Tomi Lahren’s Suspension

Tomi Lahren’s suspension from The Blaze was the big story of the weekend.

I haven’t really followed her career. I don’t read The Blaze. I know nothing about Tomi Lahren except that she is an attractive blonde and is edgier than the cucks there. As Richard Spencer pointed out, FOX News has promoted dozens of attractive women as thought leaders.

In this case, it was Tomi Lahren’s remarks on abortion that got her in trouble. She didn’t justify her newfound support for abortion on the basis of anything the Alt-Right has said about the issue. Instead, she argued that conservatives are hypocrites for opposing abortion while decrying “big government.” In other words, women should be free to get abortions because they are also free to vote, free to engage in casual sex, free to pursue careers, free to own firearms, etc.

Tomi Lahren was justifying abortion on the basis of liberalism and its theories about the sovereign individual and equal rights. In doing so, she highlighted the contradiction at the heart of movement conservatism between Christianity and liberalism. The Christian patriarchy of St. Paul and Tertullian has one vision of the role of women and family life. In contrast, the vision of the liberated woman of modern day feminists engaging in free love, asserting the “right” to abort her offspring and having no obligations to her husband or family couldn’t be more opposed to Christian patriarchy.

I agree with Richard Spencer that we shouldn’t be uncritical of the pro-life movement. I say this as someone who is pro-life. Look no further than the recent story of the White Evangelical couple that adopted three black embryo triplets and carried them to term. David French is an example of how virtue signaling through interracial adoption has become pervasive among evangelicals. Tim Tebow now says he wants to adopt a child from every continent.

American Christianity has countless problems. No one knows this better than Alt-Right, White Nationalist and Southern Nationalist Christians. The same is true of the pro-life movement which has been infected by the same ideas about race that have poisoned our churches and universities.

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  • By the way, the answer is simple: Traditional Catholicism. Yes, the story of the white couple who adopted black embryos was ridiculous and offensive to anyone. Yes, human life begins at conception, abortion is always evil, and embryos should not be deliberately destroyed. But neither should they be created outside of the womb. IVF is condemned by the Church as immoral and unnatural. That couple participated in what we could perhaps call the industrialization of procreation and did so in a particularly absurd manner (adopting blacks).

  • This website needs to be fixed. I’ve tried to copy the URL to share with someone via email, but it remains only “” I’m on an iPhone. Navigating this site has been a pain.

  • The movie The Blindside was a piece of apparently effective propaganda. I would wager that there are White GoodPeople™ out there who adopted one or more blackuns because of the influence that piece of trash movie had on their sickening need to feel virtuous. It’s phony virtue, but such is our age.

  • The Blaze is Glenn Beck’s publication.

    Glenn Beck, during their height of his TV show popularity, went to New York magazine and did an “expose” on himself where he filmed himself fake crying, using Vapo-Rub under his eyes to make tears, admitted he was a “clown” and conceded he was suckering the senior citizen Christians that watched his TV show.

    This is the guy that used to tell his elderly, white, Christian TV audience that Obama was going to send out his Nazi Stormtroopers to arrest all the “Jews and Christians.” He would actually gather his studio audience in a circle to hold fake “prayers” to “protect” America and Israel from Hitler-Nazi-Communist Obama.

    I know we’re all supposed to love Trump and forget his Likud party conspiracy theories about Iran and Obama’s Secret Muslim Birth Certificate, but can we at least admit that Glenn Beck is one of the nastiest and most cynical con artists, a guy who literally uses people’s Christian religious sentiments to promote the GOP establishment and Likud foreign policy, then high tails it to the liberal NYC Jewish publications to mock his own audience and brag about what suckers they are?

    Is it not doing a disservice to our White Christian grandparents to NOT call out this cynical and disgusting con artist, Glenn Beck, who is no different than some 1980s TV evangelist “faith healer” scam artist?

    • Agreed. Ignoring this type of stuff is the mistake our parents made, and look how that went. When our political enemies give us a chance to ram a crow bar into a wedge we need to take it every time. I don’t care if “she a thot”. I like to think the Alt Right is more pragmatic than this….

  • It’s life, liberty then property. The babies right to life trumps the women’s liberty or property. That’s why life of the mother is legitimate consideration. Death or death is just a bad choice. After delivery, her responsibility can be relieved. Adoption is the remedy.

  • There are conservative women who are pro-choice. I know some right of center females who are conservative in every way but that issue.

    Glenn Beck suspending her was a dumb move. He’s going to learn you never step in the middle of a girl fight. They BOTH turn on you.

    The abortion discussion is toxic, just let the ladies figure it out and get back to us FFS.

    • The whole argument hinges on when the soul fairy installs your right to live. When is it murder? 9? 8? 7? 6 months? … 1? 2? 3 years!

      I defy anybody to give an honest answer.

      Those women shouldn’t even vote let alone kill.

  • Yawn. I don’t look to teeny boppers for my politics. Any white women who aren’t making white babies are useless to us and aren’t one of /our girls/.

      • Us as in the white race. Fuck Tomi Lahrens right to slut around through her 20’s and not produce children. Womens lib is 90% to blame for our declining birth rates. If it was up to me her father would have married her off at 18 and she would have produced 3 kids already.

        • The White race includes me. The pro-White sphere includes me. I didn’t give you permission to speak for me and talk about White women like they’re a commodity to be bought and sold on your behalf. Useless to you perhaps, but not useless to us.

          If it was up to me her father…

          Something tells me your Internet bluster wouldn’t translate over too well in the real world.

          • Fair enough. Obviously when one person is stating an opinion in a comment section he is speaking for himself. It is possible to make a point about a group of people, without putting words in others mouths. If you think I’m incorrect about something I said I’m all ears as to what I was wrong about.

          • I wasn’t aware Tomi Lahren was your daughter. My apologies.

            We want white birth rates up correct? Therefore we don’t want women in their 20’s, when their at their most fertile, being career focused. And we also frown on abortion. Also once a woman has been through 30-50 sexual partners by the time she is 30 she is no longer wife or mother material. To most men with integrity anyways.

            If she approached the abortion issue from an “in some unfortunate circumstances it is the necessary/best option” I wouldn’t have had an issue. I would have even agreed. She didn’t do that. She took the same argument as every radical feminist, who uses abortion as a safety net for her own terrible decisions. Your body, your choice? Fine. Your fuck ups, your responsibility!

          • Well I can’t make kids on my own. And most women I’ve dated have been uninterested in having kids. Many of them ever. Many others not in the forseeable future. I’m not that old, and do plan on having them someday, and when I do, I will raise them according to traditional values. Not the post-modern dysgenic attitudes espoused by Tomi Lahren and her ilk.

          • I wish I could relate. I’ve never had too much of a problem and, in fact, I’ve had the exact opposite problem where the women were too interested in having kids way too early in the relationship. I’ve only had one who was totally uninterested in kids. I dumped her.

            Maybe the problem isn’t so much the women, but more to do with you or at least a combination of your personality and the kind of women you choose to be with.

          • Where you live is a factor too. The major cities are full of the type of women I’ve described and thats where I’m at. Smaller towns is where you find more traditionally minded women. I plan on moving back to one of those in the next year or two.

          • we cant survive without women. that makes them a resource. sure I care about their feelings but 3800 yrs of war and slavery make me put survival first. better the times the better the treatment. lets hope we make em good fast. no time for muh daughter’s rights

          • “No kids. Currently single.”

            And that is the problem with 99% of the “manosphere” type stuff. It’s just single men trying to rig the sexual market in their favor – they are nothing but the male equivalent of “you go girl” feminists.

            Unless you are a complete loser, you could find a white woman to marry and have children with. So why haven’t you? Why are you lecturing white women on internet message boards instead of out there knocking up a white woman?

            If you can’t get a woman “in your league” – guess what, they are out of your league. You may have to “settle.”

          • I’m not pursuing serious relationships with women because children seem unaffordable, quality of women is dirt, I dont know if the diversity will stop (meaning I have to move), and marriage is voluntary slavery to the state.
            Im open to being disagreed with, but investing in family when things are collapsing doesn’t sit well.

          • There are legitimate reasons to avoid legal marriage I think but you can still have a relationship and make babies. Nothing worthwhile in life is without risk. It you don’t play the evolutionary game you automatically lose.

          • I’m not a manosphere type. I’m pro-family, and pro-life (though not an absolutist on the issue). I don’t have a problem hooking up with girls. I have a problem finding qualitywife material. The main reasons, as I already went over up top are, the city I live in is devoid of them, as most major cities are, and lack of sustainable economic opportunities. If your city sucks, don’t wait for things or people to change there because they won’t. Go somewhere that doesn’t suck so much. I plan on doing so sooner than later.

            I never criticized Lahren based on her looks, I criticized her stance on abortion, because I don’t agree with it. It is a common stance amongst modern “independent career women” types and I went over why I think it’s a destructive one. I didn’t even really say anything mysoginistic. I just stated that I don’t look to teeny boppers for my politics. I don’t.

            Only Yourhighness really offered a counter argument, and I already admitted to where I was being unfair, though I still stand by the crux of my original statements. You and Celestial Time just took the libtard approach of personal attacks, because your feelings got hurt that I was criticizing a cuckservative commentator that your crushing on. Why are you “white knighting” for a woman you’ll never meet irl in an internet comment section?

            Whatever. It’s beneath me.

          • Well you don’t know me. Cool assumptions based on nothing though. I guess. Salut.

          • That I have no kids and am currently single?

            “Unless you are a complete loser, you could find a white woman to marry and have children with. So why haven’t you?”

            Standards. I don’t have a problem in hooking up with girls. It is hard to find a quality woman these days, especially in the major cities. Values are more important than looks when it comes to looking for wife material. Only a complete loser would knock up the first woman he meets who is willing and able to have children with him. Only a complete idiot would put a ring on a woman he doesn’t respect. I guess your right though. If you really want kids it’s not that hard to do so, if you have no self respect.

          • “Standards. I don’t have a problem in hooking up with girls. It is hard
            to find a quality woman these days, especially in the major cities.”

            Funny – that is just what the women say.

            “Standards. I don’t have a problem in hooking up with boys. It is hard to find a quality man these days, especially in the major cities.”

            I guess all the white women you meet have to much self-respect to settle down with a man of your quality. Really, it works both ways.

          • Good point. Still though, I’m not settling for a woman whom I don’t respect and who I don’t think I’d be able to get along with for a very long time. It’s not worth it. Those MGTOW fags have a point there.

          • A couple of years ago I used to write “manosphere” articles all the time – was relatively popular, got 10k hits from /r/TheRedPill all the time. My constant complain was that the “WN feminist crowd” would bitch about men but there were no WN women actually denouncing feminism and mentoring young white women to marry early and focus on home and children.

            But I got my wish – now there are! All over the internet, youtube, and the WN blogs there are women like Lana Lokteff and a half dozens others right here that are doing exactly what I wanted – mentoring young white women to avoid promiscuity and focus on marriage and family.

            So why the hell bitch when the women are finally doing what we wanted them to do? We won. White women are now emboldened to openly denounce feminism and “Slut culture.” They needed men to lead the way, of course, but it worked.

            So there’s no point in attacking them when they are doing just that.

          • I see them online, but not in real life. It’s a small minority. It’s encouraging and hopefully its a sign of things to come, but we haven’t won yet.

            I still maintain that Tomi Lahren isn’t one of us and I disagree with her stance on abortion.

          • It’s all those reasons that people have abortions, plus several more. Almost everyone I know that had an abortion when they were young and not ready, went on to have children about 7-10 years later, on average. They were never planning on more than 2 or 3, so it did not change the quantity they would have had if they had not aborted earlier. They all waited until they were in a better situation, as is a very biologically important for women: To have children when they can best care for the children, and with the best partner (someone good with kids and a job).

        • What evidence do you have that she is “slutting around”? American men are the ones who don’t want to get married and have kids.

          • It’s an assumption. She used the same argument as every slut walker I’ve ever seen on the abortion issue.

            Thats not true. Men have a much more difficult time getting to a point where they can afford to have kids now than they did back in the 20’s/30’s because they have to get through some feminist HR lady, who believes the white male patriarchy myth, and thinks she is doing good by hiring someone who is not white, hetero and male instead.

            Women shouldn’t be career focused in their 20’s anyways. When we had healthy birth rates, they weren’t.

          • Correct. It is about economics – I will never disagree with that, I would say most things, in modern times, are a matter of economics. White people want to be in a good financial position when they have children because we are not stupid and can do math in our heads, see. Teenagers are horrible parents and the offspring of teens score lower on literacy tests and are generally poor performers in school and get shittier jobs when/if they graduate, than the offspring of their educated counterparts (would you like some links? ). The best age for solid, smart people to start having kids is probably with decent job(s) and in late to mid twenties. We want quality and quantity.

            Part of what sucks about the black “community” is they have children
            -out of wedlock
            -as teenagers
            -without educations
            -without [good] jobs
            -with low quality partners who are not good with kids

            – and of course, they’re black.

            They literally do every, single thing wrong if you want your race to be smart and respected. It’s uncivilized. We are civilized. We need not emulate their ideas on family. They have inundated our precious civilization with hordes of low quality assholes. We need to encourage our women that we have their backs and won’t let them end up alone and in poverty, which is every woman’s fear, down to the core. Women want the best for their children, pure and simple. It is the strongest biology I can think of.

            She also did not use the same argument that every other choicer uses. You are wrong on that. She is keeping the small gov argument consistent, most lefties don’t give a rats ass about small gov.

          • White guys who are educated still aren’t getting good jobs after finishing school. Plus their heavily in debt. It’s pushing the age of when white couples start thinking about kids to more the 30-35 range, when women are past peak fertility. They might have 1-2 kids, which isn’t going to slow the decline.

            Before women were so dominant in the work place, Men who were willing to work hard got good jobs shortly after finishing high school. Post-Secondary education was much less necassary than it is now and women’s main goal after High School was finding a husband and having children. They weren’t as concerned about being independent.

            I don’t have problem with women in the work place as an absolute. When the kids are all school age, I don’t have a problem with it. There are even a lot of jobs that they are better suited for than men. But in their 20’s career and independence really shouldn’t be what their focused on. It’s why white birth rates are what they are.

            Personally I don’t care about small vs big government right now. I care about effective government. It’s the same argument as all feminists, with a libertarian twist. “My body, My choice.”

          • “My body, my choice” is a different argument than Tomi’s. But I don’t care about that anymore.

            Women really started to hit the job market, as a notable force, in the 70’s, when cucks let U.S. companies start shipping jobs overseas, and unions started getting busted up. Salaries flattened and did not keep up, at a healthy rate, with the rate of inflation and purchasing power was significantly decreased along with quality of life, of course. Women, then, had to start working in order to help their families. Also, the whole country was delaying marriage at this point, thanks to the pill plus over sexualized television programming and the “sex sells” commercials that raped the eyeballs of our youth with the promise of non consequential sport sex. So, it’s more than 1 factor.

            A white man invented the pill, not feminists.

            Don’t over simplify the issues. It doesn’t help and won’t help solve the problem.

          • Agreed. 90% was probably an overstatement. Economics, Jews and Boomer Cucks all play a role as well. I agree with what TheMaskedUnit said up top though. It probably won’t be until civilizational collapse that traditional gender roles become the norm again.

          • grandparents need to play a bigger role. then need to retire sooner but help with the kids

          • Marriage makes no sense politically. It probably will take the destruction of civilization to rectify that error. God help us.

        • Married off at 16 more like it. Or as in the Brehan Laws of Medieval Ireland married off at 14. Sick of women pretending they are children at 35 years old. A woman is mentally mature at her teenage years and never progresses beyond that. A boy continues to grow mentally and physically until his mid twenties.

          Abortion is the modern yid controlled woman’s way to not be responsible for her laying her ass out. Only a serious retard thinks women should have any say in whether or not abortion or contraception is legal.

      • He speaks for the white race. The collective is a separate entity from you as an individual, your opinions do not matter or have any impact on what is actually in the best interests of the white race. What is best for the race is always self justifying and not at all dependent on the individual desires or thoughts of the members of it. And abortion of white children is NOT in the interests of the white race.

        It’s not that hard to figure out.

    • Unfortunately, while I agree with you we cannot afford to ignore stuff like this That is the mistake boomers on the right made. Anytime we can drive a wedge between our enemies is a good thing.

  • All these uppity opinionated white women being ‘removed’ from zionists media and the public eye… makes ya wonder huh? The Great Erasure indeed….

  • One thing to keep in mind is that when all of the cucks and vaginas with opinions who made up the NeverTrump camp were attacking Trump and Trump supporters at every opportunity, Tomi was one of the ones to call them out on their BS. She might not be a “friend of ours” yet, but how many people who now consider themselves pro-White could the same thing be said about if you looked at their opinions and politics from a few years ago?

    • Tomi is also not above speaking up against environmentalists .. I loved her rant to the idiots at Standing Rock… she’s lethal to the narrative .. a one-two punch… just like Alex Epstein.

    • As I said on Twitter, I don’t know much about her. I also don’t take the political opinions of 24-year-old women all too seriously either. Most people are still figuring out their political views at that age.

      • I’m not pro or anti Tomi at this point. I am certainly anti-Beck, though.

        But I’m most definitely pro-White-Woman who shows a propensity to buck political correctness and brush aside dogmatic tendencies of both the Left and Right. Probably every single one of us who consider ourselves pro-White today did so because we got sick of the hypocrisy of Liberals and Conservatives when it came to race and reached a point where we felt it necessary to speak our minds instead of staying quiet, even if doing so alienated us and made us pariahs.

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