Terrorist Kills 5 Wounds 20 In London Terror Attack

Reuters/Toby Melville

Image: Reuters/Toby Melville

Editor’s note: As with all terror attacks, many of the details are still murky. The identity of the terrorist is being disputed by some. We will update as more information because available.

Five people were killed when a terrorist, described as a middle-aged Asian man, drove a vehicle into dozens of people on the crowded Westminster Bridge near Parliament in London Wednesday afternoon. The man who committed the heinous attack was shot by police after stabbing an officer on the grounds of Parliament.

Witnesses describe the vehicle as a 4×4, which veered into a crowd of people and slammed into the gates of Parliament wounding 20, according to Daily Mail. Prime Minister Theresa May was reportedly escorted to a vehicle by a plain clothes officer and removed from the scene to a safe location.

A doctor at Saint Thomas’ Hospital, said a woman died at the scene, according to the BBC. “There were people across the bridge. There were some with minor injuries, some catastrophic,” she added.

Moments ago, an emergency helicopter landed on the scene.

Sky News has video of the reaction in Parliament as the shots were fired outside. Members of Parliament are currently on lockdown as authorities provide security.

U.S. Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed that President Trump has been briefed on the situation.

Reactions from the Facebook feed of Al-Jazeera capture the sentiment of Muslims online.

The attacker was loaded onto an ambulance and later died of his injuries. No word has been released on the ethnicity of the Asian attacker.


This is a developing story.

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  • I’m glad false flags don’t happen anymore. Anglin says we can still complain about holocaust though and I see in the comments , everyone are being good goy and complaining about Muslims

  • The platitudes from Theresa May are sickening.How many times have we heard them before? Apparently we have free speech here too??Tell that to those who complain about immigration,those who put bacon slices on a Mosque,made comments on their FB pages??Well well Theresa keep going because very few believe you.Total loss of any smidgen of credibility you may have had.

  • Bring out the army. fill the trains. take them back home. treat them humanely. give them 2 years of welfare. stop the wars. all is well.

  • Journalists on Sky News last night said its moments like these, when British people just shrug it off and go back to work the next morning, that make you feel proud to be British. The corpses are still warm and they are back to their narrative about tolerance and freedom. Absolutely no respect for the victims or their families.

  • Well a couple more of these attacks, and with us Alt-Righters fighting the meme war. I figure they’ll be gone in no time. Keep it up folks!

  • Murder their women in the streets. Follow them when they’re walking alone at night and fucking stab them in the base of the skull and then quickly flee – rinse, repeat. Their women’s wombs are their strength AND their weakness.

  • Essentially all terrorist attacks in the West are either false flags or hoaxes.

    Look at cases in which the FBI supposedly broke up terror cells. There are always informants/provocateurs.

    • I tend to agree… although have no proof.. just a feeling… terror feeds the narrative for them well.

    • Of course, there are famous false flags like 911 and Oklahoma City; but most muslims attacks are real. Also, take into account that the narrative of the enemy has changed: muslims are not the enemy now but poor little ‘refugees’, so what is the reason behind a supposedly false flag ‘muslim’ attack?

      London today was not a false flag, but the ‘religion of peace’ in action.

      • Remember the Belgium airport bombing? He was a known terrorist. The Turkish officials told Belgium , “hey this guy is a terrorist, he’s on our watch list. Don’t let him in.” The Belgians said, “thanks for the info, but we’ll take him and keep an eye on him.” They let him in. They put his name on a list. They watched him. Then he went and blew up the airport.

        It is something similar with every single attack. It’s an open secret that “ISIS” is a Saudi proxy force and it’s being funded and supported by the West. All these jihadis are known to the Western security services who keep letting them in.

        I’m not sure if you would call that a “false flag” or a “hoax” or something else. But it is some sort of bullshit. It is not even a matter of “oh, he’s a Muslim they do that sort of thing.” No – it’s far worse than that. These are known terrorists and they are being brought to the West on purpose – they are “observed” by the security services, then when they commit the terrorism the security services say, “yeah we were watching him and thought he might do something like this. Ah well.”

        • The dynamics sometimes are more complex. A False Flag is, by definition, when an attack is designed and carried out by government/intelligence/security forces but the objective is to blame another government/politcalgroup/whatever. 911 and Oklahoma City are the perfect example of this, the objective of those attacks was to blame the badmuslims/racialresistance.

          In the case of London, Charlie Hedbo, Belgium, etc what we are seeing is a number of factors: 1) a foreign population invading western countries, b) a foreign population with religious beliefs who allows them to kill the hosting population, c) the incompetence of security forces of the hosting country in watching all those invaders, d) the political narrative teaching that the invaders are ‘poor refugees’.

          Of course there is something fishy about ISIS, look at their weapons (american made, not the old fashioned AK’s), their brand new Toyota trucks, how USA is attacking Russia because they are bombing the shit out of them in Syria, etc, etc. That kind of groups are players who receive the clandestine support of the USA, Saudi Arab and possibly Israel, but they take their orders from the Pentagon/TelAviv? their high ranking officials are secretly CIA/Mossad agents? I don’t think so.

          • “ISIS” is fighting against Assad in Syria, right along side the USA. Saudi and Israel are helping “ISIS.” This is well reported in the “elite” press – but of course the normies who watch FOX News or MSNBC are told that the US is “fighting ISIS in Syria.”

            So these ISIS affiliated jihadis – who the US is on the same side with in Syria – are brought to the West, even though – or because – they are known terrorists. They are “watched” (i.e., maybe handled) by the security services. Then they commit terrorism, then the government say “hey we need to fight ISIS in Syria.”

            Call that what you want “false flag” or “hoax” or whatever. If that sort of terrorism was stopped, ALL you would be left with is a handful of angry Arabs and Pakis going postal, probably not particularly more often than homegrown blacks or browns.

            The “incompetent security services” theory just doesn’t wash. The USA didn’t become the world’s global superpower by being incompetent.

      • I am not very familiar with the latest terrorist attack/event, but I just found this video. The people giving analysis in the video (James Fetzer and Ole Dammegard) are well known and respected in the “truth community.”

        • Bullshit. You pretending it didn’t really happened just discredits the horrors of what happened and in no way helps preventing them in the future. If anything they give people an out and an excuse and people turn a blind eye and events like this happen more

          • You are denying horrid terror attacks that take the lives of innocent people . Therefore you are denying the significance of their lives wrongly being taken.

  • Just think, if it wasn’t for the internet I might actually believe that Muslim immigration is working out fine in Great Britain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden, as our politicians and mainstream media have been informing us.

  • Turkey must be removed from NATO……

    Erdogan is the Enemy of the West…..

    No more Military Aid for Turkey…….

    Shut them off entirely……

    • You do know that in Great Britain “Asian” means people from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. and not China, Japan, etc. This guy looks to be a dark skinned (lots of Negro blood) Pakistani or similar.

    • I’m thinking this will be similar to the summer of 1967 here in the USA. We’ll have some really large scale riots, lots of smaller ones, multiple riots in one weekend, making it hard for the news readers to come up with some isolated incident as the cause.

      According to Wikipedia “The Long Hot Summer of 1967” included 159 race riots. The Detroit riot, which left 43 dead and thousands arrested was the most famous of them, but there were riots all over that summer.

      1968 also had many riots, MLK was assassinated in April and about 30 cities went up at once. I don’t think we need that sort of catalyst, but if we have it the odds of massive riots go to 100%.

    • One year they were running a ‘shooter scenario’ on the university campus .. it was hyped .. and then I wandered onto the campus as they were preparing to ‘run’ it and asked a few questions… and was told by a minion these shootings are happening already and being covered up … he quickly got the stink eye from his superior and I moved on and away [not before asking them to film it and put it on youtube] .. within a few days in real life in Moncton a shooter was rampaging for a day shooting 3 police officers dead… its all well and good to assume these are hoaxes or set ups .. and in fact .. a lot of stuff is going on to give that impression ..I’m still skeptical however… where there are crazies and guns .. shit is always possible .. but it was suspicious timing wise esp since they brought that shooter into our town to be held in our jail cell rather than Moncton, 30 mins away.. I think it made international news.. and it certainly shook up the population [terror is the game]

        • I agree, there isn’t much leftism amongst Islamists, I was just answering the original question.

          This Unholy Alliance between the Left and Islam is both bizarre and practical. Though still inherently contradictory.

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