Breana Talbott’s Gang Rape Was A Race Hoax

It turns out Breana Talbott is the White equivalent of Sharmeka Moffitt:

“An 18-year-old girl has admitted to faking her own kidnapping and gang-rape, just two weeks after she went missing and then bizarrely showed up at a church bloodied and barely clothed.

Denison, Texas Police released a statement on Wednesday, saying that Breana Harmon Talbott had confessed to officers that the whole ordeal was a hoax.

She has since been arrested and charged with making a false report to a peace officer, a misdemeanor. …

‘We believe the crime scene – from the initial “kidnapping” scene at the apartment complex to the point of Talbott’s condition when she walked into the church – were staged,’ Police Chief Jay Burch said.

On Tuesday, Talbott copped to police that she staged the hoax and that her wounds were self-inflicted. …”

We were duped by a race hoax!

Note: The full statement from the Denison Police Department can be found here.

Hunter Wallace
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  • Her fraudulent behaviour only detracts from the public’s awareness of the massive amount of real non-white on white violence in the United States and elsewhere.

    Of course, the alt-right did literally nothing wrong by believing her (as the left always tells us to do in the case of rape) and promoting the story to bring attention to interracial violence against Whites.

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  • I hope this disgusting little bitch has fun paying off the police department and sitting her tacky lying ass in jail for being racist. HA HA HA, THE BLACK PEOPLE WON THIS TIIIIMMMEEEE.

      • Hahahahahahahahaha like I said , black people – 1 | shitty racist white bitch who lied about rape to cover up the fact that she was cheating on her husband – 0 .

        • She’s 18, I doubt she was cheating on her husband. She probably just wanted to get some moolies locked up because apes belong behind bars. I wish she got away with it tbh.

  • She used a stupid leftist tactic. However my instinct is to defend/forgive her. Now I understand the leftists when they do the same. She’s one of us.

      • Would you perhaps say that she is a kulak? A peasant? An Amalekite? Seems to be some sort of very deep-seated, almost tribal basis to this anger, hatred, fear, and xenophobia of yours, hmm?

  • She’s White and there is no evidence yet that she is a miscegenationist, and she did not falsely accuse anyone by name.

    Barring any facts that come out that she is a miscegenationist, she deserves the support and compassion of her fellow Whites, as she may have a form of PTSD as a result of the horrendously high violent crime rate by Blacks against Whites.

    Be White, my friends, and protect Whites. Don’t do the work of anti-Whites by piling on your fellow White.

    • Lets talk about all the white on black rape/ crime. I bet you’d run away with your shit stained fingers in your ears.

        • lol here’s your statistic babes, majority of the black population in America have white ancestors or should I say white great great grand daddies. I think you know why 🙂

          • Nature is a frugal engineer. It designs organisms with what they need for their kind to make more like themselves. And, it has to work within certain natural parameters. So, if it increases something over here, it often has to decrease something over there.

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            Racial differences are real and there are natural reasons why this is so. Making fun of another race’s anatomical differences shows ignorance. The races should remain separate. To each his own.

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          • Do you have a lot of knowledge on the subject of White male penises?

            Take a look at violence statistics from every country around the world with any sizable black population and you will see blacks disproportionally represented in ALL VIOLENT CRIMES. Lowest IQs on average and the highest per capita crime rates.

            Where are these wonderfully successful black societies and communities? Blacks destroy just about everything when they are given control and allowed to shape their own future. This isn’t a slight or slander. This is provable, verifiable, observable FACT. The only way you can keep the black proclivity for violence and incompetence from destroying your community is to keep a nation’s black population as low as possible. Everyone who’s ever dealt with the average black population knows this to be true, but pro-White people are the only ones willing to say it.

          • The question was, do you have a lot of knowledge on the subject of White penises? I certainly don’t, and I can only speak for myself. Taking a peek at another man’s dick isn’t on my To Do list, but it’s obviously a part of your life. I try not to speak too much about something where I don’t have any real first-hand knowledge.

            When the subject is black criminality and incompetence, however, I have extensive knowledge and first-hand experience dealing with the rot and ruin that black people cause. I’ve lived around poor blacks, poor Whites, rich blacks, rich Whites, etc. I’ve lived in lower class neighborhoods, middle class and upper-middle class neighborhoods. No matter where you are socioeconomically or geographically, the increase of a black population inevitably leads to much higher rates of violence and ineptitude.

            We know you will quickly point to muh dick to defend yourself, but can you point to the successful and viable black societies and communities that are the result of black ingenuity and civility, and not the result of a proxy entity set up and propped up by the Whites who established it in the first place? Where do these supposedly viable black societies and communities rank with their White or Asian counterparts?

          • The fact that you think their aren’t wealthy and successful black people/ communities just shows how out of touch with reality you are lol and black criminality wasn’t the topic of the article, it was white female criminality being that this white woman lied to police. Matter of fact, look up the statistics for white women lying on black men and costing them their lives. How about that ?

          • You say “fact,” so I expect to see some examples and an honest attempt at answering the question of where these black communities rank with their White and Asian counterparts.

            Look up what statistics? Where are they located? Can you send a link? Even the idiot girl in this story didn’t actually name anyone or cost them anything. For every real story you might be able to find where a White woman or man has falsely accused a black of something, we can probably find 4 or 5 stories where blacks have lied or wildly falsified their claims about being the victim of “racism” or violent attacks by Whites. You don’t even really need statistics, only some recent examples of legitimate stories where black were attacked, raped and/or murdered by Whites. See how many you can post. Names, dates, offenses, etc.

          • like I said, white women have been lying on black men since the dawn of time and history continues to repeat itself here. You guys love to say “where’s the statistics” because your alt right forums love to post “statistics” that fit your narratives therefore you think you know something lol and there are plenty of accounts of blacks being killed by whites. Just stop. You have this entire brainwashed idea of black people and the state of things in America and it’s sad. Hilarious , but still sad.

          • You said:

            look up the statistics for white women lying on black men and costing them their lives.

            Okay, where are the statistics?

            I also said you didn’t need to provide statistics. Instead, you could provide “some recent examples of legitimate stories where blacks were attacked, raped and/or murdered by Whites. See how many you can post. Names, dates, offenses, etc.”

          • Lmao again, white women have been lying on black men since the dawn of time and nobody is here to educate you, get over it ?

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      • Top kek. No one is as ignorant as you pretend to be. Seriously? Now you’re just comical. If you insist, though:

        White-on-black crime is a statistical rarity. According to data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), an estimated 320,082 whites were victims of black violence in 2010, while 62,593 blacks were victims of white violence. That same year, according to the Census Bureau, the white and black populations in the U.S. were 196,817,552 and 37,685,848, respectively. Whites therefore committed acts of interracial violence at a rate of 32 per 100,000, while the black rate was 849 per 100,000. In other words, the average black was statistically 26.5 times more likely to commit criminal violence against a white, than vice versa. Moreover, blacks who committed violent crimes chose white victims 47.7% of the time, whereas whites who committed violent crimes targeted black victims only 3.9% of the time.

        “Let’s move away from this 100% White neighborhood because it’s so crime-ridden and trashy”– said no one, ever.

  • “She has since been arrested and charged with making a false report to a peace officer, a misdemeanor…”

    So all of this and she only gets charged with a misdemeanor? She calls the police, lies about rape, makes the officers waste precious time and resources investigating it when I’m sure they have homicides and other real crimes to solve, not to mention all the other people she deceived including the media. She also blames it on black men in order to create further racial tensions based on lie… and it’s a misdemeanor? This should be class D felony at the very least. No wonder women feel so free to lie about rape.

    • What did the Duke Lacrosse rape hoaxer get charged with? The UVA rape hoaxer? If it was the other way around, she never would have been charged with anything.

        • Nope. She is a young White woman and may be suffering from psychological stress because of the horrendously high Black vs. White violent crimes. I give her and all my fellow Whites the benefit of the doubt.

          • While I think you are likely cutting her too much slack, I understand your principle and respect it.

      • She deserves to take the place of all the women who have had to suffer real abduction, rape and torture. Anyone who directly or indirectly casts a shadow of doubt on the epidemic of black-on-White crime and the very real instances of White women being sexually assaulted by non-Whites deserves every form of humiliation and suffering their body can handle. She’s young, she’ll recover from it. She wanted to be a gang rape victim, then I’d like nothing more than for her to get what she wants.

        • Do you wanna talk about white on black crime and the numerous rapes black women have endured at the hands of white men? Shut the fuck up, you’re a closet rapist yourself it seems.

          • Interracial rape is overwhelmingly black on white. Do I need to post the stats for you?

          • Do you want to post the stats starting from the first time blacks and whites lived amongst each other ? I don’t think you do, you’d be really embarrassed if those numbers were available. Lets not even go here because as a white male, you’re surely not one to speak on rape as if you’re above such things.

          • Or maybe he wouldn’t because all you can provide is guess-work, while we have statistics from today that show that blacks are born savages, in white countries aswell as in Africa. 🙂

          • HAHAHAHA “black people are born savages” and white people are born to all be sociopaths. I guess it’s all fair ??‍♀️

          • “you’d be really embarrassed if those numbers were available.”

            Good job retard, you admit you don’t have any stats to corroborate your claims, but nevertheless you continue to spout your bullshit.

          • History is history, I don’t have to pull up stats I’m a product of white on black rape. You can feel good about the fact that their is no official data on the rape culture you guys heavily participated in but it doesn’t change the fact that it happened. And plus, those stats that show us in a bad light are just fake news. You should get that 🙂

      • Remember Crystal Gail magnum? If those lacrosse players had been wrongly convicted they would all have been raped ( the fbi broke up the Wcm network in prisons but left ms13 and the crips)

        So one false rape claim can become several real rapes in prison presumably repeatedly

    • Nobody deserves to be raped. Period. And you don’t really care about rape when A you only care about WHITE women being raped and B you just said yourself that you feel some people are deserving of rape. Stick to being scum, trying to be a good person doesn’t fit you.

  • One of the things I like about the altright is we can admit when we are wrong. If a leftist narrative was collapsed like this they would equivocate and keep it going until the truth was undeniable. They are still pushing the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ narrative.

    • So you guys’ little alt right princess gets exposed and the first thing you do is talk about the left. lol ducking pathetic.

    • So you guys nasty ass little alt right slut gets exposed and all you can do is bring up the left? Lol fucking pathetic

      • That “alt right slut” is definitely stupid but she is a white stupid slut and as such is worth 100 of you Barry

        • Of course not. He’s in too much of a hurry to jump into the comments section with worthless blabber to actually read anything. Also, you have to think like a leftist– to them, the narrative comes first, and you fit the facts to it. If you don’t have the right facts, then you make some up, and just keep promoting them, no matter how ridiculously at variance with reality they are. “Truth,” to them, is an anecdote that supports the narrative, not one that is objectively true.

          They project this onto you, so they mistakenly assume that you would never admit that you got taken in by a hoax unless you were admitting that your entire ideology was wrong. Very strange, but that’s how they “think.”

      • Barry, you shouldn’t use hate words, just because she misinterpreted her perceived attackers as a result of psychological trauma brought about by real crime statistics.

        She needs your support now more than ever!

        Remember that a rape can come in many forms. If she is legally capable of identifying as a different gender, identifying as a rape victim should be understandable. Especially if her rape-victim identity resulted from a disturbing number of violence against whites.


        • Cut the bullshit, she lied. She didn’t mistake her “attackers” for somebody else, she lied. She didn’t even get attacked, she lied. She lied to cover up the fact that she was cheating on her husband and came up with this grand scheme to cover it up. Shut the absolute fuck up with your white apologist BS.

          • Just shut the fuck up. She wasn’t “spreading awareness” about shit she was trying to cover up an affair. You’re a fucking idiot.

          • This is likely either a case of PTSD brought about by the horrific number of assaults against females of the European community by those of other communities.

            There is also the very real possibility that she has been threatened by P.O.C., and fears for her life if she identifies her attackers.

          • Very sad that you would attempt to take advantage of this tragedy, which was clearly the result of mental illness, to justify your blind, ignorant, rabid anti-White hatred and Gentilephobia. Try to be more tolerant.

    • Plenty of willful ignorance and pure denialism on the right as well, nice try. The fact that you’re already trying to redirect attention to criticizing the left yet again shows you’re not so impartial yourself.

      • Your pathetic inability to cite any other similar examples of hoax crimes on the Right (as opposed to thousands perpetrated by the Left) might tend to undermine your case just a tad.

        • i don’t need to cite them because not only is it public knowledge, wingnuts like you will not be swayed by any amount of evidence. climate change denial is a great example of this. you know i’m right, whether you wish to deny it or not.

          • So you think that alleged cases of heresy against the global warming tenet of the progressive catechism constitute hoax crimes? You leftists are laboring under more significant cognitive limitations than I thought. You have my deepest sympathies– wouldn’t want to be “albeist,” you know.

          • what a surprise, a denialist. “significant cognitive limitations” – LMAO – you feeling intelligent yet? go back to infowars, you’ll forever be an anti-science outcast. 😉

          • Your pathetic inability to provide even a single example of another hoax crime from the Right (as opposed to thousands of progressive hoax crimes) is again noted. Perhaps reviewing this might assist you in the first steps up from your abyss of ignorance:

            Good luck with your education. You don’t even realize that “deny” in the sense that you use it is a religious term, do you? Do you deny the divinity of Christ? It’s the same question – you’re trying to persecute heretics here, while deluding yourself that you’re some kind of font of ultimate SCIENCE! Top kek. Strange how it’s always sociology, cultural anthropology, English, and gender studies majors who manage to completely misconstrue science as a collection of beliefs, to which one must signal blind allegiance, in order to gain social acceptance by the progressive establishment.

            Meanwhile, physicists, chemist, engineers, etc. seem to have little difficulty in comprehending that science is a simply a method of examining the material world and drawing conclusions about it, and blind faith like yours is its antithesis. Pretty comical.

          • science is a simply a method of examining the material world…
            Exactamundo! We can’t get our world-view and values from science. Science is wonderful but it isn’t a philosophy or a religion.

          • And there does seem to be a connection between giving up religion, and the distorted view of science as a quasi-religion, that can tell us everything, rather than a tool that has specific uses.

          • And the same people who claim to worship science disregard all the solid science (and common sense) on evolution and racial differences.

            I posted this link before but maybe someone new will see it. It is brilliant. Norge kicks butt.

          • tl;dr y so triggered special snowflake? *tips fedora*

          • Yeah, I thought that one might be well beyond your limited powers of reading comprehension– it’s intended more for other readers.

            It’s kind of strange that you seem to enjoy underscoring your failures like this, though. Masochism?

            Your pathetic inability to provide even a single example of another hoaxcrime from the Right (as opposed to thousands of progressive hoax crimes) is again noted.

          • Your pathetic inability to provide even a single example of another hoax
            crime from the Right (as opposed to thousands of progressive hoax
            crimes) is again noted.

          • pizzagate. y so triggered special snowflake? 😉

    • Are you sure you’ve got that slogan right? I thought it was “Pants up, don’t loot.”

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