Matthias Waggener – Wolves of Vinland: A Tribe Against The Modern World

Matthias Waggener is one of the founding members of the Wolves of Vinland, and has served as the president of both the Ulfheim and Windborn chapter, which he founded, over his 12 years as a member. He is an accomplished artist and one of the few hexologists currently practicing in North America.

Matthias joins us for a very interesting conversation on modernity, tribalism, and self-transformation. We begin by discussing Matthias’ journey, which eventually led to the founding of the Wolves of Vinland. Matthias explains that a close relationship with his brother, Paul, helped him to understand the value of tribe from a young age. We then switch gears to discuss the current state of the world. Matthias argues that the modern world perverts our natural desires – such as those for food, shelter, and so forth – by telling us that we need excessive material comforts to be not only happy, but accepted within society. The first hour touches on much more, including civil unrest, personal sacrifice, and how our current crisis is making our people stronger.

In the members’ hour, we delve into a discussion on Matthias’ more esoteric interests. Matthias outlines the basics of hexology, including its history, application, and why this archaic practice works. We then discuss how intent trumps symbolism during magical operations. Later, Matthias offers some sagely advice on the subject of personal initiation. Drawing from his own experiences with meditation, astral projection, and lucid dreaming, Matthias reminds us that the inner world is vast, awe-inspiring, and, unfortunately, quite often overlooked in the modern world. Our show concludes with a discussion on the importance of carving a path that allows one to feel truly alive.

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  • What the hell is going on with Red Ice and AltRight dot com?

    This kind of ridiculous pagan LARPing that you’ve been pushing has absolutely nothing to do with the Alt-Right.

    In fact, these new-age faggots are as dangerous to White Civilization as the (((Marxists))) are.

    Backward, barbaric Satanists don’t get a pass just because they claim that they’re “pro-White”.

    These people are a cancer on our movement and on White, Western Civilization itself.

    When the time comes, these bonfire-dancing, ancestor-worshiping, LARPing psychopaths will go into the boxcars along with the other degenerates and Jews.

    Get your shiit together AltRight dot com. — Or change the name of the website.

    • No sane, normal person could see anything but evil in these sickos. Get off the drugs Henrik. Not only that, but these people are not rebellious children they are adults in their 40’s. It sickens me to see you doing this to this movement. Maybe a good name change for the site is

      Pretty soon no one decent like Kevin MacDonald or David Duke will want to come anywhere near the people on this site. Is this being done on purpose? Was someone caught in a kiddieporn trap?

      • Only if I had nothing to say like you. If any normal people read his I think I am not the only one noticing this crap.

        • You keep saying “normal” like this differentiates you from most other people in the pro-White sphere. Thankfully, most of us aren’t normal by today’s standards.

          • I am normal. The people who are responsible on the right like Dr. David Duke are normal too. At least I now know why you defend sicko animal torturer, sodomites.

          • Then it would make sense from a purely logical standpoint that you would be more inclined to be the there instead of here if “normal” is your thing. It doesn’t make sense to constantly complain about someone else’s actions on a pro-White website when you’ve made it abundantly clear that it’s not your thing—not the “normal” thing to do.

            Like I said, you could always just not comment or even read the articles you don’t like. But that’s not a “normal” thing to do, is it? Again, using a purely logical standpoint, the only reason you would be in a place where you don’t identify or relate would be to specifically attack and divide.

          • Wrong. I like some of the content on here and have said so. But I think it is good if the readers let the editors know (if they ever read the comments) what they think of where they are going with their site. Obviously in the wrong direction.

            I do visit Duke’s site and have read all of his books. An adult fighting for our people. Seems some people on here want to remain children for life even though they are in their 40’s. You cannot comment on Duke’s site but if you could their would never be anything bad to say. Why? He doesn’t defend homos, animal abusers, satanists, abortionists, and all the other freaks that this site seems to be attracted to.

            It makes me wonder if this site is nothing more than a government op just like the KKK or the Aryan Nations were. A way to turn the Right to the fringe and make it unpalatable to the good men and women of the Right.

          • Your reply did absolutely nothing to counter my assertion that the “normal” thing someone would do is to not read or comment on the articles they don’t like.

          • If you express an opinion that Celestial Time disagrees with you have deeply offended the entire Pro-White sphere. We should really all ask Celestial Time for permission before posting anything.

          • You should. And your request is denied. Come back when you’ve grown a pair and can attract a suitable mate and we can reevaluate your commenting status.

  • Also that is not a tribe. That is a cult. What a disappointment. There are plenty of normal people on the Right you can have on this site. Why not just rename the site You don’t deserve the name alt-right.

    If you don’t think this are sickos just look at their own pictures.

    There are some dark forces taking over some of your minds out there. I hope you can wake up. Henrik seems hopelessly lost these days. Pity he used to have a good thing going until he got into full blown paganism and I’m sure the smirking wife had something to do with it.

  • To be honest, they are just LARPing. The enemy is making progress every day, we are more divided every day, and this people are running in the woods with bear skins on their shoulders shouting to Odin and getting drunk?

    Also, I find highly problematic the inclusion of fags like Donovan. Who knows what they do while alone and drunk in the woods….

    • To be honest, they are just LARPing

      What exactly is it you think you’re doing? They’re at least meeting in the real world, while you’re complaining about it on the Internet.

        • I think that today we take too much from “afroamericans” (’cause only the 5% of them voted to Make America Great Again) …

          We are better than barbarians and savages we made civilzation why we copy from them? It is preposterous! We lose a lot of good people when such an organization is found as they see them, apply the stereotype to all of us, and think us as weirdo losers…

          They give also a Khotep vibe…

          • LARPing and degeneracy is the only thing I see there. I respect groups like the Asatru Free Asembly, they are serious about their beliefs, mature, and they are explicit about race and the enemy (did you see the video of McNallen?), but I can’t respect this people.

            And in a way, I feel sorry for them….one of this days Donovan is going to put roofies in their whisky and they are going to wake up bleeding where the sun doesn’t shine.

          • yeah I saw it.

            For neo-pagans, due to my experience with the Greek equivalent I cannot take them seriously. At the very least though many groups, McNallen included, try to be reasonable and mature.

            One day the Wolfes will see how unrealistically optimistic the day after scene was from brokeback mountain…

          • Wolf : “What the fuck Jack? what did you put in our drinks? this isn’t cool man, I’m bleeding!! it hurts!”

            Jack: “It was a male bonding ritual designed by Odin himself, he instructed me in the best way to do it…… and shut up, you are my bitch now”

          • Jack: It was a good idea to give roofies to the wolves!
            GJ: thank you Jack for letting me on the roof party yesterday
            jack: don’t mention it
            James OM: We made the Maennerbund!
            GJ: we made a bond between men!
            Jack: we became barbarians !

    • So a bunch of young men get together, start a tribe, buy their own land, build on it, get physically fit, practice fighting by, well fighting, write several books, get published in their fields, practice traditional folk art, start offshoot groups and practice their religion in real life, but because it is not your religion they are LARPing. Sounds legit.
      While I am not going to defend every decision they make, it doesn’t matter. They are not me and I am not them. The point is they are doing it and you haven’t refuted one thing that was discussed in this video. On the other hand I live in Lynchburg and have discussed things with these guys and know the intellect and dedication they put into their thing. You obviously do not know anything other than, “B-b-but they don’t think like me!”
      The only thing “problematic” is your inability to listen to the words in the interview, analyze them, take what works for you and ignore the rest, without claiming that you understand the WoV or know what they are doing.

      • 1. I don’t have any problem with their religion. Personally speaking I’m Agnostic, but I support freedom of religion within the movement. I don’t care if the people here pray to Odin, Jesus, or the Spaguetti Monster as long as they are fighting for secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

        2. The characteristic of LARPing is the absence of risk. When you are playing D&D you are not risking anything, you are just playing. They are not explicitly pro white, nor talk about the Jewish Question, and that’s because talking clearly brings risk, so they are explicitly avoiding risk. They are happy playing in the woods, painting their faces and getting drunk.

        3. They are preaching ‘masculinity’ while having a notorious fag in their ranks who says that fucking other guys in the ass is the epitome of masculinity.

        We don’t need people playing in the woods, we need people willing to sacrifice their lives in order to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Are they willing to sacrifice their lives when they are not even talking explicitly about race?

        • 1. They offer an alternative for their White children.

          2. No risk? You obviously did not listen to the interview. They are repeatedly harassed by antifa and have had to fight in the streets

          3. Willing to risk their lives? They already are. They don’t hide.

          In essence you know nothing about them and any further keyboard warrior crap will just be ignored.

      • They did NOT start a tribe. Can we reason like adults on here? The Cheerokee are a tribe and I’m pretty sure it is made of a families and the men don’t go get drunk and buttfuck in the woods. Also they are NOT young! They are manchildren who never grew up and play at vikings. And they are obviously severely mentally ill and should be locked up and anyone giving them legitimacy should really take a cold hard look at their own mental health.

    • “larping” is a racist comment. So doing “white things” is larping? Partaking in ritual is part of being HUMAN. Whites need to continue to re-wild, get off the debt slave system, join
      brotherhoods and sisterhoods, awaken from the Abrahamic winter, relearn lost arts and skills…. Nope, not
      larping — all good movements start at grass roots level via folk building

      • Of course, please continue re-wild, getting off the slave system and joining brotherhoods while the enemy is entrenched in Washington designing public policies whose objective is to vanish the white race from Earth.

        • balkinization leads to both seccession and unification which leads to revoltution which leads to change. people are forming groups / extended communities and these are fueling political activism which in turns can and will have a profound effect… revolution is building and this is the process since time immemorial

          • OK, tell me one, I repeat one form of political activism they are doing; tell me one, one form in which they are making political progress in order to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

  • I forgot to add, sicko fags too. Look up that Jack Donovan creature. These sickos go out in the woods, torture animals and sodomize one another. Yay, what else can we have for this site? We have the abortionists, the Iranians, the Hoteps, The Free Cheesers, the Sodomites, the Pagans, the Animal Torturers, and what is next? I think you guys have covered it all and are doing a great job making sure normal, good men and woman are scared off from the Right.

  • More LARPers to split this movement by making sure it is fringe and never attracts all the good men and women who are rightly put off by these charlatans. Time to grow up!

  • These guys can enjoy themselfs, but in the end of the day its escapism. If they stay around long enough, maybee they turn into a theme park.

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