Twitter, AT&T, And Apple Helped Hunt Down John Rivello AKA Jew Goldstein

A summary of the criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern Division of Texas reveals how authorities were able to track down Marine Corps veteran John Rivello, also known by his twitter handle @jew_goldstein. Rivello has been accused of allegedly tweeting a strobing .gif to Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald, causing him to have a seizure due to epilepsy.

In what will have far-reaching implications, the affidavit reveals that the Dallas Police Department submitted a search warrant to Twitter, requesting the subscriber information of @jew_goldstein.

Twitter made no hesitation to comply with the search warrant

With the information Twitter provided in hand, DPD requested the subscriber information for the account associated with the telephone number in their records. AT&T readily provided this information to DPD; however, the court documents show that there was no subpoena or search warrant attached with this request. The implication is that AT&T provided access to Rivello’s private information merely at the behest of authorities.

AT&T seems to have made no pushback to protect their customer.

Because Rivello was using a prepaid account, AT&T was unable to provide authorities with subscription information that they could have used to track down Rivello’s whereabouts. However, the make and model of Rivello’s phone led authorities to the next step of the journey — Apple Inc.

Knowing that using Apple’s iCloud services requires an Apple ID with personally identifiable information, DPD sent search warrants to Apple requesting the iCloud details of the number provided by twitter. Apple quickly complied and now authorities had all the information they needed to track down Rivello.

Apple seems to have had no qualms handing over private customer information.

In light of the circumstances surrounding the San Bernardino terrorist shooting on December 2, 2015, this release of personal information by Apple is surprising. When the FBI had trouble bypassing the security lock on the San Bernardino Shooter Rizwan Farook’s iPhone, Apple resisted FBI attempts to induce them to bypass the encryption.

In fact, in the last two years, Apple has rejected and challenged at least 11 court orders to extract data from locked cellphones, according to The Intercept. And while providing someone’s personal information is not the same as bypassing encryption software, this is a stunning reversal for a company that prides itself on protecting customer privacy.

That three companies readily provided private user data to assist authorities on a witch hunt should give all U.S. citizens pause. Furthermore, one of these companies, AT&T, was under no compulsion to comply with the authorities’ request. In the digital age, the reach of the State has become even greater and more powerful.

The affidavit is provided below:


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  • I wanna see Eichenwald’s wife get on the stand and perjure herself.

    Would any sane person start tweeting when their loved one is convulsing on the ground in front of them.

    A good lawyer will eat her alive.

  • Does ANYONE really believe this strobe-caused-seizure story? It has BS written all over it. Clearly a ploy by an unbalanced, somewhat sociopathic individual to gain extra attention for himself, while symbolically taking revenge upon those who see him as the contemptible worm he is. Why does anyone even humor Eichenwald’s flyblown assertions?

  • Weev commented on the issue here…

    … and talked to Greg Johnson a while back here:

    Since Weev probably knows much more about privacy on the internet than the average guy and Greg Johnson mentioned having workshops on human intelligence and counter-intelligence at his conferences on some podcast and doesn’t have a guide or option to moderately securely contact them like The Intercept, for example (, it’s probably an insider-only affair. The Intercept also published a guide to go “rogue” on Twitter ( “Extreme vetting,” like when someone wants to attend a conference Greg Johnson organises, has to start somewhere. Clear-text e-mails on a GMail account aren’t what is needed here.

    More generally, it’s not really that surprising that private companies cooperate with law enforcement agencies:

  • In all fairness to the FBI, we really wouldn’t want to overload them with any serious crimes after that embarrassing incident back in 2012 when they spent several months and several hundred thousand dollars in a failed attempt to solve the missing case of Who’s on First. It’s great that we have other agencies across America ready to tackle the serious epidemic of Assault GIFs that have plagued our society for so long.

  • It’s all a public facade. High-profile cases have to be dealt with in a certain way for good optics.

  • Obama weaponized every federal agency under his administration. I don’t know if we can clean them all up.

  • I can’t help wondering if they would have been so helpful if Eichenwald wasn’t a Jew. I also can’t help thinking that Eichenwald should be laughed out of court if he can’t get a doctor (and not someone related to him) to testify he had a seizure as a result of this. I suspect he’s an outright liar and if he is lying, he should be made to pay in some way. This shouldn’t even go to court in my opinion.

  • Is anyone surprised that they will violate all principles and law just to track down someone a Jew hates? Nope, we’re living under anti-white tyranny with Jews in charge. It will keep happening as long as whites allow it to.

  • Use a the app text free, it will assign you a clone phone number, when signing up with Twitter and ask for the call to verify option , your number won’t be linked to your phone service , also log in with a wifi that has VPN

    • It is. Especially when they can’t find 33,000 emails because of the former director getting queasy during the entire investigation

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  • These companies are going to hand over information to police no questions asked every time. They have no interest in protecting you. Being a paid customer is simply not enough. They aren’t your mother or your wife, they don’t love you, they have no real loyalty to you. So it doesn’t surprise me at all, I would be way more shocked if they actually fought the police.

    • This always seemed like common sense and I never understood how people have this view that private companies are somehow resistant at all in working with the government.

    • Everything you said is simply not true. You’re autisically speaking in universalist terms. These companies will protect non-Whites, Jews, and Muslims, while turning against Whites. It doesn’t matter if it’s Twitter or Apple, the result is the same because their devotion to Third Worldism is the same. There’s clearly an agenda.

      • In cases like these where they are tracking down an anonymous source, they have no real idea what the race or even gender of the person is. You could make an educated guess but there is no certainty you would be correct. Just recently you had cases where jews and blacks have been caught making swastikas and calling in racist threats to jewish centers.

        From my own personal experience I know that if a police officer walks into my job to ask any question whether about an employee, former employee or any costumer they will hand the information over in a heartbeat. They aren’t going to protect anybody. They don’t want to fight the police. It wouldn’t make sense for them to. Even if the person in question is black or muslim.

        • Again, that is not true. Businesses will lie to defend illegals. Jewish, Muslim, and POC businesses will lie to defend their own. The only people who engage in the delusion of Universal Morality is White people.

    • I’m photosensitive to some degree. Yes, I stupidly looked at the strobe gif and got nauseous but that was me being curious. If Eichenwald was really smart he’d sue Twitter not some regular Joe. That’s another reason to know this is politically motivated.

  • Disturbing stuff indeed, and Eichenwald is absolutely a piece of shit, but trying to make people have seizures is indefensible. Rivello is on his own AFAIC.

    • There’s no proof Eichenwald had a seizure. Reasonable doubt, and Rivello walks. This is an important case because the left can use it prosecute anyone for “Memes.”

      • Eich could be lying but there’s no real question Rivello committed assault. Injury need not occur for an assault conviction. If Eich did have a seizure then it’s assault and battery.

        • Are you seriously say that he committed assault with a gif? People with Kurt’s condition should not be using the internet to begin with.

      • Not only that, if you read the Affidavit, Kurt’s wife didn’t even call an Ambulance or seek medical help. She called the Police. There is no medical proof Eichenwald suffered a seizure.

          • Most Jews don’t lie about being Jewish. There’s certainly 6 million advantages to claiming Judaism. I believe Eichenwald, he’s a practicing Episcopalian, and when he denies being a Jew, he denies the religion. Eichenwald doesn’t understand that those of us on the Alt Right consider Jews to be a race, not a religion.

      • He could be lying but assault doesn’t require injury. If you throw a punch but miss, you have still assaulted.

    • trying to make people have seizures is indefensible.

      It doesn’t require defense in the first place.

      Rivello is on his own AFAIC.

      You wish kike.

  • OK, I read through the Affidavit and there is ZERO proof Eichenwald suffered a seizure. Kurt’s wife called the POLICE not the AMBULANCE. We can beat this Jew in court but we’re gonna need a good defense lawyer. As Pat Webb said in Casino, its time to kick a Kike’s ass in Court.

    • Crazy part is that he’s being charged with aggravated assault, meaning they don’t need to show Keichenwald suffered injury, but rather whether Jew Goldstein threatened harm with a deadly weapon. Their charge is that a “gif” is a deadly weapon, which would be the first of its kind that I know about. The definition of a deadly weapon is overly broad to allow for anything that is capable of causing death or bodily injury. Thus, a paperclip could be a deadly weapon or any other stupid item like a Goddam gif. Most juries don’t buy it, but we’ll see what happens here.

      • Yeah about that, see my tweet above. Apparently Eichenwald doesn’t suffer photo sensitive seizures.

        As for juries, John Rivello/Jew Goldstein needs to demand a venue to change to some White part of rural Texas. Eichenwald is well connected in Dallas and went to the best prep school in the Dallas Metroplex.

      • Start pronouncing “gif” like “queef”… I doubt a deadly “queef” would stand in court. Although it would be pretty hilarious to militarize queefs (is that possible???)

  • So question is, how best to remain anonymous? What if for example he was on a desktop pc with a reputable VPN ?

    • If John Rivello hadn’t used Apple they may not have found him. All they had before discovering his Apple phone was a pre paid phone with a Burner number.

    • If you want to make kikenwald shit his pants again, then buy some google voice accounts off blackhatworld using bitcoins, and get a paid VPN service that doesn’t keep logs

      looks like Mr. Goldstein put the sim card he got from tracfone directly into his daily use iphone, which was a very bad mistake

      If you’re just doing oven jokes and generic jew trolling, then I wouldn’t worry about going that far just yet.

      • Someone needs to make a bot that auto replies with the Wesearchr John Rivello defense fund link to every Tweet Eichenwald makes.

    • You can’t be anonymous to the NSA, likely not even if you use Tor. (I mean come on Tor was started by the US Navy in order to hide spies and military personnel and just look who funds many of the exit nodes.)

      You likely can’t be particularly anonymous to the big companies like the ISPs or Google. You can hide your IP from most blogs and sites and maintain some amount of privacy by using Tor or some sort of proxy.

      But if the big players want to get you, they can. There is no privacy online. Just watch some interviews with the real NSA whistleblower, William Binney (forget the Edward Snowden distraction.)

      • “But if the big players want to get you, they can. There is no privacy online. Just watch some interviews with the real NSA whistleblower, William Binney (forget the Edward Snowden distraction.)”

        The question is not “can this privacy be breached?” but rather “what resources are required to breach this privacy?” In this case Rivello made himself relatively easy to find by using iCloud. Had he not done that they would have been stuck with a burner phone. At that point they could try tracking back where the phone was purchased and checking any store video, were any available. But that takes manpower that must be diverted from other activities, with no guarantee it will work. As Charlie Primero states below, it all depends on how much budget and computing horsepower they are willing to expend. Learn how to use TOR; do some research on the best VPNs and pay with Bitcoin; spoof MAC addresses; get a good privacy-friendly e-mail address. That might not help you if you use it to plan a terrorist attack but it should stop this kind of harassment dead in its tracks.

    • Rivello would have to be clean from end to end; a VPN to conceal his IP address which keeps no logs (some do), sign-up emails through a privacy-oriented site like StartMail, and a device capable of spoofing MAC addresses.

      Ultimately, how anonymous you stay depends only upon how much budget and computing horsepower they are willing to expend finding you.

    • It’s just a matter of degree. If they really want to find you they will. Most times it’s low level crap, which this is, and if the information isn’t readily available they won’t invest the time and effort into it.

  • We need to contribute to John Rivello’s legal defense fund on We Searchr and defeat this disgusting Jew toad Kurt Eichenwald in court (he denies being Jew but Eichenwald’s father was of the Tribe).

    Interestingly, Richard Spencer went to the same prep school as this soulless golem Eichenwald and Spencer bullied him hard on Twitter a few days ago over that fact. Kurt Eichenwald may not deserve a seizure for being a nasty ball of puss but he does deserve the embarrassment of a defeat in court. And Jew Goldstein deserves redemption for his tweets.

  • We will be fighting for our very loves soon, our government is hell bent on taking away privacy and liberty.

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