Jailed For A Tweet? Kurt Eichenwald Sicks FBI On JewGoldstein (John Rivello) After Seizure

Becky is a close friend of John Rivello (JewGoldStein on Twitter). She’ll give an update on the case and explain the slippery slope of jailing people for a tweet.

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  • Isn’t reporting a false report a serious crime when you involve the feds? Eichenwald faked the seizure. He deserves jail.

    • Was there a 911 call associated with his “seizure”? Or do we have only his word (the word of a jew, mind you) to go on?

  • This is not the hill to die on. I think Eichenwald is scum but I am not going to defend deliberately trying to cause seizures. You guys need to get the fuck off this. Rivello can rot for all I care.

        • Your insults are lamer than Rick Wilson’s, but your “don’t fight” mentality is straight out of the Boomer Cuck playbook.

          • Ok, champ.

            When you grow up you’ll learn to choose your battles and not insist on fighting to the death from indefensible positions. Few people outside of alt-right fanatics will find Rivello to be a sympathetic character.

          • It’s not about Rivello being sympathetic, it’s about preventing a bad precedent. Your “pick your battles” mindset is exactly why the Right has lost for so many years. Leftists unite no matter how odious the person, look at all the feral Negroes the left have made as causus bellis. Meanwhile, people like you are quick to wave the white flag because you don’t want to be seen as mean.

          • We have a finite amount of time, energy and money.

            Focusing these resources at some asshole who wanted to provoke a seizure in someone is stupid at best.

            I can’t stop you from donating to his legal fund but I will save my money for a better case.

          • Oh, I ain’t mad. You are. And you’re too stupid to know when you’re being mocked.

          • Nothing IS more foolish than punching right and virtue signalling like a leftist bitch. No one cares what your opinion is, but you want to throw it out and attack this dude so you can posture morally and be a “good guy”. Fuck off with that leftist silliness. If you don’t like what the guy did, then don’t do it yourself and don’t support him. But never, EVER, publicly punch right, especially for the “reasons” you have here. You’re a fool.

          • Trying to cause seizures is not a “right-wing” thing. Rivello is not “more right-wing” than me. Criticizing him is not “punching right.” God they need to start banning people like you before this site becomes another cesspool of angry edgelord children who lash out hysterically at any dissenters from the circlejerk.

      • I believe that 100%. But Rivello still allegedly sent the tweet with the intention of causing one. If I sucker punch you and it’s later shown that you exaggerated the extent to which I injured you, I’m not suddenly off the hook. I still fucking sucker punched you.

    • You don’t get it: foreign policy ends at the border, meaning that we
      support Rivello because he is on our side, not because what he did is
      exactly praiseworthy. His friends and circle tell him PRIVATELY not to
      be such an a-hole, but they defend him publicly like the Left defends
      its own, like all mammals under attack. I am not about to place some poncy, Kantian abstract sense of justice above the plight of a white Marine in a public fight with censorious Jews. If Rivello does have mild PTSD, you can thank Eichenwald and his friends for agitating for that little war also. Destroy the man and then incarcerate him when he returns from the front.

      • Look. I’m as pissed as anyone about what happened to Richard and how the entire leftist spectrum openly celebrated it. But shit. My sister is epileptic. I cannot support Rivello in any way. He made his own fucking choices. Fuck him.

        • Then shut the fuck up and keep your mouth shut. There is NO point in causing division and infighting because you have personal reasons for not wanting to help Rivello.

        • Can one really co-exist with vermin who abuse the legal system (and every agency)?

          Isnt it a terminal mistake to project New Testament morals onto people with a different code of ethics?

        • 1) My sister is epileptic.
          2) Kurt Eichenwald is epileptic.
          3) Therefore Kurt Eichenwald does not deserve a seizure.

          I’m sure your sister is a perfectly lovely pedophile jew who is attempting to destroy our entire civilization, but I’m still having a bit of trouble following your logic.


            Now, let me see if I can comprehend your sentiment here. Are you telling me that subversive, destructive, genocidal racial aliens who are attempting to destroy our entire civilization don’t even *deserve* a seizure?

          • I wouldn’t shed any tears over anything that happened to Eichenwald or similarly genocidal leftists, but if we allow people to try to harm people like him then nothing will stop people from trying to harm anyone. Maybe I have too much faith in the bedrock of our legal system. But I don’t appreciate the insults people have thrown at me for not caring about Rivello. I’m not like eager to see him convicted but I also wouldn’t care if he rots in a cell. I feel the same way about Dylann Roof. I wouldn’t have been upset if he’d been acquitted but I’m also not going to go to bat for him. His behavior was indefensible even though he and I are largely angry at the same things for similar reasons.

            I mean how fucked are we if we are attacking people who don’t want to defend someone like Rivello? Eichenwald is vile but he’s ultimately a noncombatant.

          • It is my understanding that Eichenwald is part jewish. There are no jewish non-combatants. Jews are the MOST collectivist people on Earth. They operate as one big team, and their collective behavior, even if unconscious in a SMALL FRACTION of the “little jews”, is destructive to our civilization and our people. Just because they don’t use overt physical violence to attack us, doesn’t mean they aren’t attacking us, or that their method of attack will not result in our demise.

    • We can’t defend doing anything illegal, of course. But the treason and sedition trials of all these “American” and “European” jews will result in far worse than seizures. In other words, the problem is not that he *might* have caused some jew to have a seizure. The problem is that it is “illegal” to do so.

      …But curiously, it seems to be perfectly “legal” to economically impoverish an entire civilization, while encouraging them not to breed, using various modes of propaganda and disinformation to create maximum chaos and madness in their population, then open the national borders to hostile foreign races.

      Yes, flashing .gifs are well beyond the pale. They’re right out.

  • Jailing people for a Tweet is a slippery slope? What about a drunk bimbo being able to “regret-rape” you into prison? What about being thrown in jail or fined for questioning a historical narrative? What about being jailed for daring to question mass “immigration”? What about going before a “human rights tribunal” for refusing to call some lunatic “zir”?

    We’re all living in an anarcho-tyranny. They will look for or invent any way they can to feed White men into the maw of the “system”. “Law” is nothing but the naked exercise of power to these people, and they will “interpret” and re-interpret it according to their whims.

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