Terror Attack in London; Erdogan’s Warning Eerily Timely; “Catastrophic” Casualties

Another attack has occured, this time in London.

Here’s a quick rundown according to the BBC.

  • A police officer has been stabbed in the Houses of Parliament in central London
  • At least one woman has died and several others are critically injured after a car hit people on Westminster Bridge
  • The alleged assailant was shot by armed police
  • Footage on social media shows people lying in the road
  • Metropolitan Police say they are treating it as a terrorist incident and buildings are in lockdown

Details about the attack from the BBC:

“As the group arrived at the Carriage Gates, where policemen are posted at the security entrance, a man suddenly ran out of the crowd and into the yard.

“He seemed to be holding up a long kitchen knife.

“I heard what sounded like shots – I think about three of them – and then the next thing I knew there were two people lying on the ground and others running to help them.

“Armed police were quickly on the scene and I heard them shouting to people to get out of the yard.”

Some of the victims. Warning. NSFW.


Tumblr begins to reconsider open border policy- abstract.
Was she thinking #notallmuslims?

From what can be surmised at this point, these victims got run down by a car which then crashed into more people near Parliament.

I thought they banned assault cars in the UK?

(By the way, you can rate his driving here)

The attacker then ran in and stabbed an officer before getting shot.

The BBC provides an infographic.

One of the benefits of a surveillance state is that one would expect the city with the most CCTV coverage in the world to have adequate coverage of Westminster Bridge and Parliament.


Now, it’s too soon to say who did the attack. But one thing we know for sure is that the attackers will probably be described as “asians” by the BBC. Which of course means that they’re middle-eastern and Muslim. But we can’t be sure if its an Arab or a Turk.


Still, President Erdogan’s words seem particularily timely and on cue:

“Europeans across the world will not be able to walk the streets safely if they keep up their current attitude towards Turkey,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned.

Was this a demonstration of power or just another chimpout? Its too soon to say.

But lets take bets on what the official response will be. We already know what Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London will say.

Just another day in multicultural paradise

And what will the rest of civilized society do?

There are reports that more than 13 were injured, some with “catastrophic” wounds. Their lives will never be the same.

It has been awhile since the last attack, but even so, its all getting drearily repetitive.

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  • Does it really matter if it’s a Muzrat or a Turkroach? Their both third world invaders who have zero business living in what should be a white country.

  • It is completely reasonable to expect these type of attacks to continue at a steady cadence with a gradual but perceptible and asymptotical increase until the European natives are so cowed that they eventually submit to islam and the invaders.
    Right now my intuition is telling me that the odds are 55-45 in favor of submission (but the odds for submission have been getting better for some time).
    If this is the eventual outcome, then all the deaths that would necessarily happen between now and submission will have just been a waste of lives, needless suffering.
    If the Europeans (and all we Westerners come to think of it) really don’t have the will to fight for their civilization, then they should just submit now and end the violence. To continue with the current ambivalence is actually some sort of crime.
    Can you imagine a nation at war, being bombarded, with civilians slaughtered in the streets while the government tells people to carry on as if none of this is happening and doing nothing to protect its citizens?
    Well this is what Western governments are doing.

  • Onthe front page, and therefore the newspaper giving credence to this idea:

    “Isil supporters cheer Westminster attack as ‘revenge’ for British air strikes on Syria”

    Wrong. If this was the case revenge would be muslims fighting western soldiers in the Middle East.

    Instead, ISIS are fighting Syrian muslims and inflicting hard line Islam on whole towns.

    Islam in the West targets the weak white working class girls, including their own women, and now civilians walking across a bridge.

    • > Wrong. If this was the case revenge would be muslims fighting western soldiers in the Middle East.

      Why would you *not* bring the fight to the enemy?

  • That poor woman under the bus is among the dead. Looks like the bus went right over her with both axles.

  • That a politician can actually tell his constituents that terror attacks are just something they have to live with and not face an immediate backlash the removes him from office in a week just shows how far our society has fallen.

    • That the capital of a formerly white nation has a non white and non Christian as its head already tells you that something is profoundly wrong.

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