socialized medicine is NOTHING. Japan has among the best health care systems in the world and is single-payer. Single-Payer is inevitable in this country, we spent the most of developed countries on healthcare and yet we have some of the most inefficient systems. Many in this country are buried in thousands of dollars on medical bill or worse they die for lack of proper treatment. Insurance companies in a very Jewish speculative fashion “Goldman Sachs style” act as financial predators and have taken thousands of white families to bankruptcy over a medical treatment. Furthermore, we have medicaid anyway which is pretty much government subsidized medicine, it is not like we’re protecting some sort of idealized free market paradise, that ship sailed 50 years ago fam!

        • Japan has horrific wait lines and far fewer pieces of total shit than we do. The McDonald’s brigade will be coming in for any minor chest pain.

          • Never had a problem with wait lines there. The system is run like an NPO – taking away the Jewish profit incentive is not a bad thing. Working people pay a 30% co-pay and poor ppl pay even less.

      • Smoking crack well make people think like A. wyatt mann ! You relay think the rest of the industrial countries are crazy and America is the only country on the planet that is right .

      • The problem with this argument is that the disgusting lower class vermin you’re talking about (black gangbangers, the morbidly obese, etc) ALREADY HAVE FREE HEALTHCARE. They go to the emergency room and clog it up, and never pay a time. Instead, white taxpayers foot the bill.

        What spencer is advocating is expanding free healthcare to whites as well.

    • > universal healthcare system that exists for decades all over Europe has
      its drawbacks, it’s still better than the crony-capitalist system that
      the US system

      Any discussion of health care in America has to start with acknowledging that the sector is riddled from top to bottom with profitable rackets. *That* is the fundamental issue here, not whether the system is quasi-socialized or a full blown public option. Insurers, AMA doctors, pharma, hospital networks, the VA system — everyone is on the take. An entirely free market system would work fine without the racketeering. But year after year nobody does anything about the well proven price fixing done in regional hospital networks, for example.

      I think Spencer and others saying a public option would be an improvement in the USA are wrong. It wouldn’t achieve similar outcomes to European public systems. It would just be equally as riddled with racketeering and ridiculously high cost as the current system. It would be a mirror image of the American defense industry. And sorry, it is mostly white Americans doing the racketeering and misregulation. This is really not a race thing. This is an American thing. We can not run such agencies at reasonable cost and without massive levels of fraud.

      Given the reality of American capabilities and tendencies, removing the state as much as possible from health care is the best option. It is laughably naive to expect a public option in America wouldn’t just almost immediately turn into an even more nightmarish version of the VA system.

  • I’ve seen health care up close in many different nations and I honestly cannot say what is the best system. Sweden’s health care system is complete shit. It is the impersonal assembly line approach. But like in all countries the elite have their own, exclusive health care. In poorer countries like Ukraine or China people just pay cash for what they need. Having a baby? About 200 dollars and that is equivalent to about two weeks wages for the average Chinese. How much would it cost you to pay cash to a hospital in the USA to have a baby? 10,000 dollars? How many Americans make 10,000 dollars a fortnight?

    So, it is all relative. I have hardly ever been to a doctor in my entire life so I’m not sure about all these people yelling about healthcare. Additionally except when I was a child, I never had health insurance when in the USA. A few times I got sick and I went to a clinic and paid like 15 dollars. I also paid cash to have one of my children born by a midwife at home. I did experience the health care system in Sweden up close through family though and it is lacking in many respects. In Ireland one time I went with my girlfriend to the doctor and it was a young Niggergerian woman who had no idea what she was saying. I believe she may have even been illiterate.

    Also, in every country I have ever been (I’ve lived on three continents) the people incessantly whine about their medical system. It seems to be something in the human psychology.

      • Girlfriend had a pain in her female region. We went to the hospital. A young Niggergerian woman ( I wont say doctor as I am sure there are no real universities in Niggergeria) inspected her by violently shoving her hand inside her and telling her she had a pulled muscle inside her. Might as well have chopped up an albino and read his liver for a diagnosis.

        They have niggergerian doctors everywhere in Ireland and the UK.

        • I wonder how many people in Britain just don’t seek medical attention, because they know it will come in the form of an incompetent, uncommunicative, unsympathetic racial alien.

          • It depends on where you are but yes I am sure that is true. Our educational systems in the west move our people towards law and liberal arts, the easy stuff. Well then who will be the doctors, scientists and engineers? No worries, we can get fake ones from the mud world. A friend of mine taught computer science at a major Southern university about 10 years ago. He said he didn’t have ONE white in his masters courses. He gave it up as he couldn’t take the thought anymore that he was training Iranians and Chinese in how to defeat us.

  • Free market dogma on the right needs to die. The “free market” means even greater freedom of companies to ship jobs overseas and advocate for open borders while using trash liberal “morality” as justification. One cannot be a nationalist and pro-capitalism or pro-Marxism.

    We should not view human beings as replaceable cogs and GDP growth as king like the “conservatives” do.

    The people were not put here on earth for the sake of the economy, and the economy doesn’t exist for the sake of capital. On the contrary, capital is meant to serve the economy, and the economy in turn to serve the people.

    • Rather than socialistic solutions to the problem of hyper-capitalism, we should just return to American tradition; monopoly/anti-trust laws, “chartered corporations” with limited/conditional lifespans, break up and outlaw massive “conglomerates”… A DOMESTIC “free market” for small to medium businesses should be encouraged. Mega-corporations should be more heavily taxed and regulated. If they threaten to outsource or leave the country, simply slam the door on them as they go. ZERO access to US consumer market, maybe even penalize them by making them relinquish patents and IP that were developed by Americans.

      • Good thoughts. Also, the insurance business is a Jew scam the same as usury and thus should be regulated and controlled. My uncle was in the insurance business and said whenever the big wigs came down from the NE they were all Jews.

        • If insurance is such a “necessity”, why should some people be making billions from it? Take car insurance. The state makes it mandatory, “for our own good”. They put a gun to our heads and say, “you must buy this”. (Pay no attention to those obscene profits the corporations are raking in.) Isn’t this a racket?

          If the state is going to mandate that we have car insurance, why not eliminate the profit motive? Why not create insurance “co-ops”, where a certain number of people are paying into the pool, but instead of private profit, the surplus money is paid back out to the members as a dividend? If you have a group of say, several hundred thousand people paying in, how big does the pool have to be to cover the maximum number of claims that would likely be taken out at any given time? 20 million? 50 million? Once the pool is full enough to cover all eventualities, either pay out dividends or allow the members to stop paying in.

          And completely scrap this business of “deductibles” going up when you have to use the insurance THAT YOU’VE BEEN PAYING FOR.

          • In complete agreement and I also have experience with this. When I moved to Sweden about 15 years ago I was in complete shock at how cheap insurance was. Well the insurance companies were cooperatives without the profit motive and regulated tightly by the government. Unfortunately even the Swedes have a price to their honor and everything was sold out and deregulated.

            There is a long history of the Yid monopolists hindering cooperative economic schemes in the USA. Look up the Black Patch Tobacco Wars


          • We already have every one of those things. Most states have a state run auto insurance fund.

            It is possible for every single American to be a member of a non-profit mutual insurance company and use a non-profit bank (i.e., a credit union.) Most are not because they don’t have TV commercials and advertisements blaring at you from every electronic device.

            Frankly it’s the same problem as the American diet. It’s perfectly easy and affordable to eat a healthy diet, but people want their soda pop and Big Macs.

          • I think the best we can hope for, are investor owned, regulated, regional health insurance monopolies. A steady 5% ROI—but no more 20% and up ROI.

          • The “investor owned” is the exact problem. If it is owned by outsider investors they have an incentive to cut costs and raise rates – that is how they profit.

            We want them mutually owned, by the members. That way the members police themselves and the incentives are pointed in the same direction. If costs are too high or service too low that creates a surplus – and the surplus gets distributed back to the members, which lowers rates, or invested in better service, which benefits the members.

            What makes it “mutual” is that the customers are the owners, thus customers and owners have the same interests.

            This is different than capitalism, but it’s also different than charity or socialism.

            Call it the “third way” or something.

          • “Why not create insurance “co-ops”, where a certain number of people are paying into the pool, but instead of private profit, the surplus money is paid back out to the members as a dividend?”

            Um, that is EXACTLY how credit unions and mutual insurance companies work. They are legal and they exist RIGHT NOW all around the country.

            Credit Union National Association


            “A mutual insurance company is an insurance company owned entirely by its policyholders. Any profits earned by a mutual insurance company are either retained within the company or rebated to policyholders in the form of dividend distributions or reduced future premiums.”

          • AFAIK, the only one of these you can’t get is for health care. As Spencer mentioned, the purpose of insurance is that you don’t use it. Actual health insurance would be something like, if you break your leg, it pays for you hospitalization.

            Since most people are never going to break their leg, that kind of insurance is CHEAP and it’s really, really easy to have a mutual company for that kind of insurance. So that means no profit incentive, thus no TV advertisements and no lobbyists on Capital Hill demanding some sort of subsidy or program.

            Many of these problems are simply problems of social coordination. It’s virtually impossible to get people to plan ahead and work in their own interests without some sort of immediate monetary incentive. The formerly middle class would be FAR better off if they joined a credit union instead of a bank, got cheap mutual health insurance, invested in a no-load indexed mutual fund, carpooled, and drank unsweetened iced tea instead of soda.

            This is what functioning civic institutions like churches, fraternities and mutual insurance companies gave us. But these sorts of civic institutions break down when you add in “diversity.” Hence why the “elites” push so hard for diversity and immigration. Otherwise we’d have a strong labor movement.

          • The problem with comparing health insurance with fire insurance is that (almost) everyone gets old and dies. OTOH most people will live in houses their entire life without ever experiencing a house destroying fire or event.

            The older you are the more likely you will have a medical event that requires some serious treatment and costs associated with it.

            Insurance companies have a sweet deal that just when you get to the point where you will probably start being a net user of their services FedGov steps and and requires you to join their cartel.

            It’s not even possible to stay on private insurance or stay off Medicare after 65, even if you want to.

            So even the idea of “catastrophic care” being affordable is kind of fake, because it requires keeping old people out of the system.

          • They might keep costs down to some extent, but, what usually happens to credit unions and mutuals is they end up working for the management & employees, and not the members of stakeholders.

          • “what usually happens to credit unions and mutuals is they end up working
            for the management & employees, and not the members of

            That is a giant red herring. Of course, everyone is self interested. But credit unions all around the country are functioning right now. Most people are eligible to join more than one. If you have bad management at one, you can go to another one.

            No one said Credit Unions are the Key to Utopia. It’s just a non-profit bank owned by the members. They are lower cost and benefit both the individual and the community.

          • The investor ownership of AT&T worked pretty good, and phone calls were a dime. Technical progress, the transistor, telephones didn’t fall apart like they do today…

      • Some good proposals, but there’s also need for a means to such end.

        I like how Richard Spencer is thinking in terms of power and strategy above.

        Hard currency, trade protections, end to usury, end to fractional reserve banking and the central bank. Lots of things could be added, which you’d likely agree with.

    • You wrote: “One cannot be a nationalist and pro-capitalism or pro-Marxism.”

      Very well said!! Hear, hear!

  • Agreed.

    Public hospitals will be very good in white areas just like public schools are good in white areas. Diverse areas will have shitty hospitals just like their public schools. The truth is, the private hospitals in diverse areas already suck and provide terrible healthcare.

    A single-payer will effectively bring down prices, and make actual health insurance an affordable option again. Upper middle class and the wealthy will be able to buy Health Insurance, just like they can send their children to private schools to avoid the diversity.

    Many fear that a single-payer system will deny procedures/tests/drugs because of costs, but most health insurance policies already do this anyways, unless you’re rich and can afford an elite PPO. Thus, because single-payer is the most cost effective way of providing healthcare to the many people who cannot afford insurance or have pre-existing conditions, I support this public option. Cutting out the middle man insurance companies, along with capping prices will drastically reduce healthcare costs making it possible.

    To sell the bill, have the bulk of the healthcare revenue be collected from new financial taxes against Wall Street.

    Easiest win in history.

    • “Many fear that a single-payer system will deny procedures/tests/drugs
      because of costs, but most health insurance policies already do this

      I can only assume that 99% of people who spout about this stuff online are either paid shills for the GOP and the insurance companies or have never actually had private insurance anyway.

      Government red tape? Customer service as bad as the DMV? Um, yeah, has anyone ever actually dealt with one of our awesome Free Market Capitalist insurance companies? “Press 2 for English. Hello my name is John Ramahamalammadonga how may I today be helping you?”

  • The American Right hates the idea of single payer. My concern with it is the thought of seeing healthcare get even worse than it is now. Imagining my healthcare become DMVized scares me badly.

    My other huge concern is if we fail to address the absolute failure of the allopathic (((medical industry))) itself. We have thousands of treatments, but no cures or prevention, just blame everything om genetics.

    • I think there is a passage in the Talmud about jews not giving medical treatment to (or maybe even intentionally harming) gentiles. The medical industry, like the media, and academia, and the food industry, and, and, and, and… Needs a purge, and a thorough audit to remove all traces of (((sabotage))),

      • The main passage in the Talmud that negates all others is the one where we are “cattle” and liable to rape, robbery and murder without repercussion for the offending jew. That is all we need to know about those sick, vile people.

        Too bad the gas chambers were not real.

        • No one ever talks about the Talmud though. It’s always a focus on Muslims!

          This is why I don’t condemn Muslims so harshly. I just don’t want to import more Muslims into the US. And if it’s legal to say, I don’t see how Europe remains stable with so many Muslims.

    • A more apt analogy is education. Public schools in white are really good and so will be public hospitals. However, if you’re in a non-white area the public schools and public hospitals will be shit, but that’s already the case for private hospitals in diverse areas.

      • A fair point but even still, a kid can go to the whitest schools there are and will come out of high school indoctrinated with Marxist ideas and virtually no real world skills.

        We won’t progress as a society until we radically alter the way we treat disease and health.

      • White public schools in America are ridiculously expensive by international standards considering the outcomes. It is evidence that this isn’t a race thing, or a public vs. private thing. Public health facilities in America will be absurdly high cost just like the private system is, and just like how American schools and public transit systems and military are absurdly high cost.

        Fixating on public vs. private is missing the forest for the trees. It’s totally the wrong discussion. The discussion has to be about why we can’t seem to do anything at reasonable cost anymore. Transferring a function 100% to the government does absolutely nothing to address that problem.

        And no, making the country 100% white doesn’t fix the problem.

        • Actually it does significantly address costs. Single-payer. Its’ a monopsony, which means the healthcare industry has a single customer in which case that single customer can more or less dictate terms of service. This is how European UHC actually works. It is not simply collecting taxes and paying whatever the market dictates which is the absurd US system which pretends that the government has essentially zero bargaining power. The reality of a monopsony is the customer tells what they are willing to pay for care and people enter into the field based on those offers. They take the offer or get nothing because it is a buyer’s market.

          Now our issue in the US is basically that corruption is legal and viewed as normal and good, and all of our socialist schemes are run according to the profit motive and the government simply collects whatever taxes some board’s pricing strategy has determined they should be paid.

          We can’t do anything at a reasonable cost anymore because our entire political and business culture is insanely corrupt.

          • Right, which is my whole point. Single payer will not work in America. We can’t run organizations like that here. Look at the waste and profligacy of the US defense budget. You will just get that on a far grander scale but with hospitals and drugs instead. It will just be a corrupt mess wasting just as much money as we blow now. Why anyone would expect otherwise is a mystery to me.

          • It will just be a corrupt mess wasting just as much money as we blow now.

            Right, it won’t get worse and it will settle the issue.

        • Major issue with public schools is how we mayn’t separate the inept and lazy from the capable and driven.

          Because #racism.

          Online education could greatly reduce costs, reduce the need for teachers.

          I went to a very excellent elementary school, terrible middle school and fairly bad high school. So, good schools are possible. I used to do something like 4-5 hrs of homework in elementary school, though much of that is just busywork that’s not necessarily beneficial.

          I think the liberal culture is part of the problem. And coed schools are distracting. There should be coed mixers on the weekends, so boys don’t turn gay.

      • Nope. Public hospitals in poor white areas are terrible. You seem to believe that white DNA has magical powers. It doesn’t. If there is little money available, things go hell in a handbasket regardless of who is operating and using them.

    • He means it would create a more flexible labor market. Think about how many people, the vast majority still white people, stay at shitty jobs because of their health care benefits.

      Also, as an identitarian, you could make your views public and not have to worry about financial ruin over medical expenses.

      Lastly, it would make US firms more competitive since health care would no longer be a marginal cost of production.

      • They’d still be paying for healthcare, just via taxes.

        We just need trade protections to make our high taxes competitive with poor foreign polities.

  • Trump’s biggest mistake thus far is not even attempting to build a coalition government. He should have tried scoping out Jim Webb types and bringing moderate Democrats on board in his administration (and maybe he tried but couldn’t find any willing). Unfortunately, as you alluded to, he’s just trying to get his GOP team all together on the same page, and it’s clearly not working. Judging by many of his nominations, on political battles where he doesn’t think he can win, he just gives the GOPe whatever they want as an olive branch. This is totally the wrong strategy. He needs to be a change agent and a vicar for those who have been alienated by the system. Instead, he’s giving the GOPe what they want while they obstruct his more radical goals, effectively giving us Jeburrito or Marcosoft Rubio.

    • He’s really looking like a man alone up there. Who did he take into this with him, JUST Sean Spicer, Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway? Flynn went down early… Was that his whole team for overthrowing globalism? Everyone else around him is a jew!

      I want him to be successful, but we should probably be counting on ourselves only at this point.

      • He could also be under duress. This “intelligence community” sabre-rattling is probably some kind of impeachment/assassination threat. Obviously, it’s also a confirmation bias-fueled psyop against the American people to pit Trump against Russia so that any overture towards peacemaking efforts will be looked upon with suspicion.

        But of course our center-leftard Rational™ folk who consume The Daily Beast and CNN fall into the trap like the little shitheaded lemmings that they are.

      • There’s obviously a faction of pro-Trump Likud-like Jews backing him for unknown reasons that probably have something to do with Israel.

        But the anti-Trump jews seem to be stymieing the pro-Trump jews somewhat effectively

        • The Left is tired of Israel. So, they need us. And some Jews are legitimately right-wing and nice people. Cramer spoke well of Trump’s trade comments during the campaign, for example.

          Trump did not have much Jewish support in the primaries, that I saw. Cruz seemed to have it though.

          And of course Trump’s family and friends: Many are Jewish.

    • Jim Webb and Joe Manchin have far better politics and are much better men than almost all the GOP scumbags in Cohengress put together.

    • I think you are over valuing a coalition, and cats like Jim Webb, who say one thing and do another.

      Joe Manchin is smart enough to do what the people of West Virginia want him to do. Because of the internet guys like Dago Joe, are kept on the straight and narrow. The can’t lie about what they are doing in DC.

  • With the election of Trump, what’s happened of ‘liberal democracy’?

    We’ve been told forever that the West represents ‘liberal democracy’ as opposed to nations like China, Russia, Iran, and etc.

    But now, because the elites hate the fact that American democracy elected Trump, they are saying stuff like military takeover or deep state shenanigans are prefer to Trump as leader of American Democracy. So much for ‘liberal democratic values’. It’s funny… the very people who denounce Trump as Putin’s puppet want to have Putinian deep-state powers to do things under the table.

    So, ‘liberal democracy’ was just a euphemism for elite globalist power. When democracy doesn’t go their way, the very people who’ve been promoting American Democracy are now the ones who call for Deepocracy instead.

  • I support this. Not because I particularly care for socialized medicine but because globalism has hollowed out so many Americans that they can’t afford healthcare the traditional way. Also, Obamacare places the greatest burden on the middle class than on the rich who can afford anything.

    Also, universal healthcare will finally remove this issue from political discourse, and then, we can move onto more important issues like identity and race.

    Besides, Trumpism is a kind of Social-Nationalism. It’s not just about ‘muh free markets’ but what is good for working class Americans. it is left-rightism.

    • This issue can also be weaponized against the left. Incorporate things like no healthcare coverage for illegals in it and make them choose. Them refusing to vote for a UHC bill because it is “racist” would redpill white liberals more than anything we write or say.

  • This is a really good piece, really good on a lot of points, but there would be a massive conservative backlash. I don’t think you’re taking this into account in terms of re-election. Democrats and their constituents will still hate Republicans, and why vote for the counterfeit socialist when you can get the real deal in 2020? He’s only making the larger portion of his base hate him and he’s still effectively an un-person to the far-Left and center-Left, who apparently view him as a traitor.

    I don’t think he’s in a good position either way here. This might win him some support in rural Pennsylvania or Michigan or West Virginia or Ohio, but there are a lot of conservatives who will be pissed off at him in 2020 who also live in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio.

    Plus the expenses would be absolutely ridiculous and blacks and Hispanics would easily abuse the system the most. More subsidization of their lifestyle wouldn’t go over well with rural whites, either.

    • Here’s the reason why many conservatives might support universal healthcare.

      Obamacare mixed capitalism and socialism in the worst way. it raised premiums sky high for upper middle class and middle class to offer free healthcare to underclass and minorities.

      So, it has the middle class subsidizing the working class and minorities.

      Working class and blacks and others can already get free healthcare under Obamacare since they don’t earn enough.

      it is the middle class and upper middle class(the Core of American Conservatism) who got hammered most.

      So, the most support for universal healthcare might come from the Middle Class.

      Also, ‘muh conservatism’ is pretty much dead.
      I mean how many Conservatives really care about ‘free trade’ anymore?
      Or ‘lower taxes’?

    • The vast majority of Trump’s voters would come along. It would upset some rich people and some idiots but who cares? Trump wasn’t elected by dogmatic muh free market types anyway.

      • I think the alt-right underestimates the amount of normie conservacucks that are still out there. We won in the primaries by a plurality, then lost the popular vote against one of the most unlikable candidates in history that was plagued with an FBI investigation. Over half of the country thinks that our president is either a racist, a sexist, a foreign agent, or psychologically unstable. 4 years worth of dying Boomers and WWII veterans will be replaced by more vibrant, diverse Millenials who will be 100x more motivated to vote than in 2016. And maybe the Dems tack on Booker to give blacks a reason to stick it to whitey this time.

        We still needed to build a coalition with reluctant conservacucks in order to win by the slimmest of margins. They hold a lot of leverage. Piss them off, and he can’t win re-election. Placating the Left will not win him any of their voters, because like I said, they can still go for the 100% proof instead of the knock-off brand; they have no allegiance or affinity for Trump. At that point, they shrug their shoulders, say, “thanks for giving us what we want,” then they vote you out of power still. It’s between a rock and a hard place for Trump.

        Under normal circumstances, this would be the centrist, populist play. But, he already promised voters one thing (albeit nebulously). They would view this as a betrayal. The time for that growing pain (the shedding of “free market dogma” as you referred to) would have been during the primaries. This would piss them off.

          • If the dang wealth gap were reduced, more would be open to ending Medicare Ponzi.

            Sadly we just keep expanding that wealth gap…

        • Ok tell normie conservatives to abandon their social security and medicare. See how popular that conservative plan of yours is.

    • I somewhat agree, but under the current proposed plan Whites will suffer. All of those Rust Belt people that Trump picked up, are not necessarily conservatives and will hop back over to the democrats. The current plan is very bad as far as I am concerned, and will probably cause Michigan, and PA to go back to the democrat column.

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