Tomi Lahren’s Suspension

Tomi Lahren’s suspension from The Blaze was the big story of the weekend.

I haven’t really followed her career. I don’t read The Blaze. I know nothing about Tomi Lahren except that she is an attractive blonde and is edgier than the cucks there. As Richard Spencer pointed out, FOX News has promoted dozens of attractive women as thought leaders.

In this case, it was Tomi Lahren’s remarks on abortion that got her in trouble. She didn’t justify her newfound support for abortion on the basis of anything the Alt-Right has said about the issue. Instead, she argued that conservatives are hypocrites for opposing abortion while decrying “big government.” In other words, women should be free to get abortions because they are also free to vote, free to engage in casual sex, free to pursue careers, free to own firearms, etc.

Tomi Lahren was justifying abortion on the basis of liberalism and its theories about the sovereign individual and equal rights. In doing so, she highlighted the contradiction at the heart of movement conservatism between Christianity and liberalism. The Christian patriarchy of St. Paul and Tertullian has one vision of the role of women and family life. In contrast, the vision of the liberated woman of modern day feminists engaging in free love, asserting the “right” to abort her offspring and having no obligations to her husband or family couldn’t be more opposed to Christian patriarchy.

I agree with Richard Spencer that we shouldn’t be uncritical of the pro-life movement. I say this as someone who is pro-life. Look no further than the recent story of the White Evangelical couple that adopted three black embryo triplets and carried them to term. David French is an example of how virtue signaling through interracial adoption has become pervasive among evangelicals. Tim Tebow now says he wants to adopt a child from every continent.

American Christianity has countless problems. No one knows this better than Alt-Right, White Nationalist and Southern Nationalist Christians. The same is true of the pro-life movement which has been infected by the same ideas about race that have poisoned our churches and universities.

Hunter Wallace
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