“Love Conquers All” But It’s Shit At Stopping Terrorist Attacks

For the victims of the London terrorist attack, it must have felt good to look down from strumming their harps in Heaven to see the good burghers of Brussels holding a commemoration event, partly on their behalf. No doubt the high point was when the assembled citizens of this other terrorist town held their hands up to the heavens and made little heart shapes (the latest cuck symbol for “terrorist compliant” populations). As for the terrorist, one wonders if he looked down from his honoured place as a martyr in Muslim Heaven or not. I mean it must be quite frantic up there with 72 virgins on the go.

There, this is what people actually believe in various degrees, or the best of it. The other side of those views is that the terrorist is burning in hell and so are his victims, as a bunch of infidel “kufars.”

The evident absurdity that results when we project our thoughts into the numinous “after life” means that most intelligent people like to keep these things in extreme soft focus, pushing them towards the vaguest and most abstract notions of heaven and hell. So, probably no harps nor angel wings, although I’m sure most Muslims have little problem believing in the promised 72 virgins.

But the only surprising thing is that this abstruse way of thinking, which is unavoidable for Westerners dealing with the spiritual realm in the wake of repeated terrorist atrocities, is also applied to the material and political world, where we see a similar airy-fairy attitude deployed in dealing with the hard edges of the problem that actually sent these souls to the “after life” in the first place.

While the bodies of the latest victims are still bleeding or smoking in the morgue, grim faced politicians push their way onto our screens to mouth such hoary and shop-worn platitudes as “This is a terrible tragedy,” “Our hearts go out to the families of the victims,” “We must not let this divide us,” “We can’t let hate win,” and “Love conquers all.”

Another old favourite “Islam is a religion of peace” tends to be less used these days because it is, as the epistemological philosopher Karl Popper would have put it, clearly falsifiable. It is hard to keep banging on about the whiteness of the swans of Islam when so many of them turn out to be black, and when the more Islamic they are the blacker they tend to be.

Here we see the utility for politicians of using the love/hate dichotomy in its most abstract and wide-ranging formulation, as a means of essentially avoiding the problem, which is what these creatures spend most of their careers doing. The essential point about a politician mouthing a platitude like “We can’t let hate win” or “Love conquers all” is that it isn’t setting any clear goals, targets, criteria, or anything else concrete, measurable, or verifiable that could be related to solving the actual problem in hand.

Such bromides are little better than phatic communication. After all “Love” can “conquer all” whether a single terrorist attack is happening or a million. The “conquering” is in how you suck it all up. In fact, as long as you keep chanting the mantra amid the rising body count you don’t even need to light the candles, post the colour filter on your Facebook page, make the lovey-dovey hand signs, or even pray.

Like so much in the West it is defined by its easy convenience and low costs to the individual combined with its enormous cost to the greater society.

Actually, there is one hard-and-fast empirical measure of “love conquering all.” Of course this has nothing to do with actually reducing the number of terrorist attacks. Quite the opposite in fact. It is the number of Muslims allowed to exist in a Western society. This is because an important adjunct of “love conquering all” is to avoid Islamophobia at all costs, and how can you do that if you stop them coming into your country or remove the ones that are already there?

“Love conquers all” basically translates as “Islam conquers all.” It is not just a reaction to terrorism, but actually its facilitator. The two exist in symbiosis. The “love conquers all” people with their silly candles and hugs for Muslims are nothing less than the reserve army of terrorism. The fact that you are not allowed to shoot them kind of makes them more dangerous than the actual terrorists.

  • Jarod

    The guys carrying out these attacks are just impatient. If they’d wait a century, Islam will have conquered the UK via demographics completely. They must be retarded to keep doing this.

    • tic

      On the upside, no more royal leech family…

      • Robertus Antoninus

        I would not put it past the current Prince of Wales to convert to Islam in order to survive. He has hinted at it already.

        • Marcus

          As a staunch monarchist, I deplore the state of European royalty. The King of Norway is particularly odious.

          • tic

            For centuries European monarchs have had only a nominal connection to the countries they are sort of “assigned” to. Spaniards ruling England, Austrians ruling Spain, etc. They way they’ve been intermarrying across the continent over the centuries they are nothing more than a big inbred rich family of tabloid fodder that owns lots of castles all over the place, seeing themselves more as global elites than as emblems of the countries they are assigned to. Compare European royals to Thai royals for example (who are also inbred), or Japanese royals. They generally marry other Thais and Japanese, respectively. They have their faults, but you can’t say they don’t love their countries.

          • Robert Bruce

            Drop the monarchist crap. They all sold out to globalism. Damn all the Scandinavian Princesses are marrying Jewish Wall St guys. They need to be destroyed along with the globalists.

    • Marcus

      A few decades, not a century! Sweden will fall within a few years. And many of them are retarded, look at their average IQs.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Until the Alt-Right sends me my Sub-Machine Gun……..

    I’ll dream Alt-Right Dreams……


  • feroxmill

    whit time I’ve come to realise that the the European race is on average, sick. The poor blacks are on average mentally limited and we europeans are on average sick. Every race must carry its limitations and ours is sickness. We are a sick race of abstract martyrs. We invent dreams and wish reality away. We hate life.
    The muslims are only doing what every group should do, compete to win. We compete to die and wish for the abstract. Sick, sick race we are. No one is doing this to us, not the jews, not the muslims, no one. It is us and only us…

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      Very True……..

    • Marcus

      We are sick because we have been made sick. We weren’t sick when the Muslims were at the gates of Vienna (repeatedly), we weren’t sick during the Crusades, we weren’t sick when we ruled over most of the world. Cultural Marxism has made us this way, I don’t think any race would have fared much better after decades and decades of indoctrination.

      • Robertus Antoninus

        The muslims made it all the way to Vienna. How far were we willing to go in the opposite direction?

        • Charles The Hammer

          Well we eventually drove Muslims out of the Iberian peninsula, Sicily, and the Balkans. Then after WW1 we carved up the Ottoman Empire creating the states that exist to this day.

      • harman1

        Degeneracy and indoctrination,the Walking Dead is a metaphor?

      • Marcus

        It has. Rome fell because of mass immigration, the dysgenic effects of low fertility among the upper classes and high fertility among the lower classes, cultural degeneracy (particularly transgender-esque obsessions), coupled with insane monetary policies. Could a more succinct description of the today’s West be made?

      • feroxmill

        True, but when looking at this moments of history, it seemed it took a lot for Christendom to get its act together. It seems we are at the same moment.

        • Marcus

          That’s very true. It took several centuries of Muslims’ invading and pillaging Europe before we finally reacted. This time, if we don’t act soon it will be too late.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    The Alt-Right is a Tent….

    A Dream…..

    A Life……

    Let it Spread…..

    Stop trying to Kill it…….

  • JosephtheGreat

    These all-you-need-is-love morons are dangerous and psychopathic as paradoxical as that might sound. But anyone who constantly talks about loving everything and is nothing but smiles all the time even in the face of death or horrible tragedy is quite clearly mentally deranged.

    Imagine if, for instance. you came home to find one of your children brutally murdered and raped. Naturally you would feel extreme horror, revulsion and anger. Now imagine one of these love-conquers-all idiots walks into the room and starts talking to you about love and forgiveness while making heart symbols with their hands. You’d probably think they were sick and you’d be right. There is clearly something wrong with these people. Their emotions are not right, they aren’t natural, they aren’t even human.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      What the F are you going to do except talk and post on Disqus, Coward??…

      • JosephtheGreat

        Don’t worry about me, Debby. Your only job is in the kitchen cleaning dishes. You are too dumb and useless for anything else. And be careful about posting links to youtube videos, remember last time you accidentally posted a link to a homemade sex video with you and a bunch of black guys? Many of us are still trying to recover from that trauma.

        • ))) Depeche Europa (((


          You’ll be the Last Thing to distract me from the Alt-Right Vision…….


          • JosephtheGreat

            What ever vision you have will fail, just like you failed every test you took beyond the fifth grade.

          • JosephtheGreat

            Awww… that’s sweet, Debby. Now don’t forget the dishes.

    • Marcus

      Altruism, tolerance, apathy, and relativism are pathologies.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Because Nazi Germany did a Great Job at helping White People…..



    F the Nazis…….


  • Adele Moran

    I am sick to death of candle burning, teddy bear leaving, empty gestures of sadness. You wanna know what counts as mourning the dead? KICKING THE ASS out of moslems. Kicking their asses out of our countries.

    It’s so simple. Remove moslems, remove problem.


    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Right Wing Protection Squadrons are needed in America and Europe.

      • Matthew Funk

        Soldiers of Odin assemble

      • RWDS not RWPS

        fixed it for ya!

    • I grew up in baptist and charismatic Christianity. The absolutely bizarre things I have seen and heard would blow your mind.

      • katebushfan66

        probably not… I’ve been told I need to open my heart to Islam by a woman in my ‘hood… I laughed in her face.

    • Actually, remove the group that distorts reality through toxic theory and toxic media, and all the other problems will clear up effectively overnight.

      • harman1

        Not quite.

        • Sound argument.

          • harman1

            It is the international finance system that controls

          • Who controls the (((international bankers)))?

          • harman1

            Hmm let me think??

          • Which is run by…

          • harman1

            That’s difficult???LOL

          • So, then, you agree with my original premise. You drunk? Stop wasting my time.

          • harman1

            Don’t converse then?They are not a group?There are many who serve (((them)))

          • Servants aren’t the issue. Issue is the source of destructive theory and policy. Eliminate the source of a problem and the problem goes away.

          • harman1

            Name what you perceive as the ‘source’ let’s have some clarity?


          • harman1

            I know it well.

    • TransPride

      I totally agree! Candle burning is for celebrating things such as Saturnalia, and the Spring Equinox. Oh and don’t forget Facebook filters and posts saying they will pray for the person or their family. If you actually care DO SOMETHING.

  • Ike35

    Another gem by Colin. Everybody go check out altrightnews. blogspot, some real good stuff there too.

    • Ike35

      Not sure what you’re talking about but fuck you anyway.

    • craicher

      are you institutionalized?

      • Ike35

        Nah, just a shit disturber me thinks.

    • harman1

      Thank you!

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    We hear globalist politicians and celebrities say that they will not surrender to this ‘cowardly’ act.

    They will continue and carry on their globalist project of diversity.

    ??? What are they talking about? If the attacker were anti-immigration and anti-diversity and had struck out to stop immigration, the globo-rhetoric would make some sense(if not much).

    But the killer was for MORE INVASION AND INCLUSION. He wasn’t trying to end Diversity or the massive invasion of Britain.

    So, carrying on with the push for More Immigration and More Diversity would be in full agreement with the killer’s wishes.

    In the current year, a man can be said to be a ‘woman’, and cowardice masquerades as ‘courage’.

    How is it courageous to invite mass invasion of one’s nation? (At best, it’s dumb naive courage, like dumb pranks where life and limb are at risk.) How is it courageous to deny reality and surrender a nation’s claim to its territory and heritage?

    It’s one thing to fight to keep something but then lose it in defeat.

    But to just give it away without a fight is sheer cowardice in the face of stigma enforced by globalist imperialists. Or, is it more like willfully fighting to lose?

    The current project of Europe is self-annihilation. There is no glory, honor, and courage in such behavior. Recklessness isn’t courage. Obedience to globalist masters isn’t courage. It is Quisling behavior.

    After these attacks, we hear the same cliches about how the West will not back down and surrender its grand project. West will stand firm in its commitment to abolish itself.


    When Nazis rained bombs on London and Brits resolved not to surrender, it meant they will fight to the end to prevent Britain from being invaded.

    Today, when London is roasted by riots or rocked by terror attacks, the great ‘courage’ and resolve are about the unwavering commitment to surrender the nation to globalism, diversity, mass invasion, and social chaos.

    It went from “We will stand firm with courage not to be invaded” to “We will stand firm with ‘courage’ to be invaded.”

    Monty Python logic used to be on TV. Now, its in the streets and government.

    Britain now has the courage to go Full Coward.

    Courage used to mean the bravery to fight to keep what you got.

    Now, trans-courage means the feckless abandon with which you are willing to surrender your inheritance and the right of progeny and territory.

    Cuckrage is no real courage.

  • Riopel

    Stick a fork in Britain. It’s done.

    • katebushfan66

      maybe…. maybe not…

  • Para State

    Dude, fuck these Brit-Cucks, let the Jihadis all murder them. Nothing lost on them.

    • harman1

      Thank you for your resolute support.

  • Ethelred

    That’s a weird photo at the top of them making their ‘heart’ gesture. Something orwellian/totalitarian about it…

    “That man is not gesturing! Have him arrested!”

  • Timothy Adams

    You can’t shoot them? Ah no, sir; we haven’t as yet started shooting them, but I would say the time is far past when we should be asking “why” haven’t we shot them yet?

  • WarPoet

    The solution is more prayer. (If you’re not religious, you can simply observe a moment of silence). This will fix everything.

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  • katebushfan66

    I’ve just read Jim Goad’s book “Red Neck Manifesto” and I feel a lot better .. life is fucky.. dealwiddit.