Theresa May Refuses To Name London Terror Suspect

Update: Scotland Yard has formally identified the London terrorist as Khalid Masood.

I’m getting so tired of this.

It is becoming a pattern: a terrorist attack happens in Europe, police stonewall on releasing the name of the suspect (if they release it at all), and the incident drops out of the news cycle because bloggers on social media are waiting on the name of the suspect to write about the story.

This morning we learned from Theresa May that the London terrorist was a British born Islamist who had been previously investigated by the government. Beyond that, we still don’t have a name.

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  • What a crock of ****.

    Muslims don’t care one way or the other about “democracy.” They care about making the entire planet dar al Islam. Whether through fear or taqiyya. That’s it. That’s all.

    How goddamned hard is it for someone of national stature to say this?

  • If they release the name of the suspect chances are it will be the name of a known terrorist that everyone in the security services knew was a terrorist and likely was being kept out by the immigration officials who were then overruled by the security services.

    Exactly as with the 9/11 hijackers. The station chief in Saudi Arabia didn’t want to let them in because he knew they were terrorists. He was overruled by the CIA.

    Exactly as with the Belgium airport bomber. Not particularly different than the Boston bombers. Somewhat similar to the Orlando bomber. And on and and on and on.

  • A 52-year-old English teacher, albeit with some previous convictions, will hard to present as a disaffected and ‘recently converted’ youth. I wonder what narrative the media will use for this one, beyond the usual bromides that is.

    • I don’t think this time we will even hear bromides they’ll try to bury it by giving it the minimal attention. There is also a big problem with that one: the attack took place outside the parliament. Bromides cannot work anymore and seeing flags on Facebook profiles cannot help vent steam anymore as the attacks happen during the duration of 6 months, so there is not enough time to forget the previous attack.

      Remember the last time such an attack happened: they did all these measures in the same day! Today they take too much time they’ll try to slip it so that people may forget it faster.

      • Yes, I think that it will be very hard to bury it, and perhaps even some MPs will, privately at least, start to take the threat from Islam a little more seriously. But it’s hard to underestimate how cucked a lot of people over here are. Even the Met gave a warning about ‘extremists’ using murderous Islam to further a right-wing agenda (quelle horror!). But then again perhaps they’re worried that our message is getting through.

        • That last thing you mentioned, shows desperation on their side. I believe that a few MPs might start to fear these scum for their lifes, especially if they witnesses the killed.

  • Just in: According to Sky News the attacker has been named as Khalid Masood, 52, from West Midlands. He was an English teacher.

  • May gained her premiership by a dirty tricks campaign against her main pro-Brexit rival, with the help of her friends in the press. These people are genuinely evil.

  • lawyers erm .. politicians are bound by communitarian law … the ‘community’ has supremacy over the ‘individual’ .. and I would love to see your Alt Right site republish with permission some of Niki Raapana’s articles… better yet … Dicky could interview Niki … shitlord edgy bastard that he is.. Henrik interviewed Niki in 2008 .. buried the video but still.. he did talk with her .. not sure if he ever read the Manifesto tho .. ..

    • They’re bound by whatever is good for the community of lawyers, not the nation. (Hell, they’re even shooting themselves in the foot in the long run.)

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