Enoch Powell: Rivers Of Blood

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This video is highly relevant considering the recent developments in London.


  • Spencer should have properly qualified his use of the term ‘unfair.’ Banning innocent muslims would only be unfair from the perspective of individuals. But not banning them is unfair from the perspective of the collective. These people, on the whole, are far more trouble than they’re worth. It’s not as though anyone – not even their defenders – can say, “Yeah, sure they’re trouble, but look at all the good things we get from them.” There simply isn’t any upside to their presence.

  • Mum said to me last year ..” look up Enoch Powell love” [we were discussing the muzzies] … she knew .. she told me about the acky pakis .. we fled England in the 70s… thank fuck.

  • One way to solve this problem would be through offering monetary incentives for repatriation. If you aren’t a citizen, but are in Britian legally then you should be paid to leave. If you are a dual citizen or are eligible for the right of return to your ethnic homeland, you should be paid to turn in your citizenship and get out. This solution can be applied to any group that needs to go, and it also sends a strong signal that the group being offered money to leave is not wanted. It is a win-win; the repatriates get the money they came to the West for, and Westerners get their ethnic homelands back.

    • Yea, they take the money, go home and blow it all on bling and pussy and then are right back with their hand out again. Nah. Just round em up and deport em by force. Declare martial law and bring in the army.

  • Naming it “rivers of blood” is another kike trick though. It makes it sound like he was going 1488 race war now, though all it meant (and it was obvious from the context) was that he had a bad premonition.

  • In the UK, it all comes down to Native vs Naivete.

    Brits must choose Nativism against peddlers of Naivetism.

    Being Naive is no vision of life.

    Naivete isn’t a history, an identity, or a heritage.

    And it leads to no destiny but amnesia and demise.

  • He was wrong in one respect,the politicians are blamed! The Conservatives are the biggest hypocrites.It was the Conservative party that promised an end to immigration way back then.Approximately 600,000 are swarming into this country every year.The die is cast.The civil war is very near and we must wake more people up.

  • Milk is now denounced as a ‘hate symbol’, but Non-Whites suck on the White Cow

    The great irony is this: The whole world sees whites as the White Cow.

    Even East Asians who have been relatively successful in creating modern societies want to suck the teat of the white cow. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan still look to US military for protection. 80% of Japanese and Koreans say they want to emigrate, and their first choices are always some Anglo-made nation. They prefer Anglo rule over their own(even though they fall under PC spell and blame it all on whitey. If they are such progs, why not go to poor non-white nations and share their skills with them?)

    As for Hindus, just think. India has 1.3 billion and the population is still growing!! That means India has the population of the US plus 1 billion more. And it will have 100s of millions more. And what do these people want to do? Fix their own problems like filthy rivers and 50% of people crapping outdoors? NO, they want to emigrate and almost always to Anglo-run nations. Hindus once told Anglos, “Go away”, and now they say, “Let us in”.

    Scum like Fareed Zakaria are just a demographic imperialists. He acts worldly and cosmo, but he wants his brown ilk to take over white riches. He’s all for his ilk sucking on white milk.

    As for Africans and Arabs, they want to suck from the European white cow teat. Mother Merkel is the German Cow. Looks like one too. Moooooo.

    And Mexicans and other Meso-Americans badmouth gringo, but they will do anything to come to the US to suck on Gringo Cow’s teats.

    So, even if many non-whites cannot digest milk, they sure love the taste of White Wealth, White Organization, White Productivity, White Rule of Law(though it’s eroding fast), White Management, White Whatever. They sure love to drink white milk in the figurative sense.

    Some in the West think Hindus are awful stupid for not killing cows for beef. But my professor told us long ago that there was good reason to appreciate the cow in India. Long ago, there weren’t enough to slaughter in huge numbers. Having a cow meant it provided labor, manure(good for lots of stuff), milk, and etc. So, a cow was a great asset.

    And the world looks upon the White World as a Big Cow for them to milk.

    And this is why they don’t really want White Genocide. That would mean no more Cow to milk.

    They want White Genosuck or sucking on white wealth or White Genosite, or being parasite off White Work.

    Non-whites have often complained that whites exploited non-whites for centuries. There is truth in this. But what is overlook is more crucial. Whites exploited non-white labor like humans exploited the labor of horses and cows, but whites came up with all the ideas, ingenuity, inspiration, and leadership. After all, people exploiting people is as old as the hills. If mere exploitation leads to great wealth, all societies should be equally wealthy since most societies for most of human societies were about one people exploiting another.

    Also, even when whites exploited native resources, whites were the ones who found uses for those resources and directed the labor of non-whites in new innovative diretions. Without whites, Arabs would have had no use for oil under their feet. And what good was all the minerals and oil to black Africans with their bongo drums and etc? Without whites, what use was uranium or platinum to blacks?

    If non-whites had built all the industries and made all the innovations AND if whites had stolen that stuff, then whites would have been thieves like the Mongols and Vikings who pillaged and plundered the civilizations of others. But in fact, whites came up with all the innovations and built all the industries in the non-white world. So, even though whites did kick non-whites around, non-whites also gained tremendous advantages under white rule and leadership and management. Indeed, much of the non-white world began to fall apart just when ‘exploitative’ whites began to pack up and leave as the age of imperialism came to a close.

    For a long while, the Narrative was that whites just stole and plundered. So, if whites are gone, all the goodies will be had by non-whites. In truth, once whites left the non-white world, the non-whites were clueless about running economies.

    And even those who did succeed economically like in East Asia still disliked their own system of values and justice. It’s no wonder the non-West sends all their best-and-brightest to study in the West.. and often, many of them choose to remain in the West than return home.

    However bad PC is in the West, things must be worse in non-western academia. (Same goes for Eastern Europe. A Polish friend of mine went to his motherland to finish college, and he noted so much corruption, cheating, and bribery. If Poles are like that, we can imagine Russians are far worse. And according to movie BARKING DOGS NEVER BITE, one doesn’t get a teaching post in Korean university without offering bribes.)

    Blame Whitey is still a big thing. A lot of it has to do with PC idiocy and historical ignorance. But it probably has a lot to do with envy, resentment, and shame. The fact is all these non-whites chose to depart permanently from their own nations, own peoples, own families, and own cultures to start a new life in white-run societies. That is a pretty drastic decision.

    So, whatever they may SAY, what they DID suggests a kind of ‘white supremacism’. Since they are not white, they can’t be ‘white supremacists’ themselves. But their actions betray the sense that, deep down inside, they believe Whites, especially Anglos and Northern Europeans, are better at EVERYTHING, indeed so much so that they are willing to depart forever for their own homelands to live with/under whites.

    But to admit as much would mean they are inferior. It would mean they are so worshipful of whites that they chose to leave behind 1000s of history and culture to come to be ‘American’ overnight and conform to the formula created by White People. And Jews have too much pride to admit that their success owed everything to Anglo-America and what it achieved as a basis for a social and political experiment. So, all this anti-white-ness serves as a therapeutic mask to hide the fact of non-white awe and envy of everything white. (In a way, rap culture and etc. are also therapeutic to non-whites. Even though they come to the West to gain access to all the glories of white achievement in science, math, medicine, technology, engineering, political organization, legal systems, and etc., by wiggling their stupid butts to black rap, they can pretend that the crowning achievement of the West is da black thang and that they are part of it against White Evil and Oppression.)

    Sometimes, cultural envy can lead to violence. When Germanic barbarians encountered Roman greatness, they looted some of it but also desecrated and vandalized lots too. Roman glory was a testament to its cultural superiority to the dirty Germanics. And when Mongols came upon glories of China and Persia, they felt envy and leveled entire cities out of envious stupid rage.

    But that would be killing the goose that lays the golden egg. It’d be like killing the cow that provides the milk, butter, and cream.

    Non-whites are filled with envy and resentment. And something within them wants to attack and destroy whiteness that stands as the reminder of Greater Other. But then, they would no longer have the Good Stuff. No white cow, no white milk. So, non-whites play all sorts of mind-games. They project onto whites their own parasitism. They say whites stole from them, but they are the ones who are really stealing from whites. It’s like Spencer said. Whites don’t need non-whites. It’s the other way around.

    Furthermore, non-whites overlook the crucial fact that whites ‘stole’ from them that which they couldn’t have had on their own, that is without white rule.

    Without white rule, most of the resources of the world was useless to the native populations who found no use for them. So, it’s not like whites stole in the way that savage marauders and barbarian armies(or Somali pirates) stole. Whites just took the lion’s share of the wealth they created using native labor to harvest natural resources for industrial application. It was a form of exploitation but an enlightened and tranformative one. And even though non-whites got the short-end of the stick, they wouldn’t have gotten even that without whites to lead and guide them. Post-white Zimbabwe is a good example of what happens when whites leave.

    Globalism is creating a strange kind of phenomenon: The higher class as haute-serfdom.

    In a way, we see this in China too. At one point, the Community Party owned and controlled everything. All the power and leverage and means of production. But the party had a hard time managing the economy with Marxist principles. It wasn’t productive and innovative. So, privatization allowed the rise of an enterprising class of Chinese who would make the economy work… but the Party would milk them for cash and goodies. If the Party squeezes too hard, the capitalist class will lose incentive and stop producing. But if they capitalists are allowed free range, they will gain all the power and become more powerful than the Party. So, the thing is to let them work and make wealth.. and then milk it. Still, this arrangement doesn’t seem toobad since the Party and the Economy are all run by Chinese. It’s all in the family.

    But in the West, the rise of Diversity means that whites(and yellows & hindus to some extent) are turning into a kind of haute-serf-class. They make more money than others and rise higher. As such, they are haute and privileged. But they cannot be masters since they are not favored by the Narrative that sanctifies Diversity and People-of-Color. To be sure, whites are squeezed between Jewish elites and non-white masses(minus yellows and Hindus who do as well as whites economically). Jews sit on top of the cow, and the non-whites suck on the teats from below.

    To have master-power, one needs the narrative. This is why the Communist Party will not let go of Marxism and Maoism in China even though no one takes them seriously as ideology. As long a the Party remains ‘communist’, it has the narrative advantage over the haute-serf-capitalists of China. As long as Maoism is the official ideology of China, the rich class are morally illegitimate and can exist ONLY AT THE MERCY of the Party that monopolizes the Narrative.

    The Narrative is THAT important. Riches don’t justify themselves. Their justification has to be laundered through the Narratives. So, those who control the Narrative have Brahminic power.

    Whites are allowed to get rich in the West, and indeed, they still have the bulk of the wealth. But since the official narrative is so anti-white, white wealth is no longer justified… unless it is laundered or koshered or halaled or soul-jive-blessed by the Narrative.

    Jewish Wealth is justified by Holocaust and shielded by accusations of ‘antisemitism’ for anyone who notices. But White Wealth is seen as suspect since the Narrative says ‘whites stole’, ‘whites oppress’, ‘whites have unearned privilege’, ‘whites have no soul’, ‘whites are shallow and vapid’, etc. So, the only way White Wealth can be tolerated is through Moral Taxation, and that Taxation allows the milking of white wealth by non-whites. (Yellows and Hindus, being relatively affluent, can be said to be the exception; but, to the extent that they emigrated to white nations and live off white achievement in Rule of Law and superior social management, they too are sucking on the white cow teat. As for pregnant Chinese women who come to US to have babies, that is blatant case of white-teat-sucking. With all this sucking on white teats, it’s no wonder that even white males are beginning to feel so effeminate. After all, if white race is the cow with big teats, white boys should be dairy cows too.)

    In the old days, the noblemen ruled over the serfs, and the noblemen were richer and more powerful than the peasants in every way. Noblemen owned the wealth and controlled the Narrative. After all, they were called ‘noble’ for using arms to defend and guard the realm.

    People of Nobility were haute-masters, and serfs were basse-servants. The hautes were really the rulers, and the basses were really the ruled.

    But now in the West, due to PC, we have a strange phenom of haute-serfs and basse-nobles.

    Whites still dominate the economic haute-class, but PC deems them morally and politically low, or basse. They are unfit to rule due to ‘white guilt’, ‘historical sins’, ‘black slavery’, ‘Holocaust’, ‘imperialism’, ‘racism’, and etc. The rightful rulers of the West are said to be non-whites who are inherit the earth as ‘new europeans’ or ‘new canadians’. But they don’t have the brains, know-how, and ability to create much wealth or gain much power. And they want the good life that can only be had by sucking on the white cow.

    So, the arrangement is non-whites, such as Obama-Keith-Ellison-Tom-Perez-and-etc, poses as the new rightful elites… but they allow whites to create lots of wealth on condition that non-whites get to suck on them through affirmative action, ‘inclusion’ policies, interracist sex with whites, mass immigration, and disparate impact lawsuits where companies have to pay big or create ever increasing slots for ‘diversity’.

    But would this lunatic arrangement have been possible if not for the Jewish power on top of the cow that somehow persuaded the cow to cower before the new power? It’s like what Don Corleone says of Tataglia. “It was Barzini all along.” Tataglia couldn’t have outfought Sonny alone. The white cow had to be tamed from above before those below could began sucking on it. Hypothetically speaking, if Jews were to change their loyalty to White America and restored the White Pride Narrative, non-white power would be finished almost overnight.

    Given the current ideological realities, it’s not surprising that the rich white class have taken to homomania. If the rich class must justify its wealth, it’s surely least costly to support the homos. There will never be more than 2.5% of them. And many homos are hardworking and successful and get along fine with others in elite society. And they have no real demand except for fanfare for homo vanity. Homos don’t cost much. If anything, the most powerful of them are white. They don’t milk the cow. They just wanna put lipstick on it.

  • It’s sickening that Powell’s career was sacrificed on the altar of his opposition to Britain’s membership of what would become the EU. If only his gift of prophecy had extended to seeing Brexit, he would have stayed in the Conservative Party and we would probably have gotten him instead of Thatcher when Edward Heath was replaced.

  • Enoch Powell was one of the smartest men ever to walk the Earth.

    I highly recommend “Like the Roman” Powell’s biography.

  • Enoch Powell was John the Baptist of our movement, a man with great vision who prophesied the forces of darkness destroying the West that we now fight against.

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