Bulgarian He-Man Slav Hunts Down Refugees From Attack Helicopter

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear matching tracksuits.

Meet Dinko:

Nu-males and refugees beware

Dinko has been in the news before chasing “refugees” through the woods of Bulgaria with his armed paramilitary gang. He had already acquired two APC’s last year. Now it seems he has stepped up his game and gotten his hands on a Soviet-era gunship.


Eastern Europe continues to not disappoint. This is the future by the way, kiss your khakis and seer-suckers goodbye. Places like Bulgaria may not look too polished, but they are certainly the only places in Europe that are putting up a fight.

From the Daily Mail:

Valev, who lives in Yambol, close to the Turkish border, has claimed every refugee is a potential jihadi and last year ISIS reportedly put a $50,000 (£38,000) bounty on his head.

It seems that Dinko has a lot of land and doesn’t take kindly to migrants trespassing. Some journalists have pointed out that he also probably has ties to organized crime in Bulgaria. This is probably true. Many of the periphery soviet states developed robust mafias that would steal/appropriate fund from Moscow during the 80’s. This is the origin of a lot of organized crime in Eastern Europe. Also, the run up to the collapse of the USSR and the immediate aftermath of shock capitalism allowed many illegal operation to become legitimate overnight. Lots of gangsters suddenly became captains of industry. So think twice before you choose to Legalize It! or you might have Jamal suddenly moving into your neighborhood as a reputable businessman… But I digress.

Valev claims every refugee is a potential jihadist and once described his hunts, saying: ‘I would describe it as simply a sporting activity. You can’t describe sportsmen as violent.’

Wow. That’s pretty hardcore. This guy just does not give a damn. Wasn’t it Orwell that said that if there is any hope, it lies in the Proles?

It is unclear if Valev will fly the chopper himself but he wrote: ‘We are ready to go’ next to a video clip of him with the machine. It is unclear if the helicopter, which has a large machine gun at the front and rocket housings on either wing, is actually operational

This story has something for several factions in the Alt-Right to chuckle about. The Slavophiles get their suspicions confirmed and recovering lolbertarians will surely chuckle at the attack helicopter reference.
Pinochet was actually a stooge of Washington and (((the Chicago school)))…but whatever, helicopters man.

Eastern Europe is really something. It is one of the most misunderstood places in the world. But Jonathon Bowden seemed to understand what happened there:

Imagine being born in a post soviet hellscape country that will ironically dodge the coming Cultural Marxist of the west where there does not exist an ideological immunity. The irony! But its true, most countries in Eastern Europe do not suffer from White Guilt. They certainly have their own fair share of problems, almost all the former USSR countries suffer from corruption and collapsed birthrates- in fact, I’d bet my left arm that Dinko probably dipped into some of the funds that flowed in to fund his vigilante efforts.

Slavs always ride shirtless, its a cultural thing

But there is still a fighting spirit left. In fact, it seems to be getting stronger with each passing year.  In fact, it might save us all in the long run if we can take a hard look at our soft Western selves and find a little bit of that Dinko simmering within.

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