Norse News Episode 2 – Trump Reveals The Real Sweden

The second episode of Norse News is here! We update you on the latest important stories from Sweden, the canary in the multicultural coalmine.

Norse News is keeping an eye on the North. We give you the latest news and scandals from Scandinavia.

Norse News is a collaboration between Red Ice TV and Ingrid & Conrad.

Stories covered this show:

1. Political Scandal of the month
Trump reveals the real Sweden, American journalist Tim Pool uncovers it.

2. The Swedish spring
Police officer Peter Springare speaks out on immigrant crimes

3. Sweden Crime Update
Gang rape in school restroom

4. Latest in Migration Scandals
Camels come to Sweden, finally!

5. New boundaries of feminism
Woman invent gynecologist chair for men, as revenge

6. Why we love Sweden
The Swedish Vikings who founded Russia

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  • LOL Swedes are too smart to fall for kosher conservatism and ugly Zionism. Stay strong Sweden and don’t bow to Trump, Gellar, “Bibi” and the rest of these freaks. Bernadotte did nothing wrong.

    Don’t let the shitty little country get control of your security and keep close tabs on suspected traitors. They’ll tell you that they want to Make Sweden Great Again, they’ll tell you that they’ll keep you safe from moose limbs. It’s all a damned lie – they intend to conquer Sweden, to punish Sweden for daring to oppose them. Sit tight and watch out – they’ve already declared war on Sweden for recognizing Palestine.

  • The Swedish Vikings who founded Russia”
    highly ironic that these slavers who sold white women to the arabs sailing down the Volga now have to deal with arabs in their own home, raping their daugthers.

    Seriously, fuck sweden. This place is cursed.

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