Fred Reed’s Alt-Right Critique

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I just heard about Fred Reed’s critique of the Alt-Right:

“I have gotten many hundreds of emails–OK, three emails, but I am rounding up–asking me whether there is a super-race. There are different views on this matter, discussion being carried on with the manners of a hockey match. For people who have better things to do than study abnormal psychology, the players are briefly as follows: Something called the Alt-Right that believes the white race to be superior and wants to rid the country of of encroaching dark scum. The Human Biodiversity movement, HBD, more scientific and less surly but picking whites while conceding that yellow are smarter. Finally IQists, who believe that IQ is a reliable measure of genetic intelligence. They too put yellows as more intelligent.

The Alt-Right believes that the whites are innately–i.e., genetically–superior to all other races, that they have dominated the world through higher intelligence, and that their mastery is the result of Darwinian selection. Whites, they say, have a marvelous track record of achievement, and they don’t want to dilute it by intermarriage. …”

It is really a critique of white supremacy and the HBD movement.

I don’t write about the superiority of the White race on this website. I believe that racial differences exist, but I also believe that the various human races are adapted to different environments. In other words, a Northern European is more suited to Northern Europe’s barren landscape while a West African is more adapted to West Africa’s tropical climate and disease environment. The difference is always relative. I’ve often had to explain that the idea that a vertical racial hierarchy of superior and inferior human races exists stems from an archaic, pre-Darwinian racial discourse based on the Great Chain of Being. In my last interview on the subject, I told a woman making a documentary on the Alt-Right that my fair skin was adapted to Britain’s cloudy climate, not Dixie’s sunny climate.

As I told Professor Main in that interview, I suppose you could argue that some type of “supremacy” is inherent in nationalism, which is to say, nationalism involves one group staking a sovereign claim to some given territory. That’s not really the same thing as “white supremacy” though which is more the idea that whites are biologically superior to all other races. Are we American supremacists for believing American citizens should be “supreme” over other groups in America? Prez Davis, for example, conflates supremacy with sovereignty and endorses white supremacy.

The Alt-Right is far more interested in identity and nationalism than asserting white supremacy. I’ve written countless articles about the historical origins of Southern identity. I’m interested in white supremacy because I am an ethnonationalist and because historically it has played such an important role in the evolution of our identity, but it hardly follows that I believe in, say, the Curse of Ham, the Great Chain of Being or polygenesis. Racial discourse has continued to change over time as new information has come to light about biology and genetics. I don’t really believe in white supremacy anymore than chemists believe in phlogiston, biologists believe in spontaneous generation or astronomers believe in celestial spheres. It is not a mere “rebranding” either.

If Whites were “inferior” to all other races or were still on the same level of civilization as the most primitive tribes of Papua New Guinea, we would still be entitled to our own homelands because our claim is rooted in our separate identity and ethnic interests.

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  • Aesthetically, North Euros are the master race. There is no question.

    You can find this out easily by exploring which group is offended if they are excluded.

    If blacks exclude whites, whites don’t care. If whites exclude blacks then blacks hate it and cry.

    Perform this for each group including subracially among whites. You will find that Northern Europeans are in fact the most highly valued and everyone wants to be with them.

  • Mars colonization would provide an empirical test of racial competence. If you had to select people to colonize Mars based on objective critera for success, you would wind up with healthy, conservative, intelligent white people with normal sexuality, like NASA’s astronauts in the 1960’s plus their female counterparts. The colonists might still fail and even die horribly, but at least you have eliminated racial and sexual animosities (like gay drama queens) as causes of that failure.

    Naturally this process would trigger the social-justice morons, who would demand that the colonists “look like Earth,” and show more inclusion and diversity.

    The comedy script practically writes itself: “I don’t get it. For the past 20 years we’ve sent gays, lesbians, feminists, queers, transgenders, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, snowflakes, pajama boys and otherkins to Mars, but the colony keeps failing. What have we done wrong?”

    • They’d probably demand that Whites build and pay for the Mars colonies as reparations to every other race on the planet, then they’d forbid Whites from Mars, since we’d simply oppress everyone.
      Then, the extraterrestrial rainbow colony would die in mere months, and White man would be blamed for sabotaging it.

      Kind of like Haiti.

      • If there were no Negroes or Mestizos on Haiti it would be a tropical paradise. Instead, it’s just another slum.

    • I bet NASA has been thinking about how to make the Mars team as diverse as possible. They want to add as many black astronauts as possible without the spacecraft crashing and burning. Could be just as challenging for the planners as the mission itself.

    • I bet NASA has been thinking about how to make the Mars team as diverse as possible. They want to add as many black astronauts as they can without the spacecraft crashing and burning. Could be just as challenging for the planners as the mission itself.

  • True, it is absurd to attempt to establish a straightforward hierarchy for each race, whatever the basis for such a chart would be. There are, however, a few basics. If one can reasonably debate over which people would the most resemble the fabled Master Race, it’s undeniable that the Negro race is near the bottom of the racial pyramid as the only contribution these people have made to humanity occurred when they became mixed with European blood and were placed within the frame of a White society without which the Black man would have never risen above his lowly status. My ethnic pride stems as much from my attachment to my cultural identity as from the knowledge that my race is the first to have reached the moon, and I think the narrative can’t be won simply by arguing our identitarian grievances.

  • I like a lot of what Reed writes. He knows that blacks are bad news and that there’s little hope that that will change. He also knows that diversity leads to conflict. But he has this annoying obsession with putting white “supremacists” in their place. Most of it is obviously emotional as he lives in Mexico with a Mexican wife and her college age daughter who, taking him at his word, is quite intelligent. That some whites consider it anathema to throw their DNA into the abyss by race mixing really riles him. Within the last year he wrote a very convoluted article in which he committed several logical fallacies with the intent of positing that mestizos are very nearly as capable intellectually as whites. It was an embarrassing effort that amused me. Part of his argument is that he’s found Mexican dentists and telephone repairmen to be competent. He never tells how racially mixed the Mexicans he touts are and he’s all over the place cherry-picking different things, twisting statistics, and making non sequitur conjectures. He’s been on the topic several times over the years. It’s his way of being “edgy” and contrarian. I was going to respond to him but to do it properly would have required a very long email to refute all of the fallacies and weak reasoning and I didn’t want to invest the time. He’s basically a very smart, decent guy who had a rough time in Vietnam (for which I respect him a lot) with a hang-up on whites who don’t want their progeny to become beige.

  • I remember this cuck Fred Reed writing a nasty farewell column at Takimag blasting the evil racist Paleocon Commentariat at Takimag.

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